Author Stephen Brophy

Stephen BrophyStephen T. Brophy is a living human male. He resides in the principality of Los Angeles, California USA. He works in television production and makes his living answering the rhetorical question, “Reality TV has writers?” He loves his wife Danielle, his son Ash, his dogs Griff and Tex, science fiction, funnybooks, movies and sleep in more or less that order. Sleep might be higher on the list these days, but he doesn’t want to piss anyone off by bumping them.

Author Madison Key

Madison KeyMadison loves writing books for teens so their minds can expand and grow. She recently started publishing her books with Arrabella Publishing.

She lives in Montana with her dog Reggie and her on-again off-again boyfriend Colby. In college her roommates nicknamed her Montana because they were all from big cities and liked to give her a hard time.

Author Doris Walker

Author Doris WalkerAfter retiring from her career as a landscape architect Doris Walker decided to take what she learned and help others outside and inside their homes. In her retirement she generally spends more time outside in her garden than she does in the comfort of air conditioning. She strives to live a natural lifestyle free of toxins. In practicing that Doris only eats organic foods, that most of the time, come from her own yard.

Doris has raised three children with the principle of a pure life and is continuing to do so with her grandchildren.  She has learned a plethora of things about being healthy and she also has a vast knowledge of homeopathic and natural remedies to common problems. She prides herself on her ability to find something in nature to solve a problem while avoiding chemicals and other toxins.

Aside from practically living in her garden, Doris enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, reading, hiking, and cooking. She credits the Foxglove as her favorite flower and grape tomatoes as her favorite vegetable in her garden. She has also been a vegetarian for 30 years and is rarely ever seen without her Golden Retriever, Maggie, by her side.


Author Ashlee Meadows

Author Ashlee MeadowsBeing a single mom is hard. Add two girls to the mix and life just went from hard to crazy! That’s the world of Ashlee Meadows. Over the last decade she has become a pro at handling double the fun from her two baby girls. Some lessons were easy, while others were hard-won. Now she is turning her motherhood crash-course education into helpful advice for those who are walking the same path.

From going back to school to making ends meet, from choosing the right education for her little ones to finding time for herself, Ashlee has been through plenty of trials and tribulations – just as any other single mom. She now turns her love of writing and her history of hard knocks into a vibrant combination of advice, pep talk and friendly banter that make every page something other single moms – and even dads! – can relate to.

When Ashlee isn’t writing about her kids or hanging out with them, she is probably in the kitchen, trying something new. She loves the great outdoors, counts fall as her favorite time of year and likes to take long walks with Snickers, the family dog.

Author Denise Brienne

amazon-author-denise-brienne-473x543Denise Brienne has always had a passion for writing. Her love of the written word began when she was in college, when she discovered journaling as an outlet for the things running through her head and heart. The day she started writing about a tumultuous relationship in her journal was the day she learned just what powerful emotions the words could convey.

Today, Denise is a published author with many exciting works under her belt. Her books focus on helping women spice up their intimate relationships, solve problems in the bedroom and explore their sensual side.

Denise might be best known for the “101 Series” of books, in which you can always find what you’re looking for to spice things up, no matter what stage your relationship is in.

When she’s not penning sexy advice or erotic stories, Denise can be found camping, cooking, enjoying nature or discussing relationships over a good cup of French roast coffee.