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Free: The Sorcerer

He's an imperial sorcerer. She's a rebel spy. Two sworn enemies torn between duty and … Read More

Free: If Kisses Cured Cancer

If Kisses Cured Cancer is a story about life in a growing coastal town, falling in love … Read More

Wild Nights

Getting over a bad breakup isn’t easy for anybody, especially when it’s your fiancée, the … Read More

Wild Desires

Uptight and in control at all times, Alyssa decides to try yoga to help her to relax. Her … Read More

The Risk

I’ve lost my goddamn mind. I slept with my best friend’s brother. This has to stop. Now. … Read More

When a Lord Loves a Lady

Captivating, giggle-worthy Regency Romance novels uniting wallflowers, bluestockings, and … Read More

I’ve Decided to Live 120 Years

For most of our lives, we work hard, reaching for success, until we are faced with … Read More

The Billionaire’s Reckless Marriage

Laurie can't stand billionaire, Finn Anderson. So what could be worse than having him as … Read More

Blood Threads (The Star Seamstress Book 1)

I’m a former cosplayer and personal assistant with no fighting skills to speak of, wearing … Read More

Time Is Irreverent

An irreverent, liberal, twisty, time travel comedy! What if you could change history to … Read More

Accidents Happen

Tabitha was a true survivor - until she wasn't. One week before her loveless marriage to a … Read More

Going Dark

Gabriel Jets is the CIA’s top agent, a man with a reputation of getting the job done, no … Read More

Fate (SEAL’ed #3)

They say, once a hero always a hero and nothing could be more true for Jimmy. When Jimmy … Read More

Tropical Tryst 2

Last summer we took you on a tropical journey filled with desire and passion. Now, the … Read More

My Father’s Best Friend’s Baby

I shouldn't want her. But I do. And I always get what I want. I was injured at war and … Read More

Wild Lust

Jessa's friend organizes a solo trip for her on what she thinks is a run-of-the-mill … Read More

The Survivors (Books 1-3)

Books 1-3 of the Best-Selling Survivors series are together for the first time. You … Read More

The Six and the Crystals of Ialana

Six teens must uncover the secrets of their past while on the run from deadly predators … Read More

Free: Blood Magic

Demons, rogue angels, and corrupt agents from the Ministry of Occult Affairs... Can a … Read More

Free: To Catch a Bad Guy

Janet Maple's stellar career ended with a layoff and her boyfriend of almost five years … Read More