Free: Bruce The Moose

Bruce The MooseGet this best selling collection of 6 kids books for free.

“Hi little bird,” said Bruce the moose with a smile,
Now Bo had an idea: she could travel in style!
“I’d like to use your antlers to build a nest with a view,
Mobile home for me and good company for you.” Free on Kindle

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The Backyard Chiclets Come Home

The Backyard Chiclets Come Home

Gravy and Pepper, your favorite backyard chiclets (backyard chickens), find themselves exploring their new backyard, having new adventures, learning at school, and meeting new friends.

The Backyard Chiclets is a children’s book series perfect for pre-k kids ages 2-6 years old, who want to learn about animals, manners, ABC’s to 123’s, holidays, and so much more.

The Backyard Chiclets Come home explores Gravy and Pepper’s first day in their new backyard. $1.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Rambee…Boo! Halloween

Rambee...Boo! Halloween
Halloween is so much fun! Well…not if you can’t think of a costume. There are so many choices, Rambee Boo just can’t decide. Should he dress funny, cute or scary?

But more importantly, will he be ready in time to trick-or-treat?! Free on Kindle.

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Free: Greek Gods for Kids

Greek Gods for Kids
Do you wish to introduce your kids to Greek mythology in an interesting manner that makes them want to learn more about the ancient Greeks?

And are you looking for a child-friendly book that will make your kids even thirstier for more mythologies of the ancient world?

If you’ve answered YES,

Let This Book Take Your Child On A Journey Into The Ancient Greek Mythology In A Manner That Has Never Been Told Before!
Stories about gods, goddesses, titans, and other important beings in Greek mythology, when told right, have the power to inspire anyone to want to learn more about the ancient Greeks. And for a growing, curious mind, this will literally make any child want to read anything they can get their hands on regarding ancient history and more.

But how exactly is this book meant for kids?

Well, it uses child-friendly, descriptive language that will make them create vivid images of whatever is being described!

Will it address most of the questions that beginners and intermediates (kids) into Greek mythology have?


Does the book help the readers (kids) to not only learn but start making good conclusions?


Is it too graphic for kids?

No. The book uses a toned-down yet descriptive style that will ensure readers have a good reading experience without being exposed to violence!

Indeed, this book will make your child love the ancient Greeks even more! Prepare to answer all manner of questions about different mythical creatures and play pretend where you act like the titans, Cyclopes, and other beings!

This is the second book in the series about ancient mythologies. The other book, “Egyptian Mythology for Kids and Teens: Captivating Myths of Gods, Goddesses, Pyramids, Sphinxes, and Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt” focuses on the Egyptian culture.

In this book, your child will discover:
A background story about Greek mythology and cosmogony
The Greek gods of Olympus and their relative myths, from Zeus, Hera, Medusa, Aphrodite, Heracles, to Apollo and Demeter and many more
A comparison between Greek mythology and the Roman pantheon
A comprehensive and well-understood story of each god, their powers, roles, and characters
And so much more!

Whether your child has just started learning history or you simply wish to introduce them to Greek mythology because you love it, this book will do a great job at expounding their knowledge about the ancient Greeks!

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Sylphie is Resilient

Sylphie is Resilient

Sylphie is unique!She can see what others can’t; the air elementals known as Sylphs. On her seventh birthday, to Sylphie’s surprise, she grows a pair of white shiny wings and officially becomes a Sylph. But the wings are useless because Sylphie cannot fly. Will Sylphie choose to give up or to be resilient and learn to fly like other Sylphs?

This book comes with a message of resilience and is suitable for ages 7-11 years. $3.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Adventures with Apollo: The Cat Who Rules Rooftops

Adventures with Apollo: The Cat Who Rules Rooftops
Apollo is a 2-year-old rescue cat who relaxes on everything from recliners to rooftops.

“I am the only one in the family who can leap onto a roof. The dog can’t do it. The humans can’t do it. It’s my special cat power,” Apollo explains. Free on Kindle.

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Free: Coco the Cat’s Miraculous Expedition: The Incredible True Story of a Cat, Swept Away by a Hurricane, and finding Her Way Back Home

Coco the Cat's Miraculous Expedition: The Incredible True Story of a Cat, Swept Away by a Hurricane, and finding Her Way Back Home
This book is a true story of a most amazing kitten that was swept away during a hurricane that found her way back home six weeks later to teach her family about hope, spirituality and the true spirit of survival. Free on Kindle.

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Free: The Kindness Fairy

The Kindness Fairy
The kindness fairy and her magical friends are some of the kindest fairies around. Let’s learn more about kindness as we travel together spreading kindness and cheer in this entertaining and educational book filled with beautiful illustrations and real-life examples. Free on Kindle.

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Free: My Truly Most Favorite Fluffy Friend

My Truly Most Favorite Fluffy Friend
Have you ever said, “You don’t need any more stuffed animals!” Join Emma as she collects her friends and discover why she loves, even needs her fluffy friends. Free on Kindle.

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Free: Apple’s Big Dream

Apple's Big Dream
What happens when you dare to dream big, but your dream doesn’t come true?

Meet Apple. Just when Apple’s big dream is about to come true, his life takes a detour leaving him trapped in the cold, dark ground. With no hope in sight, Apple feels sad, angry, and lost. But then one day the ground that once trapped him feels a bit warmer, and something begins to change. Will Apple’s big dream ever come true or will he stay stuck forever? Ideal for children ages 3-9 but perfect gift for anyone experiencing a major life change. Free on Kindle.

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The Wondrous Electric Elephant

This is a story for children of all ages, and is suitable for grandparents, or parents to read to their children. It is the story of a wondrous electric elephant and the people who encounter it. Big as a house, this wondrous electric elephant is able to move and do amazing things, depending on who is piloting it and whether or not some cats have sneaked into the inside of the electric elephant. $2.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Supermom

Ordinary mom by day Superhero by night!

Five-year-old Edmund knows his mom has a secret. He knows what she’s really doing when she meets with other ladies at the hair salon; he also knows that the orange light on the dashboard can transform a car into a superheroine’s motorcycle. Mom may be out saving the world by night, but she’s always home in time to make breakfast. Free on Kindle

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Free: Brielle’s Birthday Ball: A Dance-It-Out Creative Movement Story for Young Movers

Brielle’s Birthday Ball: A Dance-It-Out Creative Movement Story for Young Movers

Pull back the curtain on the children’s imagination stage—kids join Brielle celebrating her birthday. A was-it-just-a-dream trip to the moon packed with subtle life lessons. Ballerina Konora joins the adventure and suggests moves to develop body coordination, focus the breath, and learn dance fundamentals. Free on Kindle.

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Free: Healthy Max

Healthy Max
Join Max and his friends at the school cafeteria! While eating lunch, most of the kids talk about the latest gossip and munch on junk food, but Max’s conversations with his buddies are about the health benefits of eating fruits and vegetables. Will healthy Max convince his peers to change their daily eating habits? Free on Kindle.

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Free: The Frights of Fiji

The Frights of Fiji

Twelve-year-old orphan Alyssa McCarthy is kidnapped to Fiji. There, she must battle a wicked warlock in order to leave and return home. Free on Kindle.

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My Cat Called Red

My Cat Called Red

What if you found a cat with a magic purr? A cat who could turn your life around, if only you realized it?

Red is such a cat.

Mid-grade chapter book My Cat Called Red is a heartwarming adventure story about friendship and courage in the face of danger, featuring the magical cat Red and the purr that transforms children’s lives. A modern classic, My Cat Called Red was a Kindle category bestseller within days of its release and will appeal to animal lovers from 8 to 80. $3.99 on Kindle.

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Stop Asking For Water!

Stop Asking For Water
FINALLY! A children’s book that is also entertaining for the parents!

Based on the true events of my son not wanting to go to sleep, I wrote a bedtime story every parent can relate to. Even better? Your kid will love it, too. There’s even a dragon!

It’s time to make bedtime fun for THE BOTH of you. $2.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Shine On, My Bright Little Star

Shine On, My Bright Little Star“Each tiny baby is born with a gift. Whether the gift is great or small, it matters not at all. Each tiny baby is a star.”
Parents, share this exquisitely illustrated story with your children today! Free on Kindle
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