Featured Books

Free: The Tarot Witches Complete Collection

There are seventy-eight cards in a tarot deck, and each card has been appearing in the … Read More

Free: WOLF: A Suspense Thriller (Jessica James Mysteries Book 1)

She wants her degree. But she just became a suspect of first-degree murder… Jessica … Read More

Free: I’ve Never Seen A Bull

How can we teach kids to read? How can we help kids read better? And how can we instill a … Read More

Free: I Can’t Say That!: Going Beyond “The Talk”

Gender Identity. Pornography. Hook-up culture. Same-Sex Attraction. Masturbation. … Read More

The Cost of Love Boxed Set (Books 1-3)

This boxed set contains the first 3 books in the Cost of Love series! The Cost of Hope: … Read More

The Beckoning of Beguiling Things

Dark times shall claim the land. One woman, a bearer of light, shall lead the … Read More

Death on the New Moon

Michael Lindley's captivating and twisting tale of love, betrayal, and murder in the Low … Read More

His Boss’s Daughter

My boss’s daughter crashed into my life…like fireworks. And now, she’s carrying my … Read More

Into The Game: Dungeon Crawl Quest

When a mysterious package arrives from the recently deceased Dungeon Crawl Quest game … Read More

Free: Forager: A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller

Ethan Jones is a forager who lives in a post-apocalyptic, oppressive society that … Read More

Free: Roy Tabby: The Hero Without A Cool Name

Meet the world’s next greatest hero Roy Tabby! Yeah...he doesn’t have a cool name … Read More

Total Surrender (Dirty Sexy Fairy Tales Book 1)

How far would you go to make the man that destroyed your family pay? Maddux Wilder is a … Read More

Wasted Pain

A guy chasing his last hopes of romance finds a freezing homeless gal on an alley of an … Read More

One Can Heal

This world is unforgiving to many, but that doesn’t mean you can’t shine and spark the … Read More

From the Outside In

A five-year-old little girl is brutally murdered by her mother’s boyfriend. His true … Read More

Never Nerida

When expectant mother Livia Karras spontaneously falls victim to aquagenic urticaria--an … Read More

Free: A Diamond in My Pocket

After breaking the 100m world record, sixteen-year-old Calli is whisked away to a secret … Read More

Free: Time of My Life

Janey's never felt this way before, but passengers are off-limits. It's only one little … Read More

Free: Diagnostic & Prescriptive Judgment Enforcement: The New Model for Judgment Recovery

This book examines why there continues to be an 80% failure rate in enforcing judgments in … Read More

Free: Tranquil Fury

Time for a reading binge? Your journey starts with a fresh, fast-paced adventure, with … Read More