Free: Rough Daddy – 10 Erotic Books Collection

Rough Daddy - 10 Erotic Books Collection
Get 10 extra-steamy, short romance stories in one quick download. The Stories inside are insta-love, fast-paced standalones, can be read in any order and have HEA endings. Some themes are age-gap/older man younger woman romance, enemies to lovers, bully romance, grumpy boss, huge mountain man & more. Free on Kindle.
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Free: Deviant Knight

Deviant Knight

USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Tracy Lorraine brings you more in her dark mafia, high school bully romance series. Whoever said to keep your friends close and your enemies closer… was right. Being around her is the worst kind of torture. Emmie is an obligation I can’t avoid… an oath I can’t break. And having her in my life is the last thing I want or need. But thanks to my father, I have no choice. This Family—this life, is my future, and I’m sure as hell not going to let some spitfire from the wrong side of town get under my skin and in my way. When the time comes, I will take what I need and walk away. I’ll finally be free from her shadow and she will know the truth, even if it leaves her broken. The only problem… she might not be the only one left in pieces. Dear ReaderDeviant Knight is the fourth book in my angst-filled new adult mafia Knight’s Ridge Empire series. It’s the first book in Emmie and Theo’s trilogy. It’s a dark bully romance with themes that might make you squirm in all the right ways! Free on Kindle.
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Free: Shattered Legacy

Shattered Legacy

From bestselling author Caitlyn Dare comes a new dark bully college romance. Blood. Money. Power. Are you ready to be initiated? All I ever wanted was to escape Gravestone and its archaic traditions. But one fateful night, I find myself right in the middle of one of their sacred ceremonies. And now, I’ve been claimed by the devil. It’s meant to be a privilege, or at least that’s what everyone tells me. But they don’t know the truth.

They don’t know the depths of depravity, the sick and twisted games that exist in this world I’ve been thrust into. I might belong to Cade Kingsley, but he’s not the one I want. He’s not the one my heart beats for. Bexley Easton has been dragged into this world much like me. I want to say he’s different, that he’s good and pure, that he’s everything I’ve made him out to be in my head. But he’s one of them now and I fear everything we’ve shared could be a lie. One thing’s for certain though, if Cade discovers the depth of my betrayal then it could be the end… For both of us.

Shattered Lies is the first book in the Gravestone Elite trilogy. It is a DARK BULLY ROMANCE and contains mature content that some readers may find disturbing. You have been warned. Free on Kindle.
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Free: Thorn


On the run from a marriage proposal, Allie finds a temp job out in the middle of nowhere. To her new boss—successful tavern owner, confirmed bachelor, and bear shifter Thorn Canton—a mate might mean a fate worse than death. Literally. But if that new barmaid isn’t his fated mate, he’ll eat his John Deere cap. Free on Kindle.
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Wicked Plans

Focusing on my future is getting harder and harder with the campus bad boy wanting all of me. This ivy league jerk is quickly becoming my enemy. He’s not just bad either. There’s a darkness in him I don’t want in my life. Yet, I’m drawn to him like a moth to the flame. I have plans for a big future, and they don’t include him. He’s got other ideas though… Wicked, wicked plans.
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Kiss & Tell

Kiss & Tell
Her willingness to blackmail me into her bed is shocking.
But I can’t help myself.
I’ve worked my face off to make a name for myself in the architect world, and finally it’s landed me the perfect job—teaching at my local university.
Not a day goes by when a student doesn’t flirt and try their hand at winning my heart, if only for a night.
But I know the rules, and I follow them closely. No way in hell I’m giving up this sweet gig.
My newest student has stolen my attention and has me thinking things I should never think.
And her flirting goes to a new level. She’s defiant, dark, and not afraid of a little blackmail to get what she wants.
The young woman is beyond beautiful and everything I fantasize about, but I have a secret I want to keep hidden.
Unfortunately for me, she knows it and is more than happy to use it to get what she wants most—me.
What started out as a one-time payment turns into a burning need neither of us can ignore.
I just hope this girl is the type that doesn’t kiss and tell.
Otherwise, I’m ruined. $0.99 on Kindle.

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