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Free: UNSHELVED: A Guide to Unlocking Your Story for the World

Never judge a book by its cover. Have you got what it takes to let the world see the real … Read More

Free: Tales Of The PhD (Pig Headidly Determined)

How do you turn impossible into Im possible? Simple. Become a PhD and use sheer willpower … Read More

Free: Malevolent (Shaye Archer Series Book 1)

Shaye Archers life effectively began the night police found her in an alley with no memory … Read More

Free: Core-4 Leadership: The Master Formula for Sales Managers and Potential Leaders

Have you ever felt stuck as a leader? What if the one thing holding you back was the very … Read More

A Moment of Distraction

This gripping new FBI thriller turns into a race against time to rescue a serial killer's … Read More

Find and Talk with Spirits using a Pendulum

If you are like almost half the adults in America, you've had or are about to have a … Read More

Gamelit Starter Pack: Six Book Ones for Six Series

There are worlds where stats matter, magic and monsters are real, learning how to survive … Read More

Wings of Crystal

Raising Evandar, a baby dragon, in secret is no easy task, especially with danger crowding … Read More

The Business of Dining: A Guide to Making a Five-Star Impression

Embrace the art of dining, leave a lasting impression, and create a memory. Some … Read More

One Destiny Two Hearts: Soul Partners Reunite To Fulfill Their Pre-Life Promise

Explore a profound spiritual journey in 'One Destiny Two Hearts.' A true tale of … Read More

Dismissed: How Media Agendas and Judicial Bias Conspire to Undermine Justice

Were told Justice should be blind. We've been taught that The Truth will set you free. But … Read More

Cowboy Wolf’s Secret Baby

My wolf shifter vanished from my life when his memory was erased, leaving me with a … Read More

Dark Prince

"Be a good girl and do as you're told," His baritone voice thunders through the … Read More

Free: Irrelevant

A fast-paced dystopian read for fans of Divergent: Mallory has been hiding a secret for 18 … Read More

That Kiss

One Kiss. That's all it took to confirm what I've already know my entire lifeIm in love … Read More

The Summer Beach Town

The Summer Beach Town is a clean, feel-good contemporary women's fiction summer beach read … Read More

Refuge from the World (The Beartooth Chronicles, Book 1)

Join eighteen-year-old Ashley and Caleb, as they enter adulthood. They embrace the … Read More

Silent Child

In the summer of 2006, Emma Price watched helplessly as her six-year-old son's red coat … Read More

Busted on Broadway

Broadway actors are being murdered for no apparent reason until a PI gets help from an … Read More

Novice Threads

1850s Scotland. Growing up brings heartache for Margaret Law. Becoming a tutor is close to … Read More

The Journey Beyond Fear

In a world filled with uncertainty, even the most capable individuals can feel overwhelmed … Read More

The Copper Isle Ghostslayer

Layla Devereaux, an exceptionally perceptive nature photographer and former investigative … Read More

Free: Anna Finds a New Home

Poetry Rhyming Story + Question Game For Kids There was a woman whose name was Anna - … Read More

Free: Hoofprints in Saguaro Shadows

Set in the beauty of the American Southwest, "Hoofprints in Saguaro Shadows" portrays the … Read More

Rejected Bodyguard Wolf: A Paranormal Romance

This bodyguard shifter had accepted his fate and he managed to keep himself away from … Read More

Dash Diet Cookbook for Beginners

This beginner-friendly DASH diet cookbook provides a comprehensive introduction to the … Read More

Covert Affair

He wants her off his base . . . and in his bed. The last thing Senior Officer Gabe Wilcox … Read More

Free: MILLION-DOLLAR AGENCY: The Property & Casualty Owner’s Guide to Selling Millions in Premium Every Year

Would you like to convert more leads for your insurance agency? And would you like to … Read More

Free: The Anatalian Soldier

Somethings rotten in the state of Anatalian court and on the warfront. Liam's caught in a … Read More

The Shipwright

London, 1800. When American shipwright Declan Fitzpatrick intervenes in a violent quarrel … Read More