A Dilemma For Jacob

A Dilemma For Jacob
Seduction. Love. Scandal. Destruction.

Throw the tournament, or someone close to you will get hurt. A threat against Jacob is a threat against Jean-Pierre.

What should have been an idyllic Christmas in Whistler is tainted by a mysterious message. It becomes clear that it is no joke when Jacobs life is threatened. Can Jean-Pierre keep Jacob safe for the tournament in Edmonton? Will the danger bind Jacob and Jean-Pierre together, or ruin their budding love before it has a chance to bloom?

Find out in book three of your favorite billionaire MM romance/erotic thriller series, featuring an age gap, a jealous lover, and a lavish lifestyle. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Charmed by the Mafia

Charmed by the Mafia
Only a billionaire mafia could think he could escape death.

Im his heart specialist, and hes the patient I absolutely cant resist.

So, when he called me his girlfriend to please his family, I could only nod in agreement.

Giovanni might be my forbidden patient and fake lover

But I have real dreams about him taking my V-card.

Soon, these dreams would turn into nightmares.

His life is filled with danger.

And mine feels heavier now that Im carrying the burden of his secrets.

Giovanni only has a few months left to live if we fail at treating him.

But I may not even have that much time remaining.

Giovanni will have to find a way to save my life from his own people.

Especially now that Im carrying the child, hed never want to lose

Charmed by the Mafia is the fifth full-length novel in The Billionaire Mafia dark romance series. Grab now for your spicy dose of arranged marriage surprise pregnancy mafia romance! $0.99 on Kindle.
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Billionaire’s Naughty Nanny: An Age Gap Surprise Pregnancy Romance

Billionaire’s Naughty Nanny: An Age Gap Surprise Pregnancy Romance

Alex Osborne is a billionaire single dad, and Ive just become his naughty nanny.

Alex is the opportunity of a lifetime. Being a nanny for his three-year-old means saving my business, and Im ready to do anything to make that happen.

I quickly find myself watching more than just his little girl.

I catch a glimpse of him getting out of the shower.

When his towel accidentally falls to the ground, I get an eyeful of his package, and oh, what a package it is.

Not long after, all our clothes are hitting the floor.

Were both in way too deep, and Im living out a forbidden fantasy with my boss.

But trouble is brewing with a vengeful ex.

Her shenanigans make me sick to my stomach, but theres another reason I have nausea out of nowhere.

Now I need to figure out how to drop the bomb that he’s in for daddy duty, round two. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Latin Men

A romance series about passionate, wealthy alpha male heroes of Latin descent from Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, and Argentina falling hard for the women who love them.

$1.99 to $2.99 on Kindle.

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Arranged by the Mafia

Arranged by the Mafia
My innocent wife has no idea shes in for a broken heart before I even put a ring on her dainty finger.

As the younger mafia heir, Ive lived a life of leisure. I had my fun and my share of women dropping at my feet Until a threat appeared in the shape of a powerful kingpin and now Im suddenly being forced to marry the enemys daughter in a sham wedding.

Its not just my family vendetta holding me back. I have a deep rooted resentment for the OShea family, and their daughter Finley is nothing but a pawn to me.

That is, until I meet her.

Finley is a pretty ball of energy and sass thats somehow irresistible. But my plan for revenge must be completed. I will humiliate her publicly if thats what it takes.

Anything to hurt the OShea family

Even if it means breaking sweet Finleys heart.

Arranged by the Mafia is the fourth full-length novel in The Billionaire Mafia dark romance series. Borrow now for your daily dose of spicy mobsters! $0.99 on Kindle.
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Number Ones: A Collection of Billionaire Romances

Number Ones: A Collection of Billionaire Romances
For the first time ever, download three billionaire books from Nicole French’s bestselling trilogies plus a bonus FIVE CHAPTERS from her 2024 release!

Inside Number Ones, discover three domineering alpha heroes who will stop at nothing as they chase the woman they love.

Legally Yours: Skylar Crosby has a plan: finish law school, get a job, and stay away from men like Brandon Sterling. Cocky, overbearing, and richer than God, he thinks the world belonds to him, and that includes his new intern. Unfortunately, Skylar doesn’t make anything easy, and that means this billionaire has his work cut out for him if he wants to win her over.

The Hate Vow: To keep his fortune, billinaire Eric de Vries must take a wife. The only problem? His chosen bride (and ex-girlfriend) hates his guts. Quirky and outspoken, Jane Lee is the last person who would fit into Eric’s posh Upper Eastside world. But sticking it to his family is exactly what this rogue heir wants. Will twenty million dollars be enough to convince Jane to help his cause? Or will these two find that the hate they thought they shared is closer to love after all?

The Other Man: Attorney Matthew Zola had been looking for Nina Astor for months. Ever since they shared one red-hot night and she disappeared into the city. Now she’s back and beyond off-limits. Heiress to the powerful de Vries fortune and married to the subject of Matthew’s criminal investigation. To save her from this monster, he might have to sell his soul to the devil himself. Truth be told…maybe he already has.

Coming soon… Please enjoy an EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW of Nicole’s next billionaire romance! This includes the first five chapters of Joni’s story, a roommates-to-lovers, fake relationship, grumpy-sunshine romance. $2.99 on Kindle.
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Scarred Prince

Scarred Prince

My world was rocked the night I collided with a stranger.
A scarred Bratva Prince.
He left me with the sweet taste of submission… and his baby.
Now Leo’s back, and he vows never to let me out of his sight.

Our saga began when he came to my rescue.

And ended in a night of passion. Thrilling and intense.

But as quickly as he appeared… he vanished.

I was certain I’d never see him again.

Until today…

“I’d like you to meet our institution’s most generous benefactor.”

Then a familiar Russian accent takes my breath away, “Good evening, Nikita.”

My whole body freezes.

Apparently, my dark prince comes from a powerful Bratva dynasty.
And the guy he’s been wanting to put underground this whole time? My father.

Will Leo change his ways when he learns I have a secret of my own?…
$0.99 on Kindle.
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Pretend The Night Never Happened

Pretend The Night Never Happened
Renowned billionaire art collector Scott Madison’s chance encounter with the artist kindles a passionate affair, despite their clashing principles. Their heated night leads to an unexpected pregnancy, forcing them to confront their differences and decide if he can be the father their child needs. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Legally Yours

Legally Yours

Enemies turn to lovers in this bad boy billionaire romance with a twist.

I had a plan. Finish law school. Start a job. Stay away from men like Brandon Sterling. Cocky, overbearing, and richer than the Earth, he thinks the world belongs to him, and that includes me.

Yeah, no. Think again. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Frosty Beginnings (Alpha Billionaire)

Frosty Beginnings (Alpha Billionaire)
Drake shattered my heart right before I was about to tell him I was pregnant.

I’d be silly to fall in love with him again.

Especially after not having seen him for five years.

But fate has an awful way of shaking you up and testing your willpower.

Turns out, Drake has a three-year-old daughter and I’m her new nanny.

He has no clue that the boy I carry in my arms is his own flesh and blood.

And yet, I roam the streets with him like we are a family.

We may have spent five years apart but the sparks between us are very much alive.

His arms around me as we shop for the holidays in the snow melts my heart.

If only I were an ice queen and could resist his charm…

Drake will find out my secret sooner or later. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Pregnant for Grumpy Billionaire Daddy-Dom

Pregnant for Grumpy Billionaire Daddy-Dom
Me and my silverfox boss had a business trip to Paris
I didn’t expect to cross a forbidden line.
I didn’t expect to melt the sheets.
Definitely not with my grumpy, billionaire boss.
And discovering he’s a dom.
Now I’m staring at these two pink lines. Knocked up.
Free on Kindle.
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Bossed by Three Billionaire Brothers

Bossed by Three Billionaire Brothers

ME: “I don’t want drama in my life.”

ALSO ME: “A four-person polygamy with my best friend’s dad and his twin bros? Why yes!!!”

It started when my best friend proposed a Summer nanny gig with the Bradshaw trio.
Three silver fox billionaire brothers living in the luxurious French Riviera.

I’ve learned to equate men to heartache and pain.
Then I witness something that blows my mind: three devoted brothers raising a 2 year old little boy who lost both his parents.

Could I be wrong about men??
Time will tell but ONE thing’s certain…
These three demanding and bossy brothers have brought me to my knees. Literary!!

Sam, the oldest of the brothers and CEO of their company. He’s known me my whole life, and no longer sees me as his daughter’s best friend. He’ll be pleased to know I’m no longer the innocent little girl he once knew.

Sean, the least professional brother, has a mile-wide ego and a smile that makes me forget how much I hate men. I DESPISE how my body responds to his over-the-top and cocky character.

Seth, Sean’s twin. Determined to prove I’m not fit to work for them. Yet, whenever I enter a room, we both feel a sexual tension so POWERFUL that it’s almost unbearable to go unnoticed.

And when my poor best friend catches us four in the act ALL hell breaks loose.
A mysterious tabloid about our ‘four person polygamy’ only adds fuel to the fire — and threatens to jeopardize everything I’ve worked my life to build.

Can these three brothers prove me wrong about men and save me from an absolute NIGHTMARE?!?
Or will I regret ever opening myself up to love again? $0.99 on Kindle.
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Sunshine Billionaires: An Age Gap ex-Navy SEAL Romance Collection

Sunshine Billionaires: An Age Gap ex-Navy SEAL Romance Collection
Three ex-SEAL billionaires, haunted by internal demons and living low-key lives, are blindsided by love.
Three fiery women crash their world and shake them to the core.
When fate introduces these grumpy manly hunks to a trio of spirited and fiercely independent women, their carefully constructed walls begin to crumble.
Brother’s best friend, dad’s confidant, and a gruff neighbor—this studly trio’s in for a wild, edgy ride.
Steamy, emotional, and hella fun, these stories pack a punch!
Dive in for sizzling chemistry and sharp wit. Experience the irresistible blend of passion, redemption, and adventure that awaits.

Sizzling books included in this collection are:
Book 1: My Brother’s Billionaire Grumpy Friend: An Age Gap Boss Surprise Pregnancy Romance
He’s a bad-boy billionaire, a treasure-hunting diver looking for riches. Diving deep into me gives us the surprise of a lifetime – a baby on the way.

Book 2: My Dad’s Billionaire Grumpy Friend: A Single Dad Nanny Surprise Pregnancy Romance
I never expected to find myself working as a nanny for my father’s wealthy best friend. Or having his baby…

Book 3: My Billionaire Grumpy Neighbor: An Age Gap Enemies to Lovers Romance
Paradise turns sour with a grumpy billionaire neighbor killing my vibe. But I can’t deny the guy looks like a Greek god in disguise. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Faking With My Grumpy Billionaire: An Enemies to Lovers Boss Romance

Faking With My Grumpy Billionaire: An Enemies to Lovers Boss Romance

Fake fiancé to a billionaire ex-football player was the plan, having his baby wasn’t. After giving him the best night of his life, he makes an offer I can’t refuse. What started as a fairytale, soon turned into a nightmare. He’s damaged and can’t handle my sassy ways. Soon our bickering turns into passion. The more we fight, the more I want him. And before I know it, I am screaming his name. $0.99 on Kindle.
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The Virgin and the Grumpy Billionaire

The Virgin and the Grumpy Billionaire

That Demon I hate stole my virginity – I sold my soul to the devil for one night of pleasure

Enemies to Lovers Surprise Baby Romance starring the Billionaire Senator the Feisty Virgin Redhead and their Political and Romantic Fireworks!
$0.99 on Kindle.
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Stiff Drink: A British Nobleman and Secret MI6 Spy (Secret Billionaires Book 3)

Stiff Drink: A British Nobleman and Secret MI6 Spy (Secret Billionaires Book 3)
Arthur Finch-Hatten is six-feet four-inches of hot, ripped, English billionaire nobleman who is wasting his life and his earldom so audaciously that his younger brother is suing him for control. Arthur stands to lose everything, and his new barrister, Genevieve, is not amused by his behavior. Arthur is enough to make any woman need a stiff drink. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Grumpy Billionaire Best Friend’s Dad

Grumpy Billionaire Best Friend’s Dad
My first patient walks in, and my heart skips a beat – Graham, the man I once loved, is now a billionaire single dad.
He’s grumpier and colder, yet the fire between us never died. I kept his secret, but now I must face him as his therapist, hiding the truth – my son is his son too. Will he forgive me for leaving?
$0.99 on Kindle.
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Once In A LifeTime

Once In A LifeTime
College sweethearts, Zach and Mia, seemed destined for a future of marriage and happiness, but Zack’s lack of confidence led to their separation. A decade later, their paths cross again, revealing Zach’s empty life of flings, while Mia find fulfillment teaching children. Despite lingering fears, can their undeniable love ignites a whirlwind of passion and second chances overcome the past, allowing them to embrace the future they once envisioned together? $0.99 on Kindle.
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My Billionaire Grumpy Neighbor: An Age Gap Enemies to Lovers Romance

Paradise turns sour with a grumpy billionaire neighbor killing my vibe. But I can’t deny the guy looks like a Greek god in disguise.

Leaving behind my struggling artist life in Nashville, Florida promises everything.

My new digs have it all. Close to my bestie, secluded, and pure bliss—except for that hunky prick next door, ruining my peace of mind.
He’s an ex-SEAL with a major attitude and a decade on me, but damn, his tattooed pecs are scorching hot.

We clash like oil and water until one magical night beneath the stars flips the script.

Enemies become lovers, and sparks ignite.

But here’s the kicker—he’s keeping something from me. I can feel it in my gut. And now, I’m scared it could shatter everything we’ve built.

Do we have the courage to share our deepest secrets and give love a real shot? Or will the fear of the unknown rip our paradise apart? $0.99 on Kindle.
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Ruthless Billionaire’s Secret Baby

Ruthless Billionaire's Secret Baby
In my pursuit of a cook, I found a woman who ignited my desires. But she’s stubborn and entangled with my rival. But I refuse to let the past or another man stand in the way of claiming what is rightfully mine – her heart. I’ll risk everything to possess her heart, body, and soul. Love, rivalry, and intense passion collide in a battle where there’s no turning back. $0.99 on Kindle.
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My Dad’s Billionaire Grumpy Friend: A Single Dad Nanny Surprise Pregnancy Romance

My Dad’s Billionaire Grumpy Friend: A Single Dad Nanny Surprise Pregnancy Romance

I never expected to find myself working as a nanny for my father’s wealthy best friend. Or having his baby…

I try to focus on my job, but this grumpy ex-SEAL who happens to share my passion for writing has my heart racing.

When he asks for my help, he just means with his book, right? Or does he feel the same fiery desire burning in him too?

A single unforgettable night changes everything. I’m launched into the romance of my dreams, and all I want is him.

But trouble is brewing. My dad doesn’t know what’s going on between his best friend and me.

If the truth comes out, that will be the end of my fantasy. My fairytale will come crashing down.

When tragedy suddenly happens, all I can do is hang on and hope for a happy ending with my baby daddy.

Despite the odds, I’m left questioning if love can truly conquer all. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Forbidden Billionaire Boss

Forbidden Billionaire Boos

An awkward situation. check.
A grumpy bosshole. check.
Was the awkward situation with the bosshole? Embarrassingly, yes.
But that was years ago.
Now, as a recent college graduate, I find myself in an interview for my very first job, only to discover that the harsh stranger from the past is now my new boss.
Free on Kindle.
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The Rules We Break

The Rules We Break
3 rules for protecting your best friends’ little sister:

Never break the bro code.
Hands off the woman you’re guarding.
Don’t touch someone ten years younger.
And we broke them all…

Sierra Beckett is so off-limits I’ve never even looked at her twice. I’m best friends with her four brothers, and I do not have a death wish.

Unfortunately, Sierra and I are stuck in a safe house with one bed and a set of rules we can’t help but break…

I know I should resist the temptation but I don’t want to. Not with her… not until it’s too late.

And once she’s pregnant with my baby, her brothers will just have to accept she’s mine now.

The Rules We Break is a standalone billionaire romance novel, part of the Beckett Billionaires series.

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Savage Abandon

Savage Abandon

When this billionaire cattleman has to face his past lover, no amount of money can save him from her burn.

Doctor Destiny Hart prefers animals to men, and her life as a Wyoming veterinarian over the heartbreak she’s faced before. After all, she’s already lost the life she thought she wanted.

There’s just one problem: that life is back with a perfect face and the heart he stole right out of her chest. His name is Carter Caldwell.

Their reunion is filled with an undeniable attraction that never fizzled out, but with days too short to get through all the work on the ranch, Carter saves unpacking that romantic heat until far past the hour of good judgment.

And that’s his biggest mistake because giving in to his base desires and rediscovering every supple curve of Destiny’s body leaves him vulnerable as he overlooks the chaos encroaching in on them from a Mafia, antihero hitman named Atlas, who is about to burn their world down.

Secrets race back, threatening to destroy Carter and Destiny, and no amount of cunning, power, or even the best ranch hands in Wyoming, will be enough to save Destiny from the trouble Carter is trying to protect her from.

He’ll do anything to keep her safe… even if it means taking the law into his own hands, holding her hostage, or breaking her heart all over again.

Fans of Yellowstone and Sons of Anarchy will dive into this sizzling romance filled with buried secrets, passion, and a dark hitman and his love interest, who turn this sleepy town on its ear. $0.99 on Kindle.
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The Fake Fiancée and the Grumpy Billionaire

The Fake Fiance and the Grumpy Billionaire

“Enzo and Penelope are engaged!”

With five little words, my world completely changed.
Just two hours ago, I met Enzo Jennings – arrogant, uber-rich, tech mogul turned candidate for Senate. He’s gorgeous, of course, but I have nothing in common with the A-list blonde women he usually takes to bed.
That’s why they chose me, though, right? Because I am better for his image? But what about my image? I’ve lost my job over this, and now I have to play fake fiancé with a man I’m not sure I even like.
When the stakes get higher, and the lines between personal and professional get murkier, will I be able to see this through…or will I be left with nothing?

I do not do relationships. Ever.
Now I am stuck in a fake relationship with a woman who makes me question everything I know about myself.
She cannot know how I feel about her. This has to end come November.
$0.99 on Kindle.
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