Frequently Asked Questions

Your Newsletter/Website Says This Book Is Free, But It’s Not.

I thought you said this book was FREE! How come it’s not anymore?

Great Question! Glad you asked. There are two reasons that a book we say is free might not be free.

  1. Only Free in the US. Although Amazon is worldwide most FREE books are only free in the US. Note Amazon’s fine print on Kindle books: For non-U.S. customers, Kindle content availability and pricing will vary. eReader Nation is a United States based company and we display Kindle books in US prices.
  2. Limited Time Offer. Simply said: The book was free when we posted it and now it’s not. Many books on Amazon are Free for only a limited time. We recommend that you verify the “Kindle Price” is $0.00 before you “buy” it.

How Do I Return a Kindle Book for a Refund

Oops! I bought the wrong book now I need a refund!

Don’t Panic! If you purchased the wrong book or you accidentally hit the “Buy” button, there’s a way to get a refund. Here’s how to get your full refund…

Amazon want’s your experience to be the best it could be. Amazon gives you up to 7 day to request a full refund for a Kindle book purchase.  If you are better on the phone then on the computer you can call the Amazon Kindle Support line, the phone number is: 1-866-321-8851 (inside the United States).

If you purchased the book within the past seven days, simply go to Manage Your Content and Devices, select the books you would like to return and submit a return for refund.

If the book was purchased more than 7 days ago, then log into the Amazon and go to Your Account –> Your Orders, next select the “Digtal Orders” tab near the top of the screen. Find the book you would like to return. To the right of the book cover you will see an order number like this ORDER # D01-555555-9999999. Copy this number. Next go here to start a chat or send an email:

Tell them you want a refund and give them the order #.

For reference, you can read the Kindle Return policies here

I’m An Author, How Can I Run a Promotion with eReader Nation?

That’s simple, go to our book promotions page. View our ebook promotion options. Our promotion form takes about 3 mins to complete. What will you need before you start? Your book’s ASIN on Amazon. And a Paypal account to submit payment.

What’s Your Privacy Policy

eReaderNation will not share your email address with persons, organizations or outside parties and you can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time.