Startup Evolution Curve From Idea to Profitable and Scalable Business: Startup Marketing Manual

Startup Evolution Curve From Idea to Profitable and Scalable Business: Startup Marketing Manual

This book is like an IKEA guide for building your next startup. Based on global research of 1,447 startups and highly recommended by more than 30 international experts. It’s not a book you read in a day, but like a manual you take with you and consult from time to time. Every startup founder should have it on the desk!

Shows The Way
Donatas Jonikas (PhD) provides clear and actionable guidelines for what to do next if you want to transform your innovative ideas into profitable and scalable business:
• What should be done and why it is needed
• Actionable steps and how to do it
• Real case startup examples
• References for further reading
• Templates and swipe files for download

Saves Your Time
This step-by-step guide is designed for people who don’t have time and want to take action right now. If this describes you, here is how you should use this book:
• Choose one of the five startup development stages you are currently most interested in
• Review the topics to get of what should be done in that stage
• Review the “how to do it” infographic at the beginning of the topic and follow the instructions

Covers All That’s Necessary
The concept of Startup Evolution Curve has five stages with seven lessons (or tasks to be done) in each. This is a comprehensive manual with 35 lessons on startup marketing strategy and implementation that covers:
• Feasibility study
• Hypotheses and experiments
• Fundraising
• Product launch
• Growth hacking

Provides Additional Resources for FREE
• 20 templates and swipe files for download
• Online video course on how to create an irresistible offer
• Invitation to join the group of like-minded startup entrepreneurs $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: LLC Beginner’s Guide, Updated Edition

LLC Beginner's Guide, Updated Edition
In LLC Beginner’s Guide, you’ll discover everything you need to know about planning, launching, and managing an LLC — but this time, completely simplified for beginners and those who detest the nitty-gritty legalities of running a business.
Free on Kindle.
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Free: Pay The Price: Creating Ethical Entrepreneurial Success Through Passion, Pain and Purpose


The truth is that despite all our best efforts, most new businesses still fail. Starting a business is tough. It’s even tougher building one with strong ethical foundations. Up to 90 percent of UK and US startups fail by the 10th year. This trend is even worse in developing countries such as in Africa, which incidentally is the most entrepreneurial continent in the world.

Strong foundations are impossible without going through the mill. The process. Highs and lows, shame and pain. This dark side of entrepreneurship is not highlighted enough in the literature, possibly contributing to these high failure rates.

There are plenty of business books about success out there. There aren’t nearly enough business books about failure and how sustained perseverance through pain and repeated setbacks is often the prerequisite for true, lasting success.

This book is different.

You’ll learn how Passion, Pain, Time, and Purpose are vital keys to succeed-with plenty of pioneering insights from unusual sources: music, poetry, chemistry, sport, and stories. It even has its own dedicated Spotify playlist.

In here, you’ll discover:

  • The Five Principles of Ethical Entrepreneurship
  • The Three Universal Phases of Entrepreneurship: the Honeymoon, the Formative, and the Legacy.
  • How starting with who, NOT why is crucial for building a successful, enduring, ethical business
  • Overcoming the FOUR kinds of pain that lead to entrepreneurial failure with a brand new Flag Response Model.
  • Validating Your Business Model and Partner using real theories in Chemistry.
  • Earning the best Legacy type, the Pathfinder, out of the FOUR available options and much, much more.

Free on Kindle.

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Free: Fulfilled: The Passion & Provision Strategy for Building a Business with Profit, Purpose & Legacy

Fulfilled: The Passion & Provision Strategy for Building a Business with Profit, Purpose & Legacy

Running a business can be discouraging, overwhelming, and lonely. Everything looks good from the outside, but on the inside, you’re struggling to take your business to the next level while still living your best life. What you need is a holistic strategy for running a stable company that makes money and allows you to sleep well at night. This might seem like a fairy tale, but it’s not. After years of research and honing their strategies, Kathryn and Michael K. Redman have developed a framework that offers you the dream with the means of implementation. There are no magic pills or silver bullets in Fulfilled—just the promise of transformation with hard work and patience. Fulfilled unpacks the six core areas of business and offers a clear plan for overcoming the challenges you’ll face, all with the aim of helping you build a Passion & Provision company. If you want to be financially successful, experience meaningful work, and lead a business you can be proud of, Fulfilled offers the roadmap to get you there. Free on Kindle.
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Never Sit in the Lobby: 57 Winning Sales Factors to Grow a Business and Build a Career Selling

Never Sit in the Lobby: 57 Winning Sales Factors to Grow a Business and Build a Career Selling

Are you in face-to-face sales and want to win more customers, make more money, and build a solid reputation that skyrockets your career? Success in selling doesn’t always depend on doing everything right. Closing a deal often relies on remembering what not to do—like don’t hate on your competition and never fax the facts.

After three decades in the office trenches, Glenn Poulos has figured out exactly what to do—and what to avoid—to get the deal.

Get and stay on top of your sales game with the personal advice, expert storytelling, and effective business strategies found in Never Sit in the Lobby! Inspired by real-life lessons that shaped Glenn’s career, this guide provides 57 factors for navigating the interpersonal dynamics of selling and the art of negotiation to help you sidestep common costly mistakes—before you lose the sale. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: The Trust Formula: A Guide Book for Entrepreneurs

The Trust Formula: A Guide Book for Entrepreneurs

“If you’re gonna move mountains, you must know how to move people.”

The Trust Formula will guide you through the research, stories, and specific strategies to move your leads, customers, and audience into action.

Creating greater influence, impact, sales and persuasion requires building trust. Trust, is at an all-time low in the marketplace today, but represents the key that unlocks your buyer’s brain has not. Dr Dan Sullivan will show you the simple strategies to influence the “decision-making” brain every time.

Learn the effortless approach to building trust and using authentic integrity to influence today’s market. Whether you are working online, in person, speaking on stages, or working in sales, building genuine trust in a short window of time will separate you from the pack.

Dr Sullivan’s simple, scientific approach helps entrepreneurs achieve reproducible results, even those who hate selling. So whether you are an introvert or extrovert, dealing with highly skeptical audiences, or simply trying to get your teenager to make better choices, The Trust Formula will give you the method, model and system to get repeatable results. Magical outcomes built on a foundation of science. Free on Kindle.
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The world’s greatest investors had strategies. Here’s yours… all condensed into an easy-to-understand roadmap to success. Do you have discipline and patience?

Then you have two of the key skills that made Warren Buffet the billionaire he is today. It’s difficult not to look at the field of investment and wealth management and think there’s too much to learn to make a success of it… and indeed, there are a great many in-depth books out there that make it seem even more daunting. You could study finance to a deep level for years, and still continue to learn something new. But do you really need to? Thankfully, the answer is no. There are shortcuts, and these shortcuts rely on using the work of others who’ve gone before you.

Franck Normandeau has been in the game for over 20 years, and he’s done all the background reading for you. So if you have a thirst for reaping the rewards of investment but lack the passion for trawling through heavy finance literature, you’re in luck. You can see success in the financial arena with just the smallest amount of background reading – all you need is someone to pinpoint the most important points for you and condense them into digestible, easy-to-manage nuggets of wisdom.

And that’s exactly what you’ll find between these pages. Inside, you’ll discover:

  • The 9 traps that are getting in the way of your success – and how to sidestep them with skill and efficiency
  • Essential tips for making sure your emotions never get the better of wise financial choices
  • When doing nothing is the answer to building something big – discover how to master this art for big rewardsWhat the system doesn’t want you to know about pension plans – and a better strategy for making sure your retirement years are paved with gold
  • Relatable analogies that make even the driest of financial concepts easy to understand
  • The single most common investment that really isn’t an investment at all… uncover the secret most investors miss (and make a better decision)
  • Bears, bulls, and pigs – get to grips with the animals of the stock market and understand what they really mean
  • 4 rules of building the perfect portfolio (without falling into common traps)

And much more. Successful investment is about being aware of the hazards that lie ahead and knowing the most important gameplays… So if you thought you needed years of studying to uncover the skills you need to succeed, think again. All you need is someone to boil it all down to its very essence – the most important things you need to know to open the doors to success. And lucky for you, someone’s done just that… $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: DJ’s Mean Business: One Night Behind the Turntables Can Spin Your Company’s Success

DJ's Mean Business: One Night Behind the Turntables Can Spin Your Company's Success

Loosen your tie, grab your favorite tunes, and get ready—because this DJ is spinning a creative business strategy that’ll really shake the world up…

Tonight, you’re about to learn … by hitting your new favorite club in Hollywood.

Get behind the decks with DJ, music producer, podcaster, and educator Amani Roberts, and learn everything you need to know about starting, building, and marketing your small business. In a one night set you can unlock your professional skills, work your creativity into entrepreneurship, and unleash your inner DJ.

Don’t miss out on the performance as DJ AmRo gets the party started for the crowd and for your business. All it takes is his fresh, unforgettable startup strategy in this guide to show you how to start the fun, beat the fear… and dance on your journey to entrepreneur success. Free on Kindle.
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You’re A Leader Now What?: The proven path to high performance leadership

You're A Leader Now What?: The proven path to high performance leadership

Have you recently been appointed to your first leadership role or are you in a position mentoring developing leaders? Are you an aspiring exceptional millennial leader who wants to change the status quo and build a different future for other millennials?

In either case, this book is for you!

Your first leadership role is an exciting step, but can simultaneously be a daunting endeavour filled with anxiety. You have most likely excelled in your previous role, but quickly discover leadership is a whole new ball game!

Successful leadership is less about the knowledge and skills you have acquired in your specific domain, and much more about relating well with others, navigating complex interpersonal situations, and bringing out the best in your team.

In his ground-breaking new book, You’re A Leader, Now What?, Mick Spiers equips readers with practical leadership skills never taught in school and rarely developed in early careers. If you are looking to become a leader people naturally gravitate towards that inspires purpose-driven action in your teams, Spiers lays out a compelling blueprint to follow!

In this book, you will find:

• How to challenge the status quo of leadership;

• How to inspire people into action because they want to do it, not because they were told to;

• Ways to increase your emotional intelligence;

• How to draw the best out of people;

• Tips on becoming the leader of millennials;

• How to lead with purpose and meaning;

• Tips on practicing daily self-reflection

Being a leader is about inspiring people into action; it is not the same as being the boss or being a manager who tells people what to do.

This book is designed for the next generation of leaders. The target audience are people that have been exceptional individual contributors and have recently transitioned into their very first leadership role. They have been successful and standouts in their chosen domain but have found the transition to leadership to be far more difficult than they ever expected. They soon discover that human beings are far more complex than they had ever considered.

$0.99 on Kindle.
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Conviction Marketing

Conviction Marketing
In a world of trending fads, unqualified “influencers” and surface-level tactics that leave business owners exhausted, overwhelmed, and far from profitable…. Conviction Marketing helps entrepreneurs uncover the secret ingredient to achieving authority and industry leadership in their field.

Conviction Marketing isn’t like other marketing books! Instead of teaching you to chase social media marketing trends that change week by week, this book will help you teach you a unique approach to building thought-leadership in your marketing, even if the most saturated online markets.

In Conviction Marketing entrepreneurs will learn how to:
Stand out on social media
Create marketing messaging that connects with dream clients
Create real influence online
Leverage a SIMPLE marketing strategy that can be applied to any social media platform
Create an online brand that commands attention
Grow their business with an authentic marketing strategy that represents who they really are
This book simplifies your marketing strategy so you can stop chasing social media algorithms, and start creating content that helps you TRULY stand out, even in a saturated market.

If you are serious about building influence online and are looking for a marketing book that walks you step by step through how to create high-value content so you can grow your business and build a legacy, Conviction Marketing is for you! $9.99 on Kindle.
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eCommerce Business Empire: 5 Simple Steps to Dropshipping and eCommerce Marketing Success

eCommerce Business Empire: 5 Simple Steps to Dropshipping and eCommerce Marketing Success
Unlock the keys to building an eCommerce business in 2022 including:

-How to select winning products and build winning sales funnels without paying for ads
-The only content creation framework you’ll ever need which will save you hours of time
-Copywriting secrets for websites and descriptions (FREE course included)
-5 tactics to scale your profits
-SEO crash course

And much more..
$0.99 on Kindle.
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Renouncing Holy Logic: Exposing the Secret Codes of Control, Power, Leadership, and Success

Renouncing Holy Logic: Exposing the Secret Codes of Control, Power, Leadership, and Success
Simple answers to complicated questions: Why are there wars? Why do some people stay poor no matter what they do? Can you change your luck? How can you control your destiny? How can you change your life practically, simply and with no miracles or magic? … and so much!

Exclusive bewitching journey to discover the mysterious secrets holding you back: Thrills, tragedy, comedy, excitement, business, philosophy…
$0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: I Can Be Bought

Manny Soto’s newest book will guide you through the financial obstacles, learn the strategies he has shared with clients & financial professionals, obtain his knowledge on wealth transfer, insurance, tax strategies as well as his expertise on leadership & entrepreneurship. Free on Kindle.
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Metaverse Investing For Beginners Ultimate Guide: Grow Your Wealth with Digital Assets

Could you become a Metaverse millionaire even if you’re not a professional investor?

Metaverse enthusiast and practitioner John Hernandez provides an A to Z guide to quickly get you up to speed on this new world and start passively profiting from it – all without the confusing technical jargon. $0.99 on Kindle.
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[2022 Version] How to Start and Grow an E-Commerce Business

[22 Version] How to Start and Grow an E-Commerce Business

Warning: this book cannot make you rich. Probably not the blurb you expected for a book about making money online, was it? But here’s the reality: there is no book on earth that can give you the Golden Ticket. The idea that you can print money from a magical money vending machine (“put $1 in, you’ll get $4 out!”) is a lie. It is spread by internet marketing gurus who have a vested interest in your belief in it. More belief in the lie = more seats sold in their “masterclass.”So, what’s the truth? You need to learn the fundamentals. In How to Start and Grow an E-Commerce Business, we’ll teach you the time-tested principles of entrepreneurship and digital marketing. We’ll show you the framework that thousands have used to create brilliant businesses, since long before the dot com boom. But this book cannot make you rich. It’s up to you to find it within yourself to apply the fundamentals to the real world. We’ll teach you the steps, point you towards the right resources, and encourage you to take action. However, at the end of the day, the task of building a great business lies on one person’s shoulders: yours. If I said anything else, I’d just be spreading the lie. $9.00 on Kindle.
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Be Vigilant!: Strategies to Stop Complacency, Improve Performance, and Safeguard Success. Your Business and Relationships Depend on It.

Be Vigilant!: Strategies to Stop Complacency, Improve Performance, and Safeguard Success. Your Business and Relationships Depend on It.

Success can be deadly in business, leadership, and relationships.
When you’re used to winning and achieving, overconfidence and faulty logic can blind you to potential dangers up ahead. Complacency costs money, causes slip ups, and creates critical mistakes that will put your company, your brand, and your teams at risk. Len Herstein shares law enforcement–inspired business strategies to help you see beyond the target and stay vigilant against threats like competition, predictability, bad habits, micromanagement, abuse of power, and industry change.

$0.99 on Kindle.
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Find Your Difference

Find Your Difference

Find Your Difference is a unique collection of observations, case studies, and hard-earned lessons.

No matter what you’re selling, difference is key to building an audience. This practical guide provides thought-provoking tips and strategies designed to challenge you, inspire you, and, most importantly, help you find your difference. $0.99 on Kindle.

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The Introvert’s Edge

The Introvert's Edge

#2 Best Introvert Books of All Time – Book Authority

#27 Most Highly-Rated Sales Books of All Time – HubSpot

An introverted salesperson? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

Not at all. Sales is a skill just like any other, which anyone can learn and master–including the introvert who is more comfortable alone than in the sales field. As with any type of success, it’s all about learning how to leverage your natural strengths.

Extroverts are rarely short on words, and their conversations and pitches never feel sales-y to them. The world of sales just comes naturally to the extrovert. But introverts aren’t comfortable with traditional tactics like aggressively pushing a product or talking over a customer’s objections.

What makes The Introvert’s Edge so powerful and practical is that it explains how introverts can feel equally comfortable and sincere in the sales world as well–without changing who they are!

Within these pages, introverts can learn how to find natural confidence, prepare for every situation, sidestep objections that would otherwise expose their discomfort, ask for the sale (without asking), profit from a process that doesn’t rely on personality, and simply enjoy sales.

The introverted salesperson is no longer an oxymoron–it’s a recipe for success!

Whether you want to drum up clients, pitch investors, or exceed quotas, Matthew’s advice, examples, and stories unleash the low-key, high-impact sales machine lurking inside. $2.99 on Kindle.

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