Chasing Influence: Transformational Coaching to Build Champions for Life

Chasing Influence: Transformational Coaching to Build Champions for Life
After back-to-back tragedies, the town of Wassail Falls rallies around Coach Stick Olson.

As generations of players return to support Coach Olson, and share stories of the role he played in their lives, it becomes clear Coach hasn’t just been teaching baseball and chasing victories; he’s been chasing influence and providing leadership and life lessons. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Tenting into Twilight: A Senior’s Guide to Camping

Explore the Wilderness with Wisdom: Embark on a Seasoned Adventurer’s Journey

Imagine a gentle breeze rustling through the trees, the distant call of a loon over a serene lake, and a star-filled sky above. Now picture yourself, at the prime of your golden years, right in the heart of this tranquil wilderness. Tenting into Twilight: A Senior’s Guide to Camping is your comprehensive companion to rediscovering nature’s wonders at an age when time is ripe for adventure. $4.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Amazing Sports Stories for Kids

Amazing Sports Stories for Kids
A collection of 25 fascinating and inspiring sports stories of the most famous athletes in history written specifically for kids

Fun and easy to read chapters with beautiful illustrations to help bring the stories to life

An engaging and entertaining way for kids to learn about the values and lessons that can be learned through sports

A source of inspiration for kids who are interested in pursuing sports or other physical activities

Motivational quotes in each chapter to inspire your young athlete Free on Kindle.
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When Good Trails Go Bad: Planning, Surviving, & Being Rescued From Your Worst Day On the Trail

When Good Trails Go Bad: Planning, Surviving, & Being Rescued From Your Worst Day On the Trail

In this book, Stephen W. Littlewood provides a reliable guide on safe trail running and hiking. You will learn how to prepare for and respond to emergencies to be one step ahead of unforeseen circumstances during your outdoor adventures.

Are you really prepared to save your life, right now, if you were lost or injured on a trail? This book provides you guidance on why things go wrong, who will rescue you, and what to do before and during an emergency to survive and be rescued in the wilderness. $9.99 on Kindle.
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Pickleball for Beginners Part II – Level Up to Intermediate. Get Off the Beginner Treadmill and Master the Skills of a Competitive Intermediate Player

Pickleball for Beginners Part I - Level Up to Intermediate. Get Off the Beginner Treadmill and Master the Skills of a Competitive Intermediate Player

PICKLEBALL FOR BEGINNERS PART II: Get Off the Beginner Treadmill and Master the Skills of a Competitive Intermediate Player is a sequel to PICKLEBALL FOR BEGINNERS PART I: How to Get Started Playing Pickleball, available in a revised edition with new and edited content. See Bob’s website at for more details.

Learn how to master these skills and level up from beginner to intermediate:

The difference between ready positions at the NVZ and baseline
Tracking the ball
Making contact with the sweet spot of your paddle
How to improve on all your shots
Hitting the ball back the way it came: avoiding unforced errors
Patience at the NVZ: keeping the rally going with your soft game
Attacking only shots in your green zone when at the NVZ
A variety of serves: being conservative, striving for 100% accuracy
The 3 rules of pickleball: don’t hit the net, don’t hit the net, don’t hit the net!
How to hit topspin and backspin, and how to return them
Doubles strategy: where to stand and where to move

This book will teach you all of these skills and techniques, and contains these features to help you level up to intermediate:

Links to over 150 videos and articles by the best pickleball teachers in the world
Written commentary from them and me
How to improve and how to practice every shot
Interviews with the best-known teachers in the game
Their advice on how to improve to the next level

All the videos have a clickable link, so you can easily watch them on your laptop, tablet or cell phone while you read the book. This is by far the best way to learn all the nuances of the game and level up to intermediate.

Bob Savar is a Certified Pickleball Instructor & Author of Pickleball for Beginners Part I. He has taught hundreds of people in southeast FL how to play pickleball in his clinics and private lessons. Bob has taken his knowledge & experience and poured it into this book so you can learn to become a better player.

Please take a moment to review when you can – all reviews are appreciated and help both the author and other book buyers.
$3.99 on Kindle.
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How to Run a Marathon in 13 Years

How to Run a Marathon in 13 Years

Told he’d never run again, a middle-aged marathoner must learn a new method of running as he faces depression, cancer, and his failures in life as he struggles to once again complete 26.2. $0.99 on Kindle.
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SOL Still Our Lions: The Rise, Fall and Renaissance of Detroit and its Pro Football Team

SOL Still Our Lions: The Rise, Fall and Renaissance of Detroit and its Pro Football Team

Traversing the love, frustration, black humor, and hope routinely experienced by fans of one of the least successful teams in professional sports, SOL STILL OUR LIONS explores the striking similarities the Detroit Lions share with their home city: great successes through the 1950s, followed by decades of dramatic decline.

Based on extensive research supported by scores of interviews with fans, SOL examines why we love the home team — even when they break our hearts year after year, season after season, and down by down. $4.99 on Kindle.
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California Sports Astounding: Fun, Unknown, and Surprising Facts from Statehood to Sunday

California Sports Astounding: Fun, Unknown, and Surprising Facts from Statehood to Sunday

You might know California’s sunny beaches and sky-high Redwoods, but do you know when California’s first mini golf course opened? Ever wondered what’s recognized as California’s official state sport, or which sports were invented within its state lines?

Impress your friends, amaze your family, and even conquer your enemies on a quiz show with your sublime knowledge of every sport in the Golden State! Featuring extraordinary facts and remarkable events from football to fishing, this complete chronicle is your ultimate resource to everything in California athletics.
$0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Ace the Half: Run Your Best Half Marathon, Get in Shape, and Finally Tick “Finish the Race” Off Your Bucket List

Ace the Half: Run Your Best Half Marathon, Get in Shape, and Finally Tick “Finish the Race” Off Your Bucket ListThis insightful training strategy writing is full of running advice for novices and recreational athletes. Here to help in your planning and preparation is a guide through your half marathon journey – whether that’s to check it off your bucket list or if it’s to get fit.

Ace The Half is an engaging book by running coach Beverly Asante Puschmann, who is a certified distance-running coach, a certified nutrition coach, and who is a half marathon runner herself. She’s sprinkled in relatable stories about her own life to keep you laughing and entertained while she provides you with all the information you’ll need. This is running writing for beginners and consistent athletes.

Not only does this book motivate you to keep running, but there are also checklists, running tips about preparation, advice about choosing the best equipment and tools to use, and food intake (aka fueling) suggestions. Beverly even covers recovery after the fact, so you can use this book to prepare for multiple half marathons.

In Ace The Half, you’ll learn about:

  • Beverly’s life as a runner
  • Finding your training plan
  • Mindset methods to keep you motivated
  • How to fuel and hydrate for training, racing, and recovery
  • How to make your final preparations for the all-important race day

This running book for novice half marathoners is full of tips about running challenges, running advice about nutrition, and so much more! When will you run your first or next half marathon? Free on Kindle.
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Play Faster Golf, Have More Fun And Explode The 4-Hour Fallacy

Play Faster Golf, Have More Fun And Explode The 4-Hour Fallacy

Want to play more golf despite a too-busy schedule? Feel frustrated or impatient when a round takes 4 hours or more? Does being stuck behind – or with – slower players get in the way of your good time? It doesn’t have to be that way. This book debunks the myth that four hours is a good pace of play for a round of golf. Starting with pre-round preparation and continuing throughout all key stages of the round, Levy offers concrete and easy-to-follow tips for playing faster and better and having more fun at golf. These tips apply to players and golf course management alike, and all combine to help golfers simply and painlessly explode the 4-Hour Fallacy. $2.99 on Kindle.
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The Art of Finishing in Soccer: Soccer Finishing Drills and Secrets to Take Your Game to the Next Level

The Art of Finishing in Soccer: Soccer Finishing Drills and Secrets to Take Your Game to the Next Level
‘You speak bad of me, I score goals,’

This was a famous line of soccer Italian bad boy, Mario Balotelli.

‘You never get fed up scoring goals,’ said the English Premier League’s all-time leading goal scorer. It’s a good job; Alan Shearer did it 260 times. That other fine English exponent of the art, Gary Lineker, feels the same. ‘I was only interested in scoring goals,’ he said. I wasn’t interested in anything else.’ It is a passion for the little Argentinian master, Lionel Messi. He is still putting the ball away at the highest level at the age of 34. Of course, the South American’s greatest rivals are Brazil. The does not impact on his desire to score. ‘It’s scoring goals that’s great, whether against Brazil or anybody else.’

Set yourself a small test. Without research, time yourself to name twenty great goalkeepers, twenty great defenders, twenty great midfielders and the same for wingers. Then do the same for strikers.

It’s a safe bet that the final category will come easiest to the mind.

What makes the best strikers stand out?

We’ll start with maybe the most important area. The mind of the player. Because if you do not believe you are going to score, cannot control the adrenaline that floods your body the moment the opportunity arises, then you will not be a prolific finisher.

And it is worth reminding readers that whilst a team might only have one or two players who perform up front, all players will from time to time find themselves in a goal scoring position. More so in the fluid game of today, perhaps, than in the past. For some, those opportunities do not come along often; maybe only once every three or four games – for goalkeepers less. Still though, when that rare chance does arise, we need to be able to take it. This book is not just for number nines, it is as much for centre halves, full backs and midfielders. It is for coaches, and lovers of the beautiful game of soccer. A goal is a goal, whoever scores it.

Here’s What’s Included In This Book:

The mindset that separates the top goalscorers from the rest

How soccer speed is different from athletic speed

Drills to shoot strong from both feet

Drills to score from every part of the body

Drills for 6 Different Types of Aerial Finishes

Maximize Goal Scoring Conversions with 7 Different Set Piece Scenario Drills

10 Soccer Statistics that Will Enhance Your Team’s GamePlay

And many more….

Scroll up and Buy Now $2.99 on Kindle.
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History of NFL Football for Kids

history of NFL football for kids The History of NFL Football for Kids
Basic Knowledge of NFL Football History With Some Fun Facts and Records
William Lawson
Get excited about the colorful history of America’s most popular sport, even if you don’t know the first thing about football…

Football is one of the great American pastimes.

From the Super Bowl to the Thanksgiving game, millions of families gather throughout the week to watch their favorite teams duke it out. Kids and grandparents alike share the thrill of watching their team get that perfect tackle or last minute save.

Now you have the opportunity to share the history of the sport with your kids with one engaging guide.

Don’t have a clue about how football works?

Don’t worry — within these pages, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the game, from punts to passes.

Your kids will love learning about the history and stories that make the game what it is today.

Written by a football fan, for football fans, you’ll find the answers to the most common football-related questions.

Who’s the greatest quarterback of all time? How does the timing of the game work?

You’ll discover all this and more… and have a blast while doing it!

In The History of NFL Football for Kids, here is just a fraction of what you will discover:

– The birth of football and how it’s evolved over the years into the sport that you know and love
– Easy-to-understand definitions of common football terms, so you’ll be talking like a pro in no time
– How the “Father of American Football” shaped and revolutionized the game with the start of the first “football craze” across the nation
– The basics of the game, including positions, rules, and movements on the field
– How the 32 unique teams of the NFL landscape got their names
– When helmets first became required for players and other notable changes to the uniforms for maximum safety
– The top 26 teams with the most championships — the most dominant franchise in NFL history may surprise you!
– Top players and coaches of all time — and what made them such great figures in the NFL world
– Records, fun facts, and underdog wins that will wow your friends and family

And much more.

Football doesn’t have to be a sports mystery. While it might seem complicated, you’ll be shocked at how quickly you and your kids pick up on the rules and regulations of the game.

Already got a football fanatic on your hands? These inspirational stories and facts will have them seeing the game in a totally new way.

Go the “goal” nine yards with this fun, fact-filled book: scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button right now.
$0.99 on Kindle.
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Soccer Mental Toughness: Soccer Coaching to Improve Mental Strength for a Winning Mentality

Soccer Mental Toughness: Soccer Coaching to Improve Mental Strength for a Winning Mentality
Are you ready to take your soccer game to the next level? Improving your mental strength could be the answer.

Things don’t always go our way. That is true in life, in our career, in our relationships and, of course, in sport. That sweet hit from the tee that lands perfectly on the fairway, and races on and on…and on, straight into the bunker. $4.99 on Kindle
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The Spectrum of Greatness: An Inspirational Youth Football Fiction Book about Overcoming Adversity and Excelling with High-Functioning Autism

The Spectrum of Greatness: An Inspirational Youth Football Fiction Book about Overcoming Adversity and Excelling with High-Functioning Autism
Drawing on author Jared Alexander’s own triumphs over high-functioning Autism, Spectrum of Greatness is an empowering Teen, Pre-Teen, and Children’s fiction novel that teaches kids the values of teamwork, friendship, diversity, and inclusivity. This book is for readers of all ages.

12-year-old running back David Washington loves football and plays for the South Side Bandits. The Bandits are one of the worst youth football teams in Chicago. He also struggles with High-Functioning Autism and communicating with teammates. But David’s Autism is not the reason the Bandits have struggled in the past. In fact, David is just the football player to turn his team around.

Follow David and the team as they transform from losers to confident players under the new coaching leadership of former women’s professional quarterback turned social worker Allison Ward and retired NFL kicker John Preston. Can David overcome his struggles with Autism and lead his team into the championship game?

Readers will become the biggest fans of David and the South Side Bandits, as these ultimate underdogs prove that with enough hard work and a lot of heart, anyone can turn their luck around. Above all, The Spectrum of Greatness shows that individuals on the Autism spectrum can overcome struggles with High-Functioning Autism and become leaders in whatever role they find themselves in!

Even reluctant readers will love to cheer on David and the Bandits, as they find their groove and realize their true potential and become local football heroes. $1.99 on Kindle.

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Run Through Barriers

Run Through Barriers
Inspiring stories and practical plans to kick-start your running adventure

Want to start running, but life keeps getting in the way? You’re not alone. Even with the best intentions, many common barriers often stop us in our tracks; ageing, illness, unfitness, busyness, tiredness and anxiety.

Run Through Barriers analyses and challenges these obstacles by using real-life examples of people who have overcome them to transform their health through running. You’ll hear from:

• Eileen Noble, one of Britain’s oldest female marathoners
• Roger Wright, who has battled obesity to rack up over 66 marathons in 11 years
• 70-year-old ultramarathoner, Ais North, who keeps running despite multiple illnesses
• Delores Durko, a busy mother, on finding time in crammed schedules for fitness
• and many more

These stories are followed by motivating actions and comprehensive week-by-week running plans that will guide you from complete beginner to more advanced plans for the 5k, 10k, and half marathon distances.

Start your running journey today with Run Through Barriers. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Rookie in Love

Rookie in Love
I score my first goal in the NLH and the celly ends up with me being duped by the last girl in the bar How was I supposed to know she was the goalie’s sister? I’m off the bench due to the drama my agent sends me a smoking hot public relations expert. Everything about her screams ‘Do Not Touch’. But how can I not fall in love with a woman who rescues a puppy in a blizzard? I just don’t know if she can give up her city ways for life in rural Maine when she loves the sound of the ocean and sand under her toes. Free on Kindle.

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The Hardest Hit

The Hardest Hit
Eleven-year-old Sam Parker is a hockey player entering the first year in which body checking is allowed. His natural fear of getting hit is temporarily overshadowed by finding out his parents are getting divorced.

Determined to keep them together by being a hockey superstar, Sam instead suffers a bone-crunching check from the school bully in his first game of the season. The resulting pain and fear brings out the worst in Sam as one difficulty after another piles on. Even his best friend, Jill, doesn’t always seem to understand what he’s going through. Sam has to learn how to get up after life knocks you down – both on and off the ice.

Book 1 of the Sam the Hockey Player series! $0.99 on Kindle.

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Catamaran Crossing

Catamaran Crossing
The novella Catamaran Crossing follows the adventure of sailing friends as they take delivery of a new boat in England and cross the mid-Atlantic. Of course, the exploration is met with a nasty storm. You knew it would. Written by an author with undoubted credentials, the intriguing tale offers interesting tidbits along the way. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Looking To Score

Looking To Score
Lucky is my middle name. Whether on the field or walking the campus, there isn’t a woman that can refuse me. Until she shows up. The best part? She’s not having any of my crap. Not a drop of my masculine, rock-your-world moves or anything else I’m trying to put out. And where I wasn’t at all interested in putting in my time, now I’m all for it. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Golf Sandbagger: Distance Scoring Winning

Golf Sandbagger: Distance Scoring Winning

57 years golfing and the focus on what has been tried, tested, and now the keep it simple method of playing the game. From long drive competition sandbagging, making the irons dance, and the mental game to equipment selection, this clear and concise read is the accumulation of a lifetime of golf. Hit it long, score well and enjoy the game. You will not overload with angles, hinging, cocking, impact ratio, but will enjoy tested clear brevity in playing the game and shooting a better score. Pack it in your pocket and for a price less than a bucket of balls, carry it to the range or course. $3.99 on Kindle.

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Free: S is for…Short, Sweet, Simple Sports Coaching and Performance

Free: S is for…Short, Sweet, Simple Sports Coaching and Performance
S is for…Short, Sweet, Simple Sports Coaching and Performance: For Players, Parents, and Pedagogues

It’s the shortest, sweetest, and simplest way for me to address all the important elements that go into sports coaching and performance, and because of that it allows us to spend more of our time focusing on what sport is really about…


My ‘S is for…’ method, which I have developed in over 10 years of coaching, is something that anyone can learn and start using today. Not only that, but you can learn the foundation of the method and start benefiting from it in just a few hours. You can start enjoying sport more TODAY! Believe me, it’s that S is for…Simple.

This book genuinely is for everyone: professionals, amateurs, students, children, coaches, parents and guardians, and teachers, or someone with absolutely no experience in sport whatsoever. EVERYONE! A bold S is for…Statement I know, but one I S is for…Stand by.

My name is Christopher Davy. I’m 34 years old, and I live in Exeter, Devon, the United Kingdom with my girlfriend Tracey, and our son. In 2009 I created a project called Bridge Building Basketball Exmouth to establish a basketball club in Exmouth, Devon; the town where I grew up. In 2010 Exmouth Basketball Club was formed. Unlike many grassroots level sports clubs, Exmouth Basketball Club still exists today. It’s 10 years old! I must have done S is for…Something right, right?!

But this book isn’t just applicable to basketball. It’s applicable to all sports; Football, Tennis, Cricket, American Football, Golf, Boxing, MMA, Hockey, Ice Hockey, Table Tennis, Squash, Badminton, Racing, Baseball, Snooker, Pool, Athletics, Rugby, Volleyball, Netball, Swimming, Lacrosse, Gymnastics, Skiing, Snowboarding, and ALL THE OTHER SPORTS THAT WE CAN CHOOSE TO PLAY!

It’s only in recent years that I’ve really refined my coaching method and philosophy, but now I’m sharing it with you in this book. Free on Kindle.

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Free: Rural Soccer Coach

Free: Rural Soccer Coach
This book is written for the recreational, rural, or entry-level travel coach in youth soccer. The book covers topics such as how to build a basic season plan, running effective practices, developing creative players, and reflecting on your coaching style and level of effort. With thoughts on common coaching dilemmas, website and book reviews, coaching terminology, basic tactics, and a full coaching session for each of the major age groups – you can use this book to get a jump on your upcoming season and bring some new ideas to the pitch. Free on Kindle.

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Free: Understanding is the Key: A Comprehensive Guide to Creating a Partnership for Life with Your Young Horse

Free: Understanding is the Key: A Comprehensive Guide to Creating a Partnership for Life with Your Young Horse
Understanding is the Key is not just another How-To-Train-Your-Horse book. Rather, it lays out all elements you need to develop your young horse into your dream horse, whatever it’s breed, personality or the discipline you prefer.

If your goal is that your horse enjoys the time you spend together and at the same time is well educated and reliable, this book will give you the keys to achieve just that.

With Understanding is the Key you will learn:

  • how you can win the heart of your horse and create with awareness the wonderful relationship you wish to have
  • to understand how horses learn, think and perceive the world around them so that you can avoid all those little everyday problems
  • to understand what your part is on this journey together with your horse so that you can develop into the clear and loving leader your horse appreciates
  • to understand the principles of fair horse training so that you will be able to educate your horse in a kind and clear way into a confident partner that is willing to please
  • the ingredients and the road-map from foal to well-educated horse to make sure you don’t miss a step in the development of your youngster.

As a result, you will be able to decide for yourself what works and what doesn’t work for your horse and your goals and become independent of any horse training method out there.

The ultimate goal is that you and your horse enjoy every moment you spend together, no matter where you are in your journey.
Free on Kindle.

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Trouser Snake

Trouser Snake
There’s a monster in my pants.It won’t play nice, act soft, or be your BFF.But it will blow your mind.I’m the guy who arrives with girl A and leaves with girls B and C. A hockey rockstar. An ice-cold scoring machine. I thought coaching the NHL’s newest team would be a walk in the park. I didn’t expect the exquisite torture that is Rae Walsh.

Trouser Snake is a full length, standalone bad boy romance packed full of steamy surprises. There’s no cheating, no cliffhangers and a guaranteed HEA. $0.99 on Kindle.


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Spirit Runner

Spirit Runner

An award-winning book for all ages.

In one catastrophic event, Ron Campbell loses everything: his family, his home, even his ability to walk. All he has left are his indomitable spirit and his friends. It’s a daunting task to train for a marathon. How much harder is it when your legs are paralyzed and you first must struggle to crawl before you can walk?

How much harder yet is it when jealous relatives who you must live with plot to kill you?

With all the seemingly impossible hurdles to overcome, what if your goal is to be an Olympic marathoner like your father was?

Read this book and see why so many people are saying it’s one of the most enjoyable, exciting, suspenseful stories they’ve ever experienced. $0.99 on Kindle.

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