Featured Books

Free: A Bitter Disappointment

How far would you go for a chest of gold? After the death of their wealthy employer, a … Read More

My Cat Called Red

What if you found a cat with a magic purr? A cat who could turn your life around, if only … Read More

The Vagabond Series

Stuck at home? Be whisked away to all four corners of the world and find your next happily … Read More

Never Fall for Your Back-up Guy

Three things I’ve learned this week: 1) Never fall for a client 2) Never fall for your b … Read More

An Officer and The Vet

College sweethearts Sam and Isla looked forward to a life together. That was until his … Read More

You Lucky Dog

An accidental dog swap unleashes an unexpected love match in this new romantic comedy from … Read More

Broken Promises (The O’Connells Book 16)

A newly-released prisoner who wants her daughter back. An adopted little girl suddenly in … Read More

Up for Air

Book 1 of the Lost In Austin series, Up for Air is a sexy, funny, heartfelt romp through … Read More

Sapien Ethics: Who We Are, Why We Are Here, and How We Can Live Better

Do you believe there are clear answers to the questions: Who are we? Why are we here? No? … Read More

Free: Ascot and the Stolen Shrubs: Book One of the Fern Valley Fur Family Mysteries

Why do humans steal flower bushes? Ascot needs to know before someone hurts his pack. Dogs … Read More

Free: Laughing Dolphins: A Novel of Coincidence

...Tales of the City, without the sex and drugs, stretched over 20 years, many cities, and … Read More

The Fifth Man

National bestselling author James LePore’s searing novel Sons and Princes riveted readers w … Read More

Give Us This Day

It always starts out as routine … after all, that’s why you retired from the FBI. But th … Read More

Temple of Ice

One last trial stands before Tama and her friends on their quest to become fully realized … Read More

The God Particle

The romance of Paris offsets the grit of Boston’s South of Roxbury while the Euro-pop d … Read More

How to Talk to Your Boss Like a Boss

Learn the secret techniques of communicating effectively with your boss to make sure that … Read More

Dirty Vengeance: A Dark Mafia Romance (Micheli Mafia) Book 2

When a beautiful woman follows me, I'm usually flattered. But not when she is Francesca, … Read More

Free: Judicator, Leviathan

Episode 1 in the Judicator Series. Hera is sent by the Inquisition to a feral planet on … Read More

Free: Undefeated Woman: A Memoir: Two Suitcases, Two Hundred Dollars and a Dream

Undefeated Woman is a memoir of a woman transforming from victim to victor. Rajni Raman … Read More

His Human Slave

COLLARED AND CAGED, MY HUMAN SLAVE AWAITS HER TRAINING Like all humans, she was born … Read More