Free: Eat to Focus: The Not-so-Obvious Natural ADHD Treatment Protocol to Reduce Hyperactivity & Impulsivity, and Better Focus and Memory Without Drug Side Effects

Eat to Focus: The Not-so-Obvious Natural ADHD Treatment Protocol to Reduce Hyperactivity & Impulsivity, and Better Focus and Memory Without Drug Side Effects
Are You Looking for Natural ADHD Treatment to Help your Child So You Can Avoid The Dangerous ADHD Medications? If so, this book is for you. Understanding is Power!

Why is every doctor so quick to start ADHD medication, which has more severe side effects than blood pressure medications? Standard treatments for ADHD in children include ADHD medications, behavior therapy, counseling, and education services. Studies showed that only one in four kids with ADHD, who are on medication ALSO get psychotherapy.

When you have high blood pressure or pre-diabetes, your doctor often gives you a warning first and suggests that you start eating healthier and exercising before starting blood pressure medication. Why don’t they do the same for kids with ADHD? Did you get a warning first to change your child’s eating? Or try psychotherapy? ADHD medications work by hijacking your child’s control center (the big brain in the head), which explains why the common personality change “not feeling like myself” is seen in ADHD meds. ADHD medications also cause stunt growth, sleep disorder, mood disorder, personality changes, facial tics, etc., and even death. I know some of you may not like to hear this, but someone has to tell the truth.

In March of 2006, an FDA panel reported that 11 sudden cardiac deaths in children taking Ritalin and Concerta between 1992 and 2005. Both medications contain the stimulant methylphenidate. They also reported 13 sudden cardiac deaths among children taking the amphetamine-containing stimulants Adderall and Dexedrine. It makes me sad that parents and doctors are brain-washed by drug companies to think that ADHD medication is the only treatment for ADHD. ADHD medication is a synthetic (man-made) stimulant in the same drug category as methamphetamine (“meth”). Just because a doctor prescribes it does not make it safer or better. We believe that ADHD medications should be a last resort when all other non-drug treatments failed, just like other chronic dis Free on Kindle.
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The Complete Plant Based Diet Cookbook For Beginners: 650 Easy, Quick & Simple Plant Based Vegan Diet Recipes With A 31 Day Meal Plan To Lose Weight And Live A Healthy Life

The Complete Plant Based Diet Cookbook For Beginners: 650 Easy, Quick & Simple Plant Based Vegan Diet Recipes With A 31 Day Meal Plan To Lose Weight And Live A Healthy Life

Discover how to revitalize your health, lose unwanted pounds, and boost your happiness without following a stressful diet
Do you want to remedy your ailments, boost your immune system, and feel more energized throughout your days?

Are you looking for ways to lose those excess pounds that make you feel like you want to crawl out of your own skin?

And maybe, you’ve thought of doing it the natural way?

If you’ve been led to believe that the answer to health lies in drug prescriptions and new-age diets that have only been created to fail, it’s time to reframe these beliefs.

The truth is, there’s no magic key to solving your health problems.

Health goes far beyond a one-size-fits-all approach.

Let go of the idea of a quick fix – your overall health depends on your whole lifestyle.

In fact, dietary companies, food industries, and pharma industries are set up for monetization of your losses – they know you’re going to fail before you even start.

The strict guidelines of modern fat-loss programs and diets only create unnecessary stress on your body and bring up feelings of guilt, shame, and failure – in fact, 95% of people fail on these diets.

Finally, a comprehensive plant-based cookbook with super simple yet flavorsome recipes to boost your overall health has been created.

In The Only Plant-Based Diet for Beginners Cookbook You Will Ever Need, you will discover:

A compelling 4-week plan to transition to a plant-based diet with ease
How to stock up your pantry to stick to your plant-based diet journey without losing motivation or malnourishing your body
650 delicious recipes to prepare for you and your family – even your kids are going to love these!
How to enjoy the ‘same’ meals as everyone else around you without feeling restricted or limited
How to use 5 essential ingredients to prepare balanced and nutritious plant-based meals packed with flavor
Why being plant-based is exactly what you need if you want to live healthier, happier, and always charged with positive energy
An index to make mouthwatering recipes based on ingredients you can easily find that is already in your kitchen
And much more.

As Hippocrates said: “Let your food be thy medicine and thy medicine be your food.”

You have the choice to decide how to fuel your body daily.

Why eat junk food that only depletes you of your energy, health, and joy, when you can live a more fruitful life eating food that actually serves you well?

In the long run, you’re going to save yourself thousands of dollars on doctors’ appointments while boosting your quality of life. $2.99 on Kindle.
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Free: The Neo Diet: Find Your Superhuman Health By Eating The “Wrong” Foods


Chances are that your diet will kill you.

At least that’s what research is suggesting. In the past few years, several studies have linked our food choices to most chronic diseases, and to the increase of overall mortality risk.

But even if we ignore all that, it’s important to know that your diet is not letting you achieve the best version of yourself. Do you suffer from indigestion, abdominal pain, weight gain, brain fog, headaches, joint pain, frequent colds, allergies, lack of energy, low libido, or even depression?

Yes, the food you eat is causing these symptoms. Your diet is making you fat, dumb, tired and sick!

Have you ever felt confused or unsure about what to eat? You are not alone. There is so much contradictory information about nutrition that it feels almost impossible to know what diet to follow.

That ends today!

The Neo Diet results from years of research done by Kevin to find answers for his own health issues. He read all the polarizing health & nutrition books, and everything in between. With that research, he became his own guinea pig and tested the very best (and well-researched) concepts from each of these diets. The conclusions from his research and experiment became this book. The informal and easy-to-follow guide he wished someone had written to help him.

Inside the Neo Diet, you will learn:

What are the so-called healthy foods that are actually making you sick.
How you can manipulate your “bad genes” and control your own health.
What research has to say about the whole carnivore vs vegan diet discussion (this might surprise you).
How to personalize your diet to respect your own physiology and to optimize your results.
The HORDIL strategy to hack your biology (aka biohacking).
How to perform physically and mentally like never before.
The 28-day plan to reset your organism to overcome the physiological blocks stopping you from achieving your health goals.
And so much more…

The Neo Diet will challenge you, but will guide you on how to lose weight, build muscle, revert chronic disease, clean up brain fog, become smarter, and boost your energy levels through the roof. You will finally become the superhuman you were designed to be!

– A Book with a Mission ?

1 Book = 1 Donation to Help Fight Child Hunger

For each e-book, paperback and hardcover book sale, $1 will be donated to help fight child hunger. Learn more about the organizations the author is partnering with by visiting ? Free on Kindle.
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Fundamental Strength Training After 50

Fundamental Strength Training After 50

As you age, your lean muscle mass starts to decrease. Over time, this can lead to weakness, decreased physical capacity, and the inevitable struggle to complete activities of daily living as you age further into your 60s and beyond.

A loss of muscle mass can eventually lead to a lack of strength, stability, and balance that results in an increased risk of falls, associated injuries and further physical deterioration. But you can do something about it.

It is proven that basic weight training after 50 can help maintain your independence in later life, reduce your risk of age-related diseases, maintain a healthy body composition, and increase physical capabilities in your work and home life.

It’s very easy to become overwhelmed with contradictory advice, complicated exercises, and futuristic gym machines. The aim of this book is to simplify strength training for older adults, focus on the fundamental exercises that should create the foundation of your weight training program, and clarify any misconceptions about how to improve strength beyond 50. $2.99 on Kindle.
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Free: The Resilient Nurse Book : A nurse’s guide to building inner strength when helping others is hurting you

The Resilient Nurse Book : A nurse’s guide to building inner strength when helping others is hurting you

How can you truly care for others when you don’t first care for yourself? As nurses, we all experience circumstances that are beyond our control. We feel overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious. But with holistic and comprehensive resilience tools, we can find ways to overcome adversity and maintain a sustainable, healthy balance. Using a framework inspired by George Everly Jr., Dr. Douglas Strouse, and Dr. Dennis K. McCormack, The Resilient Nurse Project employs six pillars of resilience in coaching nurses to recognize, address, and overcome burnout and compassion fatigue. These pillars allow nurses to manage and cope with conflicts, view their challenges strategically, and develop a positive way forward. The Resilient Nurse Book uses each pillar of resilience as a lens to view the personal stories of nurses who demonstrate strength through adversity. Through these tales, readers can learn how to employ valuable resilience techniques and reduce the uncontrollable spiral that might otherwise result from life’s curveballs. In a world of endless responsibilities and high-stress employment, these tools are critical to managing opposing priorities and overcoming the all-too-common trend of putting oneself last. Avoid professional burnout as a nurse by following these strategies, so you can become your best self at work and at home! Free on Kindle.
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20 Healthy Foods for Weight Loss

2o healthy foods for weight loss
Are you unhappy looking at your body in the mirror?
Have you tried everything ,still unable to lose weight?
Are you feeling awkward due to your belly fat?
Do you want to look YOUNG, FIT & BEAUTIFUL?

NO PROBLEM! Just include these 20 healthy foods and see the fantastic results of weight loss.
$2.99 on Kindle.
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Pathways to Peace: 20 Visualizations to Enhance Your Yoga Practice

Stress and anxiety are part of our daily life and can affect the way we live. With this book, author Dianne Willging has collected visualizations that can be integrated into your yoga or meditation practice. Visualization is a form of meditation that has proven over time to reduce anxiety, decrease negativity, as well as foster courage, creativity, and a sense of purpose. Using the exercises in this book will improve your overall sense of well-being and promote the health of body, mind, and spirit $1.99 on Kindle.
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Ah, Brain, Why Do You Trouble Me So Much?

Ah, Brain, Why Do You Trouble Me So Much?

Happiness and balance can often feel just out of reach. While we strive to build the perfect home and enjoy our work and a thriving family, often the first sacrifice is our own heart and body. External expectations can bury our authentic self, causing disconnect between our inner and outer world.

Create harmony between your inner and outer life by harnessing the power of your thoughts, emotions, and energies—without fighting circumstances or changing your surroundings! With a practical method to synergize your mindset and break free from boundaries built around you, you can alter your perspective of success and healthy living—from the inside out. $0.99 on Kindle.
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The Sovereign Health Solution: Heal the Psycho-Energetic Root Causes of Chronic Illness

The Sovereign Health Solution: Heal the Psycho-Energetic Root Causes of Chronic Illness

The Sovereign Health Solution teaches you about the role of psychoenergetics in health and disease, and guides you step-by-step through all the key aspects to optimize subconscious programs, addressing emotional toxicity, building neurological resilience and balancing your biofield.

This highly practical book is an essential read for anyone dealing with chronic health symptoms. It will help you take your health to new levels that you may have not even thought you could achieve. Eva Detko shares her extensive 23 years knowledge and experience in the field of human physiology, biochemistry, bioenergetics and natural medicine to help you take your health to new levels. $9.97 on Kindle.
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Finding Joy with an Invisible Chronic Illness: Proven Strategies for Discovering Happiness, Meaning, and Fulfillment

Do you deal with a chronic, frequently debilitating, or invisible condition? In spite of continuous physical suffering, how can you experience good emotions, enjoy satisfying relationships, and get the most out of your healthcare? As a school psychologist and chronic illness patient, Christopher wants to inspire you to do just that. This psychology self-help book takes a comprehensive, holistic, and very practical approach offering tools to manage the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and social aspects of living well with chronic illness. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Baby Led Weaning – 100 Fresh & Easy Recipe Book for 6-12 Months Old: What, When and How Much to Feed Your Baby

Baby Led Weaning - 100 Fresh & Easy Recipe Book for 6-12 Months Old: What, When and How Much to Feed Your Baby
Baby-led weaning has become quite a buzzword in parenting circles, and for all the right reasons!
Are you thinking about introducing your little one to solid foods?
Do you want to know about the foods your little one can eat?
Have you been hearing of baby-led weaning but don’t know what it is about?
Do you have any concerns about baby-led weaning?
Do you want to learn more about it?
Are you wondering about how to prepare your baby’s food?
If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, this is the perfect book for you!
Encourage your little one to become an independent feeder!
What are you waiting for?
Are you excited to get your little one started on solid foods the healthy way?
If yes, this book will act as your guide every step of the way! $2.99 on Kindle.
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The Anti-Inflammatory Diet Lowdown

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet Lowdown
Eating is a basic need for living, but it can be destructive to your body. The inflammation in your gut, joints, and other tissues affects every part of your quality of life. Combat it in just a few simple steps with “The Anti-Inflammatory Diet Lowdown.” $0.99 on Kindle.
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The Native American herbalist’s bible 4 in 1: the ultimate herbal encyclopedia with theory and practice. Discover (100+) natural remedies and (30+) recipes to improve wellness

The Native American herbalist's bible 4 in 1: the ultimate herbal encyclopedia with theory and practice. Discover (100+) natural remedies and (30+) recipes to improve wellness
It’s a fact: natural plants offer solutions for our health and wellbeing. In fact, did you know that Native American healers have been developing effective herbal remedies for over 40 years? If you’ve been looking to switch to a more natural lifestyle then you’ve got to start now, and this book is perfect for you!

Are you constantly dealing with diseases that just don’t seem to be able to be cured? Have you grown tired of using expensive and synthetic medication that is just ineffective? Do you want to start using raw and natural products but just don’t know where to begin? Well look no further, you’ve found the perfect book!

This 4-in-1 informative guide is inclusive of theoretical and practical guidelines that include a multimedia encyclopedia for reference with illustrations to help you identify the herbs and plants, and recommendations on how to get started on your dispensary by preparing, preserving, and storing your herbs and medicinal plants.

Inside The Native American Herbalist’s Bible, you’ll discover:
An introduction to Native American herbal and medicinal treatments and why they’re still relevant in this modern age
Over 30 wholesome recipes ranging from breakfast, main meals, and traditional native American desserts
Ways to take care of your wellness using aromatherapy and essential oils
How to take care of your pets, manage personal hygiene, and maintain your household the natural way!
Over 100 herbal treatments designed for children, men, and women to tackle common illnesses
You have just discovered a treasure trove that will allow you to reconnect your mind, body, and spirit to the healing and restorative properties found in mother nature.

From now on, you will take charge of your family’s health and wellbeing the natural way! No more stressing about overpaying for conventional medical treatments or dealing with their toxic side effects!
Are you ready to unlock the healing power of nature? $1.99 on Kindle.
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Healthcare Anonymous: Put Yourself First to Avoid Anxiety, Addiction and Burnout

Healthcare Anonymous: Put Yourself First to Avoid Anxiety, Addiction and Burnout

Perfection is endemic in the healthcare environment. The system that we have dedicated our life to is gradually eating our life away. In Healthcare Anonymous, Dr. Simon Maltais allows us to understand using real-life inspiring stories that training, misguided references, maladapted interactions with the system, and increasingly demanding hours have created a perfect nidus to manifest healthcare disease. He thoroughly exposes how it can lead to personal, professional, and potential lifelong devastating consequences for healthcare workers, patients, and society.

In this eye-opening, core shattering, and inspiring book, Maltais lays bare the real source of anxiety, addiction, and burnout. He explains how our healthcare system and the way we interface with it can create a vicious cycle that directly impacts our entire system. Healthcare Anonymous describes:

• HealthCare Disease: how the system getting you well is creating sick workers.

• How high-intensity environments impact the delivery of care and the performance of our nation’s finest medical minds.

• The symptoms of maladapted healthcare workers.

• Findings of an in-depth compassionate case study on healthcare workers.

• Simple steps to prevent, stop, and heal from healthcare disease and breakthrough a better life.

As the global pandemic has tested the core of our medical systems and pushed healthcare workers to their breaking point, Maltais exposes the fragility and vulnerability of our healthcare workforce. At times core shattering, Healthcare Anonymous is an “open heart” window written with a baffling humility by a unique up and rising non-fiction doctor/writer, John M Stulak, MD (cardiac surgeon and educational leader).

Maltais’ remarkable insight into a controversial and often forgotten topic of actuality provides an inspiring insight into our world’s largest industry. $0.99 on Kindle.
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A Way Back to Health: 12 Lessons from a Cancer Survivor

A Way Back to Health: 12 Lessons from a Cancer Survivor

Based on the true story of her subsequent cancer journey, A Way Back to Health reveals how surprising lessons paved the way for her recovery, shares helpful action steps for those who find themselves in a similar situation, and illuminates how personal stories can powerfully motivate and heal. In addition to telling her own story, Kelley also features examples of how other, amazing survivors have learned to manage, survive and thrive in the face of cancer. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Morning Habits For Extraordinary Health

Morning Habits For Extraordinary Health
Today’s fast-paced world is relentless in its demands, and each person—whether you are young or old—has pressure to keep pace. Achievement is the name of the game, and the more you accomplish, the better.

But at what cost?

Often, people become so consumed by their accomplishments that they fail to notice that their health is failing until it is too late. But the good news is that it’s not too late for you!

After reading this book, you will have created and developed a morning routine that is uniquely yours, designed to help you live your best life, starting with making sure you are in peak health.

$0.99 on Kindle.
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The Ultimate Guide to Methylene Blue

The Ultimate Guide to Methylene Blue

Discover the revolutionary metabolic therapy that’s leaving the genetic-based medical paradigm in the dust! International #1 Bestseller on Sale – 2 days only! ORDER NOW click the link: $0.99 on Kindle.
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Reclaim the Rebel: 12 Rebellious Acts to Achieve Unconditional Love for Your Body

Reclaim the Rebel: 12 Rebellious Acts to Achieve Unconditional Love for Your Body

If you’re like most women, you probably think another weight loss program or an extra mile on the treadmill will get you closer the body you want. But all that work won’t get you anywhere if you can’t shut up your inner mean girl. Expert nutritionist and wellness coach Lizzy Cangro shares the powerful Rebellious Acts that will transform the way you see yourself and your body. With this empowering guide of game-changing self-love tools and inspiring personal journeys of other women like you, it’s time to unleash your personal power and achieve a life of healthy, unconditional love for your body. $0.99 on Kindle.
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