A Dilemma for Jacob

A Dilemma for Jacob

Seduction. Love. Scandal. Destruction.

Throw the tournament, or someone close to you will get hurt. A threat against Jacob is a threat against Jean-Pierre.

What should have been an idyllic Christmas in Whistler is tainted by a mysterious message. It becomes clear that it is no joke when Jacobs life is threatened. Can Jean-Pierre keep Jacob safe for the tournament in Edmonton? Will the danger bind Jacob and Jean-Pierre together, or ruin their budding love before it has a chance to bloom?

Find out in book three of your favorite billionaire MM romance/erotic thriller series, featuring an age gap, a jealous lover, and a lavish lifestyle. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: The Cameraman (Erotic)

Not romances in the usual sense, these extremely erotic stories tell the tale of Charlie Novak and his successful attempts to turn his inexpensive video camera into a pornography business. Endowed with an abundance of “talent” for the porn business, Charlie has no trouble finding beautiful young women eager to work with him once he shows them how easy it is to turn a few online videos into a LOT of money. Like most series, this one is best read in order. All books by this author are free in KU. Warning: adult content!

Free to $2.99 on Kindle.

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Give Us Bad Boys and Billionaires

Give Us Bad Boys and Billionaires
From the insidious mind of The Lord of Lust, author L.M. Mountford, comes an incredible omnibus of more than a dozen books that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat from the first page to the last.

A scorching collection of short stories and novellas that comes to nearly 1000 pages of romance, heat, lust and desire.

This set includes:

– Falling For My Son’s Best Friend
– Submitting To My Billionaire Bosshole
– One Night
– Claiming My Best Friend
– Unfinished Ex
– Daddy’s Forbidden Temptations
– Her First Time Daddy
– Under My BFF’s Daddy
– Daddy’s Naughty Gift
– My Bad Boy Protector
– Paying off my Stepbrother’s Bullies
– Alpha Bitch
– Her Dark Savour $9.99 on Kindle.
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Sexual Fantasy Captions

Sexual fantasy captions

A collection of over 100 sexual fantasies accompanied with AI generated pictures of stunningly life-like beautiful busty women. The stories are written from a man’s, a woman’s or from a gender neutral perspective. Fantasies include but are not limited to nuns, nurses, stepfantasy, bimbos, milfs, vampires and domination. $3.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Closing Shift 3

Closing Shift 3
Love. Deceit. Murder. Lives are about to be upended as events race toward a collision point. Closing Shift 3 is the thrilling new addition to the steamy erotic suspense series addicting readers around the world. Love and danger are in the air and the stakes have never been higher. From the seductive mind of Charmaine Glass Davis, this is one fantasy you don’t want to miss. Free on Kindle.
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Free: Fate’s Fools

Fate's Fools
Fate’s Fools is the first book in the highly erotic reverse harem series set in Ophelia Bell’s dragon world. It features heroes of various races and a powerful heroine who captures their hearts. Each book has a happy-for-now ending. Read the full series for the ultimate payoff! Free on Kindle.
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Secret Babies for my BestFriend’s Dad

A masquerade ball.
My one shot at a kinky forbidden fantasy.
The night I shared with my best friend’s dad would be veiled from the world.
Even from him.

My best friend’s dad gave me the most erotic night of my life.
I’ve wanted Noah ever since I knew what it felt like to desire a man.
A walking Adonis.
A dreamy doctor.
And the epitome of masculinity.
He didn’t know it, but Dr. D.I.I.F. had his name written all over my V-card.
I reunited with Noah at a masquerade ball.
And I walked away knowing my secret would go with me to the grave.

Boy was I a fool.


A familiar baritone voice enters my apartment.
I feel the hairs on the back of my neck rise up.

“Noah? What are you doing here!?”

My heartbeat races.

Unbeknownst to me, Noah has been assigned to administer an emergency delivery for my twins.
His twins!!! $0.99 on Kindle.
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If you’re prudish, this story full of sex isn’t for you. If you’re too decent to read about violent death, keep yourself away. And if you think those can’t be mixed with humour, you’re very wrong. The usual men-women interactions are layered with soft porn details on nude girls making custom videos fulfilling sex fantasies for male buyers. Katty has a younger sister, Candy. She is a classic blond beauty that lives for her perfect husband. He cheats on her, he hits her, he humiliates her, and she is yet too blind to see a prick in him. Till the point that everything changed. One of them ended up dead. This isn’t the end of the story; it’s just the beginning.

I’m Katty. A woman in her late thirties struggling with the weight loss concept, but the truth is, I love my body. Not when looking at the mirror, but when looking into the eyes a handsome man pleased by what he sees when looking at me. My sister Candy is the typical beauty, but mostly I got the boys’ attention. My family sucks. Sometimes I feel like my life sucks, and there is one place I go to relax. It’s a black house, just like my old toy house, and in my eyes, it’s full of dark secrets. One day I discovered its mystery, and it was a big shock that changed my life. $9.00 on Kindle.
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Whiskey & Wine: A Grumpy / Curvy

Whiskey & Wine: A Grumpy / Curvy
I was sent to Breaker Estates to take over the annual Icewine Festival from my coworker, and while I was ecstatic to run an event on such a grand scale, I wasn’t prepared for the owner. Ben Breaker.Ex-hockey star. Broody. Rude. Hates every change I want to make. Hates publicity. And, oh yeah, is also 6’4” with a body that’s made for making women wish they could have a taste, paired with midnight blue eyes that hold everything he doesn’t say. He drives me crazy. I want to both hit him and kiss him half the time, but I can’t ignore the way my body reacts whenever he’s near. I don’t know how I’ll make it a month working with him, keeping it strictly professional…Oh, right, I can’t. $2.99 on Kindle.
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Over You: The Compilation

Over You: The Compilation
Laura wants to forget about her ex but the pain and humiliation cut deep. Meeting Alex might just be the cure but can he win her heart as well as her passion?

Over You: The Compilation contains all 4 stories from the Over You series PLUS a bonus, Alex’s story. $2.99 on Kindle.
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Hold Me (Hart of Stone Family Book 2)

Hold Me (Hart of Stone Family Book 2)
It was meant to be easy, nights spent between the sheets, shutting out the world, just the two of us. That was what Alana was supposed to be, what she became was so much more. Keller is more than what meets the eyes, a single father, completely devoted to his son, Jace. Who also happens to be a student in my classroom, my eyes were wide open when Keller and I started our quote-unquote relationship. Too bad my heart didn’t get the memo. When a man screws up, he knows it, and that’s what I did with Alana. I thought I was doing the right thing, trying to shield my boy’s heart and my own. Too bad that plan blew up in my face and I was left feeling more than I ever have before. $2.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Her Tryst

Her Tryst

Lynn Nelland, a busy fashion editor from Manhattan, takes a tropical vacation, wanting nothing more than peace and quiet. But she meets Jack Dylon, one of the world’s most handsome and famous actors, in a chance encounter while walking on the beach. Sparks fly; their chemistry is off the charts. Lynn has finally met her match sexually. He seems too good to be true, and she’s unlike any other woman he’s known. They can’t stay away from each other, but Lynn is determined that things end when her vacation ends. Can Jack change her mind? Free on Kindle.
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Dino Island


I’ve spent my life learning about dinosaurs, assuming they were all gone…

But now some very real prehistoric predators are chasing a group of beautiful women…

Who are very interested in chasing me.

How did I get into this mess?

One minute, I was a highly respected professor of paleontology, engaging my students with stories of a completely different world. The next minute, I’d been mysteriously transported to that world, complete with every exotic danger I could imagine.

I knew enough about dinosaurs to scrape by with my own life – but suddenly I had to protect four beautiful women from the jungle’s mysterious and terrifying threats.

They trust me to protect them, and I intend to fulfill them.

But it turns out that they’re expecting me to give them much more than I bargained for…

Pick up a copy to see what rules get broken in a world you’ve never imagined.

Warning: this book contains explicit sex and graphic violence. Please remember that this is for adults only.

$2.99 on Kindle.

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Enkindling: A Second Chance Steamy Romance (Love Under Ashes Book 1)

Enkindling: A Second Chance Steamy Romance (Love Under Ashes Book 1)
It can’t be. It’s impossible.

I can’t believe that the man I thought I’d never see again is standing right before me… and saved my life, for that matter.

I remembered it all as clearly as if it had happened yesterday.

The heady smell of youth filled me with such hope for the future. I was young, full of potential, and in love.

In love with the specter in front of me. William Carter, my current knight in shining armor, was the storm that threw me asunder all those years ago.

The pain and devastation he left in his wake were hard to forget… even decades later.

I didn’t plan it this way.

I was meant to keep an eye on her from a distance and then disappear into the crowd. But fate finally caught up to me, I guess.

I knew the universe was just itching for this reunion. Poetic justice came in the form of being face to face with the woman who believed me dead.

A part of me was ready for this, but I can’t say the same for Kathleen Cruz.

She did well for herself after all these years. An esteemed young professor at a revered university and well on her way toward the Dean position, no less.

I can tell this unexpected meeting has knocked the wind out of her, as evidenced by the look in her eyes. Her mouth tried to come up with the words, but no sounds come.

And then, like a candlelight fighting for its life against strong winds, her consciousness flickers and then goes out as she falls to the pavement.

“Enkindling” is the first installment of the “Love Under Ashes Series” by bestselling romance author Summer Rose.

If you’re looking for a steamy suspense romance filled with long-held secrets, sabotage, unrequited love, and reunited lovers, then this book is for you! $0.99 on Kindle.
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Taking the Lead

Two brothers awakened a desire she’d never known… But it’s only one who steals her heart. CAUTION: Alpha hero, bad-boy romance that’s utterly addictive and outrageously satisfying

$0.99 on Kindle.
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Taking the Lead

Two brothers awakened a desire she’d never known… But it’s only one who steals her heart. CAUTION: Alpha hero, bad-boy romance that’s utterly addictive and outrageously satisfying. $0.99 on Kindle
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Vicious (Salvation’s Bane MC)

Vicious (Salvation's Bane MC)
Lucrecia: All I have in the world is my sister Mae. We were adrift, on our own until a guy from Black Reign, one of Lake Worth’s most infamous MCs, spotted us and took us in. Rycks isn’t cruel, but he’s hard on us. We have to earn our keep, but then everyone does. Me? I dance for the club. I get a secret thrill from it — until Mae is kidnapped by enemies of Black Reign, and Rycks sends me to Palm Beach — straight into the hands of Salvation’s Bane.

Vicious: It all started when some MFer stole my f-n pizza and two cans of beer. I went looking for the SOB. What I found was a raven-haired spitfire too sexy for my own good. Her sister’s in trouble, and wouldn’t you know it that bastard El Diablo’s at the very center of yet more trouble. It’s his club Mae’s been taken from. His club Lucy was sent away from. Now, we have to get Mae back. Because I might be falling for the little dancer in my care. Not that I’ll ever admit it. We’ll have to call out all the stops for this. Bones. Shadow Demons. Hell, even Black Reign. If we’re going to rescue Mae, nothing is out of bounds. But busting her out of some rich banker’s estate will be a piece of cake. No worries.

Yeah. Right… $0.99 on Kindle
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And Hell Followed

And Hell Followed
You are my blood, my heart, my life and they would have to rip me open and bleed me dry to let you go. I may not believe in judgement after death but if there is, I will ride my steed through the fires of hell to find you and if the devil himself gets in my way, he will beg to God for mercy.
$2.99 on Kindle
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Stealing Candy: A Reverse Harem Romance

Stealing Candy: A Reverse Harem Romance
Stuck working Sleepy Hollow’s Oktoberfest in upstate NY wasn’t much fun, until a trio of gorgeous blond vikings burst into my life. Sure they were wearing Halloween costumes, but why shouldn’t that just add to the fun?

Crisp autumn days. Cozy nights by the fire. Working the Halloween holiday season wasn’t all bad, until my friend left me house-sitting a strange cottage all alone, in a legendary old town.

Enter my three handsome saviors, ripped and gorgeous, all fighting to rescue me at once. But when an impromptu kissing contest evolves into something so hot it turns me into a molten puddle? My lips aren’t the only thing the guys are willing to share.

But Soren and Tristan harbor a secret of their own, and their hilarious college roommate Lucas is on board for anything. Running an old bed and breakfast on the far side of town, the guys need exactly the type of womanly help I’m willing to provide… provided they keep up their end of the bargain, which of course includes taking very good care of me.

Three incredible men. One very willing beer-maid. No rules, no limits, no jealousy – just tons of sizzling hot action peppered by so many twists and turns, not even the Headless Horseman could keep up!

STEALING CANDY is a full-length reverse harem romance filled with pumpkin-spiced lattes, candy apples, trick or treating, and tons of Halloween autumn-style goodness. If you like cozy new adult holiday romance and sizzling jaunts through the old cemetery at midnight? You just found your favorite new RH story. HEA Guaranteed! $0.99 on Kindle
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Best Friend’s Brother Secret

Best Friend's Brother Secret
I have spent my whole life dreaming about this moment…
I’m convinced that the moment I tell Brantley my childhood crush how I love him,
He’ll see that we’re soul mates, and so much more than just friends.
But it turns out…I’m dead wrong.
My romantic moment turns into total humiliation.

But what he never saw coming…
Was that his big brother would become the shoulder I cried on.
I never saw it coming either.
I was in love with the wrong brother this whole time…
But now that I’m in the right person’s arms,
Life throws another surprise at me. I’m pregnant.

Just as I think I have it all figured out…
Brantley starts to realize what he’s been missing all along.
I can’t say no to the life I always dreamed of having with the man of my dreams. But what if saying ‘no’ to that man means saying ‘yes’ to something even better? $0.99 on Kindle
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Free: Strings

Able to control minds, Rob runs the hottest club in the world and lives a life of simple pleasures, but when he meets the gorgeous Rachael, he’ll discover he wants something more than just fantasy. Free on Kindle
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Mr. Black: An Escort For Hire Encounter (Sierra Personal Services Book One)

Mr. Black: An Escort For Hire Encounter (Sierra Personal Services Book One)Mr. Black

Mike Bell – VP of Human Resources for Aurora Management Services. That is his day job. The mask he wears to hide his after hours identity. An escort for hire, at night he becomes Mr. Black. He is exceptional. Gifted in many areas. Hired to make a beautiful woman’s birthday a night to remember. His assignment, Lauren, is currently sitting at a table by herself, waiting patiently for friends that weren’t coming. It is time for Mr. Black to go to work.


Lauren Matthews has always been focused and in control. A keen business sense has made her successful and able to enjoy life to the fullest. She works hard. She plays even harder. She and her small group of friends are free spirits and enjoy spur of the moment getaways. A weekend trip to the Bahamas at a moment’s notice is never out of the question. It is Lauren’s birthday and she’s at her table waiting for her gang to arrive. Who knows what they have in store for her tonight? Maybe the beautiful stranger at the bar could keep her company while she waits? That would be quite a birthday present. $0.99 on Kindle
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Shattered: Rhodes Family (Book 1)

Shattered: Rhodes Family Book 1

Olivia thinks her life is set. She was wrong. Now she’s running from everything she thought she knew.

Gabriel is as arrogant as they come. Love & marriage are simply not in his vocabulary. Then he sees her and life is forever changed.

This the first in the Rhodes family series. Books should be read in order.
This is a HEA story with no cliffhangers. $1.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Karma: Knot Of Murder

Free: Karma: Knot Of Murder
In the rowdy streets of Carrow City, a crime had been committed. To understand the crime, the police would have to untangle a web of interlocking stories fastened together by an array of individuals. Mark, an accomplished real estate broker from another city, Gary, a young and rich member of a powerful family and Sam, a dutiful and ambitious trainee detective. What do these three men have to do with this crime? Read up and find out. Free on Kindle

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Unraveling a Witch

Unraveling a Witch

“You can tell me stop,” he whispered.
Her shoulders ached,
a dull pain crept down her spine,
but she didn’t make a sound… yet.

Eileen is unsettled by the stranger across the bar. His size is intimidating…and exciting. Bored with her small town life, he might be the escape she is looking for.

Cain would love to drag her away from reality; he’s captivated by her dark eyes and teasing curves. Dominance comes naturally to him, but first, he must convince this headstrong witch to submit.

When a string of brutal attacks rock their sleepy town, Eileen thinks Cain might be to blame. Their chemistry is undeniable, but she isn’t sure if she should trust her gut or her…heart.

When the assaults hit too close to home, she must decide if she can trust Cain with her safety…and her obedience.

You will love this quick, steamy read with a fierce alpha, an outspoken heroine, a little pain, and a lot of lip.  $0.99 on Kindle.

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