A Practical Guide to Sorcery

A Practical Guide to Sorcery
In a world where magic is a science, Siobhan is a genius.

But even geniuses need schooling.

When Siobhan stumbled into the theft of a priceless magical book, she thought her dreams of becoming the world’s most powerful sorcerer were destroyed.

But then a mysterious spell changed her life forever…

Siobhan is now wearing the body of a strange man and has a new identitySebastien. With a new chance for a new start, she allies herself with a local gangsecretly a revolutionary party funding itself through crime. Now, she is bound by vow to repay them in magic and favors.

But as Sebastien’s reputation begins to bloom, and Siobhan’s old enemies still lurk in the shadows, she quickly realizes that the secrets of this world are deeper and darker than she ever could have imagined.

Forced to juggle the two sides of her double life, Siobhan is determined to uncover the truth and take control of the name they gave herThe Raven Queen.

A Conjuring of Ravens is the first book in a hard fantasy series that includes: an intelligent protagonist, a rules-based magic system, and some hilarious misunderstandings. $0.99 to 5.99 on Kindle

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Free: The Magical Child: An Aleister Crowley Love Story

After the death of his physical body, Aleister became a powerful God-like wraith, who went about draining the life-force of his followers, forevermore trapped in a cycle of consuming and destruction. One day, he came across the very strange woman in red of his dreams and nightmares. This Gaiman-esque adult fable focuses on how the transformative power of love can change even the most evil of souls. It should be noted, this is a short story, clocking in at a little over 9000 words. Free on Kindle.
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Stephanie Courtland is deeply troubled: she suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder, which makes it impossible for her to understand the wrongfulness of the murderous acts committed by her alters.

Beth, on the surface, appears calm, reasonable, and wanting to be in control. Stephanie’s psychologist. Dr. James Galloway is suspicious of this behavior because of Beth’s constant internal dialogue with Tiffany – the dominant personality. Tiffany thrives on adrenaline and violent aggression – the only things that genuinely engage her Dr. Galloway’s end goal will attempt to integrate her alters so that Stephanie’s ego identity is less fractured and more cohesive.

“He’s done an outstanding job. Look how cohesive we are.” Tiffany said, laughing maniacally, throwing her head back.
“Stop it!” Beth ordered. “Let Stephanie focus on getting us out of here.”

Tiffany giggled. “I’m so excited. I can’t wait to sink my claws into Franklin’s bastard son, Marcus Graham.”
Stephanie smiled and continued brushing her hair.

Uncover this dark journey in the gripping, stand-alone sequel to TERMINAL IMPULSES.
$2.99 on Kindle.
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The Brother’s Curse Saga

The Brother’s Curse Saga centers around Supernatural Mystical creatures. It has world-building narratives and a disturbing tale about French Wiccans who sacrifice themselves to rid demons with a unique stone. Everything falls apart when the last girl from their generation pays the ultimate price when met with a diabolical ancient amethyst amulet and two 18th century shape-shifter brothers who are on the hunt for her.

From $0.99 to $5.99 on Kindle.

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Free: King of Diamonds

King of Diamonds
“Dark, steamy, and perfect–Renee Rose has mastered this genre.” ~USA Today Bestselling Author Alta Hensley

I told her not to set foot in my casino again. I told her
to stay away. Because if I see her around my suite again,
I’ll claim her as my own.
And once I make her mine, I’m not gonna set her free.
I’m king of the Vegas underground and I take
what I want.

So she’d better run. Stay the hell away from my casino.
Or I’ll never let her go.

King of Diamonds is a stand-alone mafia romance in the Vegas Underground series. No cheating, no cliffhangers. Free on Kindle.
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Everything Special, Living Joy

Everything Special, Living JoyThis book is about how we look at life: the glass half-empty or half-full. The name was inspired by Charlotte Joko Beck’s book, Nothing Special, Living Zen. It was written at an eight-day silent meditation retreat. It was the gift of silence, the time to just be, and a “room of one’s own” that allowed the writing to happen. It was written in between meditation sittings and walking. The prose and poems help inspire one to view life through a glass half-full. It speaks to passionate living, impermanence, imagination and the dark, evil, reincarnation, trust, peaceful rapture, dying/reconciling, and opening to the unknown. It is a reminder that “if we were meant to be perfect, we would not need this life experience.” As one poem states, “This book is not a how to. It is a reminder, A Remembering as we struggle along the way.” $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Dark Town: Dark Fantasy

Dark Town: Dark Fantasy
Sixteen-year-old Jessica Sullivan and her parents move to a small, picturesque town, in the middle of nowhere.

At first, it looks like the most boring place on earth. But on her very first day at school she meets Edmond, who becomes her best friend. He helps her discover her true character and the towns.

Jessica quickly finds new friends, falls in love with the most gorgeous guy in town, and explores her new home and its dark secrets. She uncovers an ancient secret that threatens the lives of the town’s residents, as well as her own family.

Curious, Jessica soon learns that there were far worse consequences than she could have ever imagined. Now she must muster all her strength to cope with what was about to happen.

Will she succeed in saving the people she loves, or will the town have to pay the ultimate price?

Discover the mystery of “Dark Town” in this new and chilling story. Free on Kindle.

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Mine to Save: A Dark Romantic Suspense

Her tragic destiny was written long before he came into town.

Ellie doesn’t technically exist. Raised within the Texas town’s infamous cult compound, she managed to escape only to realize she’ll never be truly free. Every day is difficult to survive, but she does without complaint, keeping a low profile until a killer unsettles the community by leaving a trail of dead women in his wake. When a sexy FBI agent storms into town, her body and hormones thrum on overdrive, making her wonder if there’s more to life than simply getting by.

FBI profiler Chandler Peters is exhausted, annoyed, and in desperate need of a vacation that will have to wait. An urgent call comes from a friend, leading him to Texas to help hunt for a serial killer. What he doesn’t expect is an eccentric local to catch not only his eye but his heart too. Her mysterious past, wit, and hidden scars speak to him unlike any other. $0.99 on Kindle

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Free: Seeds of Chaos – A GameLit Series

Seeds of Chaos: A GameLit Series
Injecting the blood of an alien god will give you amazing powers…
If you live.

Implanted with a bomb in my brain, a GPS tracker, and my first level, they sent me to fight for the favor of the gods. They didn’t care if half of us died along the way, if those who lived grew powerful enough to protect Earth from annihilation.

We fought on a vicious alien planet, surrounded by monsters, magic, and the constant threat of death, and something inside me snapped. For the right to control my own destiny, I would do anything. But power always has its price.

My name is Eve Redding, and I am the new god. Free to $2.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Roam

Free: Roam
When three lives intersect in an unsavory hotel with a bloody history, each will struggle to exorcise their personal demons, unaware that a bigger threat is looming . . . and waiting for the right moment to strike. Free on Kindle.

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Kept Safe

Kept Safe

The whole town’s looking for her… No one knows where she is… Except me. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Vincent, Survivor

Vincent, Survivor
Vincent Li always assumed he’d die in Oakwood. If the local gangs didn’t get him, then cigarettes and alcohol eventually would. Now, he’s pretty sure minotaurs will kill him instead, and if not them, the ghouls dragging people into the dark will. In the wake of an unexplained spike in homicides, a masked figure opens portals to another world—a world filled with dangerous magic and mythological monsters. Creatures that shouldn’t exist suddenly do, and they don’t mix well with humans. Vincent is trapped in Oakwood as the city is torn apart, but he’s no stranger to violence and will do whatever it takes to survive. $0.99 on Kindle. 

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Two years ago, The Pulse—a sudden shift in Earth’s electromagnetic field—caused a global blackout and wiped a minute from mankind’s collective memory. This event introduced superhuman powers to our world. But the worst was yet to come.

Now two young women are caught in the chaos of a changing world:

Christina Chung, an antisocial misfit whose force fields are fueled by the social bonds she broke during the event of her transition.

Former coke addict Sarina Baumann, whose reality-altering power forces her to abandon everything she holds dear.

The girls find themselves entangled with the renegade hero Radiant and the authorities that made him. The three must find a way—and a place—to be the heroes they’re destined to become. But sometimes, even the heroes fall… $0.99 on Kindle.

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Free: When it All Went to Hell

Free: When it All Went to Hell
Full of disorientation and disillusion, revelation and redemption, loneliness and hope, When It All Went To Hell is a collection that will take you from the smallest of small town America to the far reaches of Africa and back again. These tales are inhabited by unpredictably real and absurdly honest characters that explore the complexities and simplicities of love and relationships, question what you learn when you step outside of your own culture and into another, and travel far, far down the extremes of (ir)rational thinking. Free on Kindle.

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Free: The Blue

04The Blue
Derek may or may not deserve to be stalked by an unhinged ex-marine – he’s not sure. He did kill the man’s entire family in a car accident, and he may have been drinking, though thanks to the resulting coma he can’t remember much about that day. And that’s okay, because Derek is learning all about it from the district attorney as he explains to the jury why the young painter should go to prison.

Prison isn’t right now, though – it isn’t breaking into his home, stabbing him, or kidnapping him at gunpoint. And managing his stalker would be much easier if Derek could see him coming. But, he’s incapable of recognizing the man tormenting him, or anyone else. Can’t even recognize his own face in the mirror. Since Derek woke up from his coma, he’s been face blind: a rare condition that renders him unable to identify people by their appearances.

Anyone in Derek’s world of strangers could be his stalker. In this mind-bending thriller, the talented painter is pushed to a tipping point as his reality unravels at the hands of a madman. Free on Kindle.

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Tall, Dark, and Bad

Summer Pettigrew is in desperate need of a fiancé, a temporary job, mind you . . .

Bad Boy Cooper Garrett answers the call. He swaggers into Summer’s High Society Life oozing testosterone. He’s hardly what Summer expected, the man straddles a mean looking motorcycle, for Pete’s sake! But Summer is stuck with him for the time being, even though her pulse skyrockets each time he steals a kiss.

Cooper willingly plays the doting fiancé, but he has one thing on his mind: Bedding the proper Miss Pettigrew! And although Summer is tempted to take a ride on the wild side, she fears it will lead her down a road to heartbreak. $0.99 on Kindle.
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The First Ones

The punishment for the world’s sins is the creation of vampires. The Ancient Ones are a group who ensure humans do not become extinct. Thereticus is looking for love in this climate, because he feels that the vampires’ existence is limited. Thereticus meets and falls in love with Arianna who has a secret that is unlike anything Thereticus has ever seen or heard. Meanwhile, The Dark Angels have an agenda which could cause war on earth. What is Arianna’s secret? Will the dark forces succeed in starting war? Will the vampires be eliminated? or humans instead? $2.99 on Kindle.

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“Buried Secrets”

Buried Secrets emme rollins

Get ready to go on an emotional roller coaster ride with “Buried Secrets,” a darkly suspenseful romance.

a dark and suspenseful romance

Erotic Romance: “His”

His Dark Erotic Romance Novel
When I followed him home, I was just playing Nancy Drew. Trying to find out his secret. His kiss was intoxicating, and I thought he was harmless. (Just $0.99)

erotic romance novel