Lessons Learned: Short Stories of Continuity and Resilience

While an uninterrupted life, free of misfortune may sound wonderful, it is in the challenge, in the change, that we learn the greatest lessons. This book has been written with 51 years of personal life experiences, and an overlay of close to 30 years of professional experience in managing crisis for businesses across the globe, come rain…or shine. Both aspects have resulted in significant lessons learned… stories of continuity and resilience. $6.99 on Kindle
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Free: Frail Earth: Threatened by Scientists

Frail Earth: Threatened by ScientistsModern scientists have created burgeoning global dangers.

Stocks of nuclear explosives, swarms of artificial pandemic-viruses, and billions over billions of polluting machines are gloomy reminders.

Thus, the troubling question is rather short:
Have modern scientists shattered our survival chances?
Free on Kindle.
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The Stoic Philosopher Within You: Uncover And Embody The Wisdom Of Seneca, Epictetus And Marcus Aurelius (Stoicism Mastery)

The Stoic Philosopher Within You: Uncover And Embody The Wisdom Of Seneca, Epictetus And Marcus Aurelius (Stoicism Mastery)
We all aspire to be happier, more successful, and free of negative emotions. All we need to achieve our goals is a philosophy of life. We analyzed three of the greatest philosophers and broke down their observations on human nature, mentality, and happiness. Seneca, Epictetus and Marcus Aurelius. $0.99 on Kindle
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Free: Roads to Meaning and Resilience with Cancer

Roads to Meaning and Resilience with CancerPursuing a more Purposeful Life? Assimilate stories from 39 patients with incurable Lung Cancer as they share their experiences, hopes, and strengths to find meaning in your life.

Life is an unfinished project, and similarly, finding meaning is an uncompleted task. But how exactly do we find meaning? How do people find strength? The diagnosis of cancer or other terminal cases create significant adversity. So how do people develop resilience? How do they keep going? These questions had been tackled for centuries by philosophy and religion. So what is there to add?

While there is no such thing as a School of Life Professor, you now have a viable alternative. Morhaf Al Achkar obtained his Ph.D in education and is currently a practicing family physician at the University of Washington. He was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. Since then, his research has focused on the experiences of patients living with cancer. This book is based on interviews he did with 39 patients who live, like him, with advanced illness. He explored how these patients find meaning, cope, and build resilience. Using his own experiences and deep knowledge of philosophical concepts, Morhaf shares his understanding of a meaningful life from the perspective of someone aware of his own finitude.

Inside Roads to Meaning and Resilience with Cancer™, you will:

+ Confront questions about life, meaning, and your legacy before it is too late
+ Gain a new perspective on the meaning of living that transcends culture and social status
+ Learn countless coping strategies across various disciplines to build your individual Resilience
+ Acquire a positive and realistic perspective on your life that promotes hope and healing for your body, mind, and spirit.
+ And much, much more!

This is a compelling book by an author who is wearing multiple hats — as a doctor, an academic, a lung cancer advocate, and ultimately, a patient himself. Dr. Alachkar’s knowledge-based, yet deeply personal and relateable book will give you a variety of viewpoints on questions like the meaning of life, finding hope in a terminal diagnosis, building resilience, finding or losing one’s faith in a higher power, and much more! From its heartfelt personal accounts of how these strong individuals cope with cancer, to the thought-provoking search for meaning that underlies it all, this book is sure to run you through your complete gamut of emotions. If you seek a greater capacity for empathy or find relief in shared experiences, acceptance of altering realities and changed identities, then you can’t afford to miss this book.

This book is about the essence of the human experience at its limits. It is for Every Reader!

Get your FREE Kindle Copy to Live a more Meaningful Life Today! Free on Kindle
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DJ’s Mean Business: One Night Behind the Turntables Can Spin Your Company’s Success

DJ's Mean Business: One Night Behind the Turntables Can Spin Your Company's Success

Loosen your tie, grab your favorite tunes, and get ready—because this DJ is spinning a creative business strategy that’ll really shake the world up…

Tonight, you’re about to learn…by hitting your new favorite club in Hollywood.

Get behind the decks with DJ, music producer, podcaster, and educator Amani Roberts, and learn everything you need to know about starting, building, and marketing your small business. In a one-night set you can unlock your professional skills, work your creativity into entrepreneurship, and unleash your inner DJ. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Before Your Horse Comes Home: Introductory Horse Care for Beginners

Before Your Horse Comes Home: Introductory Horse Care for Beginners
As humans, we have relied upon horses for transportation and as work partners for years. While horses aren’t essential to our everyday survival now, they are still stunning companions who can provide endless enjoyment for their human caretakers.

At the same time, horses can be very complicated, especially for novice owners. Attempting to research horse care can be very overwhelming if you’re new to horse ownership. It’s all too easy to find complicated or conflicting advice. How do you determine what’s right for your equine companion?

In Before Your Horse Comes Home: Introductory Horse Care for Beginners, Meredith Hill details the ins and outs of horse care, as compiled throughout her over 30 years of experience as a caretaker for horses. From creating the right feed program to manure management, Ms. Hill will walk readers through the ins and outs of horsemanship.

In this book you’ll learn:
Is horse ownership right for you?
What does a horse need to be happy and healthy?
What kind of home is right for your horse?
What type of tools and equipment are required for horse ownership?

Horses are beautiful yet delicate animals and have care requirements that differ from nearly every other species of domesticated animal. In fact, you may be shocked to discover each horse requires their own care routine.

Don’t worry- Ms. Hill has your back. Throughout Before Your Horse Comes Home: Introductory Horse Care for Beginners, you’ll learn how to make the best decisions for your horse’s long-term care so that your hooved buddy can live a long, happy life.

If you’ve always dreamed of having a horse of your own, but don’t know where to start Before Your Horse Comes Home: Introductory Horse Care for Beginners by Meredith Hill is an excellent resource that will guide you through all of the practical considerations and concerns of caring for your very first horse. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Mayhem 337: Memoir of a Combat Advisor in Afghanistan

Mayhem 337: Memoir of a Combat Advisor in Afghanistan

In Mayhem 337, Rickard powerfully recounts his experiences during a nine-month period of intense combat deep in the mountains of Eastern Afghanistan. His graphic account guides you through intense combat from the streets of Khost City, to deadly mountain warfare while based at an austere combat outpost. He vividly describes the sights and sounds of battle as well as the heartbreaking aftermath of fallen comrades. From IED-laden roads to air assault missions and hostage standoffs, Rickard’s story leaves nothing to the imagination. His riveting memoir brings recognition and honor to the Embedded Transition Team legacy that is but a footnote in U.S. military history. $1.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Why Your Knee Caves In: Our Fundamental Knowledge Is Wrong

Why Your Knee Caves In: Our Fundamental Knowledge Is Wrong

Watch any sports game or step into any gym and you will see a knee-buckling in. This is surprising, as inward knee movement is seen as one of the holy grails of lower body physical therapy. In fact, it is directly connected to an Anterior Cruciate Ligament tear (ACL tear), the most extensively researched leg injury.

Medical practitioners refer to inward knee motion as knee valgus and hold the glutes accountable for not being able to keep the knee out. The link between valgus and weak glutes is not just a perception, it is an amendment. It is about as plain as the nose on your face, no questions asked.

And yet, it is entirely wrong…

This knee valgus bible gets rid of the fundamental misconceptions about knee valgus. Every physical therapist, physical therapy student, personal trainer, strength coach, fitness enthusiast or movement specialist should be familiar with the pioneering knowledge inside this book.

“Why Your Knee Caves In” will throw your entire understanding of inward knee movement upside down, in a highly digestible fashion with witty one-liners and fantastic visuals. Step by step, all the cards will be laid on the table and every detail will be meticulously explained.

A masterpiece for the ages. Free on Kindle.

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Pitlochry and the Road to the Isles

Pitlochry and the Road to the Isles
A picturesque journey in the Highlands of Scotland from Ben Vrackie along the quiet shores of Loch Tummel and Loch Rannoch, the mountains of Schiehallion and Meall Garbh reflected in their still waters seems like an innocent meander through the peaceful scenes and wonders of nature.

But it was not always thus. Slaughter, bloodshed, Viking invasions, heartless evictions; the creachs of the Children of the Mist and the atrocities of the Wild Men of Rannoch tore this area apart as it struggled to survive the blood hounds of the chief of the Clan Campbell and the sword of Butcher Cumberland during the long, dark, Jacobite years.

But despite all that there was good. People who changed a way of life, an attitude to life, life itself – whether it was for the good or to the detriment. Retrospect reveals how dedication or passion can make a lasting legacy – can make history. $1.99 on Kindle.

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The Armchair Real Estate Millionaire: If You’re Sitting There Anyway, You Might As Well Build Your Wealth

The Armchair Real Estate Millionaire: If You’re Sitting There Anyway, You Might As Well Build Your Wealth

Financial freedom with property investment isn’t about owning 100 doors. You want a fun life, not a frantic one! You just need a few quality houses, a couple hours a week, and a comfy armchair.

When you’re working a 9–5 and buying property for passive income, risky and overwhelming opportunities can lead to big financial losses and bigger regrets. Real estate should fund your life, not run your life!

In Armchair Real Estate Millionaire, investor realtor Michael Dominguez provides the roadmap to crafting a portfolio of quality investment properties for positive cash flow. Filled with expert wisdom and a straightforward approach, this is your simple guide to property investment that creates consistent and sustainable wealth and savvy retirement planning—without taking over your life. $3.99 on Kindle.

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Online Marketing Secrets For Beginners

Online Marketing Secrets For Beginners
Stop running around in circles! These extremely powerful marketing insights will bring you the success of your dreams.
Are you launching your first business and wondering how to get yourself in front of your target audience?

Or maybe you’ve been at it for a while now and find yourself frustrated by the mediocre results of your marketing efforts?

Do you urgently need more clients or else you might have to give it all up and go back to something “more reliable”?

Whether this is your first big business venture or you’ve already been around this block many times before, the truth is that marketing your product or service is no easy task.

Knowing who you need to serve, how to serve them best, and how to connect with them in the first place, is a complex ordeal of ever-changing variables.

And in today’s world of digital everything, the fast pace flow makes it even more difficult.

What worked last month might be completely outdated by now, and what’s trending in pop culture might shift at the snap of a finger.

The good news is that you can still build an effective marketing strategy, create a community around your brand and mission, and bring in results like you’ve never seen before.

And it’s easier than you think!

All you need is to be let into the secrets that every successful entrepreneur knows.

In Online Marketing Secrets for Beginners, you’ll discover:

The #1 thing you need to do if you want to successfully promote your business — and how to do it
Powerful insight into the different types of marketing that will make you feel empowered to choose the best one for you and your business
The most important element in today’s marketing world — and how it will define the future of business
How marketing strategies have changed through the years — and what you can learn from them
A comprehensive look at the most common mistakes beginners make — and how to avoid them
8+ secrets you need to know if you want your business to succeed. $2.99 on Kindle.

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The Julia Street Series

A segregated train ride from the Southside of Chicago to South Berkeley, California is only the beginning. Old-time trains and train travel are often romanticized, but Sara’s cross-country ride signals a life-changing ending and a much-needed new beginning. Before she boards a segregated train on the Southside of Chicago, Sara takes the reader on a series of goodbyes as she leaves behind treasured family, friends, and favorite places. With her children, all three under the age of four, Sara travels to join her husband, Ben, who is waiting in Berkeley, California. In the Julia Street Series, there are everyday triumphs, trials, and tribulations common to many in the all-Black working-class neighborhood where Sara and family settle. The reader will feel a strong sense of time and place while traveling through the decades as Sara and the country experience tragedy, loss, and unprecedented milestones.

Although the residents feel their neighborhood is exceptional, Julia Street is in every town.

Sara and Ben Jameson, with their three young children, brought to Berkeley their hopes and dreams for a much improved life in a city where they knew no one and had never been before. They hoped for a fresh start, a new beginning. What they hoped for and what they got were very different.

Most everything they thought they had left behind was waiting for them; separate but unequal schooling for the children, segregated housing, minimal employment opportunities. But despite these obstacles, they not only made it work, they thrived. Very quickly the Jameson family found their place in their all-Black, working-class neighborhood where they and their neighbors were not only homeowners but many owned the surrounding businesses. Their neighborhood was a fiefdom, and the adults were the beacons. And because of the adults’ sacrifices and their example, the neighborhood children went on to fulfill their wildest dreams.

The Julia Street Series lovingly spans 1943 to 2000. $0.99 each on Kindle.


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I Just Wanted To Kill:15 True Crime Cases

I Just Wanted To Kill:15 True Crime CasesAuthoritative yet accessible volume, brimming with 15 sinister true crime cases from around the globe. Discover the stories behind some of the most shocking murders in true crime history. Why did Marc Lépine hate feminists so much? Why did so many people go missing on the prairies of the Old West? Why did Paul Denyer just want to kill? This book tries to understand the reasons why seemingly ordinary people become murderers, and examines the social and political context behind the stories as the author digs deep into every case. The author doesn’t flinch away from the harrowing detail but approaches every victim with sensitivity, and every murderer with curiosity and insight. $0.99 on Kindle
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Free: The Blessing Book

The Blessing Book

Variously described as mixed, disguised, and best understood when counted, blessings occupy the space between what we want and what we need. Unconstrained from familiar definitions of success and failure, they are invitations to see ourselves and our lives differently. Just as we fall in love, blessings ask us to trust despite our vulnerability, promising support without a request for reward. They encourage not believe all our thoughts and through gratitude to trust in the mystery and the journey we are called to travel.

This collection of 72 short reflections are reminders there are no coincidences. Only connections to stumble upon and embrace.

You are not here by accident or mistake. You are neither small, nor insignificant.

No others smile is like yours…no others kindness is in your glow.

No others touch the world with your light, except you.

No others feel as your spirit feels, nor embrace another as you do.

No others experience your journey through your eyes and with your heart.

No others have the unique blessings waiting for you. Free on Kindle.

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Free: The Surprise Restaurant Manager

The Surprise Restaurant Manager

Surprise – you’re in charge now!

Steady money and new opportunities awaited as you moved up from server or bartender to front-of-house manager. But too often, restaurant management find themselves leading with minimal training, a ton of responsibilities, and no clue how to improve. In The Surprise Restaurant Manager, learn from Ken McGarrie, a restaurant operator who has helped launched dozens of successful restaurants, as he gives you the tools to master the unexpected challenges managers face every day.

Success as a restaurant manager is a constant quest to level up your game and your team-without sacrificing your sanity along the way. Free on Kindle.

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Free: Never Take for Granted: How a Near-death Accident and a Traumatic Brain Injury Showed me how much I’d taken for Granted

Never Take for Granted: How a Near-death Accident and a Traumatic Brain Injury Showed me how much I'd taken for Granted
How a near-death accident and a traumatic brain injury showed me how much I’d taken for granted. COVID 19 proved we all take things and people for granted. How to develop an Attitude of Gratitude

An inspirational memoir based upon my whole life (thus far) but it’s heavily weighted on the last 9+ years since my survival of a near-death accident in Aug 2011. I chronicle my early life, my 25-year marriage, my 30 years on Wall Street and my career as an avid age-grouper, all-distance triathlete. I competed and completed all distances of triathlon including the Ironman at Lake Placid, NY in 2005. Free on Kindle
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The Law Says What?

The Law Says What?
This book offers a crash course on some of the most bizarre, infuriating, and vitally important legal topics of today. Using real-world cases as a guide, you’ll explore laws that affect your everyday life and analyze the rationales behind the ones that might make your head spin. Your mind will be blown and you’ll even find yourself laughing as you learn about the weird quirks of criminal law, civil law, contract law, property law, tort law, international law, and courtroom procedure. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Screaming for Pleasure: How Horror Makes You Happy and Healthy

Screaming for Pleasure: How Horror Makes You Happy and Healthy

Whether you’re frightened to watch scary movies alone or a horror obsessive, Screaming for Pleasure is the entertaining guide to help cinephiles of all types fall in love with horror again. It thrills you with the diversity, beauty, and depth of the horror genre, dissecting films, literature and music that reveals how horror constantly reinvents itself and reflects the anxieties of each generation through spine-chilling tales of terror. $0.99 on Kindle.

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