Free: A Wish Granted: Journal of Galactic Romance and Global Evolution (The Joy Chronicles Book 3)

A Wish Granted: Journal of Galactic Romance and Global Evolution (The Joy Chronicles Book 3)

Assassination and galactic war in another universe create some bumps in the road for the Joy Council. Other high points of book three include: the first-ever fairy wedding, the dragon king reveals the history of Earth’s dragons, the Swizzlers joust with King Arthur’s knights, Mary shares details about Jesus’s birth, and Buddha speaks about enlightenment. We are thrilled when representatives from thirty-nine universes—including a six-foot-tall, green-feathered bird from the Sehhoetica Universe and a seventeen-foot-tall woman from the all-feminine Inzleeookeerah Universe—step forward to join the Joy Council. Free on Kindle.

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REACH: Responding to the Irony of a Sound-Bite Society

REACH: Responding to the irony of a sound-bite society

The irony of our time lies in the juxtaposition between the instantaneous and often impulsive characteristics of social messaging and broadcast media, and the virtues of compassion, tolerance, and understanding. This contrast helps to explain why the true intention of a message often becomes lost in its own delivery.

REACH describes the ongoing struggle between our individual and group (social) identities, and how this conflict unknowingly contributes to the distressing rhetoric being circulated among a divisive society. At issue are the echoes of public sentiment perceived by society-at-large, including civic leaders. Do they contain a clearly articulated message? Are our loosely defined remarks partially responsible for the failure to develop sustainable solutions to distressing social conditions? In the absence of clarity, is the public effectively granting carte blanche to political entities who create social policies as they see fit to do? This book is about strengthening the message being carried through downstream messaging as we deliberate complex social issues through purposeful, discretionary, and tolerant manners of discourse. $6.99 on Kindle.

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Path of Sweetness: Journal of Galactic Romance and Global Evolution (The Joy Chronicles Book 1)

Path of Sweetness: Journal of Galactic Romance and Global Evolution (The Joy Chronicles Book 1)

Enjoy your front row seat as you take in information about the future of Earth shared by an Ashtar Commander, Isis, Osiris, Thoth, Gaia and many others who are overseeing Earth’s evolution. Energetically hop aboard an Ashtar Command spaceship and add your hopes and dreams to the elevating transmissions sent to Earth. Path of Sweetness hands you your own crystal ball to see the future of Earth’s evolution, and the paths leading to the destiny of your dreams. $0.99 on Kindle.

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You Are A Creative Force: The Fundamental Truth of Being

You Are A Creative Force: The Fundamental Truth of Being
Disillusioned about yourself? Lost and confused? Want a better future and life?

You don’t have to choose between wealth and happiness – they spring from the same fountain of abundance – You!

With this book, you’ll discover your true nature and who you really are that will help you transform your future. You will understand yourself better as the creator and maker of your life. Know yourself because everything starts with you and ends with you. $2.99 on Kindle

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The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic Cover-up: How a Little Newspaper Solved the Biggest Scientific and Political Mystery of Our Time

The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic Cover-up: How a Little Newspaper Solved the Biggest Scientific and Political Mystery of Our Time

Hillary Johnson, one of the world’s most respected Chronic Fatigue Syndrome journalists, called this book “fascinating and important.”

If you want to know the truth about the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome epidemic, you need to discover the brilliant investigative work Neenyah Ostrom did for a decade. Starting in 1988, Ostrom reported on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for a newspaper called New York Native. What her reporting uncovered about the true nature of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome epidemic will shock you.

In The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic Cover-up, Charles Ortleb recounts his newspaper’s struggle to get the media and the mainstream medical establishment to pay attention to Ostrom’s pioneering investigative reporting on the science and politics of the devastating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome epidemic.

By the time you finish Ortleb’s stunning memoir, you will understand why the Centers for Disease Control has been unwilling to tell the public the truth about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The CDC does not want the public to know that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a transmissible illness linked to a virus called HHV-6 that affects every system in the body. They have covered up the illness for so many decades that the neglected virus is totally out of control. Now it is causing a long list of other illnesses and many cancers.

Nobody in the world covered the emergence of HHV-6 and its link to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome more than Neenyah Ostrom. Ostrom’s decade of reporting on HHV-6 was recently vindicated by this statement from scientists at the University of Wurzburg: “While HHV-6 was long believed to have no negative impact on human health, scientists today increasingly suspect the virus of causing various diseases such as multiple sclerosis or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Recent studies even suggest that HHV-6 might play a role in the pathogenesis of several diseases of the central nervous system such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression or Alzheimer’s.”

The big question about Neenyah Ostrom and New York Native is this: How many lives would have been saved if the scientific establishment and the mainstream media had paid more attention to Neenyah Ostrom’s reporting on HHV-6 and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in New York Native?

One day, if there is any justice in the world, the CDC and the medical establishment will apologize for not paying attention to Neenyah Ostrom’s groundbreaking work on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that Charles Ortleb published in New York Native. That would be a fitting end to one of journalism’s greatest David and Goliath stories. $5.99 on Kindle.

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The Rhino Crash

The Rhino Crash
Catapulted into the grim world of rhino poaching, Nick Newman trades life in London for a humble, yet adventurous existence in South Africa. Tasked to monitor and protect critically endangered black rhinos, Nick soon cultivates an understanding of the different individual personalities and their temperamental behaviour by studying the animals in their natural environment.

Under constant threat of being poached for their horns, the rhinos become the pivot around which Nick and the Anti-Poaching Unit’s lives revolve. Nick shares raw moments of heartbreak and hope from the frontline, while taking the reader on an honest and humorous trip of his years spent in Africa. Dynamic characters who form part of his stories include his sidekick rhino-tracking dog, Wilma, and a black rhino named Elmore who becomes an integral part of his life. $3.99 on Kindle.

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Ultimate Step by Step Guide to Deep Learning Using Python

Ultimate Step by Step Guide to Deep Learning Using Python
Start your Data Science career using Python today!*
Are you ready to start your new exciting career? Ready to master artificial intelligence and deep learning concepts?

Are you overwhelmed with complexity of the books on this subject?

Then let this breezy and fun little book on Python and machine learning models make you a data scientist in 7 days!

After reading this book you will be able to:
• Code in Python with confidence
• Build new machine learning and deep learning models from scratch
• Know how to clean and prepare your data for analytics
• Speak confidently about statistical analysis techniques

Data Science was ranked the fast-growing field by LinkedIn and Data Scientist is one of the most highly sought after and lucrative careers in the world!

If you are on the fence about making the leap to a new and lucrative career, this is the book for you!

What sets this book apart from other books on the topic of Python and Machine learning:
• Step by step code examples and explanation
• Complex concepts explained visually
• Real world applicability of the machine learning and deep learning models introduced
$2.99 on Kindle

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Free: The Chronicles of the Wuhan Virus

The Chronicles of the Wuhan Virus

The SARS-CoV-2 virus killed close to a million worldwide and induced global panic, making 2020 an unforgettable year. With the epicenter in Wuhan, China, this virus caused extreme physical, emotional and economical distress worldwide. This book unfolds the origins, myths and conspiracies surrounding the deadly virus through two main protagonists – Dr. Joshua, Head of the Secret Service and a microbiologist, and his teenage son, Sam. As they sit down for dinner, Sam, a curious lad, bombards his dad with relentless questions and insists him to shed light on every mystery surrounding this virus. His dad smiles and patiently reveals the answers in the form of an intriguing story, that helps Sam connect the dots with ease. Being a first of its kind, this book provides an alternative interpretation of the virus and its 5 Ws – WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and WHY, that will interest everyone including conspiracy buffs and curious addicts. It is literally a book for the common man, by a common man. Free on Kindle.

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Total Makeover!

Total Makeover!
Have you ever felt like your life needed a Total Makeover!? Do you need some good ideas to help you accomplish this goal? Can you imagine how much better you will feel when you are given the secrets to how you can improve your spiritual and emotional well-being, upgrade your physical health, enhance your social interactions and also revamp your finances? In this book, you will be presented with 52 simple and easy to implement steps that will guide you through the process of renovating your life. $0.99 on Kindle

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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligenge: Learn the art of self-management, self-awareness, social awareness and anger management to Live a Healthy Life

This book is about emotional intelligence (EQ), and centres around the ability of people to harness and manage the emotions we feel and then put them to use to solve the problems we encounter on a daily basis.

The book goes through the most fundamental topics of EQ, such as:

The importance of having Emotional Intelligence
The benefits of it to you and others
The components of EQ
Ways in which you can develop your own EQ
Using EQ in leadership roles
How low EQ can affect our mental state
Training yourself you be more emotionally intelligent

Not everyone is born with a highly developed Emotional Intelligence, but we can all improve it to some extent and with the help of this book you can start to improve your EQ, one day at a time.$0.99 on Kindle.

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Free: 365 Fascinating Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Cat

365 Fascinating Facts You Didn't Know About Your Cat
Do you want to know more about your cat? If yes is the answer…then you need the facts presented in this book. But what can you discover here? You will find your questions answered in quick bites of cat info. With a little pussyfooting, you too can find out what it means to be a cat – or as close as a human can get. So the question remains, do you want to know more? Free on Kindle.

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Stop Hoping for Success

The idea of overnight success is one that many people dream of—but many of those that do will fail. This is because success is not generally something that happens to you—it is something that you must go out and make happen.
Before you can even begin reaching your goals and moving toward success, you have to stop thinking that you can sit around, hope for the best and that someday, you will achieve some degree of success or happiness.

Once you are ready to stop thinking that you can do nothing and expect great things to be manifested in your life, you are ready to take action. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Shitolian

Shitolianblack and white drinking fountains


or so the label would suggest
and as i watch
where the waters crest

a clearness
flows through me

you see
i really understood
what these markers meant


is not dark nor dense
a reflection of my murky tint

a constant projection

of the contraptions they invent
in an attempt
to convince
the masses
that we are
of separate classes

you drink from a different spring
called white

but don’t you know
that these fountains flow
from the same pipes

which exposes the truth in life
that is always protected
through structural designs
and misleading signs
that disguise this point
for the neglected

wake up America


is always


This book is about America: today, yesterday, with hope towards tomorrow. Open it and be enlightened! Free on Kindle.

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Taking Action for a Better Tomorrow

Looking at ourselves, our governments, our societies, humanity, and the world in general, many questions and concerns may come to mind, and there may be necessary actions and responsibilities. $0.99 on Kindle.

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False Heroes: Held Hostage by Heritage

False Heroes: Held Hostage by Heritage

‘False Heroes: Held Hostage by Heritage’ is the true story of Diana, a survivor. It tells of her struggle to free herself from the bondage of her authoritative European heritage and her account of a war-ridden childhood.

Her story compels the reader to examine issues from their own past. It asks the question, “Can we be held prisoners within our own souls?” This book is about reconciling the past with the present in one’s life. A liberating experience, it spans continents and conflicts. It resonates with the strength one can find in the midst of adversity, challenges and despair. It’s about forging forward despite all odds, fighting for identity and freedom from a heritage that holds one hostage, as well as the chains within ones soul. $7.25 on Kindle.

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World Futuristic

World Futuristic
This is about a vision I had about the Future and it’s very futuristíc. $3.99 on Kindle.

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Free: (Un)changing Education

(un)changing education
I’ve heard it a thousand times before. Somethings wrong with education. But how do you fix something when you don’t know what is broken in the first place?

The world is changing rapidly, while public education is seemingly lagging behind in an era increasingly reliant on innovation. Students feel unprepared to face the everyday challenges of life where personal competences far outweigh the traditional benefits of a classical education. Schools largely seem content to stick to traditional values while reforms are more concerned with refining the old ways rather than committing to substantial changes.

It is never going to be enough to treat the symptoms without first identifying the underlying problems at its core. Instead of finding answers to the wrong questions we need to find the right questions to ask in the first place. In the end, at the heart of every question the solutions lie in committing to a drastic paradigm change. Free on Kindle.

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Free: Protecting TROY: Breaking the Chain of Child Abuse

Free: Protecting TROY: Breaking the Chain of Child Abuse
David Vogel has been working to improve the lives of children through the Public Education System for nearly twenty years. He lives in southwest Florida with his wife and co-author, Melora Vogel. They have raised three children together and they have recently become grandparents to Jameson Troy Pitts. Free on Kindle.

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