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Free: The Sun God’s Heir: Return (Book One)

The debut novel from Elliott Baker, The Sun God’s Heir: Return is a new addition to the … Read More

Free: Tagan’s Child

“Beautifully written, lovable, intriguing characters and vivid scene setting.” She is a … Read More

Portside Screw

Retired PI Jack Cubera just wants to drink beer, fish the flats, and live the simple life … Read More

The Kingdom to Come: Book One – A Great Light

In a kingdom ruled by a powerful monarchy focused on dominion, an opposition develops from … Read More

Witch Hunt (City Shifters: The Pack Book 1)

Deirdre Baker did a magical favor for a bunch of shapeshifters and barely lived to regret … Read More

Unspeakable Grudges

A green-as-grass PI cracks the most disturbing murder case in Denver history . . … Read More

One Pan Keto Diet Handbook

One Pan Keto Diet Handbook is the right book for you as we will show you how you can enjoy … Read More

Pinnacle of Truth

A young couple in love. A three-year-old with a mysterious illness. A doctor at the top of … Read More

Free: Toby Tales Back From Break

Book 2 is here! Winter break is over, but that doesn’t mean anything has changed. It’s … Read More

Free: Ann’s Valley

Lady Ann’s unorthodox childhood and wild nature does not endear her to the haut ton. She … Read More

Free: End it By the Gun

"An ambitious psychological thriller that reads like a fever dream. Tailor-made for fans … Read More

Ollie Stratford Cozy Mysteries

Cozy Mystery Fan Looking for Something Different? Try Texas! Grab this Cozy Mystery … Read More

Girl Gone Ghost

A gripping psychological thriller. When her best friend's body floats ashore Brushy … Read More

The Highlander’s Outlaw Bride

Thrust into the role of laird upon his father's unexpected death, Connor MacLaurey returns … Read More

The Best Friend

What she saw was enough to make her a liability. Aubry Clark was thrilled with the … Read More

Swans Are Fat Too

A heartwarming love story between an overweight pianist and a disinherited prince in … Read More

Free: The NYC Werewolf: Tales (Book One)

Perfect for Young Adult fantasy readers who enjoyed the Twilight series. When Lucy … Read More

Free: 21 Days of Effective Communication

Discover how unlocking the hidden secrets to successful communication can create powerful, … Read More

Shades of Fae

Not every fairytale has a happily ever after. We only know three things about the Fae: … Read More

Beasts Shall Reign Over the Earth!

This is a detective horror thriller: Rookie detective Teresa Rodriguez and her senior … Read More