Featured Books

Free: Death On The New Moon

A captivating and twisting tale of love, betrayal and murder in the Low Country of South … Read More

Free: Furtive Liaison

Laella Javalla has always known marrying a cousin and birthing Javallas is her duty, and … Read More

Free: Love Loss Light: Illuminating the Path Through Grief

Moving and inspirational. A beacon of hope for anyone struggling with grief. Karen Trench … Read More

EF1 Einer Freake: Genesis

Ex-Navy SEAL Einer Freake is remarried with children, but still mourns the loss of his … Read More

The Thousand Pound Christmas

One small town. One big challenge. A fresh, funny, and irreverent look at love, family, … Read More

Dear Me

Have you ever been told, "Be a good person, work hard, spend your money wisely, treat … Read More

The Complete Age of Embers Series

When a sudden, unexplained spasm of violence rocks the country from coast to coast, a … Read More

Dark Knights: The Darl Humor of Police Officers

There is nothing quite like the police officer's sense of humor. The police are seen as … Read More

Timothy Williams The Infernal Shadow

Revenge is brewing in Hell. The Lord of Shadows is back and plotting the downfall of … Read More

A Shark in the Bath and Other Stories

The hotel manager was horrified. Well, he would be, wouldn’t he? There’s a shark in a gue … Read More

Overcoming A Mysterious Condition

In 1991, Don Shetterly found himself caught in a medical nightmare that felt like it would … Read More

Take Command of Your Total Health: A Woman’s Guide to Fearless Aging

You Can Reverse Disease, Gain More Energy, Increase Mental Clarity and Nourish Your Body … Read More

Gift of Grace

Ready to begin a new life far away from the sad memories of the Civil War, J.B. and Nora … Read More

Free: Godhunter

Immortals walk the streets beside us. They call themselves Gods, but they're not. They're … Read More

Free: O Christmas Tree

Blaming himself for the collapse of a storm shelter that took the lives of his wife and … Read More

A Time of Magic and Blood

For the last one thousand years the land has been ruled by a Council of Mages. Despite the … Read More

3 Cowboys For The Bride (A Naughty Cowboy Romance Book 1)

I’m marrying the man of my dreams. That’s the problem. I’m in love with 3 men of my dream … Read More

Reckless Beginnings

Searching for a missing loved one becomes impossible when she is terrified by the turmoil … Read More

Free: Refreshed!

  Are anxiety and stress making your life something less than it should be? … Read More

Wedding for a Knight

A battle-hardened Scottish knight and the enchantress determined to win his heart must … Read More