Daywalker Chronicles Complete Series Boxed Set

Daywalker Chronicles Complete Series Boxed Set
Sienna has a bit of a problem. She’s a vampire by day and human by night. And it’s just as confusing as it sounds.

Does the Daywalker have what it takes to take down some of the worlds most feared and powerful vampires?

Get this complete series boxed set to find out! $0.99 on Kindle.
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Night’s Kiss

Night's Kiss

Vampires killed my parents. I’ll destroy every last one of the evil bastards, starting with their king. But only achingly tall, dark, and too-sexy-for-his-own-good Ryker can help me locate the king. Only we’re not the only ones after the king, and want us all dead. Which leaves one question…why can’t any of us find the vampire king? $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Growing Fangs

Growing Fangs
Cora has found herself in a pickle. Namely, she’s dying.

No one can change the hand that fate deals, yet Cora is offered a choice when she reaches the limits of what medicine can do to keep her alive.

Will she defy fate and agree to an attempt to transform her into a vampire?

Will her decision turn her into a dark version of herself? Or will she die? Free on Kindle.
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Free: The Librarian’s Vampire Assistant

The Librarian's Vampire Assistant
From NEW YORK TIMES bestseller Mimi Jean Pamfiloff comes a Paranormal Rom-Com with Mystery!


Who killed Michael Vanderhorst’s maker? It’s a darn good question. But when the trail brings Michael to hellishly sunny Phoenix, Arizona, his biggest problem soon becomes a cute little librarian he can’t seem to stay away from. He’s never met a bigger danger magnet! Free on Kindle.
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Vampire King: Enemies To Lovers Protector Romance

Vampire King: Enemies To Lovers Protector Romance
Your worst enemy is your best protector.

In a supernatural town that has always protected you, you don’t expect to stumble upon danger.
Yet, there are threats around every corner.

In a town where everyone is different, where everyone is a shifter, being a human feels like being an ugly duckling in a goose pond.

When those I trusted the most turn their back on me, when those you trust betray you, who becomes your protector?
The vampire king?
The… enemy himself?

He offers me a deal, and I know it is my only way out. I have to accept.
He wants to find the secret well.
I need someone to keep me safe.

But that means I have to be close to him.
Closeness means affection.
Affection turns to forbidden love, and eventually, enemies become lovers.

Even then… are they to be trusted? $0.99 on Kindle.
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Red Night: A Vampire Files Novel #1

Red Night: A Vampire Files Novel #1
“If you love all things vampires, then this is the book for you. I was instantly captivated and drawn into Samantha’s world. The characters in this book are so well defined, you feel as if you’re living inside the book itself – a movie playing inside your head. I couldn’t put it down!”— BOOK LOVER REVIEWS on Amazon

Spying on people is about as exciting as waiting for water to boil, until private investigator Samantha Chase inadvertently spies on a mysterious vampire named Adam. Without warning, Samantha’s life takes a thrilling yet terrifying turn.

Adam’s thought of nothing but revenge and justice. He’s hunted a notorious vampire across centuries for the sole purpose of destroying the one who stole everything from him. Then, Samantha literally stumbles into his path, and suddenly, Adam has a new reason to live. But Adam isn’t the only vampire to notice there is something special about Samantha Chase. When Adam’s nemesis recognizes a new way to torture Adam, he also sets his sights on Sam but for a frighteningly different reason.

Intensely romantic and incredibly suspenseful, Red Night walks that fine line between caution and desire. This is a dangerous love story.

“I’m an enthusiastic vampire fan. It’s fair to say that I’ve loved them long enough. I’ve seen many an iteration of the children of the night; from mindless beasts to those who sparkle and subscribe only to animal blood. It’s been a while though, since I found vampires that follow the cardinal rule: a balance between reason and savagery that allows a monster to pass for human before our very eyes. R.K. Close gave me those vampires, and a little more. “Red Night”, the first book of the Vampire Files introduces us to Samantha Chase. Sam is smart, independent and blessed by both common sense and the initiative to sign herself up for an adventure, if needed be.” — READER REVIEW $0.99 on Kindle.
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Her Dark Protectors Books 1-4

Her Dark Protectors Books 1-4Four cursed warriors. One vampire-hunting detective. This sexy, kick-ass reverse harem series will keep you up all night… $3.99 on Kindle.
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Free: 4-Ever Hunted

4-Ever Hunted
Someday, vampires will quake at the sound of his name. Until then, Trick will try to keep his grades up and keep his parents in the dark while hunting a shadow faerie that is trailing two new vampires in town. Action-packed fantasy with a little humor and romance. Free on Kindle.
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Voodoo and Vampires

Voodoo and Vampires


I’m supposed to seduce and assassinate the vampire king…

He’s defied the new vampire council.

The Voodoo Queen has evoked Erzulie, the Loa of Love, to render him susceptible to my allure

Once I’ve enthralled the king my orders are to stake him and cast a spell to harness the power that lingers in his blood.

But there’s one problem…

He has enthralled me instead. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Moon Dance

Moon Dance
Six years ago, federal agent Samantha Moon was the perfect wife and mother, your typical soccer mom with the minivan and suburban home.

Then the unthinkable happens, an attack that changes her life forever…

And forever is a very long time for a vampire. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Wanted: Vampire’s Assistant

Wanted: Vampire's Assistant
Ever had life kick you in the teeth after it shoved you down the stairs?

Yeah, that’s how my day was heading.

And then I saw an ad in the paper that changed my life—Wanted: Vampire’s Assistant. Qualifications must include: loyalty, sturdiness, flexibility, dependability, fearlessness, intelligence, and please no applicants that are prone to temper or fits of terror.

Normally, I’d laugh at the absurd ad, but I emailed the prankster—Draven Leto, instead. People need jobs, Mr. Leto. Prank ads are not appreciated.

I wasn’t expecting to get a reply.

And I certainly wasn’t expecting for the ad to be invisible to everyone else on my floor.

Then a self-proclaimed vampire with a voice that could melt honey called and invited me to interview for the position.

And I accepted.

Like I said, life changing.

Wanted: Vampire’s Assistant is part of my new Moonhaven Cove series. Each book in the series builds off the previous books, but still stands on its own. If you’re looking for clean paranormal romance with swoony kisses, snappy dialogue, funny and heartwarming characters, and plenty of suspense and action, you’ve found the right place. Welcome to Moonhaven Cove. $0.99 on Kindle
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Born of Shadows and Magic: A Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Boxset

Born of Shadows and Magic: A Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Boxset

As myths, legends, and ancient tales rise from the shadows, these heroes and heroines are left to face the darkest challenges of them all.

Life’s hard enough as a paranormal. Shifters, vampire, elementals, witches, fae… we all have our weakness, our curses, our wars to wage and battles to fight.

But being a hybrid or a halfling, things just get worse. We don’t fit in anywhere, our powers are thwarted or out of control, and everyone wants us dead.

Can we overcome these trials…or are the odds stacked too high against us? We’ll risk it all—even our lives—to find out. And hope we don’t die trying.

This paranormal and urban fantasy romance anthology includes 16 brand new, never before published novels from today’s bestselling authors and exciting up-and-coming talent! $0.99 on Kindle.
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Floating Hair

Lucy was dead: to begin with. Burned as a witch to conceal his crime. Ashes dumped into the river. Gone forever. No-one cared.

David, mourning for his wife, returns to the town of his childhood: finding love and solace and escape.

Yet sometimes the past won’t remain buried as it should. Sometimes it returns hungry for revenge. So very hungry…

Floating Hair is a gothic horror novel with a female perspective set in north-eastern United States. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Chelsea’s Alpha

Chelsea Dansler is a vampire huntress who is imprinted on, and later mated to, the pack alpha of her town. Together they battle vampires and other wolf packs who want vengeance against them, all while the passion between them gets stronger by the day and their relationship heats up.

Free to $1.99 on Kindle

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Free: Come What May

Come What May
Until he met vampire hunter Jack Harlan, Sam Fisher lived a quiet,
peaceful life. Now that dark creatures have murdered his wife and
kidnapped his daughter, Sam must learn everything he can from his new mentor to find his little girl before it’s too late.

Free on Kindle.
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Free: The Vampire Wants a Wife

The Vampire Wants a Wife
When vampire Theo decides he wants a wife, he applies to the local dating agency. Owner Shelley thinks she’s dealing with a lunatic, and then Theo decides on his ideal match – her. A paranormal romantic comedy with bite. Free on Kindle

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Midlife Magical Mystery Tour

Magical Mystery Tour

The proverbial you-know-what hits the fan in a massive way. One middle-aged sister faces serious health issues while the other’s world is ripped asunder after her husband decides to trade her in for a newer model. The sisters had grown apart, but now they need each other more than ever. What better way to take a break from life than a cross-country road trip?

Something odd happens on their second night and they wake with paranormal powers. To add crazy to the mix, there are geriatric werewolves, an alcoholic vampire, and fae folk in the campground!
A rollicking tale of friendship, love, and magic.
$0.99 on Kindle.
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The Crimson and the Black

The Crimson and the Black
Being a rich, beautiful vampire in Victorian England can get, well, boring. Which is why Countess Fyodora Korelev jumps at the chance to locate a group of kidnapped selkie girls … only to receive the shock of her undead life when a huge, gorgeous Scottish dragon shifter shows up and announces that she’s his fated mate.

Alone for centuries, dragon shifter Callum Brown is in a foul mood as he’s tracking down the Sassenachs who stole his selkie niece. But when he runs into a stunning vampiress who sets his blood on fire, he knows he has to claim her—even though she refuses to admit she’s his mate.

Callum must now use all of his skills to seduce his stubborn, beautiful countess. But Fyodora isn’t going to make that easy… $3.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Shadow Descendant

Shadow Descendant
Alaric, a centuries-old vampire, lives a solitary life by choice. When he’s assigned to protect Naomi, long dormant emotions stir to life.

Naomi Feldman has never understood the strange energy that hums beneath her senses.

But when she comes across an ancient artifact that seems to beckon to her, she may finally find the answers she’s been seeking.

Pursued by a dangerous enemy and battling their growing attraction, Naomi and Alaric follow the mystery of the artifact from the museums of Athens, the streets of London, towards a confrontation that will decide the fate of two worlds…

Start reading now! Free on Kindle.
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Free: Corviticus University

Corviticus University
Escaping an ugly past, Corviticus University is my chance at a new life.
But I certainly wasn’t expecting my four housemates to be hot as hell and drool-worthy.
A broody vampire, two devilish shifters, and an eccentric warlock want to help me understand my magic, but when new powers awaken, can they help me find answers? Free on Kindle.
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Free: Red Night

Red Night
A vengeance-seeking vampire. A retired vampire-hunter. And the feisty private investigator they wish to protect. It was a night of holiday shoppers, cold coffee, and cheating spouses. An ordinary evening for a private investigator, except for the vampire. Of course, I didn’t realize he was a vampire right away—that took some convincing. There’s no time to wrap my head around the whole ‘Vampires are real’ concept, because apparently one of them wants to have me for dinner, and I mean that in the most literal way. My unlikely protectors are natural enemies, and can’t stop fighting. And they’re supposed to save me from a monster who’s evaded capture for centuries? My number one priority is protecting the people I care about from becoming collateral damage. And that will be impossible enough without tripping over my frustratingly attractive bodyguards who insist on shadowing my every move. If you love realistic heroines, strong, a bit of humor, high tension, and enemies-to-lovers, then this is the series for you. Lose yourself in a story tonight! Free on Kindle.
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Free: Rebel Magic: Book One

Rebel Magic: Book One
Ready for a fast, fun adventure with a snarky heroine who doesn’t pull punches?
Supernaturally gifted bounty hunter Rebel is on the trail of gifted con artist and vampire Laurent Moreau in the heart of New Orleans. But not everything is as it seems, and Rebel will face a shocking danger far more challenging than one handsome vampire… Get this newly released action-packed urban fantasy adventure! Free on Kindle.
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Free: The Fire Witch (A Zvi Jayden Novel)

The Fire Witch (A Zvi Jayden Novel)
She just wants to catch a killer, but he wants to capture her heart.

A killer vampire is on the loose, and the vampire king wants my help tracking him down. I don’t blame him. It’s my job as a bounty hunter to chase criminals, and I’m good at it, much to the dismay of his vampire subjects.

Teaming up with the enemy is the last thing I’d normally do, but when Killian claims I’m his girlfriend in order to save me from his evil master, I have no choice but to repay the favor.

What I don’t count on is how persistent the sexy ruler will be in his efforts to win my heart, nor how hard he’ll be to resist when he tries to change the rules on our fake relationship.

Will I be able to keep from crossing the line with him so I can catch the murderer before it’s too late? Or will my heart become another vampire casualty?

Can the vampire king light a fire in the bounty hunter’s heart? Free on Kindle.

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Free: Surrendering

SurrenderingYoung women are disappearing across the country and Devon, the Vampire Lord of the Midwest knows his centuries old archenemy has finally resurfaced. Enter Kate, a woman who can not only see the missing in her dreams, but who ends up being his Moira, his Destiny. Now he’s torn between using her and protecting her.

Free on Kindle.
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Wicked Vampire Prince

Wicked Vampire Prince

Four years ago, a Vampire Prince abducted me, claiming we were fated mates. I escaped using black magic and tried to forget.

Now he’s back.
And he’s furious.
And he wants to make me his thrall.

He’s taken me captive again and this time, he’s ready for me.

But I’ve been preparing. That bloodsucker is about to bite more than he can chew. $0.99 on Kindle.

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