Arrogant Billionaire’s Secret Baby: An Enemies to Lovers Forced Proximity Romance

Arrogant Billionaire's Secret Baby: An Enemies to Lovers Forced Proximity Romance

I’m riding my brother’s best friend, who’s also my boss…and I’m having his baby.
He’s hot, rich, and grumpy,
The essence of every one of my fantasies.
He’s still the sexiest man alive, but with more fire in his eyes.
And those eyes are on me.
We were supposed to keep it a secret.
But nothing ever goes as planned…
I just found out I’m pregnant. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Grumpy SEAL’s Secret: An Enemies to Lovers Small Town Surprise Pregnancy Romance

Grumpy SEAL's Secret: An Enemies to Lovers Small Town Surprise Pregnancy Romance
I rode a cowboy and cashed in my v-card. What I didn’t count on was a baby coming along for the ride. I just broke up with my crazy unpredictable ex. For my protection I was sent to live with my father’s best friend. Jay Quinn. A sexy ex-Navy SEAL turned Billionaire horse tamer. But that’s not the only thing he’s tamed…It was one night of furious passion and just like that my v-card was gone. We try to pretend it never happened but the chemistry between us is undeniable. I’ve never been one for the outdoors, But this cowboy’s running a rodeo in my mind. As well as my heart and my bed. This is a dangerous game. If my dad ever found out, all hell could break loose. The last thing I expected was to have a baby saddling up inside me… $0.99 on Kindle.
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Cheshire Bay

Small town series of standalone, yet interconnected, romances. Features strong heroines and guy-next-door type of heroes set on the Pacific coastal town of Cheshire Bay.

Tropes in the series include:
Friends to Lovers
Secret pregnancy (and child!)
One night together
Road trip romance
Slow burn
Second Chance romance
Enemies to Lovers
Age Gap
Found Family

All, except the Hallmark-like Christmas story, are steamy in nature.

From $0.99 to $4.99 on Kindle.

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Baby for my Brother’s Best Friend: An Enemies to Lovers Surprise Pregnancy Romance (Billionaire Baby Daddies)

Baby for my Brother's Best Friend: An Enemies to Lovers Surprise Pregnancy Romance (Billionaire Baby Daddies)
One brother’s best friend + one hotel room = two blue lines, If “sexy” had a mascot, my brother’s best friend would be it. Deep hazel eyes and a diamond-cutting jawline. He offers me the business deal of a lifetime, If I play a convincing date for his ex’s destination wedding. But pretending we’re smitten is easier said than done. His devilish smirk and cocky attitude work me up, Until I can’t decide if I want to punch him or kiss him. Now sharing one room in paradise has me questioning everything. He’s more than off-limits, But my heart, and his hands, have a mind of their own. His fingers grazing my skin sends my body humming, His mouth has me throbbing in brand new places, And we’re waking up tangled together, again. At least on the island, our passion is mutual. I don’t know if he’ll want “us” in real life. What I do know is he’ll be my brother’s ex-best friend. Because I’m pregnant. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Best Friend’s Grump Daddy: An Enemies to Lovers Age Gap Billionaire Romance

Best Friend's Grump Daddy: An Enemies to Lovers Age Gap Billionaire Romance
I’m trapped in a cabin with my best friend’s dad and no power. There’s only one way to keep warm…I’m a romance writer who has never been in love. Tall, sexy alpha males exist in my books, but unfortunately not my real life. Until that one night with a stranger…I didn’t know he was my best friend’s dad. He’s arrogant, grumpy, damaged, yet sexy as sin. I should keep my distance. But when his touch sends shivers down my spine, I know I’m in trouble. Now we’re trapped together and I can’t resist anymore. We were supposed to pretend it never happened. But the spark between us is undeniable. Will my best friend accept me as her stepmom? $0.99 on Kindle.
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Enemy with Benefits: Enemies to Lovers Office Romance

Enemy with Benefits: Enemies to Lovers Office Romance
My dream job is at stake only because of the one single night I spent at the bar lusting over this mysterious charming man. I just wanted to have a little pleasure, but I had no idea I was going to get into trouble the very next day… $0.99 on Kindle.
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You’ve Got to Be Kidding

You've Got to Be Kidding Me
The last time I saw my baby daddy, we were in the backseat of a limo at his brother’s wedding. Making magic—or a kiddo.
No judging. There was a lot of liquor involved and the man is a god.
He passed out before I could tell him my name, but payback is hell.
I stole his pants for good measure. I’m sure he enjoyed that.
It was supposed to be one night of fun.
Just one night of being the crazy, free girl I was before I took over my dad’s company. And it was that.
Until I saw those two lines pop up on an innocuous-looking stick.
No way I could tell him.
Fast forward a year, and he walks into my father’s company as my new construction partner.
His wicked smile has me swooning.
I’m ready for love, but he’s still the same playboy bachelor he’s always been.
Of all the men in the world to have to work beside day after day, how did I end up with him?
I love him. I hate him. I love that I hate him.
Any way you look at it, my luck blows.
And all I can think about is our one night.
You’ve got to be kidding me. $0.99 on Kindle.
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You and Me, Baby

You and Me, Baby
The last thing I need is to fall in love. Especially with him…
My twin sister has other plans.
She works for a hot new dating agency that’s all the buzz.
And I made a pact with her. If we were still unmarried at thirty, we’d put ourselves out there fully.
Well, the time has come. And my sister isn’t letting up.
Now I have to start “dating in the dark,” whatever that means.
The rules are strict but simple.
No real names.
No seeing each other for the first few dates.
No exchanging personal info.
Straightforward but never easy.
Plus, I don’t have time for relationship drama. I have a hot, overbearing businessman breathing down my neck to buy my company.
He’s easy to forget about when I start dating Mr. Perfect. My new “sight unseen” date is the stuff dreams are made out of.
Until I realize that business guy and the new love of my life aren’t two people.
It’s the same guy—the one I love to hate and love to love.
Maybe it’s better to be single forever.
Or maybe it’s you and me, baby. Forever.
$0.99 on Kindle.
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Handsome Devil: An Enemies-to-Lovers Billionaire Romance

Handsome Devil: An Enemies-to-Lovers Billionaire Romance
A scorching-hot enemies-to-lovers romance, featuring a strong, feisty heroine and the billionaire boss she’d love to hate, an unforgettable kiss, a whole lot of lies, an irresistible battle of will… and a twisted deal that just might save them both from losing it all. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Grumpy Billionaires: An Enemies to Lovers Boss Romance Box Set

Grumpy Billionaires: An Enemies to Lovers Boss Romance Box Set

With over 250+ 5-star reviews combined on individual books, lose yourself in this hot and steamy THREE FULL LENGTH NOVEL contemporary romance box set! Turn off your alarm because these bad-boy billionaires will make your heart swoon and keep you turning the pages all night long for their happily ever after. Why just get one when you can get all three? One-click away and these billionaires will be yours!

BOOK 1: Grumpy Billionaire’s Secret

A game of truth or dare. No real names. No numbers exchanged. No strings attached. I allowed a complete stranger to take my V-card. He left me with two things that night: His masquerade mask. And his baby in my belly. He recognizes his own blue eyes the first time he sees my son. He knows something isn’t right. If I tell him my long-kept secret, I could lose my job. But it’s a chance I am willing to take to save our son’s life.

BOOK 2: Grumpy Playboy Next Door

Playing truth or dare with your grumpy billionaire boss in a hot tub is never a good idea. I always had a crush on my best friend’s brother Luke. He’s hot, rich, and bossy. But a relationship is the last thing on my mind. He claims he isn’t interested, but his lips on mine tell me otherwise. We cross the line and share a night of forbidden passion. He’s damaged and swore he would never be in a serious relationship. So we agree that it could never happen again. With mixed feelings and my job on the line, Can I risk a broken heart for a chance of true love?

BOOK 3: Enemy Billionaire’s Fake Fiancé

My one-night stand is now my grumpy boss and I have one task…To be his fake fiancé.Damon Finnegan. An arrogant, cocky billionaire who can’t take no for an answer. But god, he is annoyingly hot and I can’t stop thinking about that night. I resist his advances until he offers me a deal I can’t refuse. He needs me to be his fake fiancé for a price. It’s all fun and games until I realize I’ve fallen for this notorious bad boy, And I’m carrying his baby. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Enemy Billionaire’s Fake Fiance : An Enemies to Lovers Sudden Pregnancy Boss Romance

Enemy Billionaire's Fake Fiance : An Enemies to Lovers Sudden Pregnancy Boss Romance

My one night stand is now my grumpy boss and I have one task…
To be his fake fiancé.

It was a night I’ll never forget.
He was sexy and charismatic.

He had me when he started whispering in my ear,
And before I knew it, my panties were off in a New York minute.

As mind blowing as it was, I never expected him to be my new boss.
And believe me he won’t let me forget it.

Damon Finnegan.
An arrogant, cocky billionaire who can’t take no for an answer.
But god, he is annoyingly hot and I can’t stop thinking about that night.

I resist his advances until he offers me a deal I can’t refuse.
He needs me to be his fake fiancé for a price.

It’s all fun and games until I realize I’ve fallen for this notorious bad boy,
And I’m carrying his baby. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Rough Daddy – 10 Erotic Books Collection

Rough Daddy - 10 Erotic Books Collection
Get 10 extra-steamy, short romance stories in one quick download. The Stories inside are insta-love, fast-paced standalones, can be read in any order and have HEA endings. Some themes are age-gap/older man younger woman romance, enemies to lovers, bully romance, grumpy boss, huge mountain man & more. Free on Kindle.
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No Perfect Love: A Bad Boy, Enemies to Lovers, Steamy Romance

No Perfect Love: A Bad Boy, Enemies to Lovers, Steamy Romance
Eddie was destroyed when his wife left him while serving his country overseas. He vows to protect his heart at all costs and to never let himself love again. Kennedy goes from man to man, hoping each time that she has found true love this time, but she is always left feeling disappointed and alone. When Eddie and Kennedy are forced on a road trip together, they drive each other crazy. And when that disdain and frustration turns into an unbelievable night of passion, will they finally find in each other what they so desperately need? Or will someone from Eddie’s past threaten to destroy their last chance at happiness? $1.99 on Kindle.
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Silver Fox Grump: Enemies to Lovers Dad’s Best Friend Romance

Silver Fox Grump: Enemies to Lovers Dad’s Best Friend Romance

My dad’s best friend is grumpy and old. How could I have had a hot dream about him? And did that scorching fantasy just turn real?

After a steamy night in the hot tub, we throw caution to the wind. We can’t keep our hands off each other, and now I’m falling hard for him. But keeping secrets from my dad is threatening to tear us apart. Dad may disown us both, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take for a chance at love. $2.99 on Kindle.
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Men of Rocky Mountain: The Complete Collection

Meet the men of Rocky Mountain. Alpha, broken, protective… and downright filthy. These men are the definition of take-charge mountain men that will leave you weak in the knees and satisfied in the sheets. This collection includes FIVE full-length novels of small-town angst, drama, and off-the-charts heat.

Books Included:

Claiming Her Forever

I’m not Mr. Settle-Down-and-Start-a-Family. Tried it. Failed at it. Don’t want it again. In fact, I like my solitary life in the mountains. I learned the hard way that life ain’t easy or fair. One minute you think you’ve got it all figured out and the next, you find your wife in your bed with your own best friend. Then Quinn Prescott shows up to rent the lower level of my cabin. Sweet, innocent Quinn with her persistent attempts to get to know me and her constant questions. Those big doe eyes have a story behind them. She wants more than just a casual hookup and she deserves more. But I’m not the man who can give it to her, and the quicker she understands that, the better.

A Second Chance at Forever

The last time I saw Willow Taylor, I was chased out of town by her brothers with a target on my back and her broken heart in my hands. Fifteen years she’s haunted me. Fifteen years I’ve been tortured by her memory, by images of her every night behind my eyelids. Now she’s standing here, in my arms, and I’m holding myself back from claiming her. But the secrets from my past don’t stay hidden for long and once again I’m reminded that guys like me—don’t deserve a second chance at forever.

Always Be My Forever

I should have left that one night we had together in high school, in the past. But when a single kiss turns into her on my doorstep, begging to finish what we started…I give in. I devour her, losing myself in the lie that it will be just this one time. One touch. One kiss. One taste. I was fourteen when I fell in love with August Belmore.Eighteen the first time our lips touched.Thirty-three when I became the bastard that broke her heart. She’s about to walk down the aisle with someone else and I’m left realizing that falling in love with my best friend and breaking her heart wasn’t my worst mistake. It was not fighting hard enough to keep her.

Only For Forever

Small town doctor. Big-time heartbreak. What happens when the man you hate becomes the father of your baby and destroys your heart in the process? If only that’s where the disaster ended…He got me pregnant. I fell in love. We both experienced a loss so great we only had each other to hold on to, but I vowed I was done wasting tears over a man who only saw me as a fun distraction while he got his life right. Then piece by piece, he put my heart back together…only to turn around and destroy it.

Waiting For Forever

As a firefighter, I’ve dedicated my life to saving others but I couldn’t’ save my family. After losing my wife and unborn daughter, I was done with it all: love, happily ever after, a family. Then I met her—Stephanie Hartman. 5’10” of pure perfection. I lost everything once before, I won’t lose her too. But the harder I try to save her, the more it seems like she’s slipping away. Maybe after everything that life has put her through, I’m not the man she needs. Even if I lose her.Even if she chooses him.Even if this is all I’ll ever have with her. She was worth it. This small town, mountain man collection has it all: smoking hot steam, angst, drama, second chances, forbidden romances, enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, fireman, doctors and so much more…trust me, you won’t want to miss it. $0.99 on Kindle.
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The Christmas One Night Stand

The Proposal
I got pregnant from a one-night-stand with my worst enemy
Then I walked into the office to find out he was my new boss… $2.99 on Kindle.
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My Last Secret

My Last Secret
My brother’s best friend wanted me for a night. Now I have a surprise.
And it was years ago we slept together. When we were just kids.
Getting pregnant left me with a different life path than I’d expected, but I let him go.
He had big dreams and I let him go live them, but now he’s back in my life, as arrogant as ever.
My secret baby daddy has a mission to revive the city but his plans would hurt the people I serve in my charity.
The charity that took care of me when I had nothing but a newborn and a shaky smile.
I’m not sure if he’s playing the good guy or actually is. He’s not the same guy I fell in love with.
Either way, our goals are in opposition with each other.
This isn’t a second chance at love.
It’s, ‘may the best man win’.
Let the games begin.
$0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Good Girl

Good Girl
Good Girl is book 1 in the new adult rock star series Wicked from WSJ and USA Today bestselling author Piper Lawson. If you like nerds, hot rock stars, friends-to-lovers, enemies-to-lovers, pet skunks, home reno shows, flip phones or existentialism, you’ll love this book! Free on Kindle.
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Free: The Swordmaster’s Daughter

The Swordmaster's Daughter
Women with swords, men with agendas, an enemies-to-lovers historical where girl-power conquers all. A swordmaster’s daughter, her secret band of female fencers, and a handsome scotsman whose sister has fallen prey to a cruel predator, join forces in a quest for justice. Free on Kindle.
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It’s Always Been You

It's Always Been You
Love is quickly becoming my least favorite four-letter word.
I let a girl into my heart once, and she nearly destroyed me.
The last time I saw her she was in the back seat of her father’s car, leaving me forever.
No goodbye.
No mercy.
That was ten years ago.
Now the sexy vixen from my past is back in town looking to hire a consultant.
This is my way back in.
But not for redemption or a second chance.
For sticky-sweet vengeance.
Her business is the most important thing to her, and I can take it down in one fell swoop—or waste her time trying.
If she doesn’t take me down first with curves that make me pace the floor at night.
But everything changes when I meet him.
Her ten-year-old son.
I believe in coincidences, but this is too much.
He has my eyes and my middle name, but she swears I’m not the father.
Trusting her means dropping walls I’ve spent a decade building trying to keep her out. Unfortunately for me?
It’s always been her.
$0.99 on Kindle.
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My Feisty Fling

My Feisty Fling
The last thing I need is a sexy distraction, yet here we are. Again.
My father has been kidnapped.
I’m the only one with the skills to bring him home, but my wicked hot ex shows up at the airport and is on my flight.
What are the odds?
She’s also a private detective working her own case.
But much to my surprise, she wants to work together.
Not a chance in hell.
She gives the good stuff, then takes it away.
No way this woman is destroying me again.
But she is my favorite sin.
Unfortunately, there’s no time for romance as we find ourselves in danger.
I have a life or death fight on my hands, but I never imagined the real battle would be for her.
My first love. My Feisty Fling. $0.99 on Kindle.
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The Parkers’ Fall in Love Boxed Set

Fall in love again with the Parkers’ Box Set. Enemies to Lovers. Hot Bosses. High School Flames. Halloween Happy Ever Afters. Kings of Halloween.

Six Parker-Family Books for your reading pleasure.
Need You Now
Follow You Anywhere
Fall for Me Again
All About the Treats
Pick Me, Handsome
Rich Fake Witch $0.99 on Kindle.
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Love You Right: Small Town Enemies to Lovers Romantic Comedy (Love You, Maine Book 1)

Love You Right: Small Town Enemies to Lovers Romantic Comedy (Love You, Maine Book 1)
A missed opportunity five years ago makes for an unexpected encounter now between two people meant for each other – but who square off in a very public battle of wills in the small town of Love You, Maine, where every day is Valentine’s Day. Can love conquer all in a town steeped in it?

Kell Luview refuses to be a sucker at love again. Five years ago, he left D.C. with his tail between his legs and his
heartbroken. Fiercely protective of his small town in rural Maine, he’s determined to save the family tree business and avoid his feelings at all costs, no matter how much he longs to solve the mystery of what happened in D.C.L.A. native Rachel Hart hates being underestimated almost as much as she hates this small town. She has two goals on this trip: get out of the cheesy tourist trap of Love You, Maine with a completed business deal, and avoid running into Kell, her old friend from D.C. who never became an old flame because of a huge misunderstanding. One that still aches.

When her rental car breaks down on a logging road and Kell comes to her rescue, it’s clear he’s a changed man – and not for the good. Grumpy and reserved, he pushes all her buttons, still stubbornly convinced she betrayed him all those years ago. He’s never forgiven her, and she’s never forgiven herself for carrying a torch for him.

An embarrassing incident gets the town gossip mill going when residents wrongly assume Kell and Rachel are the newest couple to find love in the most romantic place on Earth. But the townsfolk aren’t wrong for long… As Rachel breaks through his defenses and charms the town, he faces his biggest fear: all those pesky feelings he’s been avoiding.

Because they’re all about Rachel now. And maybe they always were. Can Kell and Rachel fight their growing attraction in the one place in the world where you can’t avoid love? If you’re looking for a fun read about enemies to lovers, forced proximity, heroines who get their comeuppance, and sworn bachelors felled by unexpected true love, featuring a hot bearded lumberjack impervious to poison ivy, and a city-slicker, jaded career woman with a penchant for great coffee, set in a small town in New England – then this is your book.

Grab a cup of (properly good) coffee, a can of hot cocoa mix, a jar of Fluff, and maybe some calamine lotion (just in case), and get your happy meter ready as you read the very first book in New York Times bestselling romantic comedy author Julia Kent’s Love You, Maine series – where love isn’t just a feeling – it’s a way of life.  -Standalone -Enemies to Lovers -Small town romance -Lumberjack and city slicker outsider… and a cat named Calamine $0.99 on Kindle.
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One Night in Vegas

One Night in Vegas

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, until it doesn’t.
It was one hot night and I wanted so much more.
But the next morning, she was gone.
The only thing she took with her was my heart.
I never figured love at first sight was real, but it was.
Skip forward eight years later and guess who shows up needing a job?
Just so happens that I need an assistant.
Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
She’s a smart cookie, though, and feels the tension between us.
I’m not sure if it’s lust, love, or my need for revenge, but I’m not giving up without a fight.
My lover turned enemy, and now all I want is to pay her back in full—or do I?
Funny how one night in Vegas turns into my need for forever. $0.99 on Kindle.
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STONE (Daring the Kane Brothers)

STONE (Daring the Kane Brothers)

Jaggs Downey showed up a year ago. She’s feisty and difficult to ignore. She’s my brother’s friend, and my family loves her. But the sexy spitfire hates me. She wants to destroy me. She wants revenge. She thinks I don’t know why, but I know the truth. And the beautiful, determined woman isn’t going to get what she wants for I plan to give her something else… Enemies to lovers, rock star romance. Standalone series. $0.99 on Kindle.
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