Free: Tempting Enemy

Tempting Enemy

From Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling Author M. Robinson comes an enemies to lovers, forbidden standalone romance.

Look but don’t touch

From the night she showed up at my bar with a fake ID, I kicked her out. On her birthday, the following week, she showed up again. Except this time, she was demanding a job. Willing to do whatever it took to get it.

Against my better judgment, she got her, but Im not going to make it easy on her. Neither are the guys at my bar.

I have two choices: Pretend she’s mine to protect her. Or deal with the consequences when her five older, overprotective brothers find out what their little sister is up to.

Either way

Its going to be hell on me.

Because I cant stay away from her. Free on Kindle.
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Free: The Forever Series

The Forever Series (Serial Romance Collection, bold 1-4) Forbidden Romance with a touch of mafia.
Wanting him was a risk.
Being with him was a dare.
But loving him claimed my existence—my heart, my soul, and my every breath. Until he was gone…

*Grumpy/sunshine Forbidden college romance with angst, humor, and a touch of mafia suspense.

Free on Kindle.
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Secret Baby for a Damaged Billionaire

Secret Baby for a Damaged Billionaire

An Enemies to Lovers Forbidden Romance.

Nothing can tear me away from my best friend’s damaged billionaire brother.

At first sight, a powerful forbidden love blossomed.

His blue eyes hold a promise I can’t resist.
His touch ignites a fire I’d buried.

Stepping into his embrace, I dive into a realm uncharted.
I’m in, whether it’s one night or one life. $0.99 on Kindle.
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From Amazon top ten bestselling author Samantha Whiskey comes the billionaire, forbidden office romance you won’t want to miss!

I wear several labels: owner of the NFL’s Raleigh Raptors, heir to the Rutherford empire, and certified adrenaline junkie.

One label I’ll never wear?


I may love skydiving and touring live volcanoes, but risking my life is easy.
My heart? That’s another thing entirely.

For years I’ve kept my best friend and personal assistant Brynn Allen in the strictly platonic section of my wild life, but she’s owned me since high school.
She’s smart, funny, logical, brilliant, and beyond gorgeous. To put it plainly, she’s perfection wrapped in a tempting little package.

But I’ll never risk what I can’t afford to lose.
And losing Brynn would ruin me.

After a bet in our poker game has me handing over my newly acquired marketing firm for Brynn to save, my once always-by-my-side assistant has her hands more than full. The last thing she needs is my resolve slipping when it comes to keeping a safe distance from her.

But one night, we cross that line I’ve held for years, and it’s better than any fantasy.
We’re fire, electric, combustible.
And now there’s no going back.

To keep her, I’ll have to do the one thing I’ve never done before—be reckless with my heart and hope I don’t break us in the end.
$0.99 on Kindle.
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Double Surprise (Spicy Office Secrets)

Double Surprise (Spicy Office Secrets)
I ran from my abusive ex and fell into my forbidden boss’s arms. Griffin Cooper acted like he owned the world. Rich, arrogant, and oh-so-irresistible. It was lust at first sight. The only problem? I worked for him and he didn’t even know my real name. Escaping my past forced me to hide my identity from the world. Including Mr. Billionaire Boss. Especially him. But I craved his touch every single night. Trying to keep my distance from Griffin could never work. It wasn’t just my life in danger anymore. Griffin would have to save me just in time for a double surprise. He didn’t know that I was a single mom… or that I was pregnant with his unborn child. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Daddy’s Best Friend (The Forbidden Attraction)

Daddy's Best Friend (The Forbidden Attraction)
I forced myself to forget about Alan… the man who was not only my father’s best friend, but also my new boss. Resisting my urges to jump into bed with a hot older man only led to trouble. The more I ran from my feelings, the closer I felt to Alan. He was aware of my secret – the filthy things that excited me. But the secret we had to hide from the world continued to get more complicated. I kept thinking that I still had time to get out. It was only when I missed my period that I saw my future flash before my eyes. I was about to lose not only my father’s trust, but also my job. Those two pink lines came with two choices… Hide the news and disappear, or be honest with Alan and have my heart broken. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Bancroft Billionaire Brothers Box Set

Bancroft Billionaire Brothers Box Set
Get married, have a child. These are the only two rules to get my inheritance. Four sexy, billionaire romances for your reading pleasure. Featuring…
My Last Love Affair
Our Twisted Love Affair
My First Love Affair
A Billionaire’s Love Affair $0.99 on Kindle.
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Of Course It’s You

Of Course It's You
My boss’s daughter is off limits. For now.
Wanting her wasn’t in the cards.
Tell that to the need pumping through my veins.
When we’re thrown together at work, resisting temptation goes out the window.
So does my shot at the job I’ve had my eye on for years.
Her father chooses her to take the role instead of me.
Talk about unqualified.
She’s everything I want in bed and everything I don’t want at the office.
And she gets to call all the shots.
I’m honestly not sure how much I can put up with. Especially because I don’t have to.
But she needs me. The coworker in me wants to smirk wickedly, but the man in me rushes in to help.
How can I not?
She should have been off limits.
And I always want what I can’t have.
I never expected it to be her.
But of course it is. It’s always been. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Meant to Be: An Age Gap Forbidden Romance (Heart of Hope)

Meant to Be: An Age Gap Forbidden Romance (Heart of Hope)
I needed a bodyguard to protect me from my violent ex – the one that got me pregnant. Dax seemed like the perfect man for the job… at first. It’s obvious that I have a “type” in men. Alpha, dominant, and… hot as hell? Dax’s strong arms cover and protect me everywhere I go. He’s ex-military and quite intense. The way he looks at me when I’m in danger tells me all I need to know about him. He’s broken, damaged, and closed off to love. I know he doesn’t have a heart anymore. But a part of me still won’t stop looking for it. Confessing my feelings to Dax is not an option…But there’s a secret growing inside me that I can’t hide anymore. Revealing it could shatter my heart to pieces, but what’s the alternative? Running away and never looking back? $0.99 on Kindle.
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Christmas with the Older Man

Christmas with the Older Man

I was the good girl.
Now I’m breaking all the rules
For an older man
Who’s my ex’s uncle!

Older, sophisticated and sexy as hell,
He’s also my new boss.
Being the good girl left me unsatisfied.
For once I’m going after what I want,
Even if he’s forbidden. $0.99 on Kindle.
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My Mommy’s Boyfriend (The Forbidden Attraction)

My Mommy's Boyfriend (The Forbidden Attraction)
I’d had a crush on Victor long before I was able to look into his eyes and let him hold me… I’d been dreaming of doing that since I was a teenager and he was dating my mother. A nasty breakup led me to him ten years later. Yes, I had to catch my breath when I saw him looking even hotter after all those years. I was no longer the little girl that felt guilty for liking an older man and I wanted to rip his shirt off right there at the restaurant. Victor Beringher was much more than a rebound to me. But gaining him meant losing my mother. Of course she’d make a scene upon finding out. And then I’d have to pick between the two. My heart was already torn when I faced another impossible situation. Getting pregnant. The news would have my mother screaming at me. And on top of that, there was no possible way that Victor would want a baby, right? I was about to lose not one but the two most important people in my life. Only a miracle could turn this mess into a happily-ever-after! $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Falling for the Forbidden

Falling for the Forbidden

Rules were made to be broken and we were about to break all of them. My heart can’t deny what I feel for him and my body won’t ignore his touch. He’s my step-brother and what we have might be real, but it’s also forbidden. We disregard the warnings and follow our hearts, forgetting one thing… Love isn’t meant to be easy, but a love like ours was never meant to exist. Free on Kindle.
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The Summer Getaway: An Age Gap Single Dad and Nanny Romance (Forbidden Temptations)

The Summer Getaway: An Age Gap Single Dad and Nanny Romance (Forbidden Temptations)

My boss hired me to care for his daughters. Instead, he ended up babysitting me. Well, not exactly but it’s as complicated. Henry Fairfield makes me want to break all the rules. First, I slept with him. Then I fell in love with him. And now… I’m in trouble. He’s older than me, oh-so-wrong and completely forbidden. And he’s my boss, which means that I could lose my job. Along with my sanity if he breaks my heart. But the one thing he wouldn’t do is let me get into trouble. My toxic ex will stop at nothing until he destroys me. Unless… Someone stopped him. And I have a feeling that Henry will fight for my safety. But will he also fight for my heart? $0.99 on Kindle.
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Torched Spades

From USA Today Bestselling Author Cora Kenborn comes the Marchesi Empire, a forbidden enemies-to-lovers dark mafia romance duet. Never flirt with fire… Four months ago, Johnny Malone showed up at my office, flipping a playing card between his fingers like I was wasting his time. Me. The one with the Ph.D.The one a self-confessed arsonist came to for help in controlling his “urges.”The one he visits every week and undresses with his eyes.Lethal dark eyes that drown me in fiery lust and constant lies. But the deeper I sink the more those ethical lines blur, and his charm overshadows his inner demons. Ones with no family, no friends, and no past. Just a standing Tuesday appointment. He’s hiding from something. Or someone… And I intend to find out. I’ve always had strict rules about men: No liars. No patients. No criminals. In one afternoon, I broke all three. They say you should never play with fire… Now I know why. $2.99 on Kindle.
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Facing Reality

Facing Reality
**A sexy, emotional and angst-filled forbidden romance you won’t want to put down.**
Elizabeth needs money and she needs it quick. So when she agrees to go on Ever After, a popular reality TV dating show, it’s with one goal in mind: get in, get paid, get out. But then she meets Ethan, the charismatic production manager, and her plans suddenly risk being derailed. $0.99 on Kindle.
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The Unburied Queen

The Unburied Queen

“Blown away” – Rachael Graves, Whimsical Fiction

A sentient Island bound to an anonymous Royal line.
A forbidden romance and an escalating Revolution.
A mischievous fruit bat, who leads the Island’s most ruthless assassin to its imminent Queen. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: In The Dark

In The Dark
A forbidden office romance. A stranger threatening to out them. Can Rick and Kelly remain in the dark or will their love come to light? Free on Kindle.
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Stay A Little Longer

Stay A Little Longer
My days and nights are bleeding into each other.
And unfortunately, my mistakes from the past are catching up.
I had a life. A long time ago.
A wife. A business. A future.
But she decided she wanted someone else. Someone a little less rough natured.
Anger has started to consume my heart and my mind, but it is what it is.
There’s no way out.
Until she shows up. And the little saucy thing won’t take no for an answer.
She’s softening my edges and making me want things I’d long given up on.
I have no right to fall in love with a woman so pure.
And something is off at Kadia. I can feel it.
Dangerous people have always been a part of my life, but maybe it’s time for a change.
I don’t want to let this woman go, even though it’s the best thing to do.
I’d much rather she stay a little longer. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Forbidden Melody

Forbidden Melody
Emma Harvey is a brilliant and gifted young pianist, accepted into one of the most prestigious music conservatories in the country and prepared to do whatever it takes to accomplish her dreams of playing professionally. With a renowned jazz musician for a father and a world-famous mentor growing up, she is convinced her path is easy. Until her world is suddenly silenced when she loses her hearing.

Juliet Hamilton is a prodigy violinist. First chair for nearly fifteen years in the New York Philharmonic and a professor at the conservatory, she is engulfed in her career with no time for distractions. Especially not a beautiful young graduate student with a spirited personality that challenges her every step.

When Emma and Juliet’s paths cross in the classroom, their connection is undeniable. When their music comes together, it is unstoppable. The bond they begin to form threatens to challenge more than just their opinions of music. Friendships, ethics, and careers are tested as Emma and Juliet find themselves lost in a concerto of fiery passion and heartbreak. $4.99 on Kindle.

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