Free: Lassiter



Years ago, Jake Lassiter failed to help a runaway girl…
Guilt-stricken over her fate, Jake vows to punish whoever harmed her…
And to battle Miami’s most powerful men who vow to stop him.

“LASSITER is the courtroom drama of the year.” – Harlan Coben

“Jake Lassiter is the lawyer we all want on our side, and on the page.” -Lee Child

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You’re It! How to Play the Game of Life: Wisdom for All Ages

You're It! How to Play the Game of Life: Wisdom for All Ages

You’re It!
Life doesn’t ask you to sit down and wait
What do you stand for and choose to CREATE?
This wise little book hands you the keys to love your life and be happy. Profoundly simple and simply profound, it’s a game of life playbook for all ages.
Let’s Play Tag! $1.99 on Kindle.
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Defying Odds: Empowered through Adversities

Defying Odds: Empowered through Adversities: From a Teenage Single Mother of Two to a Thriving Career Woman 

Have you ever asked yourself what would it take to transform a life steeped in challenges into a story of happiness?

Defying Odds: Empowered through Adversities is a fascinating portion of Marva Hyatts memoir, reflecting her experience growing up in abject poverty on the island of Jamaica, to chartering a successful career in the UK. Through resilience she has proven statistics about teen mothers and societys expectations wrong.

As you plunge into the pages of Defying Odds, you will discover the intimate details of Marva becoming pregnant at fifteen and again at seventeen years. Her triumphs through adversity were more evident when she became a police officer and a social worker, significantly impacting the lives of hundreds of youth and families.

This book is purposely aimed at teen mothers to give them hope in seemingly trying situations. See how Marva refused to let her situation define her but took each hurdle in stride to become the impactful woman she is today.

$0.99 on Kindle.
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Broken Cowboy

Broken Cowboy

~ RONE Award Finalist & Global Book Awards Winner! ~

One-time city-girl, Addie Malory, needs help on her ranch. Lifelong cowboy, Cade Brody, needs a job. Neither of them expects to find love.

When looming danger finally strikes, can Cade save Addie before its too late?
Get your copy of this series-starter that’ll have you swooning and keep you guessing until the HEA end!

…Do not miss a fantastic start to what promises to be an awesome series.
~ InDtale Magazine

$0.99 on Kindle.
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Sigils of Malice

Sigils of Malice

In the early 20th century Imperial Capital of Grace, the Clayton Enchanted Extravaganza arrives, starring Thalia Clayton, the Mighty Beast Woman. As disappearances are happening around Grace suddenly affect the travelling show, Thalia gets mixed into dark secrets hiding above and below the cliffside capital while she tries to protect her strange family. $3.99 on Kindle.
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My Mother’s Friend 

My Mother’s Friend 

The year is 1944

Seventeen-year-old Phee Swensson, a gifted pianist who lives in Algona, Iowa, is stressing about her senior year of high school while caring for her family after her mothers death. When her pastor father takes her to visit the nearby prisoner of war camp, the last thing she expects to find is friendship with a German POW who shares her passion for music.

After she is recruited as the accompanist for the POW choir, Phee begins to spend more time with her new friend who she initially considers the enemy. But their friendship strengthens, and inevitably, they fall in love, a forbidden love. But Phee is a pastors daughter, and her conflicting feelings torment her. Can she set aside her conditioned beliefs and follow her heart? And if she does, what will be the result?

Their love deepens, but as the moment draws near for the POWs to leave Camp Algona after the war ends, Phee has a life-altering decision to make.

Read now for a moving historical fiction story set in small-town America during World War II. Young readers and adults alike will fall for this first-love story featuring age-gap angst, thrilling suspenseful nights, and impossible life decisions.My Mothers Friendcontains both a past storyline and a more contemporary one to tell its timeless story. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Cherish Me Forever

Cherish Me Forever

What starts as a pretend romance soon turns into so much more…

Newly divorced Dominic Waldorf is the most coveted bachelor in Chicago. At least, thats what he thinks. Id describe him as more of a Neanderthal with a really nice backside.

When I accidentally spill champagne on him at a charity event, he accuses me of hitting on him. Then later, I run into him in an empty coat room, and he’s convinced.

The truth is even more embarrassing.

Im hiding from my ex-fiance, who showed up with his new wife my former best friend. I try to hold it together, but instead spill my guts to this handsome stranger.

Dom surprises me by suggesting an agreement: we pretend to date. I get to rub it in my ex’s face and he appears off the market. You scratch my backI scratch yours, that sort of thing.

Dom is an excellent fake boyfriend. He’s protective and caring, and even gives me a smoking hot kiss.
Then things get complicated. The charity has another event for us to attend out of town, and overnight.

Between late night confessions and three more smoking hot kisses not that Im countingI start wondering if he’s really faking everything. Im certainly way past pretending.

Soon after, Dom admits that he wants to date me me, Reese Maxwell, for real!

But my heart isn’t allowed to make any decisions anymore. Except maybe this one last time $3.99 on Kindle.
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The Bowman Boys

The Bowman Boys

A father and his four sons fight to survive and thrive during the time of Prohibition. The Bowman Boys is a raucous mix of action, mystery, and romance. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Short Italian Stories for Beginners: Learn Beginner Italian With 20 Exciting Tales!

Embark on an exciting journey to learning Italian with 20 engaging short stories!

Whether you’re a young learner or an adult, our book promises a thrilling adventure into the Italian-speaking world. These 20 short stories extend a wide range of subjects, including bright colors, fascinating animals, bustling professions, and mouthwatering culinary experiences.

As you dive into these engaging narratives, you’ll effortlessly pick up new vocabulary, grasp essential grammar concepts, and gain valuable cultural insights into Italian culture. These stories will help you have meaningful conversations with native Italian speakers, bridging the language gap and immersing yourself in a rich cultural exchange. Free on Kindle.
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Rancher Daddies

Rancher Daddies

When I caught my fiance cheating on me
With my maid of honor
On our wedding day
I ran away
And now Im the nanny for three silver fox ranchers.

Left with nothing but my wedding dress,
I look for a soft place to lay my head.

But what I find instead are three tough ranch brothers
With broad shoulders to cry on.
And rock-hard bodies to die for.

All silver foxes.
All rugged ex-Navy SEALs.
And all as equally devoted to my wellbeing
As I am to their two adorable little kids.

Will we ride into the sunset just like Ive always dreamt? $2.99 on Kindle.
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It Was Never Meant to Be

It Was Never Meant to Be

Note to self never fall in love with two brothers.

In my opinion, love is overrated but downright wet and hot when sparks fly. Falling in love with two brothers was not my plan, but I did not avoid or stop it. I let things happen as they may. In my defense, I was not with them at the same time. But regardless, that was short-lived once they found out I had dated both of them.

Ben and Liam are both attractive and above average in size, if you get my meaning. Liam is a military boy, muscular, wild, and strong. Ben is the more conservative type. Muscular, brainy, educated, with money.

I love them both, but now I have to decide between the two. If I choose wrong, I will live my entire existence in regret for what could have been.

This is book 2 in the Forbidden Temptations Series.

Things get wet and steamy in this drama-filled romance. Its a page-turner that will keep you guessing until the last page. No cheating, no cliffhanger. And a fantastic HEA that may bring a tear to your eye. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Babies in Twinkle Falls

Babies in Twinkle Falls

When Kylee Croft rushed out of Angelcakes Cafe without paying her bill, little did she know the woman who chased, and hired, her could be the key to her pasta past her mum took to the grave.

Raised as an only child in Chantilly, France, by a single mum, Kylee was told that her father had died soon after she was born. While going through her mums belongings months after her unexpected passing, Kylee uncovered the biggest secret of her mummys life.

Traveling to Twinkle Falls, Vermont, in hopes of shedding light on the mysterious photos her mum hid from her, Kylee arrives in the quaint little town broke, pregnant and alone. After being hired at Angelcakes, she hitit off with a slightly older co-worker, Trace Holberg, a single dad raising twin boys by himself. Discovering they have a lot in common, the two become confidants.

While working at the cafe, Kylee forges a friendship with Bridgette Dupont, a successful baker who gave her a job when she desperately needed one. She’s the same woman Kylee believes to be the sister she never knew about, and also the daughter of a father who could be her owna father who is very much alive.

Once Bridgette discovers the real reason Kylee came to Twinkle Falls, an argument ensues and emotions boil over. When Kylee doubles over in pain, Trace rushes her to the hospital where she undergoes emergency surgery.

With Kylees and her babys life in limbo, can they survive the unimaginable? If so, will the truth be everything Kylee hoped for, or will it be yet another defeat for the woman whos lost everyone shes ever loved? $0.99 on Kindle.
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Im called many things: owner of the MLBs Charleston Hurricanes, perpetual bachelor, and the biggest asshole this side of home plate.

Ive never had a problem with that.
Until now.
My infamous temper has landed me in serious trouble, and now Im at risk of losing the baseball team I love.
The answer to my salvation is a mandated life coach.
I have to complete three months of anger management sessions or I can kiss my ownership status goodbye.
Sounds easy. Follow the rules and do whatever the coach tells me.
The only problem?
My renowned life coach happens to be the irresistibly gorgeous woman I met and shared a world-shaking kiss with last night.
Alexandra is compassionate, smart, and has a blunt sense of honesty that keeps me on my toes.
Each session leaves me thirsting after her in the most addictive way.
But neither one of us believes in relationships.
We absolutely cant go there.
Until we do.
And its electric.
She makes me want things. Impossible things. Spend forever with me kind of things.
But love is a painful game I promised myself Id never play again, and when our difficult pasts threaten to break us, I realize its not just my team Im at risk of losingits her.
And Ill have to figure out how to fix what broke me in the first place if I have any chance of keeping them.
$0.99 on Kindle.
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Unprotected: A Clean, Small-Town, Family Drama

Unprotected: A Clean, Small-Town, Family Drama

The United States government seeks to strip American citizens of their constitutional right to bear arms. For months, the nation has heard the talk but most never thought it would happen. Now that it has, the clock is ticking until everyone must relinquish their guns, rendering them helpless to protect themselves.

Soon, the country watches in horror as cities fall prey to rioting and looting. Lawless hordes rush to burn landmark institutions to the ground, destroying untold numbers of innocent lives.

A beloved sheriff grapples with enforcing a new law with which he doesn’t agree and works to appease his disgruntled townspeople. Can he keep his town safe amid national chaos, or will the insurrections of the dregs of society destroy everything they hold dear?

Unprotected is a story of Christian fiction that follows an entire town through perilous and uncertain times and is told from the perspective of Conservative Christianity. It is free of profanity and sexual themes. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Jordyn


In her senior year at Coleman High School, Jordyn Williams embarks on a crash course in the unforgiving world of adulthood. Juggling the hectic demands of school, sports, and work, Jordyn often finds herself at her wits end.

These challenges intensify as Jordyn befriends Tamera, a new schoolmate who finds herself the target of a ruthless bully. Bent on helping, Jordyn comes to Tameras aid and takes the younger girl under her wing. Her act of kindness and bravery radiates through the school. Seen as a beacon of trust, Jordyn quickly finds herself a confidant among her peers. Inundated by a bully, a callous principal, and an egocentric coach, Jordyn wages an uphill battle for those she holds dear.

Despite her committed diligence, Jordyns valiant efforts are ignored. In the face of overwhelming adversity, she must summon every ounce of courage and resilience to navigate the rocky path forward. And if the trials of adolescence weren’t enough, the merciless final exam delivers a shattering blow that will forever alter her life. Free on Kindle.
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Christmas with Four Tattoo Artists

Christmas with Four Tattoo Artists

Four Scorching Tattoo Artists.
One truly unforgettable Christmas.

Working at a tattoo studio is everything and more.
Graffiti walls. Pulsating music. And four insanely HOT bosses.

Everything about them brings me to life.
Pierced tongues, playful smirks, and larger than life personalities.

My virgin skin becomes a canvas that ignites their fire…
And the orders they give me leaves me weak in the knees.

But as I’m drawn deeper into their world of ink, sin, and danger…
A fierce biker gang threatens to take everything away.

A Christmas miracle shows up in the form of a tiny beating heart…
And one thing becomes crystal clear:
These four daddies are fiercely protective of their family.

A full-length standalone reverse harem, holiday romance from the Forbidden Reverse Harem series. Each book can be read on its own. All books come with an oh so satisfying happily ever after. No cheating or cliffhanger! $0.99 on Kindle.
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Guardian of Monsters (Sleuths of Shadow Salon Book 1)

Guardian of Monsters (Sleuths of Shadow Salon Book 1)

Supernaturally on the case!
Celestine LeBlanc and Luna Finley are the Sleuths of Shadow Salon.

Celestine, a witch with a talent for prophetic drawings is shocked when she draws her landlord Ray with his eyes gouged out and a winged-mermaid by him. Soon, he turns up dead. All she wanted was open a gallery, but first she must apprehend his killer. In a note, Ray revealed he was actually a supernatural pirate mage. Years back, his Jekyll crew trapped the evil Demon Three Eyes clan. Ray feared theyd escaped.

Oryn, a fae and classmate in Celestines art class, asks nosy questions. Yet, shes drawn to him when hes her spa masseur, and hes clever at brainstorming leads. He insists his air magic could come in handy.

When pirates in Rays old crew are murdered, Celestine decides she needs help from Oryn and Luna, a mermaid asking to show at Celestines new gallerythe same mermaid in Celestines drawing! Otherwise, the monstrosity Demon Three Eyes unleashes will destroy Savannah. For fans of Kim Harrison, Charlaine Harris and those who love paranormal crime procedurals.

$0.99 on Kindle.
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The Deseret Reckoning

The Deseret Reckoning

“This irresistible novel manages the curious trick of making the reader want to stand up and cheer… A transformative tale of personal reinvention from a masterful storyteller.” – Kirkus Reviews (Kirkus Star)

“… a thoughtful but well-paced adventure… raising the stakes, right till the end. This novel is as much a journey of self discovery and newfound determination as it is a quest for retracing a historical trail.” –BookLife

Susan Kingsley is a historical acquisitions assistant with career ambitions at the Smithsonian Museum. She shares an apartment with her ex-husband, FBI special agent Andrew Harrison.

Susan has discovered copies of a series of letters from 1870 describing a wagon train from Santa Fe, New Mexico, bound for the Deseret Territory, the Mormon lands prior to Utah statehood, and a hidden mine.

The new owner of the letters, twenty-seven-year-old Tom Sullivan, a distant relative of the recipient, joins two older friends on a camping trip to discover the source of the letters. While Susan tracks Tom and his letters across Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah, Andrew tails her every step. After a chance encounter with Kat, a friendly face at a challenging time, a bolder, fiercer Susan emerges.

As Susans character arc grows, Andrews arc delves from petty disagreements to all-out fraud and deception, a cop with a grudge. What secrets will be revealed? What has been hidden in the mine? Will Susan succeed, or will Andrew sabotage her efforts and commit the ultimate crime? $2.99 on Kindle.
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Winter’s Reckoning

Winter's Reckoning

Forty-six-year-old Madeline Fairbanks has no use for ideas like “separation of the races” or “men as the superior sex.” There are many in her dying Southern Appalachian town who are upset by her socially progressive views, but for years—partly due to her late husband’s still-powerful influence, and partly due to her skill as a healer in a remote town with no doctor of its own—folks have been willing to turn a blind eye to her “transgressions.” Even Maddie’s decision to take on a Black apprentice goes largely unchallenged by her white neighbors.

Then a charismatic and power-hungry new reverend blows into town and begins to preach about the importance of racial segregation, placing Maddie and her friends in Jamesville’s Black community squarely in their sights. Maddie had better stop intermingling with Black folks, discontinue her herbalistic “witchcraft,” and leave town immediately. Faced with this decision, Maddie is terrified . . . and torn. Will she bow to their demands and walk away—leaving behind all that she’s built, or will she stay and fight for all that she loves? $8.99 on Kindle.
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Holiday Magic: The Miller Sisters Boxed Set

Holiday Magic: The Miller Sisters Boxed Set

What is it about the holidays that are so magical? For the Miller sisters, sharing a Christmas Eve birthday is just the start of their belief that the holidays are full of magic! Add in a trip around the world with a stranger for Sera, and getting snowed in with a stranger for Felicity, and that magic will lead them to the loves of their lives! Snuggle into your favorite cozy clothes, and join the Miller sisters on their holiday adventures!

Date & Switch
A Forced Proximity, Strangers to Lovers, Broken Hero, Curvy Heroine Romance
Broken-hearted Bryce needed any Sarah Miller to replace his ex-fiance on a trip around the world. Two strangers rooming together on a trip of a lifetime? What could go wrong?

Rental Clause
A Forced Proximity, Grumpy-Sunshine, Curvy Heroine, Holiday Romance
Felicity & Klaus both have reservations to the same Air BnB. When a blizzard disrupts their holiday plans, the pair will soon learn they’re getting much more than they bargained for!

Under A Starless Sky (Bonus Story!)
A Forced Proximity, Second Chance, First Loves, Holiday Romance
Omar Ibe thought he’d found love, or at least, attraction, in Seraphin Miller, a client on his cruise around the world. Now, a year later, he finds himself face-to-face with Evie and she isn’t the gangly teenager he said goodbye to so many years ago. Maybe this year, his holiday dream of a happily ever after has finally come true. $3.99 on Kindle.
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Free: From Da Big Island – Screenplay and Novel

From Da Big Island - Screenplay and Novel: New York defined her - Hawaii changed her (Kindle Edition)

Both the screenplay and novel are combined into this one-volume book. How could Hawaii change a New Yorker? With her life in peril, Ruth, needing solitude and change, leaves the Big Apple for the Big Island of Hawaii. She deals with the islands’ customs, her unusual neighbors, marijuana, pigs, and more. Is this the change she expected? FIND OUT NOW! Free on Kindle.
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Free: Accidental Fiancé with the Heartland Cowboy

Accidental Fiancé with the Heartland Cowboy

Bridgett Rawlings is known in her small town of Prairie Rose, Iowa as The Bad Luck Widow. She just lost her father. Before that it was her second husband, and before that, her first. Every man Bridgett has ever loved has been killed on her family farm, but it is all she owns and the basis of her livelihood. It seems there is no escaping the curse laid upon her.

So, when Shawn Barclay, the son of an old friend of her fathers, shows up to help on the farm, Bridgett tries to deter him. She explains the curse and how the town has shunned her. She tells him to go back to Arkansas, where he came from.

But Shawn doesnt believe in curses. When he looks at Bridgett, he sees a kind and thoughtful woman forced to endure incredible grief alone in a community that should be showering her with support. The least he can do is stay on the farm to help her.

As they work alongside one another, Shawn begins to see Bridgett in a different light, as a woman of incredible strength with more capacity for love than anyone he has ever met, a woman he is falling in love with.

Bridgett is falling for him too, but what if the locals are right? What if she is bad luck? She is not willing to risk Shawns life to prove them right.

But will she be giving up a heartland of joy by not daring to prove them wrong? Free on Kindle.
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Purposeful Education

Purposeful Education

Have you ever wondered how a village boy with limited resources could rise to become a Group COO & CFO of three seaports with over a billion dollars of assets?

Born to farmers in the village of Saruja, Ebrima Sawaneh enrolled himself in school at the age of eight when he felt lonely at home. At some point, his family could not afford to pay for his education, which led to him dropping out of school twice secondary school and university. Purposeful Education is an inspirational story of a village boys bet against poverty through education. With commitment, consistency, and a support network, the small village boy flourished from managing a donkey cart operation to becoming a Group COO & CFO of three seaports with over a billion dollars of assets. This beautifully written memoir about Ebrimas education inspired us to believe in the power of purposeful education.
$0.99 on Kindle.
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The Little Cottage in the Pines

In a delightful holiday story that stretches through eras, generations and families, the author cleverly connects historically based stories into one continuing tale built around a snow globe that comes to be passed along. Through it, the reader discovers a window into the lives and souls of those who once owned the precious item and eventually propelled it forward from the 18th century until the present time. Filled with humor and warm sentiment as well as stirring situations with which we all connect, Jamison delivers a moving storyline that has been said is impossible to set down for even a moment. $3.42 on Kindle.
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Chasing the Darkness

Chasing the Darkness

Pain is inescapable. Suffering is a choice.

Azrael, the Angel of Death is an assassin obsessed with revenge. He discovers his life and purpose were built on lies and has to decide which path he’ll choose; the one of vengeance or the one of redemption.

Can the Angel of Death have a conscience? Can Azrael?

Chasing the Darkness is an escape to a land of magic, sword fights, and love, with memorable characters who come face-to-face with the darkness within.
$0.99 on Kindle.
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