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Free: We Don’t Die

A cocky police detective, Dallas Scott and his best friend and partner, Ray Davis chase … Read More

A Slow Parade in Penderyn

"In his series opener, Hopkins writes graceful and sinewy prose that vividly describes … Read More

Billion Dollar Mistake

I should have listened to reason. Now, I'm married to an infuriatingly cocky … Read More

Habitual Wealth

Harness the power of smart money habits and set yourself up for a lifetime of … Read More

Tricks, Treats, and Teasers

Trick or Treat? Give me something hot to read... Halloween. A time when ghost and … Read More

Free: Battlegroup Z

Thirty-five years of peace. One vicious attack destroys it all. Reservist Lieutenant … Read More

Free: The Mist

The ancient land of Batu is on the verge of extinction. Its villagers have been driven to … Read More

Free: Four Bloody Kisses

“He betrayed me." That's all my father left me on a bloody note with four names. That n … Read More

Free: Dantalion of the Goetia: Legacy

Dantalion, an immortal angel is condemned as one of seventy two hosts of demons from an … Read More

Free: Horizontal Collaboration

From 1940 to 1944, Paris, the grand old city, symbol of beauty, love, and liberty, … Read More

Dragon’s Secret

I am a son of a demi goddess and dragon shifter. I went to the human world to celebrate … Read More

Starting for Home

Succeeding in the oil industry obsesses her. A friend’s tragic accident makes her face the … Read More

Free: Greed

Washburn County Deputy Amber Monroe is following in the footsteps of her sister, Jade. She … Read More

Free: Silent Sands (Agnes Taylor Mystery)

Happy Birthday, Agatha! Celebrate Agatha Christie’s 131st birthday on September 15 with … Read More

Free: The Adelaide Henson Mystery Series

Mystery, Intrigue, Action! Characters you will love and characters you will love to see … Read More

Free: The Last of the Firedrakes

“A beautifully drawn fantasy world” (Kirkus Reviews) with over 1,000 five-star Goodreads ra … Read More

Free: Kick Your Fat in the Nuts

Not only will Tony have you laughing out loud while he reveals the secrets behind weight … Read More


The first time we met, I was rescuing her from a cult. The second time I laid eyes on her … Read More

Kate Albertson Mysteries

Kate Albertson is a dog lover, a word nerd and a top-notch diamond thief. She also has a … Read More

Epic Fallacy Trilogy

Murland Kadabra has always dreamed of becoming a great wizard. However, at age 19, the … Read More