Free: Playing Charlie Cool

Television producer Charlie Trager knows he’s lucky to have a successful career and good friends and family who support him. The man he loves, however, is not so lucky. Joshua Goldberg suffers the spite of an ex-wife gunning to keep him from their two children…and maybe Charlie. Determined not to let Joshua go, Charlie crafts a scheme that could remove the obstacles to their relationship…or destroy their love forever. Free on buy now

Her Name is James

James is eighteen and returns home after three years in care to an uncertain reception. His Mother is delighted, his father is trying to be understanding and his brother is over the moon to have him back home, that is until his brother finds out his hero is transgender.
Family difficulties are a small part of the problem when a face from his past appears and tries to blackmail him over his past but all that pales to the youngster’s confusion when his childhood friend declares her love for him.
Can James become the girl she is meant to be without alienating those closest to him? $0.99 on Kindle.
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A Beginning, No Middle, And An End

a-beginning-no-middle-and-an-endThis is a story of a gay video game and book publishing billionaire in the mid 21st century who finds out his dad is not only a raving bigot but a bitter failed writer, who wrote a blog decades ago.

As the press is about to find this out, he goes to speak to him for the first time in a decade. Within a couple of hours, they end up getting kidnapped, there is a resurrection, a bomb that will burn the house down, a $20 million dollar ransom, lots of insults, and a conclusion that you won’t see coming.