kindle books in the spolitght

kindle books in the spolitght

Free: Halloween Hoedowns Can Be Deadly: A Bucket List Mystery Short

Halloween Hoedowns Can Be Deadly: A Bucket List Mystery Short
Spooky decorations. Murderous intentions. It’s not a party until someone ends up dead.

Bluebonnet Hills, Texas. Sho Tanaka can’t shake the feeling he’s the odd man out. And being best buddies with a fading celebrity always seems to drop him in the midst of homegrown trouble. But when the suspended ICU nurse helps out at the local October festivities, he doesn’t expect to stumble over the librarian’s lifeless body.

Levi Blue is relishing his most demanding role to date. Faking it until he makes it as the interim mayor, the ex-TV tween detective is right on the job to hunt down a vicious murderer hiding among the boisterous crowds. But his script runs off the rails when the apparently deceased woman wanders back into the event… alive.

As Sho’s medical expertise is side-eyed by unamused partygoers, he dives deep to try to comprehend the bookish curator’s previous lack of pulse. And when a shocking turn disrupts the festive night, a gung-ho Levi partners with his reluctant sidekick and taps into his on-screen sleuthing skills to catch a creepy killer.

Can this not-so-dynamic duo solve another prickly puzzle in time for All Hallows’ Eve?

Halloween Hoedowns Can Be Deadly is a hilarious standalone short story in The Bucket List cozy mystery series. If you like colorful heroes, lighthearted humor, and twisty endings, then you’ll love Ryan Rivers’s small-town shenanigans.

Buy Halloween Hoedowns Can Be Deadly for a fatal fête today! Free on Kindle.
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Hot Doctor & Enemy

Hot Doctor & Enemy
I’m the new Chief Resident Neurologist at Bardot Hospital.
This is a milestone in my career.
But I didn’t expect it to be a milestone in my love life too.
My boss, Dr. Ford Anderson, has sexy nerd written all over him.
Behind those glasses and his white coat,
He’s hiding a body that’s ripped like a lumberjack.
There should be a rule against medical geniuses having muscles like that.
The hospital’s strict no fraternization policy prevents me from acting on my urges.
Not that I want to because while Ford may be insanely hot, he’s also a major jerk.
Every day I show up to work presents two possibilities:
He’s either going to piss me off so much that I quit…
or he’s going to turn me on so much…
that I corner him in an empty patient room and beg him to take me. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: The Archemi Online Chronicles

What would you give to be a dragon rider?

Before being conscripted to fight in the Total War, Private Hector Park had a shattered family, a collection of old videogames, and a promising career as a motorcycle stuntman. Now, he is dying from a virus threatening humankind with extinction. He has three days to live.

When Hector’s brother contacts him after years of hostile silence, Hector goes to try and make peace. But his brother has an offer even more unbelievable than reconciliation: the chance to cheat death by joining him in Archemi, a full-immersion fantasy VR-RPG videogame.

To celebrate the release of the 6th book in the Archemi Online Chronicles, Dragon Seed is FREE and the second book, Trial by Fire, is only 99c. Grab it today!

Free to $4.99 on Kindle.

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The Mysterious City and Dark Realm Battle against Evil

The Mysterious City and Dark Realm Battle against Evil
In this fictional story.. Grayson sets out on a mysterious dark journey to save the world from evil. He soon finds out that it’s definetely not what he was expecting or used to, but the rewards for him may be really life changing if he succeeds.
$2.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Jar Spells for Success: A Witch’s Annual Guide to Fulfillment and Prosperity

Jar Spells for Success: A Witch's Annual Guide to Fulfillment and Prosperity
Learn How To Make Jar Spells That Will Attract Love, Health, Wealth, and Prosperity!
Do you believe that you deserve more than you have now? Do you struggle to make your dreams come true? Do you know that the Law of Attraction can work but find it hard to manifest it into reality consistently in your life?

If so, there’s a simple solution: JAR SPELLS.

Imagine thinking of something you want, then simply gathering a couple of ingredients, meditating for a moment before creating a beautiful decoration to look at regularly and help remind you of that intention. Imagine becoming more focused and able to attract more of what you want into your life easily. Imagine being able to live your dreams!

Amazon bestselling author, Cassandra Jade, provides a start-to-finish blueprint for creating jar spells that work. She’ll explain to you, step by step, how to gather ingredients, focus your dreams, state your intention and then put them all together in easy jar spells that are as beautiful as they are magical.

In this book, you’ll receive more than 40 brand-new tips and spells, not previously shared anywhere else before, for developing your spell-making abilities in order to make your dreams reality. What if you don’t believe in that kind of thing? Although jar spells are an ancient form of folk magic, you can think of them as a type of self-hypnosis to help you focus on refining and achieving your goals.

You’ll learn everything from the essentials to more advanced methods. At their most basic, though, jar spells help your heart speak through this process. They also transform thoughts and invisible psychological processes into something visible that you can put on your shelf or carry around in your purse. The process of making jar spells, magic or not, often helps you understand yourself better and is as relaxing as it is fun and meaningful.

In JAR SPELLS FOR SUCCESS, you’ll discover:

More than 30 original jar spells have been created specifically for this book
A month-by-month approach to spell making with specific information and spells connected to Nature and the seasons
How to create spells that work both based on ingredients, emotions, and intentions, which you can adapt and tailor based on your personal biases

Specific tips for gathering spell ingredients locally, ethically, and responsibly
Advanced jar spells such as contacting your Guardian Angel and harvesting love from the universe around you
And much, much more!

Buy your copy of JAR SPELLS FOR SUCCESS today to finally start living the life your heart keeps trying to let you know that you were meant to live! Free on Kindle.
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Snow Balled

Snow Balled
Movie star Sierra’s plan to finish her screenplay in an isolated cabin comes to a halt when an ice-covered tree branch crashes through her roof. Luckily, there are three men nearby who rescue her and take her in. But Sierra’s always been skittish with guys. Can these sinfully gorgeous strangers win her over? Or will she give them the cold shoulder? $2.99 on Kindle.
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Fake it For Wealth

Fake it For Wealth
I’ve been lying to my family for two years.
They think I’m married.
Plot twist. I’m not.
It’s unheard of for the oldest son in a wealthy family to be single. My mother makes sure I’m aware of this truth.
Hell, it’s a downright sin for him to be married by Elvis in Vegas.
But I needed to get my mother off my back, and sin seemed to do the trick.
Two years later, I have to go back home to London for a traditional wedding ceremony for the marriage I faked.
You know, to the wife I never married.
No need to tell the girl I hire to be my fake wife about all the hoopla.
She doesn’t need to know until D-Day.
All my sexy companion has to do is play bride and “marry” me again, you know, for the first time. Then she gets a huge payday.
And I can get back to building my empire in New York.
Lucky, lucky girl.
Something tells me that she’s going to want more than just my money though.
She’s faking it for wealth, but I’m soon playing for keeps.
$0.99 on Kindle.
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The Innkeeper and the Cannibal

The Innkeeper and the Cannibal
When Galahad is accused of a murder he did not commit, he fears his racist neighbors will condemn him or worse, discover his true crime. Now, he must fight for his freedom, even as his drug problem threatens to chain him indefinitely. $0.99 on Kindle.
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The American Patriot Series

The American Patriot Series sweeps readers into a tumultuous world of revolution. Beginning in April 1775, Daughter of Liberty sets in motion the thrilling saga that follows Elizabeth Howard and Jonathan Carleton as they face the devastation and triumphs of war—from the American colonists’ first armed confrontation with the British, to the spreading inferno along the frontiers of Indian territory, through the battles raging in the Middle and Southern colonies and on the high seas, and at last to the final, decisive assault at Yorktown.

In this vivid retelling of our nation’s founding, the actual historical events, including the real British and American leaders who provided the catalyst and breathtaking moment-by-moment recreations of pivotal battles, converge with two compelling characters in a suspense-filled story of espionage, intrigue, and romance. On the ruins of war and loss, Elizabeth and Jonathan build an enduring legacy of love, hope, faith—and freedom!

From $0.99 to $2.99 on Kindle.

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Free: The Ghost Society

The Ghost Society
The second instalment in the dystopian, Nemo and Co. series. After a foiled biological attack has been pinned on The Cleaner and Ellen, they make a timely escape to a mysterious safe house run by a secret organisation known as “The Ghost Society, a technological resistance group.” In an apocalyptic landscape, travelling by river and road, can they reach the safe house before Stella and her foot soldiers catch up with them? With danger and secrets as constant companions on their perilous journey, will they all make it there in one piece, as figures from their past reappear? Their only place of safety will be inside “The Ghost Society.” Free on Kindle.
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Sins of the Flesh

Sins of the Flesh
“Sins of the Flesh” is a steamy, erotic dark romance with unexpected twists and turns to the plot that will surely keep you guessing what will happen next. The story takes place in Small- town, Saintsville, Mississippi, when Maxine gives up her dreams of becoming a doctor to marry Jeremy after a two-year courtship. They acquire it all, money, well-known reputations, and respect when Jeremy’s father suddenly passes, and he becomes the town’s pastor. As Maxine and Jeremy drift apart, Maxine meets a handsome, stunning, gray-eyed stranger named Shaun Bryson as she struggles to avoid his seductive, bad boy charms. Soon, the couple find themselves descending into an abyss of secrets where they will have to fight to survive or be prepared to meet their “Maker”. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Exodus, The Passover Story


Rhyming Bible stories

One day, Pharaoh’s daughter bathed in the stream.
Did she see a basket, or was it just a dream?
No! She heard a baby, and it softly cried,
so the Egyptian princess ran to look inside.
“It’s a baby!” she told her maidens with surprise
and fell in love with the baby who looked very wise.
She took the baby; it was against her father’s law,
but a baby couldn’t live in a basket made of straw.
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Free: Accidentally All of Me

Accidentally All of Me
I’m raising someone else’s kid.
My sister’s daughter, and where I thought I’d never make it as a single father bachelor, I was wrong.
This little girl has my heart. And only her.
Until a stray dog happens upon my place and we’re forced to call a vet.
And a beautiful woman showed up.
I didn’t believe in fate.
But it seems to believe in me.
The beautiful woman who helped us out with the dog shows up again later on a blind date across the table from me.
And I’m sold out for her before I realize what’s happening.
Pulling back is my only hope for survival.
After losing my sister, I’m far more protective of me and her little one.
But it’s a losing battle. No way I’m going anywhere, until I’m forced to.
It would seem I have a kid of my own in the world.
Maybe this is the breaking point where I can walk away from the all-consuming passion of my new romance.
Because I’m good with giving my time, my body, and all of my money.
But to her?
I’ve accidentally given all of me.
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Backyard Farming Boxset Books 1-3

Backyard Farming Boxset Books 1-3
Love heart-warming small-town cozy mysteries with relatable quirky characters? Grab the three-book boxset (Chicken Culprit/Cordial Killing/Honey Homicide) readers say are good clean fun! $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: The Tomb

The Tomb
On the run from her father’s debts, Renata wants nothing more than safety and obscurity. She thinks she has found it when she takes a job at an isolated mountain inn. With the closest neighbor miles away, there is nothing but the silence of the surrounding forest. She is completely alone. Or is she? There is something ancient and hungry waiting in the forest. Will it be another horror for Renata to survive or a pleasure that will consume her whole?

The blankets rose near her feet as the creature climbed over the end of the bed and crawled up her body. The sound of the blankets rasping over rough skin made her eyes widen. When she raised the blanket to peek down at the creature, she caught a glimpse of bare shoulders in the low light.

Pale eyes met hers, inhuman and hungry. Reny tightened her grip on the blankets but made no move to stop the creature when its clawed hands curled over her waistband. A thumb slipped the button on her jeans free and a hard jerk parted the zipper. Free on Kindle.
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Free: Salem to Salem

Salem to Salem
Abigail Mitchell is her colony’s witchfinder. When someone goes missing, the colony turn to her. She takes her crossbow and heads into the mountains to kill the witches: mysterious outsiders wearing pig masks and cooking human flesh in their cauldrons.

She has her own problems back in the colony. Her mother and father are afraid of her. Her sick sister, Beth, might be dying.

The colony council’s avuncular leader, Billy Peddlarson, shakes her hand every time Abigail brings back a dead witch but the disappearances continue, and her own doubts grow. Another witchfinder, Alice Wickham, uncovers a strange object that she shows to Abigail: a portable radio.

At night, Abigail hears a frightening new sound she does not understand — the roar of a chainsaw. Free on Kindle.
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Draegan Heir – The Dragons’ Clan Book 1

Draegan Heir - The Dragons' Clan Book 1

Unknown to her, Loreli Draegan has married into The Clan, a wealthy and peculiar family tasked with safeguarding dragons since the beginning of time. Also unknown to her, she has powers they call Gifts, and is destined to produce an heir of extraordinarily strong Gifts. She does this, times three.

But The Clan has many enemies and not all of them are outside the family. When she suffers a tragic betrayal that costs her greatly, she vows to make those responsible pay. If she is to survive, she must embrace her inner warrior—but who can she trust? Even with a dragon to call her own, is she out of her league? $0.99 on Kindle.
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The Parkers’ Players Box Set

The Parkers’ Players Boxed Set
Players will play. At least until the right woman, that means business shows up. A Wedding. A Billionaire. A Fake Fiancée. A cheeky Romantic Comedy.

Four Parker-Family Books for your reading pleasure.
Say You Do
My Last Love Affair
Fake it Real Good
Talk Dirty to Me $0.99 on Kindle.
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