Speedy Phoebe

Speedy Phoebe
Phoebe always dreamed one day she would become a great race car. She has her first chance to show off her speedy skills during her school field day. That’s if the carlettes don’t wreck her confidence!

Your little readers will love racing along with Phoebe in this silly and heartwarming tale as she navigates bullies and self doubt. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Taste Buddies

“Taste Buddies” inspires toddlers to eat greens with fun tales of Charley’s food adventures. It’s a colorful, illustrated journey showing the joys of healthy eating, with a hint of superhero magic. Perfect for little ones hesitant about veggies. Follow @tastebuddies.bookclub for more!
$1.99 on Kindle.
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Walter The Woogobee: The Vortex To Vidza

Walter The Woogobee: The Vortex To Vidza
An otherworldly adventure awaits us all!

Join Walter in this amazing journey as he space travels through a Vortex to strange new worlds where Elephants Fly and the Wind Speaks.

The local village is being destroyed. Walter and his new friends set out to save the village and find unusual animals, a valley full of gold and of course monsters. Will they be able to save the village? Will Walter find his way home?

This fun filled fully illustrated story is about developing friendships, building character and problem solving, all set is an offworld adventure. $2.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Playful Pencils Math & English Preschool Kids Activity Book

Playful Pencils Math & English Preschool Kids Activity Book: Learning through Play. Over 260 Fun & Engaging Activities. Children Age 3-5. Letters and Numbers Shapes Colors Fun Activities
Ignite Your Child’s Love for Learning! Dive into the Playful Pencils Math and English Activity Book a dynamic blend of fun and education. Packed with engaging puzzles, tracing, coloring, and more, it’s the perfect preschool companion. Grab a copy now for a head start on a lifetime of learning adventures!

Free on Kindle.
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Inspiring Stories for Amazing Boys

Inspiring Stories for Amazing Boys: A Motivating Collection of Short Tales to Build Courage, Boost Confidence, and Embrace Lasting Friendships
Being a boy is the best!
There are so many things they can do to make life fun and interesting.

Take the little boys in these stories, for example. This book contains a collection of stories about little boys who go on adventures and learn important lessons along the way.

These are real-life stories about young lads like you who discovered how truly awesome they are thanks to their family, friends, and their willingness to explore the world around them.

Join them and discover how truly cool it is to be a boy!
$0.99 on Kindle.
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Amo & Akka’s World Adventures: Book One

Amo & Akka's World Adventures: Book One
“Amo & Akka’s World Adventures” is a children’s book about two siblings, Amo and Akka, who go on an exciting trip around the world. This book takes young readers on a magical journey, filled with adventures and bedtime stories that introduce them to different cultures and places.

The story takes them from the lovely streets of France to Italy’s delicious pizza, Spain’s fun attractions, Great Britain’s energy, Mexico’s bright colors, Egypt’s mystery, and China’s ancient wonders. As kids read the book, they’ll not only have fun but also learn about the world’s diversity.

This book is great for children and aims to make them love adventure and be curious about the world. Each page brings a new discovery and shows the beauty of different cultures. It’s a heartwarming story that encourages kids to dream, learn, and start their own adventures.
$2.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Victor Returns Home

Victor returns home

Hello, friends! Im Victor:
a robot vacuum in great shape!
Let me tell you why I decided to escape.
I was born in a factory, two years ago,
and ever since then, I was moved to and fro.
I was packed in a box, moved, and took a fall,
not even knowing where I was headed at all.
When we arrived, I tried to explore
and learned I was in Palo Alto, in the store.
On the shelf in the shop, I felt safe and sound:
Finally, nothing could shake me around! Free on Kindle.
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Pray! What Do I Say? A 21 Day Devotional for Kids

Pray! What Do I Say?: A 21 Day Devotional for Kids

Has a child ever asked you how to pray or what to pray about?

Pray! What Do I Say? helps answer those questions. If you are talking to God, you are praying, and praying is one of the most important things we can do. The Bible tells us God hears our prayers and responds to our needs. There are many parts to prayer, but most importantly, we want our children to understand that their prayers are unique to them. Prayer is simply a conversation with our Heavenly Father.

Pray! What Do I Say? looks at prayer in more depth while using kid-friendly language to explain the purpose and potential of prayer. These devotionals are designed for children, offering age-appropriate content and relevant reflection activities.

Dive into the daily devotionals with your child or someone you love. Join the conversations as we teach our children the importance of this spiritual discipline and how prayer can be part of their everyday lives. Devotionals include discussion points, journaling opportunities, and prayer prompts. Jesus modeled prayer for us in the New Testament, and this book begins with His example, The Lord’s Prayer.

In this book, children will learn:

Prayer is as easy as having a conversation with their favorite person.
God listens to them when they pray.
The little and the big things are all important to God.
A specific time of prayer is important, but they can also talk to God anytime, anywhere.
It is important to talk, listen, and obey when they pray.
Lead your children through meaningful discussions and personal journaling activities that help them recognize the power of prayer and the positive change it brings to their lives. This family-friendly book can help you in teaching your kids about the importance of praying. Get a copy now! $2.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Chickens Don’t Swim!

Chickens Don't Swim!
“Perseverance and innovation win in this delightful tale.” (Chari Smith). After Lily, a young chicken, realizes she’s not a natural born swimmer, she becomes resourceful and finds a creative way to swim. Story takeaways: Being adventurous can have its mishaps, but completing the goal can be rewarding. When there’s a will, there’s a way!
Free on Kindle.
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Free: Parker & Penny Save the Penguin Olympics

Parker & Penny Save the Penguin Olympics

Get ready for a frosty, fun-filled adventure in “Parker & Penny Save the Penguin Olympics and join our adorable heroes on an icy escapade like no other!

On the day of their annual winter games, disaster strikes in snow-covered paradise – and it’s up to our lovable feathered friends to save the day. As they waddle through wintry landscapes, they’ll encounter new friends, share laughs, and even find themselves in a bit of delightful mischief. These penguins may be flightless birds, but watch their imaginations soar!

Join Parker and Penny as they glide into action, proving that even the smallest flippers can make the biggest splash in the coolest Penguin Olympics ever! Free on Kindle.
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Liam and Ellie: A Brother’s Quest to Find his Sister

Liam and Ellie: A Brother's Quest to Find his Sister
Liam and Ellie are brother and sister, but they are not friends! But, when Ellie disappears in an enchanted book, Liam doesnt hesitate to jump in after her. Landing in Alaska, Liam befriends different talking animals who guide and teach him. Liam learns empathy, courage, and resilience as he journeys through the arctic to find his sister.
$1.99 on Kindle.
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Free: The Warm-Hearted Snowman

The Warm-Hearted Snowman
We all know theres magic that comes once a year,
When it snows and we know that Christmas Story,
In one tiny village, all glowing with light,
A very grand snowman stood guard day and night.

The children all waited throughout the whole year
And when the snow fell, theyd give a great cheer,
Building the snowman with love and with pride,
Then waving goodbye and darting inside. Free on Kindle.
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Mr. Kerfuffle Lost His Duffle

Mr. Kerfuffle lost his duffle

Prepare for an unforgettable journey into the enchanting world of “Mr. Kerfuffle lost his duffle.” This heartwarming tale will take you deep into the heart of the forest, where an extraordinary and friendly ogre named Mr. Kerfuffle is on a mission to find his treasured duffle bag. Join him and his endearing forest friends in an adventure that will warm your heart and ignite your imagination.

In a world where ogres are often feared and misunderstood, Mr. Kerfuffle shines as a lovable, gentle giant with an insatiable thirst for adventure. He’s always dreamt of setting sail on a magnificent ship, but there’s just one catchhe can’t leave his beloved forest home until he finds his lost duffle bag.

What’s in the duffle, you ask? Well, it’s more than just a bag of belongings; it’s the key to Mr. Kerfuffles dreams. Join Mr. Kerfuffle and his faithful forest friends as they scour the nooks and crannies of their magical woodland home to unravel the mystery of the missing duffle.

Order your copy of Mr. Kerfuffle lost his duffle today and be a part of a captivating adventure that will inspire you to chase your own dreams. Adventure awaits, and it all starts with a missing duffle and a friendly ogre’s determination! $5.99 on Kindle.
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You’re It! How to Play the Game of Life: Wisdom for All Ages

You're It! How to Play the Game of Life: Wisdom for All Ages

You’re It!
Life doesn’t ask you to sit down and wait
What do you stand for and choose to CREATE?
This wise little book hands you the keys to love your life and be happy. Profoundly simple and simply profound, it’s a game of life playbook for all ages.
Let’s Play Tag! $1.99 on Kindle.
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Sailing South ’til the Butter Melts

Most cats dont dream about sailing around the world. Neither did Chowder. But in the 1990s, she somewhat reluctantly joined her caregivers, Captain Lee and mate Sheila, on a voyage that lasted six years, covering over 45,000 miles while visiting foreign lands and remote paradise islands. This first of three books in the series covers the first two years of the voyage as told byChowder. $6.99 on Kindle.
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Prickly Mrs. Pearl

Prickly Mrs. Pearl
Prickly Mrs. Pearl is the story of a hedgehog who seems like she has it all, until one day she starts to become prickly. She turns to her friends for help and support and learns how to feel less alone in her struggles along the way. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Strong Girls Travel: AJ’s Adventures at Indiana Dunes

Strong Girls Travel: AJ's Adventures at Indiana Dunes National Park

Strong Girls Travel is a book series showcasing a young girls adventures in Americas National Parks. Each book finds her learning something new about herself, her world, and her part in it all.

In AJs Adventures at Indiana Dunes, she finally gets to meet up with her favorite cousin after two long years away. But will they still like the same things? What is this 3-Dunes Challenge thing that Charly texted her about? Hiking? Early in the morning? Oh no. Maybe AJ doesnt have as much in common with Charly anymore.

Put yourself in the park through these beautiful photo-based illustrations, all shown through AJs eyes, as she discovers there might be more to see and learn than she first thought. $2.99 on Kindle.
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Shelby and the First Ride: An Old Quarry Lake Farms Tale

Shelby and the First Ride: An Old Quarry Lake Farms Tale
Shelby Simone is a horse-crazy kid living in the city with her parents. Despite having the best friends ever at the exclusive Metro School for Girls, she cant help but feel something is missing from her life.

When her parents break the news to her that theyre moving to a nearby rural community, Shelby is devastated until her parents promise she can take riding lessons at Old Quarry Lake Farms, one of the best-known riding stables in the state! Shelby only has a month to say goodbye to city life and hello to a new world that includes horses.

After a rough start at Old Quarry Lake, Shelby starts to wonder if horses are really as wonderful as she imagined. As the summer days creep closer and closer to her first day at the Old Quarry Lake school, she worries if the trade-off was worth it.

Join a group of pre-teen girls who build a bond through their love of horses. Together, they tackle situations like moving to a new town, feeling different, and accepting themselves and each other just as they arewhile sharing everyday adventures with their horses!

For young readers, pre-teens, tweens, and teens, the Old Quarry Lake Farms Tales are not just warm-hearted stories about girls and their horses, but provide information and insight about horses and the world of riding. $0.99 on Kindle.
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A Journey Down Under Some of Australia’s Amazing Creatures

A Journey Down Under Some of Australia's Amazing Creatures

Embark on a captivating adventure with “A Journey Down Under – Some of Australia’s Amazing Creatures.” This enchanting children’s picture book is a passport to the wondrous world of Australia’s most extraordinary animals.

Inside its colorful pages, your child will meet cuddly koalas, bouncy kangaroos, and the peculiar platypus. With vivid illustrations that come to life on every page, the book brings these fascinating creatures right into your child’s hands.

Designed to spark young imaginations and foster a love for exploration, “A Journey Down Under” takes your child on a captivating safari through the Australian outback, uncovering the unique wildlife that calls this land home. The delightful prose and engaging facts will have your child eager to learn more about our planet’s diverse creatures.

Fuel their curiosity and let them discover the magic of Australia’s wildlife. Order your copy today and set off on an unforgettable journey Down Under!
$4.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Santa ABC

Santa ABC
Discover the whimsical world of Santa Claus with Santa ABC, an enchanting and educational children’s book that introduces young readers to the alphabet with festive holiday concepts in a delightful way.

Each letter is accompanied by a word, a corresponding illustration, and an age-appropriate fun fact, helping to expand their vocabulary, and providing a visual aid to grasp the concept and meaning of each word.

With vibrant illustrations by Luis Peres, children will be captivated by the delightful world of Santa Claus as they learn about letters from “A is for Angel” to “Z is for Zzz.”

Santa ABC is the perfect addition to any child’s holiday reading list, combining learning and entertainment in one captivating package.

It is an ideal gift for parents, grandparents, and educators looking to engage young readers in a fun and educational way during the Christmas season.

Let Santa ABC ignite the magic of the alphabet and the joy of Christmas in the hearts and minds of children. Free on Kindle.
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Free: Inspiring Sports Athlete Stories For Kids aged 8-14

Inspiring Sports Athlete Stories For Kids aged 8-14: Proven to Instill and Build Motivation, Drive, Discipline and Excitement to be a Champion
This book shares motivational stories of 15 different sports legends who overcame challenges to achieve greatness, with the goal of inspiring character development, resilience, and big dreams in young readers aged 8-14. Each story includes illustrations, fun facts, and suggested activities to make the inspirational tales interactive and Free on Kindle.
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Free: The Slowest Animals on Earth

The Slowest Animals on Earth

Many of the animals we are going to talk about are the slowest animals on earth.

Many of the animals are threatened by climate change.

We do need to help them. However, looking at each of the animals, they do have weaknesses, but they also have strengths too.

Let us read and see the fascinating qualities these animals have.

And do not forget that we are all unique, just like each one of these animals.

The animals may be slow, but they have incredibly good strong qualities. Free on Kindle.
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Free: Peek a Boo!

Peek a Boo!

Peek the adorable puppy is back, and it’s her first Halloween! Greta and Peter are nearly ready to go to their town’s Halloween carnival when Greta has a sudden realization: Peek doesn’t have a costume! After several attempts to dress her up, the kids finally figure out that Peek wants to be a friendly ghost!

At the carnival, Peek’s day takes an unexpected turn when she meets a lost boy named Henry, who has been separated from his parents amidst the bustling crowds. Henry, who is afraid of ghosts (and self-flushing toilets, among other things), is frightened by Peek’s disguise, but they quickly become friends. From barrel dives at the apple-bobbing booth to towering ghostly shadows, Peek and Henry navigate the carnival’s magic and mayhem as they search for Henry’s parents.

In Peek A Boo, author Carly Mottinger captures the essence of Halloween excitement, and illustrator Kyria McKie’s vivid illustrations bring Peek’s autumn adventures to life, creating a timeless Halloween tale that will have kids (and adults) reaching for it throughout the spooky season.

Get ready for a heartwarming journey filled with giggles, gasps, and ghostly fun. This is one Halloween story that will have you playing peek-a-boo with its pages long after the candy has been eaten. Happy Halloween! Free on Kindle.
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Sea of Love

Sea of Love

** Gift from the Sea:**
Just off by the sea in a small shabby shack,
lived Sarah’s whole family, a big crowded pack.
Two parents, three brothers, and three sisters, too;
With less room inside as all the kids grew.
In that little shack down facing the sea,
three little bedrooms were all there could be,
her father worked hard as a fisherman bold,
but sometimes he couldn’t find fish to be sold. $3.99 on Kindle.
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The Whispering Stone (Lila and the Wildwood Mysteries)

The Whispering Stone (Lila and the Wildwood Mysteries)

Lila and the Wildwood Mysteries: The Whispering Stone – A Tale of Curiosity and Friendship!

Step into the heart of the Wildwood with Lila, a spirited young fox with an insatiable curiosity! When a mysterious stone begins to whisper tales of the forest’s ancient past, Lila and her vibrant band of friends can’t resist the call of adventure.

A Journey of Discovery: Dive into a world where every whisper holds a secret and every stone has a story. As Lila, Benny, Zara, and Oliver unravel the stone’s enigmatic riddles, they discover the magic that binds the Wildwood together and the importance of listening to the world around them.

Captivating Illustrations: Every page is a visual delight, filled with vivid illustrations that paint the Wildwood in all its glory. From the tiniest dewdrop to the grandest tree, children will be mesmerized by the world that unfolds before their eyes.

Perfect for Young Readers: Crafted for children aged 3 to 7, this tale is a blend of excitement, mystery, and heartwarming lessons. It’s a story that emphasizes the power of friendship, the joy of discovery, and the wonder of nature.

Looking for a tale that will ignite your child’s imagination and instill a love for nature and storytelling? “Lila and the Wildwood Mysteries: The Whispering Stone” is the perfect addition to their reading journey. Let the whispers of the Wildwood enchant you! $3.99 on Kindle.
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