Featured Books

Free: The Right Woman

He wants her…she isn’t quite ready for him. Alan Mitchell knows that he doesn’t need to … Read More

You’ll Always Be White To Me

Three years in to Sri Lanka’s bloody civil war, an abandoned baby ends up in the adopted a … Read More

The Doyles Complete Series

A complete 7 book mafia series in one delicious collection. Get lost in the mafia world of … Read More

Know Your True Self: The Formula to Raise Human Consciousness

Learn the formula to experience more peace and joy in a chaotic, unpredictable world. … Read More


In this Fantasy Adventure all that stands between Phillip and being king are demons, … Read More

Say You’re Mine

My first love is back in our small town. Surprise: He’s my new boss. And after a wild n … Read More

Blue Manhattan

Computer programmer Jamie Knight just wants to finish debugging his latest app. But some … Read More

Turning Toward the Sun

A confirmed bachelor, an unexpected letter and a horde of meddling friends. What could go … Read More

Free: The Smallest Creatures

A young man agrees to help a woman return from New Orleans to Nashville. But tensions soon … Read More

Free: Where Do Dinosaurs Go On Vacation?

These friendly dinosaurs are dreaming of where they can go to get away. And when their … Read More

Free: Synapse of Ash

She must unlock the secrets of her past life—before her future is written for her. When … Read More

Free: Egyptian Mythology for Kids and Teens

How were humans created according to Egyptian culture? How did the ancient Egyptians … Read More


Slaves being traded between the human and elven kingdoms as spies is normal practice. … Read More

Ain’t Nothin’ Personal

After a kidnap-for-hire plot results in the death of a young boy, Burr, Oklahoma police … Read More

Animus Complete Series Omnibus

It was just one fight, but it changed Kaiden Jericho's life forever. He was in a gang but … Read More

Alpha’s Vow

The sweet human is pregnant with my pup. We had one night together and then she … Read More

The Positive Puppy Training Blueprint: An 8 Week Step-By-Step Action Plan To Raise The Perfect Dog Using Proven Loving & Friendly Methods

This puppy training guide is designed to tackle everything that comes with the first two … Read More

The Perfect Spy: A Clean Romantic Suspense (An Untapped Source Book 1)

She’s got the best undercover crew. But will a sinister secret undo them? Kate Ross has … Read More

Free: ZERO

A trainee spy must face off against a paramilitary doomsday cult inside a ghost city. … Read More

Free: Ruins on Stone Hill

What do you get when you mix a novice wizard, a reckless warrior, a sharp-tongued thief, … Read More