Fluency Secrets

“Fluency Secrets” is a book for students of English. As you may have guessed it from the title, it contains the top tips to becoming a fluent speaker. These tips have helped hundreds of students across Japan over the last 16 years. This guide will help you change your routines and set up new systems to learn English quickly and easily. Learning English should be fun, and this book makes it fun.
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Free: Re-Mind Yourself, Better Memory Lower Stress

Re-Mind Yourself, Better Memory Lower Stress presents the Re-Minding™ technique discovered by Dr. Jim Samuels. The book teaches you memory skill, and how to apply that skill to stressful thoughts and feelings, relieving you of the stress and leaving you free to focus on your goals. Tips for day to day use of your new found memory skill gives you personal freedom you’ll treasure throughout your life. Free on Kindle.
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Free: 17 Mistakes Self-Published Authors Make That Sabotage Their Success

Self-published authors often discover that writing their book is only the first step in getting the book out there.  “Why Auhtor’s Fail” explains how to avoid 17 common mistakes that can sabotage a book’s potential sales. Avoid these common self-publishing and book marketing mistakes  and give yourself a better chance of success. Free on Kindle.

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The Consciousness Bearers

This book contains articles that deal with the spiritual context of life, looking at psychoanalysis from a new angle. It includes an integrative model that places the psychoanalytical insights on the human psyche in a wider context of the evolutionary process. The author posits that the awakening of the spiritual impulse is an aspiration to higher consciousness, to subtler perception that is expressed in the spiritual impulse as the movement or action towards conscious evolution. It is a development of awareness to three things: to the absolute dimension, to the relative dimension, and to the fact that they are one. $2.99 on Kindle.
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The Business Idea Factory

The Business Idea Factory is a system for creating business ideas. It was created based on analysis of over 1,000 creative thinkers and has proven to be effective for thousands of people. If you are an entrepreneur, a student or simply want to become more creative this book will you create more ideas. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Can I Have Your Money?

Want to learn how to sell? In this book an elite stock salesman and tells about his exploits and experiences on Wall Street using masterful sales techniques. Get a fascinating perspective on selling, being sold to and the techniques that get people to say YES when you ask, “Can I Have Your Money?”amazon buy now

Free: Autism – A Practical Guide for Parents

An accessible and practical guide to autism – full of tips, ideas and strategies you can use right away to help your child. This book is written for parents, but the easy to read style also makes it useful for anyone who wants more understanding about autism. Free on Kindle.
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Free: Fluency Secrets: Learn English Quickly and Easily

This book contains tips, tricks, and strategies for students learning to speak English. Discover the top tips to becoming a fluent speaker of English. Free on Kindle.
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Effortless Savings: A Money Management Guide to Saving Without Sacrifice

Effortless Savings is the ultimate guidebook to saving without sacrifice. Perfect for readers of any income level or household size, it contains hundreds of ways to save money that are easy and manageable. Richard gives step-by-step instructions to help you:

• Shrink your cell phone bill without compromising your call quality, coverage, or data speeds
• Lower your Internet and Pay-TV rates while maintaining your current service
• Reduce your utility bills with simple, energy-efficient solutions
• Minimize your grocery bills without clipping coupons or looking through sales flyers
• See movies at nationwide cinemas, any time of day, for matinee prices
• Find the absolute lowest rates for airline tickets, hotel reservations, and car rentals
• Open a FDIC-insured checking account that pays up to twenty times more interest than standard accounts

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How to Make Money by Participating in Focus Groups

An insider’s how-to guide for making money participating in paid focus groups, written from an honest point of view, rather than the “get rich quick” tone that most entrepreneurship books have. Tips and tricks from an industry insider that has made over $100,000 over the last twenty years. $0.99 on Kindle through 2/15/15.

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The Noticer’s Guide To Living And Laughing

Change your life without changing your routine! How? By Noticing the things around you.

Do you know why you should be awestruck by broccoli? Do you know why you should love zippers? Do you know why our closets get filled with junk? Do you spit a lot? This book offers 97 simple practices that will help you to find the joy around you, make you smile, find your strength, find your purpose, and help you find your inner peace. Noticing is mindfulness with a smile. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Free: “Kindle Unlimited Made Simple”

This book showcases all the essential insights and information about Kindle Unlimited especially the publishing industry. It basically deals with giving information to the readers about Kindle and about the paper media. Since this book focuses more on the Amazon’s new book subscription service, it lets the readers know more about it through its comprehensive way of relaying the ideas and details.amazon buy now

Do It Yourself and Lifestyle Books, $1.99 or less

tasting beer

Check out “Tasting Beer” along with 275 crafting, cooking, drink mixing, brewing, knitting, sewing, composting, home projects and other how-to book. Browse over 275 Do It Yourself and Lifestyle Books ($1.99 or less 12/31 only).

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Free: “Writing Your Ebook”

write an ebook

Now is a great time for writers to publish their books.  Kindle publishing makes it possible for more people to become authors. This book by author Mike Reuther shows the steps needed to begin the publishing process. Free on Kindle.

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Free: How To Publish on Kindle

how to publish on kindle

Is the only thing stopping you from e-publishing your book is the “how” to get it done?The ultimate beginners guide on how to publish and market your e-book with Amazon KDP. Do you have a great idea for a book but don’t know how to get it published? Are you ready to fulfill your dream and become a published author?*Written by Amazon’s #1 best seller author Ally Nathaniel*In this book you will learn, step by step, how to make your dream of publishing an e-book a reality. Free on Kindle.

How To Stay Married

how to stay married

What happens after the “happy ever after”? After the honeymoon? After the shine dulls on your romance? How To Stay Married is not your usual How To book. How To Stay Married delves into the warts and all truth of a marriage and emerges with a bunch of hard won and loved tips to help you create the relationship you want. $0.99 on Kindle.

Free: 50+ Blender Recipes

free blender recipes

Own a Ninja or another high-powered blender? Inside this book you’ll find: Thrilling smoothies recipes, scrumptious soups & sauces recipes, appetizing spreads, and salad dressing recipes, and extraordinary dessert recipes. Let’s blend! Free on Kindle.


Free: 101 Hot Sex Tips to Please Your Man in Bed

free hot sex tips

This book contains 101 hot tips to help women increase their passion in the bedroom. A woman that is sexually creative and confident is an amazing turn on! Surveys have shown that men desire women how will sometimes take control in the bedroom. Send your sexual relationships to a whole new level and blow his mind with the tips in this book. Free on Kindle.

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