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Free: The Judas Personality: A Primer for Victims

The Judas Personality defines sociopath and psychopath and delineates where this … Read More

Free: Exodus ’95

Claire may be a step away from recovering the most powerful artifact in human history: … Read More

Highland Brothers Boxed Set

The entire Highland Brother series in one furry little package, just in time for … Read More

Will of Steel

When the truth behind her husband’s death comes to light, Jordan will need strength as s … Read More

Princess Perfect

Princess Isabella's life is a hot damn mess. And yet, no one can see past the perfect … Read More

Idol Worship

The serial killer industry remains lucrative. Crime shows, slasher movies, podcasts, … Read More

Roanoak: Nyla’s Curse

In a time when women with magical healing powers were revered…Nyla fell in love with the s … Read More

Free: Let Me In

Love It was something I thrived on once. Something that I longed to have in my life … Read More

Free: Patent Pending and Death

Fiona Fleming is back, and, just her luck, the bodies keep piling up! Happily married and … Read More

Free: Chase Me

I'm either going to kill the sexy, curvy woman who denies she's stolen from my hoard, or … Read More

A Destiny to Die For (Book I)

Angelita grabs at a chance to get out of the favelas when she finds a huge cache of … Read More

The Last Alignment: Cry of the Scorpions

"The Last Alignment: Cry of the Scorpions" is the start of a Young/New Adult Urban Fantasy … Read More

The Virgin’s Awakening

Sarah was excited about going away to college. Her one regret was that she had yet to lose … Read More

Crime Beat Girl

A girl is dead. A boy is locked up. Can Debbie Bradley discover the truth before more … Read More

Free: Eddie The World’s Greatest Creature

In his quest to become the world’s greatest creature, can Eddie learn to be himself? A c … Read More

Free: New Beginnings: Hollow Crest Wolf Pack (Book 1)

n a desperate bid to escape the fate that her pack has planned for her, Lori makes a run … Read More


From best selling author R.C. Stephens comes a compelling story of sacrifice, heartbreak … Read More

Free: Good Day or Bad Day – I Love You Anyway!

Good Day or Bad Day – I Love You Anyway! The poor little thing, woke up very u … Read More

Free: The Evelyn Project

If the present can change the past, what will happen to us if we make a mistake? Well, you … Read More

Free: The Side Hustle

Hard work is murder! Is a big real estate deal behind the death of a personal finance … Read More