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eReader Nation has partnered with JustKindleBooks to get your books in front of even more active readers. Combined JustKindleBooks and eReader Nation have more than 34,500 newsletter subscribers and 62,000 Facebook followers. We drive an average of 120 paid purchases and 2,100 free book downloads through Amazon each day. We accept all genres, including erotic romance. Scroll down to read our FAQs.

We’ve purposefully built our sites and promotions to be author-friendly, with the following:
* Easy 3-minute submission forms
* Next day promotions (if submitted by 7PM ET)
* Low-price budget option
* Personalized confirmation emails

Premium Book Promotion – ($30) With this promotion you’ll get:

  • A top spot on the JustKindleBooks and EreaderNation homepages for 1 day
  • A top spot in the daily JustKindleBooks and EreaderNation newsletter
  • A custom written Facebook post to JustKindleBooks’ followers
  • A post on our Twitter, Pinterest, Google, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, and other social channels

Additionally, you can add a Facebook post “boost” which helps your book reach more readers.  Book it Now.

Premium Book Promotion Plus – ($35) This promotion gives you everything in the premium promotion listed above, plus:

  • Extra 4-5 days of Homepage exposure on both sites
  • Option to add eReaderNation Facebook post. Book It Now.

Budget Book Promotion – ($15) Our basic book promotion is quick and affordable. With this promotion your book will get:

  • A bottom spot on both homepages for 1 day
  • A bottom spot in both newsletters for 1 day
  • A post on all other JustKindleBooks social channels: Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, StumleUpon, Tumblr and other social channels.  Book it Now.


What do I need to get started?

  1. You’ll need you’re Kindle book’s ASIN. That number can be found in your book’s url on Amazon. It’s 10-digits and begins with B00 or B01. It looks like this:
  2. You’ll need a Paypal account or a credit card to pay via Paypal.

How far in advance should I submit my book promotion?
We can schedule book promotions within 24 hours. We can typically get your promotion in the next day, if you submit it by 4PM PT/7PM ET. You’ll get a personal confirmation from us once the promotion is set up.

Do you accept erotic romance?
Yes. We accept erotic romance, but only if the cover is tasteful.

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