Free: The Dark Trail (Book 6 of The Sean Kruger Series)

The Dark Trail (Book 6 of The Sean Kruger Series)

FBI Agent Sean Kruger is facing mandatory retirement on his upcoming 57th birthday. When Deputy Director of the FBI, Alan Seltzer, is brutally murdered, Kruger is thrown into the investigation. When he finds a larger conspiracy surrounding his friend’s death. Kruger must endure a dark trail as he rushes to solve the crime before leaving the FBI. Free on Kindle.

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Sons of Brutality

Sons of Brutality

A Satanic snuff club – a ruthless vigilante – an intricate web of deception – who can you trust? When Detective Addison Mowbray begins investigating the murders of two young women in the Hollywood Hills, he can’t imagine where the case will lead. He suspects the crimes were inspired by an occult fascination, due to some missing body parts and the inverted Christian cross branded on the victims’ breasts. But apart from Addison’s temperamental partner, Jed, the only other person keen on them pursuing that line of investigation is Lilly Coniglio, a medical examiner from the Coroner’s Department. The LAPD is already under immense public pressure due to all the bad press another killer – a vigilante – has brought to their door.

As Addison and Jed navigate a murky, disturbing occult landscape in search of answers, they uncover something even more terrifying than a killer hiding in the shadows: an organization so vile and powerful that it changes their lives forever. These two troubled detectives must stand between this organization and a spectacular season of carnage in the city of Angels.

Set against a backdrop of urban bleakness and social inequality, ‘Sons of Brutality’ combines deeply flawed protagonists with human monsters, integrating strong dialogue, violent action and gripping suspense. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Genesis (Harry Starke Genesis Book 1)

Genesis (Harry Starke Genesis Book 1)She was the one that got away.
It was a dark and stormy night… No kidding, it really was.
I’d quit the police force only a couple of days earlier – that was back in 2008 – and I was on my way to a poker game at the Sorbonne when a shadow crossed in front of my car. It went by so fast I didn’t have time to stop. I hit the brakes hard and swerved into the mud at the side of the road.
I looked out through the deluge, but it was difficult to make out the figure coming towards the driver’s side window. Instinctively, my hand went for my gun and rested on the grip, but as the figure came closer I could see it was a girl. Her hair, dark, bobbed, was plastered to her head and face. The raccoon eye shadow smeared above her eyes had run in rivulets down her cheeks. She looked like one of the walking dead, but more than that she looked scared, really scared.
What the hell is she doing out here alone in this kind of weather? I wondered as I let go of my gun and rolled the window down a half-inch.
“Get in the back,” I yelled at her, and flipped the lock so she could open the door. And that’s how it all began. Had I known what I was getting myself into I might have done differently… No, I wouldn’t. Anyway, that’s how I became a private detective.
“I read a lot of what I consider to be well written mysteries. Sue Grafton, Martha Grimes, Margret Truman, etc. This one is every bit as good and I really could not put it down.” Amazon Reviewer
The Harry Starke Genesis series of mystery thrillers is recommended for fans of David Baldacci, James Patterson’s Alex Cross, Harlan Coben’s Myron Bolitar, Robert B. Parker’s Spenser, John Sandford’s Lucas Davenport, and Daniel Silva’s Gabriel Allon. $0.99 on Kindle
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Free: The Money Trail (Book 5 in The Sean Kruger Series)

The Money Trail (Book 5 in The Sean Kruger Series)

When an attorney and a Washington Post reporter are murdered in Washington, DC., FBI Profiler Sean Kruger discovers a dark secret within the highest ranks of the United States government. While exposing the corruption, Kruger must protect his family from an assassin determined to stop him from learning the truth. Free on Kindle.

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Free: Hawaiian Rumble (Coastal Rumble Book 1)

Hawaiian Rumble (Coastal Rumble Book 1)
Kyle Davis used to be the best agent at MBLIS Hawaii. Now, retired and living his best life, he’s just hoping to run his own woodworking shop.

Well, you know what they say about hoping…

Forced out of retirement, Kyle must help stop a gang war from completely destroying the Hawaiian islands. Free on Kindle.

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Free: The Cold Trail (Book 4 in The Sean Kruger Series)

The Cold Trail (Book 4 in The Sean Kruger Series)

When retired FBI Agent Sean Kruger rescues a kidnapped female graduate student, he finds the events too familiar. A cold case from his early FBI career still haunts him. Following new leads discovered by his friend, JR Diminski, Kruger returns to the FBI. His new investigation will lead him down a trail of dark money and even darker passions.
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Free: Escape to Osprey Cove

Escape to Osprey CoveWhat Doug finds in the secret compartment of his new red Corvette will forever change both his and Catherine’s life. Doug and Catherine come from two different worlds. Catherine’s world is one of privilege and wealth. Doug grew up dirt poor and full of envy of others who had the things that he wanted but could not have. His goal was to one day have all the things he coveted. Their worlds collide when Catherine, VP of a large New York City marketing firm, hires Doug. As soon as Doug learns of Catherine’s wealth, he sees Catherine as his ticket to all the things he covets. After a whirlwind courtship, they are married.

Poor boy meets rich girl should have resulted in happily ever after — not exactly. Doug quickly learns he also covets independence. Events begin to unfold in each of their lives. For Doug, it is his mysterious discovery in the secret compartment of the Corvette. For Catherine, it is a business meeting with Alex Droxell at the Osprey Cove Lodge. When Catherine enters the beautiful and serene lodge, it’s as though she is entering another place and time. The lodge is an escape from the nightmare she is living back home.

Authors Note: The Osprey Cove Lodge series is uniquely written, spanning seven geographic locations from the scenic Canadian region of the Rideau lakes to the beautiful shores of the Caribbean. An interesting web of mystery develops as the characters’ lives intertwine. The Osprey Cove Lodge series setting was born from my love of the beauty of this region in Canada. The description of the lodge is so beautiful and inviting that you will want to pack your bags and head there. The series is written in a continuing fashion; please be sure to read the books in the order written.
Free on Kindle.
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The Secret of Heaven

The Secret of HeavenA lost Bible dating back to the time of Christ threatens to shake the foundations of modern religion. Pursued by the F.B.I., the Chicago PD, and a secret society, Professor of Biblical Studies Aiden Leonardo races against the clock to find the ancient relic and clear his name. With only an encrypted letter to guide him, he finds himself at the center of a centuries-old controversy about the divinity of Christ and the humanity of Jesus. $0.99 on Kindle
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Free: Welcome To The Family: Blood In, Blood Out (The Morris Crime Family Book 1)

Welcome To The Family: Blood In, Blood Out (The Morris Crime Family Book 1)
Roger joined the Morris crime family to buy his sick sister medicine but when he’s promoted to made man, everything changes. His life descends into a whirlwind of blood, chaos, and revenge.
To make matters worse, the boss’s obsessed daughter sets her sights on him. Can he refuse her advances? Does he even want to? Free on Kindle.
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The Church Murders and the Cat’s Prey

In the third book of The Housekeeper Mystery Series, The Church Murders and the Cat’s Prey, an international plot reaches Austin, Texas. Amateur sleuths, Mrs. B. and Father Melvyn find themselves in mortal danger. Will they foil this web of intrigue, and escape an assassin’s bullets? Buy it today and find out. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Free: No Deadly Medicine

No Deadly MedicineAn elderly gentleman drops his notebook.
Verity Spencer picks it up.
A random act of kindness that plunges her into a world of corruption, cover-ups, deception and death.
When she attempts to return the notebook, Verity finds the old man shot and dying. He begs her not to hand the notebook to the police and reluctantly, she agrees. But someone is desperate for the information it contains and will stop at nothing to get hold of it.

Verity is in above her head. She needs to find new levels of resolve and determination if she has any chance of finding out what is going on, staying one step ahead of the criminals – and keeping herself alive.

No Deadly Medicine is the first book in the Verity Spencer crime thriller series. If you enjoy suspenseful mystery crime thrillers then you’ll love Trudey Martin’s action-packed page turner. Buy No Deadly Medicine to cheer Verity along her journey today! Free on Kindle.
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Free: Book Of Secrets (Vital Secrets 1)

Book Of Secrets (Vital Secrets 1)
They survive a nightmare – but they don’t escape unscathed. A harrowing ordeal puts FBI profiler Nathan Thomas and girlfriend Bella Amsel face to face with pure evil. Little do they know – it’s only the beginning. The psychopath obsessed with Bella isn’t giving up that easily. Will Nathan sacrifice everything he stands for to keep Bella safe? Free on Kindle.
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Free: K-Town Confidential

K-Town Confidential
Young lawyer Holly Park is hired to defend teenager Naomi Linser – charged with murder in the stabbing death of the local Councilman. The crime takes place in a gritty Koreatown ‘room salon’ with Naomi holding the murder weapon. The case is tried in the L.A. media and everyone takes sides. No one will guess the plot twists in K-Town Confidential. Free on Kindle.

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Find Me in the Dark

Find Me in the Dark

My father’s path was one I never wanted to walk, but here I am, following drops of blood like a crumb trail left in the woods. I was born of murder, my life built on the bones of a prolific killer. And now, I must atone for sins that should not be mine to bear.

Detective Harlow Durant has spent a lifetime trying to escape the shadows of her tormented past. As the daughter of a convicted serial killer, Harlow was determined to turn her life around and is now the only female detective at the New York Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation, bringing killers like her father to justice.

Upstate, in the small college town of Plattsburgh, the body of a young woman has been found inside a melting snowbank. Harlow and her partner Detective Lucas Park are immediately called in to investigate. Searching around the victim’s frozen body, they find a bracelet which identifies her as college student Alyssa Trent.

As Harlow and Lucas begin to gather evidence from the town’s shocked community, the snow continues to thaw and soon another two victims are discovered. With the body count rising fast it is clear that Harlow is hunting a serial killer. But what links these seemingly ordinary young women?

With a town living in fear and a killer at large, Harlow receives a chilling message from someone who knows her father’s case and knows the secret she has hidden from the bureau. Is she being warned off the case? And with a freak April snowstorm heading across the state, will Harlow risk everything to stop a killer dead in their tracks before they strike again?

From the bestselling author of Next Girl To Die comes a chilling and unputdownable crime thriller perfect for fans of Melinda Leigh, Kendra Elliot and Robert Dugoni’s Tracy Crosswhite series. $2.99 on Kindle.

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Friend of the Devil

Joseph Soderini di Avenzano is America’s most celebrated chef.

Some believe he cut a deal with the Devil to achieve fame and fortune. Whether he is actually Bocuse or Beelzebub, Avenzano is approaching the twenty-fifth anniversary of his glittering Palm Beach restaurant, Chateau de la Mer, patterned after the Michelin-starred palaces of Europe.

Journalist David Fox arrives in Palm Beach to interview the chef for a story on the restaurant’s silver jubilee and quickly becomes involved with Chateau de la Mer’s hostess, Alessandra, unwittingly transforming himself into Avenzano’s rival. $2.99 on Kindle
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Inspector Mage: Blood on the Floor

Inspector Mage: Blood on the FloorEvery Oseran is born with a Mage Gift but, for the talented Inspector Russell Gaines, even his abilities could not help him prevent the death of his sister at the hands of a serial killer known as the New Age God. $4.99 on Kindle
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Caught in a Web

Caught in a Web
Detectives Jamie Graff, Pat O’Connor and Paul Eiselmann race to find the source of the drugs, shut down the ring, and find Fuentes before he kills anyone else, especially George or members of his family. The three detectives discover the ring has its roots in a high school among the students and staff. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Lullaby for Leo: A Novel of Discovery and Forgiveness

Lullaby for Leo: A Novel of Discovery and ForgivenessAfter Lisa’s mom is murdered during an intentional car wreck, the investigative journalist learns she has a Vietnam vet father she never knew existed. Her goal is to find him. Add in the rekindling of a romance with her first and only love, and the formula is almost set. They must be extra careful, though, and avoid the deranged killer who’s looking for misbegotten payback. $4.99 on Kindle
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