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Free: The Ninth Circle

Arthur Vangeest has been hunting a cult known as the Ninth Circle for months and finally … Read More

Free: Serenity

A bullet slams into a wall just past Shelby’s head. A drug dealer offers him $10,000 for … Read More

Free: Unleashed

John Chase has just arrived in Atlanta on a routine business trip. When he wakes the next … Read More

Alien War: The Complete Trilogy

In this riveting trilogy, Rade Galaal and his team of mech pilots enter into the fray to … Read More

Mr. Everything: A Billionaire and the Nanny Romance

I’ll protect her no matter what… Trying to run a billion-dollar empire while my son … Read More

To Love a Reckless Lord

Entertaining, mesmerizing laugh-out-loud Regency Romance romps. The first three … Read More

The Second Universe in Flames Trilogy

Powers Unlocked. An Alliance is Born. Ten thousand years ago, the Furies nearly … Read More

Airliner Down

A holiday season flight to paradise turns into a nightmare when a single terrorist sleeper … Read More

Vampire Romance

Count Samuel d'Orleans leads a charmed life in a stately house. On the eve of the French … Read More

Modern Girl’s Guide to Kink

When Kim moved to New York City after a bad breakup, love was the last thing on her … Read More

Alpha Men

Ten Full-Length Novels packed with possessive Alpha men. These sexy stories are filled … Read More

Murder on Tyneside

Recently widowed Agnes Lockwood is spending a few days on Tyneside in Northeast England, … Read More


Ulysses Bowden walks between two worlds. Sworn into the Marshal Service and sent across … Read More

The Flying Frog and the Bank Robbers

“The Flying Frog and the Bank Robbers” is the third book in the “Flying Frog” series. … Read More

Mystic Passion (Boxed Set)

Romance and passion await in this set of brand-new novels! Fall in love with smart women … Read More

Rat-Tail Curves

Throughout the rise of humankind we have always faced new horizons. The humanoids in the … Read More

Murder in Seattle: A Northwest Cozy Mystery

From USA TODAY bestselling author and seven time Amazon All Star author, another … Read More

The Hearts Series

Get the first four books in L.H. Cosway’s Hearts series! From quirky heroines to … Read More

Demon’s Fever

A half-demon dating a demon hunter... she's asking for danger. After losing her dishwasher … Read More


An angel is thrust into my ruthless world and has a journal that leads to a shipwreck and … Read More