Featured Books

Free: Two Days in Caracas: A Titus Ray Thriller

On the hunt for an assassin, Titus Ray faces a threat he never imagined. Can he overcome … Read More

Rich and Gone, Red Farlow Mysteries No. 1

PI Red Farlow goes on the hunt to find $300 million a Florida insurance executive bilks … Read More

The Perfect Deal: Oh Captain, My Captain

Aaron is an established playboy. Elle is a certified geek. They make a mutual agreement … Read More

Her Sun Shades: Inspired Poetry

Romantic poetry for all of those who still believe in true love. I hope you read the … Read More

Chilling Effect

R.J. Pineiro's newest thriller explores a world in the not too distant future where … Read More

Cut Reality

When death washes ashore on reality TV, who's to blame? And what's real? Join Jason Debord … Read More

War on Aging

When we reach a certain age?somewhere after 50?we sense a lot of changes going in our … Read More

The Light in His Soul: Lessons from My Brother’s Schizophrenia

Call Richmond, Jr. went missing. Twenty years later he showed up on a family member's … Read More

Worlds Away

200 years ago, the Earth was conquered, but nobody knew. Commander Venay of the … Read More

The Spellbinder Bay Chronicles: The Spellbinder Bay Cozy Paranormal Mystery Series Anthology Books 1-3

Would you drop everything and move to a town with a peculiar name, because an odd little … Read More

Free: Aladdin: The Genie’s Keeper

Aladdin finds himself in a world completely foreign to him. A world ruled by the alien … Read More

Free: Island Hopping

She's the workaholic everyone loves to hate. He's perfectly content basking on the beach. … Read More

Snow Fence Road

A village on the coast of Maine holds painful secrets— the kind only the miracle of new … Read More

The Billionaire Next Door

Demanding. Aloof. There was a bad man next door. I might need help, refusing this … Read More

Dad’s Thick Gay TABOO Collection, Vol. 1 (5 Books from Gay TABOO Tales)

Enjoy 5 lurid stories about Men of the House and their Little Twinks acting out their most … Read More

Don’t Work Stupid, Coach Yourself

Learn how to survive, thrive, and succeed in the workplace, while avoiding office politics … Read More

Under Ten Thousand Stars

"Michael was my love...the perfect man, the perfect husband. I had the perfect life. And … Read More

Presentable: Presenting Skills for Thought-Leaders, Vloggers, and Nerds

Even experts can struggle to present their ideas to an audience. With the explosive … Read More

Grady Judd (Heartbreakers & Heroes 1)

If there was such a thing as an urban legend in Cotton Creek it was Grady Judd. He was a … Read More

Little Lovely Things

Highlighting the potential catastrophe in the small decisions of everyday life, Little … Read More