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Free: Escape to Osprey Cove

The mystery begins with an unusual find in the secret compartment of Doug's new Corvette. … Read More

Quantum Memory

A cutting-edge simulation. A mind-control conspiracy. One scientist must battle an … Read More

Michal’s Destiny

For a young girl growing up in a traditional Jewish settlement in Siberia in 1919, an … Read More

Painting Deception

Painting Deception is the story of Lily Clarke, the elderly mother of three dysfunctional … Read More

Free: Can’t Buy Me Love

London is swinging, except for our poor girl Edith who has no hope in sight until her gay … Read More

Free: The Elvish Prophecy

Sword & Sorcery Epic Fantasy set in ancient Turkey and Syria. The final destruction … Read More

Tell Me You Love Me

Everyone has secrets. Leroy Jenkins has secrets. Dark secrets, perverted secrets, … Read More

Sweet Dreams, Baby Belle

Waitress Lizzie Headrick thought she had finally met her prince charming in Dr. Grant … Read More

Enslaved: A Dark Romantic Thriller

"They may own me, but they'll never control me." QUINN I tried running, but he … Read More

Free: The Victory Perspective

Author E.J. Kellett is here to turn your world upside down. Asking questions so daring, … Read More

Free: Look What You Made Me Voodoo (Malveaux Curse Mysteries, Book 6)

With Kendell and Myles safely back among the living, the task of keeping Colin in his … Read More

Chasing the Blue Sky

“This is one of the most beautiful books I have read.” – Pamela King, author of For the … Read More


The unthinkable, terrorists have launched multiple attacks on the world’s vulnerable … Read More

Trying to be Good

Every time I start to fall in love, my past gets in the way. But the latest woman … Read More

Free: Messages from the Sun God, Jesus Christ

I interacted with Jesus as the consciousness of the sun. I wrote this book to share my … Read More

Free: Girl Desecrated: Vampires, Asylums and Highlanders 1984

If ANNE RICE had written THE LOST BOYS! "Sizzling sexual tension!" ~~ E.M.G. Wixley, … Read More

Free: At His Command

What’s a lady to do when the king commands her to marry a highly-ranked lord, but she’s … Read More

Free: Dear Comrade Novak

The Man in the High Castle meets Ben Hur - The friendship between Red Army soldier … Read More

Free: The Cleansing Pentalogy

Five books of a mental health driven journey through an Apocalyptic and Dystopian Britain. … Read More

Free: The Hydro Gene

In this contemporary fantasy, David discovers that aliens are just the beginning of what … Read More