The Baby Plan

The Baby Plan
I’m on a mission to have a baby – but I never imagined my fertility doctor would become my baby daddy.
He’s my brother’s best friend.
The man who broke my heart so many years ago.
Now, he wants to give me the one thing I want most in the world.

My jaw dropped when Lara came into my clinic for treatment.
She wasn’t expecting to see me either.
My best friend’s little sister looked as stunning as the day I went away.
Except for the resentment in her eyes.
She doesn’t know I never wanted to leave her.
Maybe I should tell her what really happened.
She wants a baby?
I’ll give her one.
Skin on skin.
Me inside her.
Her calling my name.
F*ck the IVF program. I’m going to get her pregnant the old-fashioned way…$0.99 on Kindle.

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Bittersweet Blood

Bittersweet Blood
Determined to solve the mystery of who she is and why everyone wants her dead, Tara Collins hires Christian Roth to help her uncover the truth. But Christian is more than your average PI. A vampire and ex-demon hunter, he lives among the humans, but now a crazed demon hell-bent on revenge is hunting him down, a fae assassin is on the loose with an unknown target, and the Order he abandoned desperately needs his help. As Tara’s secrets and Christians problems collide, they’ll learn that some rules are meant to be broken. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Graduation Night (Erotic Romance)

Gorgeous Chloe is about to start a new job in Australia, but before she leaves, there’s one more thing she has to do – Ari. His casual sexiness has driven her crazy for five years and tonight she’s not taking no for an answer.

Ari has no idea of the effect he has on his female students, but he knows he can’t let Chloe leave before he has the chance to show her exactly what she does to him. Erotic Romance. Free on Kindle.

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