I Wish I Was a Zombie

I wish I was a zombie

Timmy has a huge imagination and he loves zombies. He loves them so much he wishes he was a zombie. So, for a day he decides to be a zombie. Is it everything he was hoping for? a fun read for Parents and Children alike.


This book is filled with spine-tingling horror, and by spine-tingling horror I mean it is filled with imagination, silly zombies and loads of fun.


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Free: The Story Help Make Friends

The Story Help Make Friends
This children’s book, beloved by toddlers and young listeners, tells a story of true friendship, how to help others and how to cultivate a sense of mutual support. This story is a sweet representation of caretaking and friendship, social skills and kindness and is bound to become one of your child’s favorite books of all time.

Lenny is a playful and sociable dog who is best friends with a turtle named Otto. They play together every day and love going to the park, chasing squirrels and watching all the children playing happily.

One day, the friends encounter Ava, a little girl who has nobody to play with. Luckily, Lenny and Otto are great at making friends, and they begin seeking out other children for her to have fun with.

Soon Ava learns that making friends means that you have to help others, take turns, share things and join in with others. Before long, she has made a whole lot of new friends to play with any time she is at the park.

This delightfully illustrated children’s book is a great bedtime read and is perfect for showing young children an easy way to make lots of new friends. It is sure to become a perpetual favorite for years to come.

Here’s a preview and what else you’ll discover:
• Cute and colorful illustrations with a nice story

• Large and happy figures to brighten up your little one’s mood.

• Not too long for toddlers, grabs your kid’s attention

The Story Help Make Friends will help your child to see the value of beautiful true friendship and helping others. Free on Kindle.

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The Tooths

The Tooths
The story of winter is not as white as you think but more of grey, dark and CURSED!

The Tooths, a troll family, moved to the woods in summer. They lived in eternal bliss until autumn, but winter changed their life. The blight it brought frightened them. But they decided to fight. The cure to the blight remained at ‘Nowhere’ on the mountain peak.

Did they save the forest from the blight or did they suffer the plight? It’s time to find out. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Anna Banana



Funny rhyming book for kids:

There was a woman whose name was Anna,
Who lived all alone inside a banana,
Her home was long and thin and tall,
With not much room from wall to wall.
It was crowded there and hard to rest,
Just half a closet to help her get dressed.
Her only belongings a plant and a ball,
No, there was no space inside there at all. Free on Kindle.

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Free: Goldy the Puppy and the Birthday Spa Day

Goldy the Puppy and the Birthday Spa Day

Goldy the Puppy is having a birthday and she is going to the puppy spa! Will she get curly pigtails, colorful bows, or a unicorn braid? Or will brother and sister realize they love Goldy, just the way she is?

With Goldy’s party quickly approaching, brother and sister give her a birthday spa day. When they can’t decide what to do with Goldy’s soft fluffy fur, they imagine her with fun, new puppy hairstyles. What will they choose for Goldy’s new do?

Will the golden doggie get a new look, after all?

Goldy the Puppy and the Birthday Spa Day Day is the third installment in the delightful Goldy the Puppy series of children’s books. If you or your child like bright illustrations, funny dogs, and siblings working together, then you’ll love Kim Ann’s adorable puppy books. Free on Kindle.

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Granny Can’t Remember Me

Granny Can't Remember Me
Lighthearted picture book about Alzheimer’s disease and dementia told from the perspective of a six-year-old boy. Granny can’t remember that Joey likes soccer and rockets and dogs. Granny can’t remember much of anything. But with Granny’s stories of her Three Best Days, Joey knows she loves him just the same. Alzheimer’s disease is more and more common, and many young children experience this sometimes scary and sad family situation. Granny Can’t Remember Me shows a boy’s acceptance and love for his grandmother despite this unfortunate illness. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: You’re Not My Monster

You're not my monster

<3 Help Kids Overcome their Fears <3

When little Dan started to sleep on his own
His parents were proud of how much he’d grown
They gave him a monster, a sweet little doll
To prove to the world – he was not scared at all! Free on Kindle.

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Free: I’ve Only Got Three Hands

I've Only Got Three HandsBig problems were brewing in monster land
Where one boy’s bedroom was way out of hand;
When bedtime came, well, his room was a mess!
And that mischievous monster couldn’t care less. Free on Kindle.
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Free: The Evil Covid Ninja

The Evil Covid Ninja
He is invisible! He is sneaky! He is stealth! This is a great book to help explain the Coronavirus to a little one. Brightly illustrated, the COVID Ninja e-book is free today.  Free on Kindle.

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Lemar and Her Magical Pets

Lemar and Her Magical Pets
Pets and fun facts about pets.
Lemar will soon find something in her backyard.
What will she find? & How she will use it?
She really wants a pet. With a little bit of time left to try over and over again, will magic work for her after all?
This is a children’s book about pets with a twist of spontaneous events!
Children will love to read it over and over again. $1.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Ruby the Rainbow Witch

Ruby the Rainbow Witch
Ruby the Rainbow Witch lives in a world of scrumptious sweets. Each book in this three-book series is full of kindness and love, bright and happy settings, and exciting new friends. Join Ruby and her swirly-whirly wand on all their super-fun and picture-perfect adventures.

Ruby the Rainbow Witch is an award-winning and beautifully illustrated children’s picture book series.

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We’ll Just Let This One Grow: The Story of the First Unofficial Turkey Pardon

Every year in November, the President of the United States “pardons” a turkey chosen from somewhere in the nation to be spared from being eaten during the Thanksgiving holiday. But where does this tradition come from and how has it changed over time? Did you know President John F. Kennedy played a significant role in how it evolved over time? Read the exciting and tragic story of how this well known event has become so deeply a part of American culture. $5.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Barnabee Believes (in Himself)

Barnabee Believes (in Himself)
Barnabee bee loves to spell and dreams of being a spelling bee champ. Everyone believes he has what it takes to win. The only thing holding him back is his overactive imagination. Will Barnabee ever learn to BEE-lieve…in himself? Free on Kindle.

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Bedtime Stories for Little Scientists: Volume 1 – From the Big Bang to Life on Earth

Bedtime Stories for Little Scientists: Volume 1 - From the Big Bang to Life on Earth
Science has gone from pinholes to the Large Hadron Collider. What did not change is how our children learn science. They begin to learn science in exactly the same way we did. But Toddlers today skip Youtube adverts and navigate to the next desired video like pros. Do they have to wait until university to learn about the discoveries of humankind? This book series explains Particle physics, Chemistry and Astronomy in a way even preschoolers can understand. Every story is followed by a section for the curious parent, explaining the facts. A series of books to rethink how science is taught to children. A chronological approach of explaining things, starting from the Big Bang till the 21st century, will fast track our future scientists towards inventions. $2.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Eddie The World’s Greatest Creature

Eddie The World's Greatest Creature
In his quest to become the world’s greatest creature, can Eddie learn to be himself? A charming picture book with an important message, full of fun rhymes and delightful illustrations! Free on Kindle.
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Free: The Three Royal Children and the Batty Aunt

The Three Royal Children and the Batty Aunt
Three royal siblings embark on the adventure of a lifetime in this fantastic story for children ages 6 and up.

Princess Celeste is bored to tears, and her brothers, Prince Jude and Prince Torrin, aren’t doing much better.

In a palace where all they have to look forward to are endless games of croquet and barley-water soup for supper, they don’t have much by way of excitement. Until the one night Torrin sees a light in a forgotten tower of the palace, and they meet a wonderful and mysterious aunt who unlocks a brand-new world of adventure they will never forget. Free on Kindle.

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Free: The Snail Who Forgot the Mail


Teach your child patience !!!
“You forgot the mail?!?!”
The king yelled at the snail.
But the snail stayed as calm as could be.
He was not afraid of the king, you see.
He knew where the gift was; he knew what to do.
The monsters learned that patience pays off too.
We are all familiar with the phenomenon of children wanting everything “here and now”. This story describes just such a situation. I hope you and your children will enjoy it and learn from. Free on Kindle.

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Amelia the Mouse: Inventor Extraordinaire

 Follow the Author  J. W. Kohler + Follow  Amelia the Mouse: Inventor Extraordinaire
Told in rhythmic rhyme, Amelia the Mouse: Inventor Extraordinaire is the story of an overzealous inventor mouse who never gives up. Always willing to help a friend, Amelia never loses her enthusiasm as she creatively embarks on her inventing journey. If only we could all be so passionate! This story reminds readers young and old that success happens where passion and determination meet. It encourages readers to try and fail, and that each failure is an opportunity to learn. Even when it means inventing a rocket cane for your friend Winston…This story, accompanied by beautifully illustrated pages, will be a favorite with children and parents alike! $2.99 on Kindle.

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