The Somatic Therapy Workbook

The Somatic Therapy Workbook
Have you ever wondered what it truly means to connect with your deepest self and heal from within? Dive into “The Somatic Therapy Workbook,” your essential companion workbook to embrace the deep depths of self-discovery, trauma recovery, and mastering the mind-body connection.
$0.99 on Kindle.
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Building Another Brain: 2 Books in 1

Building Another Brain: 2 Books in 1
Learn How to Organize Your Digital Life, Declutter Your Mind and Eliminate Distractions with Practical Exercises. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Living While Dying: My Cancer Journey

Living While Dying: My Cancer Journey

This book isn’t a step-by-step guide on battling cancer but a deeply personal narrative about living fully in the face of illness. Thom’s story emphasizes the power of positivity and the significance of cherishing each moment, offering inspiration to others with cancer and their supporters. It’s a testament to facing life’s hardest challenges with unwavering strength and optimism $0.99 on Kindle.
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Moving Mama: Taking Care of Mother During Her Final Years with Alzheimers

Moving Mama: Taking Care of Mother During Her Final Years with Alzheimers
Did you know that 6.7 million people in the U.S. are living with Alzheimer’s? Worldwide, over 55 million people have dementia. Most of us need help and this book has a lot to offer.

Navigating the complexities of Alzheimers is like trying to navigate a maze where patients face an invisible enemy and caregivers bear a weighty responsibility. It’s life changing. From hearing hearing the diagnosis, through watching your loved one change, to juggling caregiving tasks. When it comes to caring for your loved one, takes all you have in the way of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual stamina. There are also many gifts that come from the experience, and times of sacred space. It requires skillfully navigating emotional terrain, adapting to evolving needs, and forging meaningful connections amid the challenges of communication breakdowns. This responsibility takes a toll on your own emotional and mental health.

Having lived through this struggle in her own family and worked as a consultant in health and aging, Anne Hays Egan wrote Moving Mama. Through relatable stories and practical advice, she sheds light on the arduous task of how to care for aging parents, offering resources, hope, and guidance for what often feels like an overwhelming journey. .

Reviewers have called the book “a must for someone caring for an elder,” “a page turner,” and “a compelling story that touched me deeply.” Readers said the book was “something I could not put down.” It’s a book that “at its core speaks of hope, despite all the challenges that Alzheimer’s presents.” $2.99 on Kindle.
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Illuminating Shadows: Unveiling Life’s Unexpected Lessons for Success

Illuminating Shadows: Unveiling Life's Unexpected Lessons for Success
Discover hidden success keys in life’s trials! “Life Leadership” helps you learn, uncover, cognize, key in, and yield for personal and professional excellence. $0.99 on Kindle.
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10 No-Grid Survival Hacks You Should Know

10 No-Grid Survival Hacks You Should Know
Ever thought about how just two hours of reading could open up a world of practical, life-changing no-grid survival hacks? Interested in simple yet effective ways to enhance your daily life, or even be a lifesaver in a pinch?

If you’re excited about living a self-sufficient lifestyle but aren’t sure where to start, this book is for you. Whether you’re a city dweller or feel you’re not a DIY expert, don’t worry “10 No-Grid Survival Hacks You Should Know” is here to show you that anyone can make these changes. This guide is filled with basic, proven projects to help anyone, anywhere, start living more sustainably. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Service Business Mastery

Service Business Mastery

Are you ready to transform your service-based business and join the ranks of successful entrepreneurs who have achieved genuine achievement?

In the world of entrepreneurship, there’s theory, and then there’s lived experience. Steve Class represents the latter. Having successfully scaled three distinct service-based businesses past the million-dollar mark, Class knows what it takes to achieve this remarkable feat.

In Service Business Mastery, he presents a comprehensive guide designed specifically for ambitious service-based business owners. Beginning with the vital steps of launching your venture, the book takes you on a journey through sales mastery, selecting the right team, and optimizing operations for efficiency and growth.

Backed by real-world examples, tried-and-tested strategies, and actionable advice, Class’s narrative provides more than just information it provides a proven path to success. Join Steve Class in this transformative read and uncover the roadmap that has been forged from genuine achievement.

In this book, you will learn:

How to launch a business.
How to set up your marketing and sales process.
How to hire A players and how to organize your operations.
Think of it as a guide book to scaling your business to over a million dollars in revenue.

Start your journey to entrepreneurial excellence! Follow the roadmap shared by Steve and turn the theories into reality. Your million-dollar business awaits so get a copy now! $0.99 on Kindle.
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Corner Grocery Store Principles

Step through the quaint bell-clad door of memory lane and into the bustling aisles of a time-honored corner grocery store, where the scent of fresh produce and the warmth of genuine customer care lingered in the air. ‘Corner Grocery Store Principles’ is not just a book; it’s a treasure chest of timeless wisdom, woven from the very fabric of family legacy and entrepreneurial spirit that powered the quintessential family-owned business.

In the pages of this inspiring journey, the author unravels the yarn of their family’s corner store, artfully stitching the vibrant tapestry of customer service philosophies and the enduring ‘Family Business Mindset’. Each chapter is a principle; a tried-and-tested maxim that champions the power of presence, the merit of adaptability, and the charm of personalized service, holding paramount the humane touch in a world racing towards digital impersonality.

For entrepreneurs who aspire to cultivate a thriving business without sacrificing soul for scale, this book serves as a beacon. For leaders yearning to craft an organization where every hand is valued, every role is pivotal, and every customer feels at home, let these grounds of proven values be your guide. Embark on a transformative voyage from a cozy corner store to grand corporate avenues, as you carry forward a legacy of love, dedication, and community connection that never goes out of style. $8.99 on Kindle.
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Free: You Are The Solution: Harness your Mind’s Power For Success And Inner Peace

You Are The Solution: Harness your Mind’s Power For Success And Inner Peace
Everything you need to eliminate fear and doubt and take control of your life is within you. Keep reading to discover the three simple but proven steps to unlocking a meaningful life!

Do you often feel you’re living an endless cycle of waking up, going to work, doing chores, going to bed only to do it again the next day?

Do you find yourself questioning every little thing you do your work, your role, your purpose, your future only to end up with more unanswered questions?

Or do you think your life can neither get any better nor worse, and you just have to live with it?

As society continues to define happiness as having the dream job, newest car, best vacation spot, or even a relationship, people start thinking they have to pursue happiness to be happy.

People think positions, material things, and relationships can bring them happiness, but the sad news is some people get everything they want in life and still feel unhappy.

You might ask yourself, what does it take to be happy and peaceful with where you are right now?

The answer might surprise you.

And if you’re tired of

Having a monotonous and humdrum approach to life
Asking the same questions and not getting answers
Chasing society’s distorted view of happiness and success
And you’re ready to face the truth and find answers youre in the right place.
Free on Kindle.
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Leading Through Listening

Leading Through Listening: How Professional Communicators Can Turn Insecurity into Quiet, Confident LeadershipDo you find that you often talk too much and cant seem to control it?

Does it make you uncomfortable to speak up in a business setting because you worry about how you will be perceived? Do you struggle to trust others because they wont meet your standards? Leaders who spend a great deal of time communicating often feel pressure to generate all the ideas and know all the answers, which leads to insecurity.

This insecurity is what generates the communication difficulties that get in the way of not only self-awareness but also managing, engaging, and motivating your team.

In Leading Through Listening, you’ll learn:

  • Tips about how to overcome the insecurity embedded in our speaking dysfunctions and how we can learn to listen, delegate, and empower others to truly lead.
  • How you can do things scared to build self-confidence and create trust with others.
  • Tips for listening so others feel heard and deciding how much to share with others.
  • How to have assertive conversations, manage conflict, and keep others accountable.
  • Why failing is so important for our overall success and tips for overcoming procrastination.
  • How to find your passion and influence others.
  • You’ll find this book is a straightforward, practical guide filled with researched principles and specific examples from the authors several years of public relations and marketing experience and nearly 20 years of executive coaching experience.

This book provides an operations guide for communicators and leaders to recognize the importance of vulnerability, to realize their strengths, and to understand how to apply those strengths to achieve greater career success. Grab your copy today! $0.99 on Kindle.
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The ChatGPT Millionaire: Transform Financial Struggle Into Passive Income

The ChatGPT Millionaire: Transform Financial Struggle Into Passive Income, Overcome Your Money Blockers, and Unlock Your Earning Potential
Transform financial struggle into passive income by learning how to automate your passive income streams with AI. If you’re ready to escape the paycheck-to-paycheck life and build your financial freedom with the latest technology, this book is your guide. $2.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Ethical Scaling: Scale Your Online Business In Alignment With Your True Self

Ethical Scaling: Scale Your Online Business In Alignment With Your True Self
To be fulfilled and effective in what you do, you must grow as your business grows. It’s not enough to just run a business where you don’t take advantage of people or even harm them. Ethical Scaling is the process by which you grow your business in alignment with who you are and what your values are all while supporting the life you want.

When I found the practices of yoga, meditation, Qigong, and Tai Chi, I was in a time of self-discovery. I feel fortunate to have had teachers who were grounded in reality with an added depth of experience and knowledge in the ancient healing arts. Being able to learn from them and download some of their experience has allowed me to move into a place of freedom and fulfillment, both in my personal life and my business.

Now, it’s not to say I don’t have ups and downs. Im human, just like you. (Unless you’re a bot. Thats cool too.) But what I find is that the practices I have kept for years are the constant that allow me to stay grounded no matter what my life or business throw at me.

Free on Kindle.
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Health and Wealth is Always Green

Health and Wealth is Always Green

Health and Wealth is Always Green is a book that has steps a person need to take to become a licensed Cannabis Dispensary in a restricted state here in the United States. It give detailed accounts and solutions to what is to come when running a dispensary. This book also gives business advice to any current Entrepreneur in business on how to be successful. Health and Wealth is Always Green is also a motivational book to never give up even when the challenges is many. $3.99 on Kindle.
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Cover to Cover: What First-Time Authors Need to Know about Editing

Read THIS book before you publish YOUR book. Don’t make first-time author mistakes. Inside: How to find and work with an editor, project costs, levels of editing, BONUS checklist for prepping your manuscript. A toolkit for tinkering under the hood of your working manuscript so you can take your work as far as you can before an edit and production. Triple award winner: business/publishing.

$0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Financial Insight: Be the Author of Your Life Story

Financial Insight: Be the Author of Your Life Story

No two people with the same amount of money make the same choices.

What is your relationship with money?

Success is often conflated with how much money you have, how much money you earn, and how much money you spend. Instead, what if you shifted your mindset to your values and established your personal definition of success?

Every decision you make from your partner, to your house, and even your morning coffee is a financial decision. Financial Insight focuses on learning how to make the best decisions for you, wherever you are, from today moving forward, without judgment. Jodi Carter, a Certified Public Accountant, has spent over three decades working with individuals and small business owners on their quests to financial freedom. Jodi guides you to access freedom now, not at some distant time in the future. By focusing on your goals and incorporating, not denying, them, you journey through life’s financial milestones with confidence.

In Financial Insight, you will:

Explore past financial challenges and sabotaging habits
Identify your own unique financial goals that inspire joy
Discover new perspectives on freedom, growth, harmony, and independence
Pursue healthy habits that allow you to spend and save
Determine what wealth means to you and learn to write your life story accordingly

Walk with Jodi as she reveals the universal truths to achieve an obtainable reality where stress and struggle transform into ease, stability, confidence, and the freedom to live life to the fullest. Free on Kindle.
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Free: Disaster Ready in 14 Steps: Emergency Survival Guide for New Preppers

Disaster Ready in 14 Steps: Emergency Survival Guide for New Preppers

Are you uncertain about how to prepare your family for natural or man-made disasters? Do you feel like there’s never enough time?

Disaster Ready in 14 Steps: Emergency Survival Guide for New Preppers offers a straightforward approach to fundamental emergency preparedness, ensuring that you and your family are ready to face a wide range of potential scenarios, including nuclear disasters. Free on Kindle.
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Crafting Captains: The Handbook of Leadership Excellence

Crafting Captains: The Handbook of Leadership Excellence

Embark on the Journey to Leadership Mastery

Every great leader once stood at a crossroads, faced with the choice to either remain average or ascend to the pinnacle of excellence. In Crafting Captains: The Handbook of Leadership Excellence, you’re provided with the roadmap to make that ascent.

Leadership is an Art and a Science: Delve deep into the intricate tapestry of leadership, starting from the very definition of a leader. Discover the advanced communication techniques, effective skills, the profound importance of awareness, and the art of delegation. Mastering these fundamental areas will set you apart in any boardroom, corner office, or team huddle.

Operational Excellence The Unsung Hero: Often overshadowed by the glitz of leadership, operations play a pivotal role in an organization’s success. Learn how to elevate your operational acumen with chapters dedicated to improving productivity, stabilizing performance, and ensuring cost-effectiveness. Whether it’s embracing a service-oriented approach or initiating process improvements, this guide covers it all.

Teams: The Heartbeat of an Organization: At the core of every successful venture lies a motivated, loyal, and balanced team. Unearth the secrets to nurturing such teams. From fostering motivation and loyalty to ensuring life balance and career development, every facet of team management is explored. Recognize the potential in others, and lead them to realize it themselves.

The wisdom of Vince Lombardi resonates through the ages: “Leaders are made, they are not born.” In today’s ever-evolving corporate landscape, the need for adaptable, resilient, and forward-thinking leaders has never been greater. Executive coaching, a transformative force, has emerged as the beacon for shaping such leaders. It is not just about mentorship; it’s a structured, focused approach to molding individuals who can steer organizations through the tumultuous waters of change and transition.

This handbook is more than just a guide; it’s a testament to the transformative power of executive coaching. Crafting Captains, with its pioneering approach, recognizes the symbiotic relationship between leadership and operations. By bridging this gap, the book present a holistic coaching program tailored for today’s leaders. Equip yourself with the insights, tools, and strategies to not just lead, but to excel. To not just navigate, but to chart new territories. To not just inspire, but to leave a legacy.

Crafting Captains is your invitation to embark on this transformative journey. Accept it, and witness the alchemy of leadership excellence. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: The Leadership Lessons of Howard Stern

The Leadership Lessons of Howard Stern: How the King of All Media Can Make Us Better Leaders
Do you have the right energy to lead yourself and others? Are you lacking joyful energy in your career?

Contrary to certain opinions, Howard Stern provides a strong example of what it takes to be a great leader. Howard uses his unique energy and shares it with the world. That is what great leaders do. You are a great leader as well, although you may not yet know how to share your uniqueness with others.

Author Michael Kublin founded PeopleTek after twenty years of career navigation and years of deliberate self-discovery. To help others avoid the frustration of wandering aimlessly without the right tools, Kublin and his organization created a process called the Leadership Journey.

Kublin loves to share real world examples of leadership, and in his fourth book, he wants you to focus on the King of All Media! If you feel like you are out of touch with your own brand of leading, let Howard Stern’s leadership of himself and his team guide you to living and working with fulfillment. Free on Kindle.
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Guide to Financial Freedom: Discover Money Skills for Teens to Retire Early, Tax Strategies, Budgeting, and Rich Habits

Guide to Financial Freedom: Discover Money Skills for Teens to Retire Early, Tax Strategies, Budgeting, and Rich Habits
Is this your story?

Worried about being stuck in the usual 9 to 5 job for the next 40 years? Have you tried other solutions but nothing seems to work?

If you are feeling the urge to seek money-earning alternatives, then this book is for you.
Business owner, investor, and wealth wisdom seeker Christian Prez provides you with a step-by-step blueprint to achieve Financial Independence without waiting a lifetime.

Heres a fraction of what you will discover in this book:
Achieve Financial Freedom by doing the one thing most youngsters are afraid of doing.
Avoid the hidden trap when investing.
The opportunity accessible only to open-minded individuals.
The hidden gem of personal finances.
And so much more!

You will be given practical steps to put into practice what you will learn in this book.
Are you submerged in debt? Don’t have enough time? Don’t have any savings? You NEED this book if you find yourself in any of these situations

Imagine how you would feel if you had the chance to become financially free and you MISSED it.

Get the book NOW, and start building your master plan! $0.99 on Kindle.
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When Money Gets Personal: Handling Financial Dilemmas in Life’s Defining Moments

When Money Gets Personal: Handling Financial Dilemmas in Life's Defining Moments

Over 70 real stories with solutions to help you navigate crucial money moments in your life. These solutions are proven, guaranteed to help. They provide answers about various topics about money! $0.99 on Kindle.
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The Inheritance Playbook

The Inheritance Playbook


In the delicate balance of aging parents and looming inheritance, the responsibilities of managing their finances can be overwhelming. But what if these duties could be transformed into a proactive game plan that benefits not only your parents but your entire family?

The Inheritance Playbook explores the nuances of serving as power of attorney, sharing insights you can apply to your own family’s unique circumstances. Author and expert Chad Holmes weaves complex tax-saving strategies into relatable, entertaining parables, making advanced financial concepts accessible and easy to comprehend. The strategies shared here aren’t reserved for the ultra-wealthy; they are tailored for any family navigating the emotional journey of losing a loved one and the fear of wasting the inheritance on unnecessary taxes and expenses.

In this engaging, occasionally humorous narrative, you will learn:

What probate is and why you would typically want to avoid it
The benefits of being proactive before your parents pass away
What information you need to know now to avoid stress and headaches later
The tax strategies that can be done for free and don’t require a fancy trust
Simple hacks to maximize your inheritance and avoid unnecessary money loss

The time to act is now. Embark on a transformative journey that guides your family to take advantage of less-known tax laws to save money and simplify the estate settling process. Keep the torch of your parents’ legacy shining brighter for longer. Get a copy now! $0.99 on Kindle.
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Single: Not Incomplete: Finding fulfillment in a season the world tells you to rush through

Single: Not Incomplete: Finding fulfillment in a season the world tells you to rush through
Girl, I get it.

You read the title and grimaced at another book on positivity during your singleness. In a world that worships romantic relationships, it’s easy to feel like you’re less because you don’t have one. For most of my life, I went from relationship to relationship believing this. Insert some plot twists, a season of singleness that lasted longer than anticipated, and I realized that maybe romantic relationships aren’t the ultimate worth definer. Perhaps our worth isn’t found in a love we feel the need to earn, but a Heavenly love that has always pursued us first.

So, whats different about this book? This authors season of singleness never changed in the course of its writing. If you’re anything like me, youd rather throw up than read a relationship book written in hindsight by someone from the comfort of their blissful marriage. While those messages have their place, the people I found the most comfort in during my singleness were also experiencing it. My prayer is that this book can be that friend for you. All of these devotionals are written to the discouragement I experienced in this chapter, coupled with the Scripture-led realizations I eventually came to. $0.99 on Kindle.
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PERFECTLY IMPERFECT: How ADHD Can Inspire Leaders and Entrepreneurs to Burn Brighter and Not Burn Out

PERFECTLY IMPERFECT: How ADHD Can Inspire Leaders and Entrepreneurs to Burn Brighter and Not Burn Out

Perfectly Imperfect captures the transformative experience of Kiran’s life – his personal, leadership and entrepreneurial successes and failures, the darkest days of his burn-out phase, his battles with ADHD and draws on all these to outline effective strategies and techniques that helped him first survive and then create his road-map to thrive. $1.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Secrets to Digital Prosperity: Embrace Change for Success and Enjoy Your Freedom

Secrets to Digital Prosperity: Embrace Change for Success and Enjoy Your Freedom
Create a successful online business, follow a winning digital marketing framework, and live your authentic purposeeven if you are a total beginner in entrepreneurship.

Are you tired of working for a monthly paycheck and not having the financial freedom you crave?

Does it seem like you are working to live without time for pursuing your true passions?

Does the idea of starting an online business and being your own boss appeal to you?

If so, you may be surprised to know that millions of people across the globe have the same desires, worries, and curiosities.

In the US and beyond, many industries are reeling from The Great Resignation.

About 50.5 million people quit their jobs in 2022, besting the prior record set in 2021according to the federal JOLTS report.

This phenomenon can be attributed to various reasons.

Many workers feel like they arent earning enough to make ends meet and enjoy a good quality of life.

Others feel that there is little flexibility in their workplaceor that there is no clear-cut path to promotion.

The Great Resignation goes beyond money and ambition, though.

The year 2020 served as a harsh awakening for many employees, who now wish to attain success across all facets of their lives to enjoy freedom and independence, and to lead a life that aligns with their values and passions.

And this is where this book comes in. Consider it a complete guide to building a wealth mindset and becoming the owner of your own triumphant digital business online.

Free on Kindle.
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Make Money your Thing

Make Money your Thing

Make Money Your Thing is an approachable guide to take women on a journey from avoidance and overwhelm to feeling comfortable and in control of their finances. This book provides simple action steps to learn the basics of money management, understand the importance of balancing the books, and embrace the uniqueness of your own personal situation. The end result is women feeling good about where their finances are right now, and building a solid foundation for where you want to go in the future. When money is your thing you can feel completely at ease about making it work for you and feel confident that your financial goals and dreams are all very possible.

With clear, simple steps, and easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll be making money your thing in no time!

Some of the concepts you’ll explore in the book.

Transforming money mistakes into money wisdom
Keep the focus on what you can control
Step into your power: become a money boss
Go on a date with your money
Embrace your money uniqueness $1.99 on Kindle.
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