Free: The Bluechub Report

The Bluechub Report
This is NOT your typical romance. The dreamy Waikiki wedding of Lee Ann Elizabeth Bettwedder and Montrose William Bloujawb (Hey! It’s pronounced BLUE-CHUB!) is OFF, disappointing dozens of mainland guests. It’s mostly because of their names. And a nasty young woman named Terry Jean Rollins, the Waikiki Hummer.

Looking for a quick, fun read that’s hot enough to melt your bikini bottoms? This is it. Lotsa laughs, lotsa heat, lotsa fun. And now it’s FREE! Free on Kindle.
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Free: Planet Mail

Planet Mail
As far as job hazards go, Douglass Fraser didnt think crash-landing on an alien planet and spending her recuperation being erotically pleasured by three gorgeous men was in the United Planetary Parcel Services courier handbook. Free on Kindle.
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Free: Natalie’s Story

Natalie's Story
Sparks fly when Natalie meets Jason. But Jason comes with baggage an ex-girlfriend who leans just a bit toward the psycho side and believes he still belongs to her. That’s not going to stop this romance from going forward, though. Or is it? Is a crazy former girlfriend enough to put this burgeoning romance on the skids? Find out in this exciting thriller/erotic romance. It’s hot! Free on Kindle.
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Steamy Punk

A collection of three erotic tales from the “Esmeralda & Escarlata” universe, “Steamy Punk” is a novella centering on:

*Mai, an exotic dancer struggling to survive in the seedy Shadow District underbelly beneath Liberty, as she sneaks into one of the Hawkmoth Syndicate nightclub afterparties to save her kidnapped sister from human traffickers.

*Anaya, a techno-terrorist leading a crew of misfits to try and thwart the rising threat of AI in the crystal-powered cyberpunk city of Commune, as she undertakes a mission to infiltrate the Sexbots Inc. factory.

*Bella, a newly ordained dominatrix-nun in the Domina Divina sisterhood that rules the gothic kingdom of Dominion, who is recruited by High-Sister Piety to spy on one of the Desert Barons plotting a coup.

As they pursue their goals, discovering unexpected alliances and growing dangers along the way not to mention all kinds of steamy excitement their three storylines will converge in a surprising finale.

Steamy Punk takes place shortly before the events of “Esmeralda & Escarlata,” serving as a world-building prequel. Mai, Anaya and Bella will also play a part later in the plot of the ongoing main series, so if you enjoy “Steamy Punk,” stay tuned. $2.99 on Kindle.
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Share You

Share You
Delia has managed to stay hidden in the military camp thats been turned into a community of survivors after a deadly outbreak. But when an old friend is caught stealing supplies and sentenced to death, she is given a deal: submit to a stranger to save her friends life. The stranger, a young soldier, unleashes dark desires in her, and when another soldier knocks on his door, she invites him to join them for a steamy, bound threesome. This is an 8,500-word stand-alone story including explicit sex scenes, intended for 18+ only. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Stepbrother’s Taboo Best-Friend

Stepbrother’s Taboo Best-Friend
My stepbrother is bringing his friend, Luke home for the summer,
Luke’s a bad-boy, prick, and player, just like Connor,
Im shy, nerdy and inexperienced, so my stepbrothers very protective me,
Luke was warned that I’m forbidden fruit,
But still, things got heated in ways I wasn’t prepared for.
Free on Kindle.
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Embracing Calla


Benedict has been my client for some time now, and it always feels like Im fighting him to make progress. I love a challenge, but hes proving to be more difficult than my average client. Im used to men feeling like they cant perform and couples looking to spice things up; thats what I see the most of, being a sex therapist and all. That said, I feel like Im finally making some headway. Not bad for two years spent trying to coax him through his personal issues.

I cant help seeing him differently. Ive never felt this way about a client before, let alone Benedict, but those different feelings from before are growing into something bigger. Will I be able to put aside my therapist brain and personal drama to let myself enjoy these blossoming feelings?


Im constantly battling with myself. Theres so much Ive screwed up with my life that I cant help thinking Im worthless or better off alone. When my mom signs me up for therapy, I dont expect the therapist to be the woman Ive developed a crush on. After bumping into her at a local coffee shop, I havent been able to escape the fact that she feels like the only source of sunshine in my life. It makes it hard to go to my appointments. In fact, Im so shy around her that its hard to talk about how messed up I feel. I dont want to drag her down with my problems.

Suddenly, Im telling her things about my life that Ive never been able to talk about. After I get the chance to help her, I dont think theres any going back. Can we get over our baggage and pursue a relationship? Or is this all doomed from the start?

In Embracing Calla, expect a steamy slow burn story with lots of mutual pining and sexual tension. With a Happily Ever Almost ending that will leave you wondering if it was right in front of them all along. $3.99 on Kindle
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Free: Dark Romance Books for Adults


Spectacular! You’ve just hit the jackpot. A thick tome, hundreds and hundreds of pages of solely dark romance stories.
Free on Kindle.
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Free: Pineapple Slice

Pineapple Slice

Vida Montgomery thought she had everything – a successful career, financial stability, and an unshakable sense of independence. But when her sister Lila arrives on her doorstep in a whirlwind of chaos, Vida’s carefully crafted world is turned upside down.

With Lila’s marriage in shambles, Vida sets off on a journey to the islands, hoping the idyllic setting will bring peace and healing to her sister’s troubled heart. Little does she know that fate has other plans in store.

As she boards the flight to the Aloha State, Vida meets Kai, a charismatic and mysterious flight attendant who awakens a spark within her that transcends physical desire. Their chemistry is undeniable and leads Vida through uncharted territories of connection and self-discovery.

Vida struggles to navigate the intricacies of seeking out love after a lengthy marriage, all while facing her deep-seated insecurities stemming from past experiences. Is she truly prepared for a relationship beyond casual hookups? Could Kai be the person who helps her break down her walls? Free on Kindle.
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Free: Billionaire Times Two: A Steamy BWWM Short

Billionaire Times Two: A Steamy BWWM Short (Billionaires For Black Girls Book 7)
Sexy billionaires Devon and Gideon bring Selene on as an analyst to get their beauty supply chain back on track. But her intentions of being professional go out the window at the first meeting when Selene, Devon, and Gideon strike up an instant attraction. Free on Kindle.
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Plus-Size Reverse-Harem & Taboo Man

Then this collection is exactly what you need, tonight.
All the stories’ lead characters are plus-size and 2 of the stories are reverse harems.
Ready to devour these yummy stories?
Then one-click now to steam up your Kindle all night long $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Doctor-Dom Next-Door

Doctor-Dom Next-Door
Elle is new to the neighborhood, She’s young and a cam girl,
When she accidentally slashed her hand, Bryan was just the doctor she needed,
And more,
They both want to cross the line, but she’s half his age,
And he’s a dom,
But he might just be exactly what she’s been missing in her complicated life.
Free on Kindle.
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Stellar Harmony

Stellar Harmony
Prepare for a journey where the stars align in unexpected ways. Meet Langston, an academic prodigy straddling two worlds: the rigorous confines of academia and the vibrant pulse of his urban roots. Opposite him stands Aurora, a heartbroken R&B songstress seeking solace amidst the melodies of her past. When their paths converge at an open mic night, their connection ignites with a force that defies logic.

As Langston grapples with the pressures of his academic pursuits and the pull of his community, Aurora battles to reclaim her voice in an industry tainted by betrayal. Together, they navigate the complexities of love, trust, and self-discovery against a backdrop of starry nights and whispered promises.

But as their bond deepens, they must confront the shadows of their pasts. Langston’s insecurities threaten to eclipse their budding romance, while Aurora’s struggle for artistic freedom jeopardizes everything she holds dear. Can they find harmony amidst the chaos of their lives, or will their love be lost among the stars?

Join Langston and Aurora on a cosmic odyssey where passion collides with purpose, and the universe itself becomes a stage for their Stellar Harmony. $2.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Daddy-Dom at a Wedding

Daddy-Dom at a Wedding

A night of drinking and speed-dating.
Now Im hooked on his stupidly handsome face.
Despite his prick attitude.
A line is crossed that cant be uncrossed.
At least he’s the perfect fake date I need for Elles wedding.
Free on Kindle.
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The Professor

The Professor
Money for textbooks? I’d get it from a single night with a handsome stranger. No one would ever have to know how much I loved what he did to me.

On the first day of class, I realize he’s my new professor.

And my boyfriend’s father. $4.99 on Kindle.
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Touched By You: Books 1-4

Touched By You: Books 1-4
Tanner Clarke is a gorgeous billionaire with dominant tastes, and Natalie loves him from the first moment. Even his possessiveness cant push her away, because he is the only man Natalie will ever love. Tanner knows that he is bad for her, yet he must have her. But can he find love in his heart? $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Watermelon Sugar

watermelon sugar

In the bustling world of event planning, Vida Montgomery thrives on independence and success. Freshly divorced and determined to conquer the conventions circuit, she never planned on meeting Marcus Blackwell, a charming body language expert whose Vegas tryst leaves her questioning everything she thought she knew about love and control.

As Marcus effortlessly breaks down her barriers, Vida finds herself torn between her desire for financial freedom and the magnetic pull of a second chance at love. But when Sebastian, her manipulative ex-husband, resurfaces with a dangerous agenda, Vida must choose between safeguarding her business or risking it all for a shot at happiness.

Amidst power plays and passionate encounters, Vida navigates a high-stakes game of trust and betrayal, where every move could lead to either ruin or redemption. Will she succumb to the allure of Marcus’ seductive promises or will she find the strength to forge her own path to fulfillment?

Watermelon Sugar is a sizzling tale of ambition, romance, and resilience that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the final page.

Free on Kindle.
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Free: Camping with Daddy’s Grumpy Mountain-Man

Camping with Daddy’s Grumpy Mountain-Man
Ruth is young and inexperienced.
She wants to go camping with the forbidden older-man, Denver.
She hadnt expected Denver to be so grumpy. Rough. Muscular. And irresistibly hot.
Nor did she expect him to be so BIG.
Or for her to get pregnant.
Free on Kindle.
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Free: Devil’s Deal (Devil’s Series (Duet) Book 1)

Devil's Deal (Devil's Series (Duet) Book 1)
I’m Everett Rett Ramses. New Orleans is my world, my realm, and my domain. After what I’ve done, some people say Im the devil. I say I’m a man who knows what he wants, and nothing stops me from getting what I desire. I took New Orleans, and now I want Emma O’Brien. As the daughter of my fathers rival and sworn enemy, her fate is to be my wife. Emma is in my world now. It’s time she makes a deal with the devil.

Have you been Aleatha’d? Enter the dangerous and mysterious world of New
Orleans in this all new full-length romantic suspense novel, DEVIL’S DEAL. For
a sneak peek into their first meeting with no spoilers, check out the enticing
prequel, Fates Demand available everywhere. #enemiestolovers
#arrangedmarriage #age-gap-romance #dangerousromance

Rett and Emmas intriguing story begins with DEVILS DEAL, book one of the Devil
Series Duet, and concludes with ANGELS PROMISE. Don’t miss a word of this new and exciting duet. Free on Kindle.
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Rolling with my Stepbrothers

Rolling with my Stepbrothers
My new stepbrothers don’t like my plan to hook up with a cabana boy for a wild and crazy ‘first time’. I’m not going to be disappointed though, because my stepbrothers are willing to hear me out on an even better plan.
The ensuing problems… I like them way too much, and I come home from the island fling with a lot more than a sunburn. $2.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Erotica for Women: Short Daddy Books

Erotica for Women: Short Daddy Books
Then this collection is exactly what you need.
Get ready to devour these spicy stories.
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Fantasies Book Club

Fantasies Book Club
Tired of book clubs that cater to classics and Oprah picks, Gemma, Emmy, Callie, Nia and Malcolm come together to read a different sort of book; the kind with sizzling scenes that make you blush, with office romances, sexy club owners, and finding your soulmate, each with a HEA completely implausible but with all the feels.

Welcome to the Fantasies Book Club, where you get to rewrite your story and make your own fantasies come true!

Free to $2.99 on Kindle.

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Bend To My Will (Books 1-4)

Bend To My Will (Books 1-4)
Sexy billionaire Jacob Rinaldi needs a new submissive, yet he doesn’t have romance in mind. The look in Vivienne’s eyes teases him, daring him to go further if he’s brave enough. She might not be the type to fall at his feet and obey him, but that doesn’t discourage Jacob. $0.99 on Kindle.
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The Open Hearts Trilogy

Three sizzling BDSM romance Novellas! Meer Kieran, Scott, Seth, Dagan and more. Fast, fun erotica written with love by ms. m. Enjoy! $0.99 on Kindle.
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Daddy Doctor-Friends: Plus-Size Reverse Harem

Daddy Doctor-Friends: Plus-Size Reverse Harem
Celines young, curvy, and untouched with a childhood crush on her dads 3 big, rough, doctor friends.
She enjoys watching others and desires to be on public display with strangers watching.
She wonders if she can seduce the guys into her fantasies before heading back to college.
$0.99 on Kindle.
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