Goldie and the Three Bears: A Contemporary Reverse Harem Sports Romance [50 Loving States, Wisconsin] (Ruthless Fairytales Book 3)

Goldie and the Three Bears: A Contemporary Reverse Harem Sports Romance [50 Loving States, Wisconsin] (Ruthless Fairytales Book 3)

Find out why readers are WARNING other readers about this book….”Give me a glass of ice, cold water PLEASE for this repeat read! People, you will never and I mean NEVER visualize Goldilocks in the same way after reading Theodora Taylor’s take. I wish I could give it 10 HOT sexy stars! -Dee, Amazon ReviewOne calls me mija. One calls me baby. One makes me call him…. What would you do if you found yourself stuck in the wilderness, with no one to turn to but three large and extremely hot football players? Well, that’s my situation. And I’m not sure I can handle these three bears. Can you? READER WARNING: This Ruthless Fairytale is BLAZING HOT. Please do not one-click without the proper…ahem…support for any feelings that might arise. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Erotic Photographic Fantasy

Erotic Photographic Fantasy

Heather is bright, sexy, and dreads turning forty. Luke, her husband, is searching for the perfect birthday gift—to prove she’s still got it, but also to fulfill his fantasy.

Luke buys her some naughty lingerie and a “Shoot Session” with a professional photographer. See what happens when lines are crossed in the studio.

“Lexi Rush will have you reading this with one hand whether you’re male or female,” one reviewer wrote. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Desire Slaps

Desire Slaps

LOVE AND LUST, what a combination for a male escort!
When Marcos first arrived to NYC, he wasn’t planning on selling is body to support his family.
Life doesn’t discriminate between gay or straight, so why would Marcos?
Immerse yourself in multiple steamy scenes including MFF, FMM, MM, MF and BSDM, surrounded by big secrets.
This is a true survival story. A story that redefine erotica as a genre. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Carnal Sanctuary

Welcome to Carnal Sanctuary. This steamy and dark paranormal romance is perfect for fans of spicy, high heat billionaire romantica who love Gothic Horror, Urban Fantasy, werewolves, shifters, fae, immortals, succubus, lilin, BDSM, bisexual, and first time female mixed into their urban fantasies. Join Savannah and her billionaire lover, the ancient immortal Roman, as they explore Savannah’s budding powers and each other’s bodies while protecting Astoria, OR from evil constantly swarming around them.

Free to $2.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Jennifer’s Story (Pleasantly Plump Book 1)

Jennifer's Story (Pleasantly Plump Book 1)
Sexy fun! Can a long-held fantasy actually come true? Jennifer thinks so when she meets the spitting image of her dream lover. But can she convince him that the two of them were meant to be together? Oh, yeah, there might be a way! Free on Kindle.
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Free: Cuckold Collection

Cuckold Collection
Four in ONE climaxes. You are cordially invited…

CUCKOLD COLLECTION presents four different couples, four distinct scenarios, ONE delicious theme – CUCKOLDRY! From dipping their toes for the first time to seasoned veterans in lifestyle. Romance and chemistry, flirting and naughty explorations, and lots of opera-worthy O`s! Yes, hunger and curiosity is the best motivation, and they all have plenty of that! So join our lovely couples and bulls for a wild ride on the dark side. Free on Kindle.
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Feminist Revenge

Feminist Revenge

Feminist Revenge trilogy is a work of erotica fiction by Linda Corby, its one hundred beta testers said it was the one book that would turn on the most frigid of people and refused point blank to give their copies back, some of them used them as a sex aid keeping them under their pillows at nighttimes.

Based on the exploits of a sexy hit woman called Zaneen Dean and those she comes into contact with, Feminist Revenge will take you into an addictive world of gory murder, abundant sex & violence, then even into the mystical realm of the supernatural.
Zaneen is a strong independent woman of substance with her own set of morals and ethics, who in reality loves men and believes them to be great fun to play with; she does not hate men or at least not the men that she considers to be real men.
Zaneen has many lusty sexual exploits, deep down she only feels real love for one man though, the man she had but lost but longs to be held in the arms of again, it is Paul she dreams of when making love to others and who she sees when she closes her eyes, but if true love returns to Zaneen or not remains to be seen within the pages of the book.

During Zaneens exploits she comes into contact with and becomes friends with many fascinating individuals, some good some rotten to the core, but mostly with a high sex drive and very little inhabitations.

Sex, power and a complex web of deceit all surround Zaneen at some point in time, but as she weaves her way through life she has one constant, her trusted and loyal companion, who she loves more than life itself, her beautiful Border Collie bitch Tarbra who is faithful to a fault.

Shocking but bizarrely appealing this book is
un-put-down able, you will need a very strong stomach and a very open mind to read this one. $7.10 on Kindle.
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Free: New Neighbor Nikki (A Mike and Melanie Escapade, Book 2)

New Neighbor Nikki (A Mike and Melanie Escapade, Book 2)
Sexy fun! A get-together with a new neighbor ends up with Mel and Mike being guests on her by-subscription-only web show, Nikki Does Toys. But it’s what happens after the show is over that will make readers blush. No problem for Mike and Melanie, though – they’re always up for a little hanky-panky! Free on Kindle.
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Grumpy Bosses and Daddies: A Contemporary Romance Box Set

Grumpy Bosses and Daddies: A Contemporary Romance Box Set
Five sizzling hot stories with the most gorgeous bosses and daddies!
All the stories in this box set are standalone happily ever after stories including Scorching Hot Boss, Blind Date With Ex’s Brother, Tempting Grumpy Boss, Damaged Secret Enemy, and Hot & Cold Daddy Boss. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: OH, GOD, YES! (Orgasmic Prayers, Not all pray the same way, Enemies to Lovers)

OH, GOD, YES! (Orgasmic Prayers, Not all pray the same way, Enemies to Lovers)
Not all pray the same way – join Orgasmic prayers.

Free on Kindle.
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Desired by the Killer: An Enemies to Lovers Dark Mafia Romance

Desired by the Killer: An Enemies to Lovers Dark Mafia Romance

Farrell Blackmore.
*Six feet tall, dark, dangerous, and ruggedly handsome.
*Single dad.
*My kidnapper.
He’s no Prince Charming.
He’s a monster who will have me killed in the end.
He stole my freedom and locked me in a cage.
I despise him for everything he’s done,
But that doesn’t stop me from craving his touch.
Submitting to his darkness fulfills my deepest desires.
And when he punishes me for disobeying him,
I find myself longing for more. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Kat and Bella: The Compilation

Kat and Bella: The Compilation
Kat and Bella stories 1 to 5 all in one volume.

Story 1: A Business Idea
Beautiful, friendly, and a formidable force. Kat and Bella love sex. What’s more, they’re good at it. One evening, a one night stand doesn’t quite go to plan and they’re given an idea to earn money, mega money. But can they go through with it?

Story 2: So It Begins
It’s their first day on the job. In walks Alan, a giant with a problem only the girls can solve.

Story 3: Mistakes Made
Embarking on a new business direction always comes with risks, however, the sex industry provides more risks than most people can take on. Kat and Bells love risks but now they’re truly established in the sex coaching world, Kat discovers the hazards are just too high. She has too much to lose.

Can she pull it back?

Story 4: The Intensity Mounts
Kat is ready to take on another client with Bella being the subject for the lesson. However, can Kat handle the heat when Leo turns up with quite the surprise? Can Bella cope with such a mammoth task?
Will honesty prevail at last?

Story 5: Resignation
Kat and Bella are happy, horny and in need of money. Will diving back into their adult activity coaching be the answer to their prayers? Or will everything come crashing down? $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Beverly Hills PUPPY (Pet play training and taming, Puppy love and rescue, Sensual domination)

Beverly Hills PUPPY (Pet play training and taming, Puppy love and rescue, Sensual domination)
– Good puppies get rewards –

Nicky was born into money—rolled in money—but it didn’t bring him the right honey. The young stud had been missing something in his pampered life even before he got dumped. The void deepens until he rescues a dog and an exceptional trainer rescues him . . .

Delilah can train him perfectly, but Nicky will have to get himself another leash and collar first.

A fun and wayward age-gap story of puppy pet play and primal claiming. Orgasmic rewards and penalties attend this “tail” of domination. Culmination? DOGGY STYLE as you’ve never seen before! Free on Kindle.
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Toy for the Teachers: A Contemporary Reverse Harem Romance (Forbidden Fantasies)

Toy for the Teachers: A Contemporary Reverse Harem Romance (Forbidden Fantasies)
Millie was working in Dublin, enjoying life and making new friends but when she gets called back to Chicago to help an Astronomy professor, she isn’t too excited to be back stateside, but she’ll make the most of it. But when three professors start making her life hell, and heaven, will she be able to handle it?

Full description coming soon.$0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Savage

A new dark romance from the bestselling author of the Rebels at Sterling Prep series.No one knows the code of the Sinners MC better than me. Born and raised in the club, I’ve spent most of my life rebelling against my daddy’s strict rules and overprotective nature. When an old MC rivalry resurfaces, I find myself with not one, but two surly biker babysitters. Dane Stray, my ex-best friend, and Rhett Savage, my daddy’s favorite member and perpetual thorn in my side. I don’t need protecting though, not the way Dane and Rhett think I do. But they’re determined to get all up in my business. I hate them… except, I also want them. Both of them. Which is kind of awkward because I’m the club princess and one-hundred percent off-limits. That’s never stopped them taking what they want though. One of them wants me. One of them hates to want me. And me? I just want to survive senior year and finally spread my wings. But I’m about to learn just how far Sinners will go to protect their own… especially when it’s my life on the line. SAVAGE is a full-length dark enemies-to-lovers/bully romance. This is a why choose novel, meaning the main character has more than one love interest. It is book one in the series. Free on Kindle.
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Free: Grandpa’s NURSE (Humorous Erotica Tale, Cougar and Virgin, Kinky Alabama heat)

Grandpa's NURSE (Humorous Erotica Tale, Cougar and Virgin, Kinky Alabama heat)
— Some mistakes pay dividends —

When Levi’s senile Grandpa Bernie is booted from an old folks’ home, the Vietnam vet makes things much more interesting for everyone. Bernard has a wealth of tales about his bygone conquests, and at times, the man’s imagination “escorts” him away.

When Pappy’s new “nurse” comes to call—just where did he procure her number?—something seems a little off. The woman isn’t sporting scrubs . . . Nonetheless, she is a pro—so what can this enchanting vixen teach the virgin, Levi?

Erotic and hysterical—a sexy, age-inclusive romp that’s bound to blow your mind. Free on Kindle.
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Free: Getting to Forever

Getting to Forever
He was protecting those he loved…. She wanted him to notice her and when he did, she knew she could never let him go.Mandy’s going to make sure David sees her skills as a PI and as a woman too — one he’s got ‘tied up inside and out’.
Because he may not know it yet but they’re both looking for exactly the same thing. Free on Kindle.
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Bitches Rule: Happy Endings

Bitches Rule Happy Endings

It all started on February 12th, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. It was a rainy Valentine’s Day weekend. Kate and her girlfriend Amy needed to unwind after a busy day at the office.

They ended up at The Vault Nightclub and Lounge. It turned out to be a Valentine’s Day weekend, that Tim and his best friend Steve wouldn’t soon forget!

The opening scene takes place at Kate’s two-bedroom contemporary-style pink and white condominium. She’s a long-time resident of Mission Hills, California. Her condominium, with its in-ground Olympic size swimming pool, palm tree-lined red brick driveway, and emerald green lawn, is a sight to see.

This is the location where Kate takes her special dates. Sometimes, the lucky ones make it out unharmed. $0.99 on Kindle.
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