Sapien Ethics: Who We Are, Why We Are Here, and How We Can Live Better

Sapien Ethics: Who We Are, Why We Are Here, and How We Can Live BetterDo you believe there are clear answers to the questions: Who are we? Why are we here? No? I didn’t either. Do you believe the meaning of life comes from within and not from outside yourself? Yes? So did I.

Well, we were wrong.

Have you ever desired to understand your purpose in this complex world? Have you ever wondered why people do the things they do? When presented with a choice, do you strive to make a sound decision?

This book is your key to discovering more about humanity’s existence. It explains how our seemingly divergent goals of happiness, success, and contributing to the betterment of humankind need not conflict.

At its core, Sapien Ethics is not a self-help book. It is a guide for those who thirst for knowledge and empowerment. It is for those who believe in the overwhelming value of truth.

Sapien Ethics brings the ancient philosophy of life known as Stoicism into our modern world. It combines two-thousand-year-old Stoic concepts with contemporary scientific theories. Best of all, the text uses simple everyday language to help readers absorb these universal truths and gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be human.

The book provides a framework to understand how nature influences our daily behavior, how our minds work, and how our social connections provide us with strength. Readers are presented with a new approach to perceiving and understanding the behaviors and actions of themselves and others. Readers can learn to understand different situations and view them in a way that makes their lives better and supports the advancement of humanity.

In addition, Sapien Ethics helps us understand how to make better choices. Decisions make a difference in an individual’s success and happiness. This book provides an opportunity to closely evaluate the choices we make and their impact on our lives. Finally, we look to the future of all humanity.

Author Mark F. Godwin, Ph.D., takes readers on an intellectual and spiritual journey that began in his youth, continued through his education, and saw him earn a Ph.D. with specializations in Mathematical Optimization, Machine Learning, and Controls from the University of California, Berkeley. He has worked in various Silicon Valley startups and has founded two of his own. In Sapien Ethics, he shares what he has discovered about the meaning of life and encourages readers to ponder life’s most important questions: Who are we? Why are we here? How can we live better? $0.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Undefeated Woman: A Memoir: Two Suitcases, Two Hundred Dollars and a Dream

Undefeated Woman: A Memoir: Two Suitcases, Two Hundred Dollars and a Dream
Undefeated Woman is a memoir of a woman transforming from victim to victor.

Rajni Raman is an immigrant from India who married her college sweetheart after graduation and moved across the world, leaving behind her family and friends for the promise of a life in America. As she made deep connections in a new land, she also experienced racial, color, and gender bias and struggled to overcome the hurt, trauma, and shame of childhood sexual abuse. She turned to prayer, faith, and holistic modalities as her health battles raged on for 15 years.

In this book, Rajni shares her discoveries and lessons from her 30-year Buddhist practice, and her healing journey, recovering from thyroid illness, insomnia, and hormonal imbalance. Her book is a life memoir chronicling her life journey, filled with heartfelt dreams, gut-wrenching challenges, severe trials, and triumphant victories.

Her friends call her the “Soul Recharger,” who vitalizes them with shots of motivation and spiritual lessons from the teachings of East and West. After twenty years of working in the Information Technology industry as a Software Engineer in both the Corporate and public sectors, she has turned her lifelong passion for holistic modalities into her mission to bring healing and wellness to women. She is the founder of Mind Body Holistic Healing and Wellness, a motivational speaker, and the Texas Ambassador for an international women’s empowerment organization, B.I.G. (Believe Inspire Grow). In addition, she has been a Buddhist practitioner with S.G.I. (Soka Gakkai International) for over 30 years. She cherishes the opportunity as a leader in faith to guide, inspire and nurture hundreds of young women and share her faith breakthroughs to encourage countless members of her faith family on three continents. Free on Kindle.

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How To Write & Release Your First Song

How To Write & Release Your First Song

Learn songwriting secrets from independent Billboard charting artist “Manafest” with over 700,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Chris Greenwood is the man behind Manafest: the globally successful rock and rap musician who’s sold millions of singles and albums worldwide.

Songs move people. They create visuals in our minds and stoke fires in our hearts. They lift us up, take us down, and allow our minds to soar.

With over 20 years experience in the industry, both as a signed artist and an independent musician, Chris shares his incredible experience as a song writer and hit-maker on the pages of this book.

The modern music industry has undergone a revolution in recent years. The traditional gate-keepers have ebbed away, and now more than ever new artists can find audiences without the backing of a music label. But it’s hard going it alone, and even harder to know what it takes to achieve the level of success that will sustain you both artistically and financially for years to come.

Chris has lived and learned through this remarkable time, forging his own path away from a record label, racking up hit after hit and continuing to reach new fans every day.

Practical, honest, and generous: this book is the ultimate guide to writing, recording, releasing and marketing your first song to a global stage.

You have the power to write your own destiny with your songs and lyrics. Now is the time for you to take the first step. Write the message that only you can write, and cause revolutions and revelations in the hearts of your listeners. $0.99 on Kindle.

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The DNA of Democracy

The DNA of Democracy

Historical vignettes discerning the future of our democracy by rediscovering the fascinating past of tyranny & democracy. Just as DNA is interwoven in every aspect of the human body, tyranny and democracy have their historically distinctive DNA. From Israel’s Ten Commandments to the overthrow of kings in England & America, he constructs a blueprint of what defines tyranny or democratic government. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Change Habits for a Better and Happier Life: How to Achieve Your Goals and Overcome Your Inner Laziness by Changing Your Habits

Change Habits for a Better and Happier Life: How to Achieve Your Goals and Overcome Your Inner Laziness by Changing Your Habits

Change habits for a better and happier life’ is a book that is written for everyone who wants to achieve their goals and overcome inner laziness by changing their habits. Habits form character and everyone is a product of their habits. This means that good and healthy habits can aid a good life.

In this book, you will learn the triggers of every habit. You will also learn practical ways to change the habits you do not want.

Making resolutions are a great way to overcome bad habits. This book will guide you on how to stick to the resolutions you make concerning your habits. $0.99 on Kindle.

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The Suburban Grower: Sustainable DIY Raised Bed Gardening That Produces Thriving Fruit and Vegetables From the First Harvest

The Suburban Grower: Sustainable DIY Raised Bed Gardening That Produces Thriving Fruit and Vegetables From the First Harvest

Growing your own food isn’t as time-consuming as you think: all you need to do is learn the simple secrets of the raised bed.

With the right preparation, a raised bed provides the perfect environment for low maintenance gardening: it’s accessible; it’s easy to control weeds and pests; and staying on top of daily maintenance tasks is a breeze.

When you get the bug for growing your own produce, there’s no turning back. Your family will enjoy better health, your grocery bills will be lower, and you’ll notice an increased sense of fulfillment.

In The Suburban Grower, you’ll learn everything you need to know to start a thriving raised bed garden from scratch and begin reaping those benefits immediately. You’ll discover:

– The complete benefits of raised bed gardening, and how you can use them to your advantage
– How to easily avoid the most common mistakes in raised bed gardening
– Everything you need to know about building your own raised beds (don’t worry — it couldn’t be easier!)
– How to tailor your beds precisely to your family’s needs
– The secret formula for healthy soil (and successful crops)
– A fool-proof guide to planting and laying out your beds for optimal results
– Detailed growing guides for easy, quick-growing and high-yield crops
– How to make the few minimal maintenance tasks a doddle
– Essential tips and tricks for a pest-free garden
– Advice for dealing with a productive harvest (you’re sure to get one!)
– A step-by-step guide to creating a garden even Alan Titchmarsh would be proud of

And much more.

With just a weekend set aside to build and prepare your beds, you can set your family up for an easy and successful garden — and you can reap the benefits from the very first harvest.

Say goodbye to droopy grocery store veg: you’re about to change your life.

Unlock the potential of your suburban garden. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Hungering For God


To have a greater hunger for God ought to be our biggest desire. To love His word more than our necessary food, to long for Him as the deer pants for water – this is who we want to be. This book contains eight sermons preached over several years of searching for ways to increase our hunger for the Lord. Our goal is to become people of one desire, like David in Psalm 27:4. $2.99 on Kindle.

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Bring Back the Poll Tax! – The GOP War on Voting Rights

Bring Back the Poll Tax!-The GOP War on Voting Rights
In this book author Ofari Hutchinson explains:

*How Trump won the White House with vote suppression
*The GOP Plan to take Back Congress and the White House in 2022 and 2024
*How Major Corporations Bankroll voter suppression laws
*Florida and Georgia’s purge of thousands of Black and Hispanic voters prevented the election of Black Governors in those states
*How Felon vote bans still disenfranchise millions of Blacks in nearly all states

$0.99 on Kindle.

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Black Thumb Greenhouse: How to Take Your Self-Sufficient Homestead from Dream to Reality – An Introduction to Greenhouse Gardening Even Cactus-Killers Can Complete

Black Thumb Greenhouse: How to Take Your Self-Sufficient Homestead from Dream to Reality – An Introduction to Greenhouse Gardening Even Cactus-Killers Can Complete

Take control of your own greenhouse and learn the tricks of the trade from an expert gardener.

Do you have a large space in your backyard, not sure of what to do with it?

Does owning a greenhouse seem like something only seen in movies that you might never get?

Do you find it difficult to keep track of which plants, fruits, or veggies can survive in a greenhouse?

When you start your own greenhouse, and it’s about time you do, you’ll notice just how easy, realistic, and self-sufficient it really is!

All you need is that one person who will motivate you to take the initiative. That’s what Black Thumb Greenhouse can do for you! It is your book-sized mentor to make your gardening dreams come true.

By gaining the skills to create and design a fully-functioning greenhouse, you can grow a wide variety of veggies to add some incredible flavors to your cooking, or even some fruits to fill your daily diet with nature’s candy.

You have the freedom to organize and specialize your greenhouse depending on who you are. That’s the beauty of this hobby — it speaks to your personality and plays to your desires.

Your beautiful greenhouse can be ready in just a few steps, and following the guidance of an expert gardener can ensure optimal growth and a memorable gardening experience.

In Black Thumb Greenhouse, you will discover:

Your very own gardening mentor to have and to hold throughout your greenhouse gardening journey
A step-by-step guide to creating a functioning greenhouse, without having any prior experience
How to optimize your empty space to grow your own food
Effective tools that will make you a master gardener
Over 20 vegetables, fruits, and flowers you can include in your greenhouse repertoire
How to create the optimal conditions for your plants to grow and thrive
Everything you need to know to properly care for and maintain a greenhouse
The different types of greenhouses for you to choose the perfect environment for a variety of plants
And much more.

Black Thumb Greenhouse is the perfect guide for beginners and advanced gardeners alike. It combines the art of gardening with the excitement of growing a wide array of vegetables, fruits, and flowers.

A greenhouse will create an incredible environment in your backyard. If you were hesitant in getting started because of all the technicalities that go into a greenhouse, you’ll notice how easy it is after you’ve begun. From ventilation to irrigation, you will find every single detail you need inside in order to flourish in the world of gardening. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Greenhouse Gardening for Beginners: 2 Manuscripts in 1- Greenhouse Gardening and How to Build a Greenhouse

Greenhouse Gardening for Beginners: 2 Manuscripts in 1- Greenhouse Gardening and How to Build a Greenhouse
Greenhouse gardening is such a soothing and rewarding activity. Every gardening lover knows about it. A greenhouse is the best place to get lifted out of time to propagate seedlings, nurture young plants, and be lured by fragrant vegetables. This book is designed for those captivated by the idea of starting such a greenhouse gardening journey.

The author leads the reader through the many aspects to take into consideration: location choosing, design and structure, dealing with climates, watering systems, dealing pests and diseases, etc.

This book also provides reader with 3 step-by-step DIY building plans to build 3 different types of greenhouse ( A-frame, Hoophouse and Geodesic). $0.99 on Kindle.

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Fortune & Despair (Volume 1)

Fortune & Despair Volume 1

Fortune & Despair allows the reader to take a walk inside my mind as I reveal my life’s journey through poetry. The collection introduces fortune, which takes you along the path of good times until they aren’t good. It then dips into Despair, allowing the reader to take a sneak peek of my brain while experiencing rough times that are emotionally draining. I firmly believe you can’t experience the good without the bad, and vice versa. $2.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Roads to Meaning and Resilience with Cancer: Forty Stories of Coping, Finding Meaning, and Building Resilience While Living with Incurable Lung Cancer

Roads to Meaning and Resilience with CancerL Forty Stories of Coping, Finding Meaning, and Building Resilience While Living with Incurable Lung Cancer
Pursuing a more Purposeful Life? Assimilate stories from 39 patients with incurable Lung Cancer as they share their experiences, hopes, and strengths to find meaning in your life.

Life is an unfinished project, and similarly, finding meaning is an uncompleted task. But how exactly do we find meaning? How do people find strength? The diagnosis of cancer or other terminal cases create significant adversity. So how do people develop resilience? How do they keep going? These questions had been tackled for centuries by philosophy and religion. So what is there to add?

This is a compelling book by an author who is wearing multiple hats — as a doctor, an academic, a lung cancer advocate, and ultimately, a patient himself. Dr. Alachkar’s knowledge-based, yet deeply personal and relatable book will give you a variety of viewpoints on questions like the meaning of life, finding hope in a terminal diagnosis, building resilience, finding or losing one’s faith in a higher power, and much more! From its heartfelt personal accounts of how these strong individuals cope with cancer, to the thought-provoking search for meaning that underlies it all, this book is sure to run you through your complete gamut of emotions. If you seek a greater capacity for empathy or find relief in shared experiences, acceptance of altering realities and changed identities, then you can’t afford to miss this book.

This book is about the essence of the human experience at its limits. It is for Every Reader! Free on Kindle.

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Free: The Chakras of Tantra: Seven Wheels of Self-Mastery

The Chakras of Tantra: Seven Wheels of Self-Mastery
Chakras have sparked an unprecedented interest across the world and there has been a vast amount of literature published in recent years.

They have inspired spiritual aspirants, seekers and mystics for thousands of years and they have fascinated psychologists, psychotherapists and the general public for over a century.

This groundbreaking book presents the tantric view of the chakras as they have been treated traditionally within the rich system of tantric practices and help the reader understand how they can be used as powerful tools of self-mastery.

The chakras are fascinating since they are the gateways to consciousness. We will see how they are to be approached for spiritual evolution, to bring about the shift of individual and collective consciousness and how we can work with them so as to attain complete self-mastery. Free on Kindle.

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Free: Make Enterprise Great Again: The Gods Must Be Crazy!

Make Enterprise Great Again: The Gods Must Be Crazy!

This book will blow away your preconceptions of the almighty American Empire and its Enterprises. I guarantee it!

This book takes its title from the 1980 comedy film “The Gods Must Be Crazy,” in which an empty Coca-Cola bottle is dropped from a plane onto a community of African bushmen. The bottle is thought to be a gift from the Gods, but after it incites bitter fighting amongst the villagers, the tribal leader decides to return it to the Gods, embarking upon a journey to the end of the world. Through my own metaphorical coke bottle, I visualize the dawn of a daunting new Empire.  This book serves as both a testament to the past glories of the current American Empire and a guidebook to restoring Capitalism and Enterprise – before it is too late. Free on Kindle.

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Find Love Overseas: Eight Incredible Ways to Discover Your Foreign Future Bride

Find Love Overseas: Eight Incredible Ways to Discover Your Foreign Future Bride

Find Love Overseas: Eight Incredible Ways to Discover Your Future Foreign Bride is a different kind of self-help book, one that is written to help men navigate the treacherous waters of international dating infested with greedy corporations and insincere people often deceive unsuspecting daters. There’s a lot of myths and social stigma about International dating which we hope to dispel.

This book is the first of a book series that will provide a comprehensive step by step solution to help men and women date someone from another country. $2.99 on Kindle.

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I Can’t Breathe – The Never Ending George Floyd’s

I Can't Breathe--The Never Ending George Floyd's
In I Can’t Breathe -The Never-Ending George Floyds, political analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson examines all aspects of the Chauvin case. His in-depth look at the compelling issues in the case is based on his series of investigative opinion columns published at

He detailed the national rage that the Floyd murder stoked. He gives a hard-nosed assessment of why cops like Chauvin who routinely overuse deadly force are never tried. Or. in the rare cases they are, are seldom convicted. Hutchinson makes plain, Chauvin was the rarest of rare exceptions.

I Can’t Breathe – The Never-Ending George Floyds tells why the police killings of unarmed Blacks and other minorities must be made an urgent national priority $0.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Redemption: Grace Extended and The Real Price of Success

Redemption: Grace Extended and The Real Price of Success
Redemption – Grace Extended and The Real Price of Success is my life’s testimony thus far. In this book I will discuss my upbringing, my family life and my path to Redemption. The book discusses many life long lessons I have learned and my take-aways from overcoming growing up in the violent streets of Northeast Washington DC in the 70’s and 80’s and surviving divorce, bankruptcy and losing 3 brothers to violence! It’s an easy and very intriguing read that will inspire you to be all that you can be and to do it for others! Free on Kindle.

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Free: Raised in a bottle

Raised in a bottle

Growing up in a family with alcohol abuse can leave you significantly scarred as an adult.

If you have felt traumatized, anxious and depressed throughout your life, this is the book for you.

This book offers extensive insight into the dynamics and consequences of growing up with addiction.

It provides the help and compassion that addiction stole from you when you were a child. In short, Raised in a Bottle offers new hope for reclaiming your own life. Free on Kindle.

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