The Vampires Next Door

The Vampires Next Door
Introverted bookworm Alison was forced to move to St. Augustine, Florida when her parents divorced. Leaving her comfortable life, she struggles to find a new one. In the blistering Florida heat, she stays indoors reading and spying on Rodham – the hot guy across the hall.

Everything changes when loud, mysterious neighbors move in next door to Alison. Mutual interest and a glowing amulet bring Rodham and Alison together. In a blink she’s fighting supernatural creatures, doing whatever it takes to stay alive, and becoming part of something much bigger than she could have dreamed. $0.99 on Kindle.

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The Kiss of Angels

What happens when Cupid falls in love with the Angel of Death?

The human notion of Cupid as a sweet cherub who only works on Valentine’s Day couldn’t be further from the truth. The real entity humans call “Cupid” is actually an angel named Muriel who works tirelessly all year round matching up soul mates at the behest of a higher power. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Blood of Angels: Divine Vampires

blood of angels selena kitt

Sam has an unusual interest in humans, and considering she’s a fairy of fate whose profession it is to determine their futures, it’s no wonder! But Sam’s interest is…well…sex!  When Sam’s job leads her into the path of a handsome man who rocks her world, she becomes obsessed. Now she must decide if she will use her one wish to become human and experience a night of bliss. $0.99 on Kindle.

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The Paranormal 13


Treat yourself to a little holiday magic! This boxset contains 13 +1 tales of the paranormal by some of the biggest names in paranormal and urban fantasy. Witches, vampires, mermaids, ghosts, mind readers and Loki–they’re all here (along with some delicious romance, action, adventure and drama.) A $9.99 value — FREE for the holiday season. Download now–a deal this magical can’t last forever. Free on Kindle.

Paranormal Romance Box Set

SEDUCTIVE SUPERNATURALS 12 Tales ShapeshiftersVampires Sexy Spirits

Cozy up with sexy bad boys and tortured alpha heroes in 12 steamy full-length paranormal romance novels and novellas from NY Times, USA Today, and national bestselling authors! Just$0.99.

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Descendant: The Protector

Descendant-The-ProtectorJason Hook has spent eighteen years of his life growing up in a world plagued by monsters. The extinction of the human race seems inevitable. When Jason and his family are forced to move from their home in California to a small town in New York,  he finds that some of the creatures are actually trying to save his life. For reasons he is only just beginning to discover, there is something about him that the creatures find very interesting. Jason is at the apex of a world at war where he must choose between life, death, and the possibility of becoming one of the creatures he has sworn to hate. But in becoming a creature, Jason might just have a chance to save humanity.

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