Fatal Flaw: An Almost True Story of Deceit, Revenge and Murder

Step into the shadows of a marriage consumed by danger and secrets. In Fatal Flaw, Maggie Wallis faces a harrowing choice: save her crumbling marriage or her daughter from a sinister past. Can she summon the courage to face the truth, whatever the cost? $0.99 on Kindle.
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Magical Mystery Book Club: Box Set Books 1-3

Magical Mystery Book Club: Box Set Books 1-3
Its held in a library of enchanted books. Club members find themselves sucked into a book – smack-dab into the middle of a mystery. They must work together to solve the case so they can get out of the book and back home. $7.99 on Kindle.
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Arc’s Arcana: The Spiritual Alchemy of Saint Joan

Arc'sArcana: The Spiritual Alchemy of Saint Joan

Embark on a Mystical Journey with the Spiritual Alchemy of Saint Joan

Imagine immersing yourself in the life and legacy of one of history’s most enigmatic figures. Arc’s Arcana: The Spiritual Alchemy of Saint Joan offers an unprecedented exploration into the heart and soul of Joan of Arc. Through the pages of this mesmerizing book, readers are invited to traverse the mystical path blazed by the Warrior Maiden herself.

From the humble beginnings in the child of Lorraine to the echoes of her voice that have rippled through time, this narrative unwraps the spiritual layers of Joan’s journey. Discover the visions and voices that propelled a simple peasant girl into the armors of faith and battle, leading her to accomplish what seemed impossible. Experience the siege of Orlans through the eyes of a Divine Strategist, and feel the sacred anointment at Reims as if the holy oils touched your own skin.

Yet, every light casts a shadow. Joan’s story is not without its darkness betrayal, capture, and the pyre of the martyr. This account does not shy away from the trials that tested her spirit, instead, it delves deeply into the flames of transformation and ascension through ashes. Witness the spiritual alchemy that transmuted suffering into strength, and femininity into warfare, transforming Joan into a legend.

But what does Joan’s path mean for us today? Arc’s Arcana not only revisits the physical and metaphysical battles of the past but also aligns them with modern quests for spirituality and leadership. It unveils the mystical symbols the sword and the banner that continue to influence centuries beyond Joan’s martyrdom. In these chapters, Joan becomes a luminary for spiritual warriors seeking to embody courage, leadership, and sacred femininity.

Indulge in a narrative that gracefully weaves historical events, mystical experiences, and spiritual reflections into a tapestry as vibrant and compelling as the life of Saint Joan herself. Whether you’re drawn to the mystic and the maiden, eager to explore the metaphysics of martyrdom, or looking to harness your own divine energy, Arc’s Arcana will light your way.

Arc’s Arcana: The Spiritual Alchemy of Saint Joan is more than a book; it’s an invitation to journey alongside Joan, to confront our battles with her indomitable spirit, and to discover the alchemical power of faith, courage, and resilience. Step into the eternal flame of Joan’s legacy and let your own spiritual alchemy begin. $6.99 on Kindle.
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Rest In Peace


Sarah Chapman is angry at her husband.
She’s also drunk very drunk as she drives down their street, ready to face him.

When a neighbor hears the commotion and rushes to help, he finds her inside, gun still in her hand, and her husband, Steven, dead in the bed.

Sarah is arrested and taken away but claims to be innocent.

The only one who believes her is FBI profiler Eva Rae Thomas. She knows Sarah personally, and as she looks at the evidence in the case, she is convinced that Sarah is telling the truth, even though she was highly intoxicated when the event occurred.

But the detective on the case is determined to have her convicted for the murder.

As more bodies turn up, only Eva Rae Thomas sees the connections and soon starts a race against time to prove Sarah is innocent and to catch the real murderer before it’s too late and her own family is targeted.

Lies and secrets pile up in this chilling next installment of Willow Roses popular series about FBI profiler Eva Rae Thomas. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Lost Grove: Part One

For fans of Twin Peaks and Stranger Things, Lost Grove is the first in a paranormal mystery duology that explores the twisted legends and mysteries in one small town.

In the eerie, enigmatic town of Lost Grove, where secrets whispered among the rustling pines are as thick as the fog rolling in from the sea, the discovery of Sarah Elizabeth Grahams’ lifeless corpse on the windswept beach is but the first note in a haunting symphony of mysteries.

Sergeant Seth Wolfe, the town’s tenacious lawman, penetrates the cryptic and labyrinthine secrets veiled beneath the town’s murky facade. A connection to Sarah Elizabeth, one he could never have fathomed, begins to take shape, blurring the lines between his own existence and the mysteries that enshroud the town. Suspects multiply like whispers in a haunted forest, but each lead unravels, and the mysteries of the case deepen.

Meanwhile, a group of local teenagers embark on their own harrowing mission, driven by a relentless desire to answer the riddle of their friend’s vanished brother and expose the sinister secrets harbored by an affluent institute nestled in the heart of Lost Grove. Bringing their disturbing findings to Seth, he discovers eerie parallels between their quest and his case.

As Seth dives deeper into the abyss of darkness gripping Lost Grove, an unsettling incident threatens to derail his investigation and shatter the illusions of safety the town has harbored for far too long. A chilling web of malevolence begins to tighten its grip, ensnaring them all in a nightmarish dance that will test the limits of their resolve.

Readers who love the eerie, unsettling mystery of Stephen Kings The Outsider and the monstrous legends of Brian McGreevys Hemlock Grove will enjoy this twisty, taut thriller. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Powder Burns: An Orphic Assassin Novel

Powder Burns: An Orphic Assassin Novel

Damien Attica is the anti-hero to end all anti-heroesfrom ancient Greece to 1855 New Mexico, to modern-day Los Angeles and New York, a restless spirit reincarnates across the millennia to dispense brutal justice. Free on Kindle.
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Burning Lance: An Adventure Thriller (The MI6 Files Book 1)

Burning Lance: An Adventure Thriller (The MI6 Files Book 1)

After his team was smashed while working for the Global Corporation on a mission with old friendsJohn Reaper Kane and Raymond Knocker Jensen former Royal Marine Commander Richard Todd was sought out by MI6. They needed someone with combat experience and a hard edge to match as the world began spiraling out of control.

Their need for him is even greater now that someone has stolen a Russian laser with the power to destroy an entire city block.

Is Marine-hardened Todd up to the task or will he buckle under the pressure? $0.99 on Kindle.
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Awakening (Awake As A Stranger Trilogy Book 1)

What if YOU woke up living in someone else’s body? Alone and Afraid.

The night of Treaz’s 32nd birthday ended in a lonely, drunken stupor, an unnerving mysterious man staring into her bedroom window, and the waking up inside the body of a stranger a thousand miles from her home.

How did she get there? Whose body is she in?

Distraught and confused, she is admitted to a chilling psychiatric hospital. With no hope of escape, an unknown man suddenly arranges her discharge. He forces her into a new job that can only be accomplished by living in the bodies of complete strangers.

Each night she falls asleep wondering whose life she will be experiencing next.

Can she find a way out of this frightening nightmare?

Halfway around the world, Omani involuntarily works long hours for her oppressive uncle while remaining hostage on his remote Swiss compound. She is forbidden contact with the outside world.

Desperate and isolated, she risks deadly retaliation and finds a way to make a sole online friend, but his assertions are almost too much to believe.

Should she trust him?

The AWAKE AS A STRANGER trilogy follows the journey of Treaz and Omani. They reside on two different continents yet each are trapped in deplorable realities Treaz living within other peoples bodies and Omani being held captive on her uncles compound.

Both long to regain control over their lives, escape their merciless captors, and expose the haunting truths facing them and the world. Can they find freedom together? $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Biker Funeral: A Noir Mystery (The Father Barrett Files Book 1)

Biker Funeral: A Noir Mystery (The Father Barrett Files Book 1)

After years of tracking down pedophile priests, Vatican investigator and former copFather Michael Barrett snaps and beats one to near-death. Spared a trial by church intervention, he is transferred to a backwater parish in Fulton, British Columbia and told to behave himself.

On one drunken night, Barrett crosses paths with the Paladins who coerce him into accepting five thousand dollars to conduct a secret funeral for a victim of biker “justice.” Caught in a sinister web of danger involving vanishing corpses, crooked police officers, phony Navy SEALs, feuding biker gangs and plenty of cold-blooded violence, Barrett alone knows how all the pieces fit together. Too bad he’s sworn to the silence of the confessional.

In a wilderness big enough to hide a hundred bodies where one priest must be both minister and executioner death and justice share the same tormented advocate. Free on Kindle.
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Twilight Secrets in Mahone Bay

Twilight Secrets in Mahone Bay

Discover the Enigmatic Beauty and Hidden Dangers of Mahone Bay

In the heart of Mahone Bay lies a secret that twists through the lives of its inhabitants, weaving a tale of love, mystery, and danger that will ensnare your senses and hold you captivated till the last page is turned. Twilight Secrets in Mahone Bay invites you into a world where the past and present merge, and where every shadow hides a story waiting to be unearthed.

A New Beginning sets you on a journey with characters who are as complex as they are intriguing. As you navigate through Settling Shadows and catch First Glimpses of the scenic beauty and underlying tensions of Mahone Bay, you’ll find yourself irresistibly drawn into its enigma.The heart of the mystery starts to beat with Marcelo’s Secret, found within a secluded Cabin in the Woods. Whispers from the past hint at love lost and secrets buried, sending ripples that will touch every corner of the bay.

Louise’s unexpected entry marks a turning point, unveiling emotions as deep and tumultuous as the ocean. Her Eyes Like the Ocean epitomize the depth of the story’s heart and the secrets it holds.The narrative deepens with Echoes of the Heart, as emerging desires and conversations by moonlight reveal truths that some would prefer remained hidden. The unfolding drama leads you through storms both literal and metaphorical, from the tempestuous Storms Brewing to a Stormy Night that tests the strength of every bond formed under the twilight sky.

Threats from the Shadows and The Ties That Bind bring to light the complex interplay of family, love, and the lengths to which people will go to protect what they cherish most. In Mahone Bay, love and secrets intertwine like the roots of ancient trees, and the battle for a future teeming with hope and free from the chains of the past is fought fiercely and valiantly.As every layer of deceit and passion is peeled back, Twilight Secrets in Mahone Bay promises a journey of emotional upheaval, heart-stopping romance, and suspenseful twists. A tale where every decision has its price, and the quest for love can sometimes lead to the unravelling of the darkest mysteries. Join us in Mahone Bay, where every secret comes with a hint of twilight and every twilight whispers of secrets untold.

Let the beguiling shores of Mahone Bay draw you into a world where every hidden secret and every whispered confession is a step closer to the heart of its enigma. Are you ready to dive into the depths of this captivating story?
$6.99 on Kindle.
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The Devil’s Spies

With Cold War tensions running high, the lives of the residents in the divided city of Berlin are about to face a terrifying change that left one untouched. The building of the Berlin Wall divided families, friends, romantic couples, and the residents of a city. To make matters worse, Department XX/4 of the dreaded Stasi have infiltrated one of the last remaining bastions of freedom in communist East Germany, the Church. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Hollow Moon

Hollow Moon
A searing psychological thriller, Hollow Moon details an author’s struggle to maintain his grip on reality as he prepares for his first major television appearance, an event that will plunge him deeper and deeper into a past he had hoped to leave behind. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Last Night Never Happened

Nora Bauer, once Hollywoods elite fixer, now finds her reputation shattered. Exposing a crime rather than concealing it has rendered her a pariah in an industry where secrets are currency.

When Daphne Belle, a faded actress desperate for a comeback, enlists Noras help to avoid tabloid scandals, it seems like a straightforward gig.

But after a night they cant remember, filled with drinks, drugs, and decisions they wish to forget, Nora and Daphne awaken to a scene straight from a horror film: they’re drenched in blood with zero memory of how it happened.

The duos frantic quest to piece together the night leads them into the darkest corners of Hollywood, a place far removed from its shimmering veneer. As they delve deeper, whispered secrets in dive bars and encounters with shadowy criminals reveal a chilling conspiracy.

Nora and Daphne face a critical choice: uncover the truth and risk everything, or become the next victims of Hollywoods sinister underbelly.

Last Night Never Happenedis a riveting thriller by best-selling authors Sean Platt and Nolon King, where every page tightens the noose of suspense around the throat of Hollywood. Free on Kindle.
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The Enigma Within

The Enigma Within

Some mysteries are meant to be uncovered – in the heart of darkness, the truth awaits

Journey into the mysterious world of the paranormal, guided by the renowned lead paranormal investigator, Leon Evans. With his unique abilities, Evans has earned a reputation for uncovering the unexplained and the supernatural, and this time, he’s taking his crew and a select group of lucky fans on an exclusive international paranormal investigation in a hauntingly beautiful vineyard nestled near the coast of Baja, Mexico.

The stage is set at the sinister vineyard where tales from its past left a trail of fear and fascination. As the team and their devoted fans arrive, they are immediately immersed in an atmosphere of anticipation, tension, and the unknown. An unexpected occurrence changes the course of the investigation, causing a sequence of horrific events that echo through the hacienda and vineyard, setting the stage for a spine-tingling experience like no other.

Evans and his close friends begin to unlock repressed memories to decipher the secrets of the vineyard’s dark history, and dive deeper into the past using his unique abilities with their combined expertise to uncover long-buried mysteries. As they explore the enigma surrounding the vineyard, they discover a web of interconnected stories, each more chilling than the last.

The Enigma Within is a suspenseful paranormal tale that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. With every twist and turn, the line between the living and the supernatural blurs, and the boundaries of reality are pushed to their limits. As the investigation unfolds, Leon and company must confront their deepest fears and question the very nature of the world they thought they knew.

Step into the realm of the paranormal where the line between what we know and what we fear blurs into an electrifying tale of suspense and intrigue. Get your copy now and experience the thrill of the unknown! $0.99 on Kindle.
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Sweet Realms of Deception

Sweet Realms of Deception
How deep would she have to go? Lizette was assigned to her first undercover position in an office owned by a mafia family… 99cent Pre-Order Today $0.99 on Kindle.
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Freeze Frame

What KIM thought would make a stunning wedding video affirms a cold-blooded, unseen murder. It’s not until he studies the footage on his editing console that within the murk of revelers dancing at the party is the flash of a bowie knife.

Rewind to how it all begins.
Before The Wall Street Crash of 2008, Kims parents had been living the high life, complacent in their earnings as investors in the Stock Market. Its aftermath leaves ELLA and JOE in a state of panic and depression.

Kim is twenty, lives with them in Brooklyn, and has a heart-bending crush on tall, willowy Nova, who lives across the street. She’s seventeen. Her new boyfriend is ZANE, twenty-four. Zane owes money to a dangerous loan shark, MALANGA,(27) Novas dad, MIKE, (40s) despises Zane. A widow, he shares his home with Nova, enforcing strict rules on her. This doesn’t stop his only daughter from sneaking off with Zane when he’s at work.

The wedding runs smoothly. But at the reception, the nightmare soon begins. Zane brazenly shows up, not realizing that Malanga has trailed him. To complicate matters, Mike is aware of Zanes presence. Two people who want Zane dead. One killing.

Kims footage reveals the real perp. $1.99 on Kindle.
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Artist I Am

Artist I Am
A Masterpiece Destroyed. A Culprit Unknown. The Answer Unprecedented.

In the glittering world of international art, a high-stakes investigation will challenge the limits of technology and human ingenuity.

A contentious art auction reduces a priceless masterpiece to ashes, prompting the call for retired INTERPOL director Nick Stirling to lead a covert task force tasked with uncovering the truth. But as Nick and his team dig deeper into the mystery, they soon realize that there’s more to the case than meets the eye.

In a world where state-of-the-art technology blurs the distinction between what is real and what is not, they must navigate risky technological terrains where appearances can be deceiving. From the gleaming halls of corporate headquarters to the shadowy back alleys of the dark web, the international investigation takes Nick and his team on a pulse-pounding journey through the underbelly of the digital world.

As they race against time to unravel the truth, they must confront their own demons and grapple with the ethical dilemmas posed by a brave new world powered by artificial intelligence.

With the fate of the art world hanging in the balance, Nick and his team must use every tool at their disposal to uncover the truth before their tricky nemesis destroys more priceless works.

“Artist I Am” is a gripping technothriller that combines heart-stopping action with thought-provoking exploration of the ethical implications of technology in the world of art. With its richly drawn characters, intricately woven plot, and pulse-pounding suspense, this novel will keep readers guessing until the very last page. $2.99 on Kindle.
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The Icehouse: A Lancashire Detective Mystery (DCI Walker Crime Thrillers Book 1)

The Icehouse: A Lancashire Detective Mystery (DCI Walker Crime Thrillers Book 1)
After a body turns up in the sleepy village of Rufford, DCI Jonathan Walker returns from leave early. But when it transpires the crime may be linked to a decades old cold case involving the murder of his sister, the crime becomes personal.

$0.99 on Kindle.
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Cutter Kauai Sea Adventures

Cutter Kauai Sea Adventures

Follow the exciting adventures of young Coast Guard Lieutenant Ben Wyporek and his heroic crew on board the U.S. Coast Guard patrol boat Kauai. Aging patrol boat USCGC Kauai is taken from the normal hurly-burly of Coast Guard operations and upgraded with the latest stealth, engineering, and electronic technology by the Director of National Intelligence. Kauai’s new milieu? Be the first responder for sensitive and vital missions in Florida, the Bahamas, and the Caribbean. Complete covert missions in places the Navy cannot go or reach in time.

Each action-packed novel is written to put the reader into the adventure alongside the characters. Experience the humor and emotion of a dedicated team of professionals in realistic stories of sea rescues, pursuit of lethal criminals, and completion of covert missions in hostile territory.

From $2.99 to $7.49 on Kindle.

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Embers of Shadow, Ages of Malice, Book III

Embers of Shadow, Ages of Malice, Book III

After the brazen attack on Israel, the Antichrists shadow grows.

Rhyme Carter faces the fight of her life to escape the clutches of her evil husband, the FBI, and a secret society hellbent on world domination.

Emery Merrick watches in horror as the Antichrist launches an international coup that changes the course of humanity forever.

In a race against time, Book III in the superlative, award-winning Ages of Malice series continues the saga of a downtrodden journalist enlisted to write the biography of a madman. What Emery and Rhyme have failed to stop now grows unchecked as Cain threatens to solidify his dominance for all time.

From visionary author, Lloyd Jeffries, Embers of Shadow will keep you on the edge of your seat long after the incredible, mind-blowing climax.

Can mere mortals outwit the Antichrist to stop the coming apocalypse?
Can Rhyme Carter escape her pursuers and enlist the aid of surprising allies?
Can Emery break free from an evil that predicts every turn?

Embers of Shadow
What hath God wrought?
$0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: The Mazatlan Showdown

The Mazatlan ShowdownJeff Walker, a champion surfer haunted by the unsolved mystery of his fathers murder and his mothers broken heart, relocates to sunny San Diego and secures a job as a beach lifeguard. When a rescue mission at sea hurls him into the sticky web of an international smuggling ring, he aids the police in their investigation, and the plot thickens when Walker discovers that the mastermind behind the criminal operation is the very killer hes been searching for since he was a teenager!

Join a rich cast of characters on this thrilling adventure as they navigate twisty, treacherous terrain in a fleet of high-performance cars, bikes, and boats. Chock-full of action with a dash of drama, Weills award-winning debut has it all!  Free on Kindle.
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Black Moon

A Riveting Sizzler with Nonstop Action by Multi-Award-Winning-Author & Former Special Agent, ANDREW CERONI
When a second new moon appears in the same month, it’s called a black moon. In parts of the US, superstitions abound concerning black moons. CIA Agent Dave McClure is on a fly fishing trip with colleagues in the Bitterroot Wilderness of western Montana during a black moon. Simultaneously, members of a Mexican cartel break from a prison transport bus in eastern Montana, kill everyone, and head for the Bitterroot Wilderness, thinking police will bet they went back south. If this isn’t bad enough, Chinese agents kidnap former DCI, Jack Barrett, on the Army Navy Club golf courseChina needs to know what the US installed on the mountains of Taiwan. McClure must rescue Jack and blood will flow. China decides to take revenge on McClure at his residence with four armed Chinese assassins… McClure’s greatest challenge ever. Will he prevail?
$2.99 on Kindle.
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The Pond At Sycamore Shoals (Miss Fortune World: Walter’s Waterside Adventures)

The Pond At Sycamore Shoals (Miss Fortune World: Walter's Waterside Adventures)
~A Miss Fortune Universe Novel~

While Ida Belle and Gertie are off to New Orleans to care for a sick friend, Fortune looks forward to a restful week alone. Unfortunately, her plans are soon shot after two pint-sized children show up at Walter’s General Store in search of water pistols and other creative weaponry.

Olivia and Oliver Bergeron pitch a disturbing tale. Their mother was killed. Their uncle did it. And their dad may be next. Since time is of the essence, Fortune turns to Big and Little Hebert in hopes of finding clues.

Soon, Walter and Fortune are on a wild goose chase in hopes of preventing another murder, but no one can prepare them for the games Oliver and Olivia play as they attempt to take matters into their own hands. $3.99 on Kindle.
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Misplaced Scrutiny

Misplaced Scrutiny
Can women truly trust their medical test results?

Dedicated pathologist Dr. Sophie Cadeaux is determined to find the answer to that question no matter what it takes.

When a shocking expos uncovers labs putting profits ahead of patients, Sophie’s world is shaken to its core. While regulatory action may promise to restore faith in the system, Sophie suspects a hidden agenda remains at play.

On a journey to uncover the truth, Sophie is taken from the serene beaches of Jamaica to snow-covered forest trails and even to the Argentine tango dance floor. Alongside unexpected allies and the brilliant biochemist Dr. Novikov, who she’s had her eye on for ages, Sophie is willing to do anything if it means protecting her patients.

As the truth comes to light, danger lurks in the shadows. Can Sophie expose the dangerous scheme before that danger consumes her completely? Will women ever be able to trust their test results again?

In Misplaced Scrutiny, the gripping sequel to Cancer Under the Carpet, Dr. Sophie Cadeaux takes center stage in a chillingly realistic world of corruption and legal action. In this heart-pounding medical thriller, discover if trust can be found amid the chaos of misplaced scrutiny. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: A Fire in Every Vein

Walker West saves a young woman only to see her arrested for murder. He vows to save her despite obstacles he faces. One problem is that someone is trying very hard to kill him. Set in 1968 in New York City, the novel is a non-stop struggle to identify a killer. Free on Kindle.
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