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Free: Circles in the Wind: A Memoir: Tales from the Rainbow Road

Circles in the Wind is a poetic chronicle of the "back to the land" movement of the 1970s … Read More

Free: Detective Max Grady Thrillers

From the bestselling author of Twelve Years Gone and The Moscow Brief... Detective Max … Read More

Odar: Jido, A Journey Through Community

Hovsep Karamardian is on the precipice of adulthood. Finishing his education, he awaits a … Read More

Death’s Knight

The necromantic magic of the Great Lich has held sway over the world for 100 years. Can a … Read More

Free: Billionaire Times Two: A Steamy BWWM Short

Sexy billionaires Devon and Gideon bring Selene on as an analyst to get their beauty … Read More

How To Save A Life

Riley James has everything to live for: a business to grow and goals to achieve. After … Read More

Free: Death’s Lady

A double-portal fantasy series that asks: When the epic fantasy is over, what then? A … Read More

The Joyful Flow Formula

Dive into the secret of entering Creative Flow within minutes with "The Joyful Flow … Read More

Heal your Relationship with Money

Everyone has a money story beliefs about spending, saving, and the essence of money that … Read More

As Venus Burns

Mia is a sex worker suspected of murdering a cop. She suspects shy billionaire Sebastian … Read More

Free: The Corporate Kindergarten

A thought-provoking examination of corporate practices. Have you ever looked around at … Read More

Brass Anchor Inn

The Brass Anchor Inn is about to host a bicentennial celebration when its grumpy new owner … Read More

Beyond the Gloaming Pass

"Beyond the Gloaming Pass did not just keep me glued to my seat. It dominated my … Read More

Plus-Size Reverse-Harem & Taboo Man

LIKE EXTRA-STEAMY PLUS-SIZE STORIES? Then this collection is exactly what you need, … Read More

The Last Bunker

In a world engulfed by darkness, the courageous determination of Jennifer Smith shines as … Read More

Queen of the Blood Throne

Liars, Murderers, and Thieves: The Prince of Darkness is looking to hire. Mythology … Read More

Free: I Am Faith

We all want to remember the voice of our souls. This is a book that serves as a catalyst … Read More

Free: Doctor-Dom Next-Door

Elle is new to the neighborhood, She's young and a cam girl, When she accidentally … Read More

Secrets of Camelot

forbidden love punishable by death treason magic In a treacherous backstabbing court, a … Read More

The Wolves of Anchorage

Powerful, captivating wolf shifters entangled in intrigue, mystery, and passion all for … Read More

A Life Stolen: My Father’s Journey Through Alzheimer’s

A Life Stolen is the gripping account of a father and daughters devastating, but inspiring … Read More

The Girl of Ivory

In the whimsical world of "The Girl of Ivory," meet a young boy whose heart longs for a … Read More

The Science of Energy

The Science of Energy is a pioneering exploration at the crossroads of science and … Read More

An Intriguing Springtime Engagement (Mary and Bright #2)

Is it even an engagement unless a dead body is involved? Its been four months since … Read More

Free: 30-Day Executive Functioning Skills Mastery for Adults with ADHD

A book made for people who find it hard to focus because of ADHD. This book is packed with … Read More


I just won the bride lottery! Except I don't want to go to Earth, marry some spoiled rich … Read More


PEPPER: A handsome new neighbor moves in next door, together with his adorable twin sons, … Read More

Free: Christianity 2.0

"Whether you're a fervent believer seeking fresh perspectives or a skeptic eager to … Read More

Peak Performance: Goal Setting Secrets of the Successful

Embark on a Journey to Your Best Self! Imagine standing on the peak of your own … Read More

Prison Puzzle Pieces

PRISON PUZZLE PIECES (the first of a three volume series) is a non-fiction account of a … Read More