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Free: Sanibel Dreams

After losing both her beloved husband and job in the same month, Eliza Whitney is … Read More

Everything Is Perfect

The true story of a woman caught in one of the most riveting, talked about political … Read More

To All That Speak: The Ultimate Guide To Building the Most Updated Existence Awareness

This short and easy reading self-help book will break down how to find absolute truth … Read More

Dirty Love

Dirty Love is a true story of young love, abuse and white-collar crime. Kimberly meets … Read More

Shadow of Doubt

Former SEAL Brian Sheppard might come across as a quiet, respectful kind of guy, but … Read More

HVAC Customers for Life: How to Turn $25 Leads into $25,000 Raving Fans in 90 Days or Less

Have you been searching for reliable ways to stay busy all year long but aren’t sure where … Read More

Wicked Heir

I thought he was my hero, until he locked me in a cage. Living alone in New York, I … Read More

DBT Workbook For PTSD: Proven Psychological Techniques for Managing Trauma & Emotional Healing with Dialectical Behavior Therapy | DBT Skills to Treat Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder for Men & Women

Packed with authentic advice, powerful anecdotes, and practical strategies designed to … Read More

Free: Rough Start

When Eliana and her alcoholic dad ran away from their home, they weren’t intending to ever … Read More


Past week Rosalie was hit by a car. This week she's turning into one. When … Read More

L is for Landon

Landon could be the story that makes my career, Or he could be the man who breaks my … Read More

Crossroads of Revenge

Brooke Mather runs Crossroads Mountain Retreat, a rehabilitation facility for injured law … Read More

The Dish Dog

Someone is operating the largest stock market insider trading scheme in the history of the … Read More

Hot Doctor & Fake Fiancée

I always try to be a good person. I don't break rules, I never take risks. I don't lie, … Read More

Free: The Power of Decluttering Your Mind: A Simple Guide to Eliminate Negative Thoughts, Anxiety, and Overthinking!

On a scale of one to five, how often do you find yourself stuck in these conditions? - … Read More

The Haunting of Sky Hollow

At first, inheriting Sky Hollow from a famous uncle they never knew seems like a dream … Read More

Free: Think. Map. Do.: How Ambitious Leaders Can Accelerate Their Climb Into Senior Management


Of Course It’s You

My boss’s daughter is off limits. For now. Wanting her wasn’t in the cards. Tell that to … Read More

Mythion: Human Transformation

When Gavin finds himself in a hospital with no memory of how he got there, he soon finds … Read More

Secret Babies for the Mafia Doctor

A dark and enticing invitation, On a yacht overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. I allowed … Read More