Free: The Journeyman

The Journeyman
Winner of the Illinois state libraries’ Soon to Be Famous Illinois Author Project

“Paul Reid died in the snow at seventeen. The day of his death, he told a lie—and for the rest of his life, he wondered if that was what killed him.”

And so begins the battle for the afterlife, known as The Commons. It’s been taken over by a corporate raider who uses the energy of its souls to maintain his brutal control. The result is an imaginary landscape of a broken America—stuck in time and overrun by the heroes, monsters, dreams, and nightmares of the imprisoned dead.

Three people board a bus to nowhere: a New York street kid, an Iraq War veteran, and her five-year-old special-needs son. After a horrific accident, they are the last, best hope for The Commons to free itself. Along for the ride are a shotgun-toting goth girl, a six-foot-six mummy, a mute Shaolin monk with anger-management issues, and the only guide left to lead them.

Three Journeys: separate but joined. One mission: to save forever.

But first, they have to save themselves. Free on Kindle.

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Ethan Fox and the Eyes of the Desert Sand

Ethan Fox and the Eyes of the Desert Sand
After barely escaping abduction at the hands of Grimleaver vampires, thirteen-year-old Ethan Fox encounters a girl he is deeply drawn to. The two young strangers discover that they share a bond, both missing memories of their past. Together, Ethan and Hayley are lured away, awakening at The Residence, a mysterious parallel world within our own. There, they unravel the mysteries of their tangled pasts and help the Caretakers protect the human world from the Grimleavers and their evil plans to enslave humanity. $0.99 on Kindle.

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A Dangerous Longing

A Dangerous Longing

It’s been almost a year, but Avery hasn’t gotten over her father’s death in a tragic accident. He was the only one who understood her special abilities, which he instructed her to always keep secret. Who can she talk to now that he’s gone?

One of her friends isn’t who he seems to be, and he warns her that her father and she are faeries and that the Fairy world has been hunting for her. Worse, once they find her, she’ll have to stand trial on behalf of her father for a crime she’s sure he’d never have committed. Her only choice is to figure out who actually did commit the crime so she can exonerate her father… And herself. Avery will have to figure out who she can trust amongst the faeries and who is too dangerous.

To stay grounded in her everyday world and keep her cover, Avery attends school, dodges bullies, enjoys what might be the last times with her best friends, and crushes on a love interest… All the while tracking down the answers she needs. Along the way she discovers it isn’t just her own life that hangs in the balance, but the life of everyone she knows and loves. How will she save them all?

A Dangerous Longing is a YA Urban Fantasy that will appeal to readers who don’t want the traditional fairy tale story. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Keeper of the Hourglass

Keeper of the Hourglass
Young Peter can alter the bully’s fate who caused his death, but only if he gives the secret of time control to an ancient evil force determined to enslave humanity. a truly beautiful book that plays with the themes of life, death and time in a clever and imaginative way and also challenges the concept that paths of pre-defined. Free on Kindle.

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Free: The Last of the Firedrakes

The Last of the Firedrakes
“A beautifully drawn fantasy world” (Kirkus Reviews) with over 1,000 five-star Goodreads ratings: In a dangerous land ruled by ancient magic, 16-year-old orphan Aurora risks everything to master her gifts and protect her newfound home…Book one in a spellbinding series! Free on Kindle.

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Asbury High and the Arson Avenger

Asbury High and the Arson Avenger

Carly, Maddie, Pilot and Cornelious begin their junior year, ready to take on Asbury as upperclassmen— until two local hangouts explode, leaving the gang little doubt that an arsonist is loose in Asbury. The gang is quickly thrust into the investigation, but wonders where to begin—especially since the whole town seems adamant to deny foul play. As more fires burn across Asbury, the teens find themselves pulled into a world of revenge and ages-old grudges. With danger lurking behind every door, political and departmental denial of arson, busy teen schedules, and new relationships pulling the gang apart, can the gang even find time for each other? $0.99 on Kindle.

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The Unifieds

The Unifieds

In the year 2273, a future America is divided. The Unifieds live alike. The Solitaries live by the land. They are forbidden any interaction by law—until two of them fall in love.

Carla Trueheart’s The Unifieds is a powerful and heart-wrenching teen novel that will appeal to fans of The Hunger Games and Divergent. With a plot revolving around forbidden love in a future divided America, The Unifieds will leave you thinking long after you close the final page. $3.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Eye of the Matrix

Eye of the Matrix
Teens copy an ancient stone map not realizing someone would murder for it in this young adult science fiction. Free on Kindle.
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The Day I Died

Imagine, a girl’s world crashes in the blink of an eye, and no one sees it coming.

Everything falls into place for high school junior Cat Morgan: perfect grades, three best friends, and of course, track dreams about to happen. But on November 7th, 2007, Cat’s life collapses with a brain aneurysm and a coma lasting seven days. When she wakes up, Cat discovers more adjustments than she bargained for, physically and mentally.

Not only is Cat’s world-changing, everyone around her changes too.

Mary, the uptight, strict mother, turns into the protector.

Rose, the naïve, childish sister, becomes the role of the mature sibling.

And Ellie, the distant, shunned friend, must choose to let Cat back into her life or not.

Once she returns to school, Cat feels invisible and the center of attention at the same time. Despite this, Cat tries to reconnect with her friends, her studies, and of course, her sprinting dreams.

Cat wants, needs, for her life to go back to normal. But can it? $0.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Fated To Die: A Unique Spin on Beauty and the Beast

Fated To Die: a unique spin on Beauty and the Beast

A cursed village. A doomed maiden. A love to rival fate.

A unique Beauty and the Beast retelling inspired by the Scottish folktale of Bean Nighe AKA the Washer Woman. Free on Kindle.

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Susan Wylde and the Ghosts of Halloween

Susan Wylde and the Ghosts of Halloween

Will the girl witch Susan Wylde learn enough magic to defeat the Ghosts of Halloween?

Susan Wylde thinks she is just an ordinary girl living a boring life with her ill father, until she is attacked by a dragon, turns herself invisible, and is invited to study at Wonderworks School of Magic, a school on a floating island that travels the world.
At Wonderworks, Susan soon learns different types of magic, plays magical sports, battles monsters, and visits magical cities, but someone is summoning the Ghosts of Halloween. Susan must stop them or Halloween will last forever! $0.99 on Kindle.

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Susan Wylde and the Ghosts of Halloween

Susan Wylde and the Ghosts of Halloween

Join the Magical Adventures of Susan Wylde as she goes to Wonderworks School of Magic, battles monsters, visits magical cities and fights the Ghosts of Halloween before Halloween lasts forever! $0.99 on Kindle.

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Transition: A Dark High School Romance The Brotherhood- (Redwood High) Book 1

Transition: A Dark High School Romance The Brotherhood- (Redwood High) Book 1
Transition: A Dark High School Romance The Brotherhood (Redwood High) Book 1

A high school romance that seems too good to be true when people suddenly start disappearing…

Katrina Dawson, a seventeen-year-old teenager, has been living a charmed life until her father’s mysterious death.

Devastated and in shock, Katrina struggles to accept her new reality. When her mother decides to move them to the sleepy little town of Redwood, Katrina is too sad to start over…

New town, new house, new friends. Kat is struggling to adjust and everything is a little overwhelming at first.

One day, she meets four boys who end up becoming her best friends. Life seems exciting again…

But can Katrina already tell that these boys will change her life forever?

At the moment, she’s much too occupied with her crush. The boy she’s fallen for doesn’t seem to give her time of day… and then suddenly, he opens up about his dark secret.

Will Kat be able to handle what’s coming?

Can she trust him now that she knows what happened?

She barely has time to enjoy her new romance when the girls who bullied her start missing…

Kat can’t help but notice strange connections between her missing classmates and her father’s death.

When she learns the girls have been murdered, all the pieces start falling into place.

Will Kat find the killer in time? Is she safe from his strange desires?

Find out in this mystery-filled high school romance! If you love page-turners, you’ll love this suspense-filled thriller set in a seemingly peaceful small town.

The best part? This is just Book 1 in the series!

So get ready for an exciting mystery to unravel…$0.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Pumpkin Run (Castlewood High Tales Series Book 1)

Pumpkin Run (Castlewood High Tales Series Book 1)
Cici Norwell plans to escape her mean stepmother and race toward a better future…until she crosses paths with Castlewood High’s newest cross-country runner in this modern retelling of the classic fairy tale, Cinderella (Castlewood High Tales Series, Book 1). Free on Kindle.

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Blood Orange Soda

Blood Orange Soda

Larranaga’s debut YA novel focuses on high school freshman Darius Hunter, who lives in a world where vampires live among normal humans. Young vampires like Darius are kept on a government-mandated medication that prevents them from becoming fully undead until they’re 18. He’s smart, sensitive and all-too human—a struggling outsider who’s just trying to fit in, find a girlfriend and escape the attention of football bully Bao Wang. It’s his humanity that often keeps him from his hopes and dreams, so Darius’ “cool uncle” Jack, a vampire, introduces him to a substance called Blood Orange Soda. This strange analog of steroids can speed Darius’ maturation into his full vampire state, but it can’t guarantee that he’ll avoid disrupting the lives of his mother and sister, win the love of Angel Martin or successfully face up to Bao. It also doesn’t make him immune to heartbreak and loss.

The author takes familiar themes of YA fiction—vampires and teen romance—and treats them with a surprising empathy and respect that gives them real weight. The novel notably pays attention to modern teenage obsessions, such as Facebook and iPads, and the changing popular culture. Its greatest strengths are its relatable characters, who are brought to life by Larranaga’s involving prose style. Darius moves beyond mere believability to seem truly real; no matter how fantastical or commonplace his situation is, readers will likely accept Darius from Page 1—and keep turning the pages. The book aims to launch a series of novels, and as happy as that might be for the author’s career, it seems a shame to dilute such a natural and strong story by making it a mere unit in a series.

A standout paranormal YA novel. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Ascot and the Stolen Shrubs: Book One of the Fern Valley Fur Family Mysteries

Ascot and the Stolen Shrubs: Book One of the Fern Valley Fur Family Mysteries
Why do humans steal flower bushes? Ascot needs to know before someone hurts his pack. Dogs come and go at Sinclair’s rescue, but no one remembers a time when the bushes walked off. The scatterbrained little dog and his pack go off hunting the bush burglars and find more than they expected. If you like cozy mysteries with a touch of humor, town secrets, midnight forays into graveyards, cats, dogs, and eccentric small towns; you are going to love this book! Free on Kindle.

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Leisha’s Song

Leisha's Song

Leisha knows something’s wrong. Her beloved vocal coach at boarding school would never have resigned and disappeared like this in the midst of preparing her prize students for a major vocal competition. Leisha’s determined to find her, make sure she’s okay.

Cody, a sensitive cellist, insists on helping her. Sparks fly, clues multiply, and romance blossoms, despite the disapproval of their families.

Leisha’s desire to be with Cody and pursue music rather than medicine puts her on a direct collision course with her African-American grandfather, the only parent she’s ever had. But an even more immediate threat looms—because as Leisha draws closer to the truth about her teacher’s disappearance, she puts her own life in grave danger. $2.99 on Kindle.

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Mafia King: Dark Mafia Billionaire Romance (Arranged Marriage Book 1)

Mafia King: Dark Billionaire Mafia Romance (Arranged Marriage Book 1)
“You may call me Lord or Master…”

Michael Byron Domenico Sovrano
Lord of the underworld.
Master of all the criminal masterminds who ever crawled the underbelly of Sicily’s notorious mafia company. aka my captor…
Who just happens to be hot, snarly, and with a demanding manner that dampens my panties, gulp!
My father owed him, so he took me as payment.
He gets what he wants,
And I am his new obsession.
To take. To break.
As if, I’ll let him?
He’s out to destroy me, but I’ll go toe to toe with him every step of the way…
I’ll do everything to make him fall for me.
Then he springs the ultimate surprise.
And I realize the joke’s on me…$2.99 on Kindle.

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