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Free: The Lion’s Den

Robert McDowell has fallen in love. It was love at first sight. He buys her dinner, enjoys … Read More

First Touch: My Best Friend’s Little Sister

Five years ago, Carl broke my heart He ignored my desire for him and pushed me aside. I … Read More

Daring Masquerade

When Harriet Martin masquerades as a boy to help her shell-shocked brother get a job, … Read More

10 Simple Steps: Easy Research Writing

Writing a research paper? Don't panic! Download this MUST HAVE manual for easy, … Read More

Out of the Pocket

When a handsome ghost begs a lonely bookworm to help him solve his own murder, she can't … Read More

Guarding His Fortunes

Elan, a captivating park ranger and glassblowing artist with a bevy of secrets, resists … Read More

Free: Some Like It Witchy (Paranormal Cozy Mystery)

Candlemaking witch Fiona Hart knows that Banshee Creek is the perfect place for her store. … Read More

Free: Perfect Day

Want more time in your life for yourself, for your hobbies and for your family? Are you … Read More

Far Away Home: Aislynn’s Story- Book 1

FAR AWAY HOME is an Amazon bestseller. For six years, it ranked among the Top 100 in the … Read More


An experienced Dominant. A hotheaded non-submissive. A volatile combination. She’s the … Read More

One True Mate 8

The beast returns to VF for one reason: the female. But nothing is as he left it. $0.99 on … Read More

Luna Rosa

She loves the spotlight, he prefers backstage. Can they still play love’s duet? Nick … Read More

The Duck Who Flew Upside Down

Wilbur Mallard is a very odd duck. He is bright orange with purple spots and a great big … Read More

Tales of Mr. Snuggywhiskers: The Spring Tales

Third book in the award-winning Tales of Mr. Snuggywhiskers series. Hallie and Cory are … Read More

Free: Mind-Swapping Madness

Would you kiss a toad? Or build a machine using plans from the internet? Or have a go in a … Read More

Free: Bad Apple

Bad Apple is a dark, surreal ride that proves not all things in an orchard are safe to … Read More

Mother, It’s Hard to Forgive You

What happens when the mother-daughter bond is broken by betrayal? After a childhood … Read More

Free: 18 Steps to Own Your Life: Simple Powers for a Healthier, Happier You

Do you need a guidebook for life? 18 Steps to Own Your Life is your blueprint. With easy, … Read More

Unlocking the World’s Largest E-market: A Guide to Selling in Chinese Social Media

"Unlocking the World’s Largest E-market: A Guide to Selling in Chinese Social Media" is a … Read More

A Taste of Sir

Lacey Andrews was confident, self-assured, successful…until the day she became one man’s … Read More