The Husband Lottery: A Marriage of Convenience, Age Gap, Surprise Pregnancy Romance

The Husband Lottery: A Marriage of Convenience, Age Gap, Surprise Pregnancy Romance

A fake marriage to my ex boyfriend’s older brother wasn’t what I had in mind all those years when I planned my wedding as a little girl.

And yet, here I am… holding Logan’s hand and saying my vows.

How did I get here?
Two words – Lottery ticket.
A literal lottery ticket, which let me buy the biggest stake in Logan’s father’s company.

But Logan, himself, was way more alluring than Barlow Technologies.
We had it all planned in our heads.
Get married, secure his position, fulfill my dream of owning a wedding venue.

Did I forget about my ex-boyfriend? Aka Logan’s younger brother?

The guy had torn my heart into little pieces, stomping over each one without an ounce of care for me.

Back then, I thought I’d become a part of the family.
And now… I really am a Barlow.
fake Barlow.

But the baby in my belly would be born into the family – another thing that we hadn’t included in our little plan.
Is it too soon to assume that this shock might just put an end to our ruse?

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My Ex-Best friend’s Daughter: An Age Gap Older Man Younger Woman Romance

Imagine my shock when I see my former best friend’s daughter. Her smile making me hard the moment I catch her sweet scent. Those firm [email protected] peeking out from a sexy little business suit. All the sass and confidence wrapped up in a petite curvy frame. Safe to say we know which head will win this battle. Eden’s father may have been my best friend before an epic clash…But I know what I want. Right now that’s his daughter. More specifically speaking… Her bent over my knees. Begging me to claim her innocence. I can already picture the headlines.’Hotshot Director beds his much younger assistant.’I’ve tried for years to rid myself of my darkness. But screw being Mr. Nice Guy. The beast inside can only stay locked away for so long. And tonight it’s salivating for a taste of the forbidden fruit beneath Eden’s business suite. $0.99 on Kindle.
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