Free: Misty Mountain

Misty Mountain
A single dad. A woman who’s the victim of emotional abuse from her parents. Love grows and then falters under the weight of rumors and threats to thwart it.

Lacy is tired of losing at love. After her last heartbreak, she struggles to trust again. She doubts if she even deserves love. George returns to his hometown after a nasty divorce. He strives to be an attentive father to his troubled child. With the end of his marriage, he feels he can’t trust any woman ever again.

When George begins booking bands at Misty Mountain where Lacy waits tables, they begin dating and are drawn to one another. Set in the bar, the booker and bartender attempt to forge a relationship.

However, the death of Lacy’s sister ten years earlier creates tension between her and George’s ex-wife, Becca, who threatens to take away George’s visitation rights with his son, Jed, if he continues to date Lacy. When Jed sets fire to George’s house, Lacy and George decide to call it quits, convincing one another that being apart will solve all the problems in their life. Except it only complicates and hinders what they both want. This mountain man and the discouraged woman must face all the forces that threaten to rip them apart.

There is no hope for them unless George can learn to stand up to Becca and do what is best for Jed and himself. And Lacy must face her past and learn she deserves to go where her heart leads.

Misty Mountain, a second chance and small town family romance, is the second book in the Smoky Mountain Romance series where a community of mountain folk band together to make families of their own choosing. Each heartwarming story builds on the idea of community and family as the cornerstone to happiness.

Buy Misty Mountain to enjoy a clean and wholesome psychological romance about parenthood, children, divorce, and second chances set in the embrace of the mountains of North Carolina. Free on Kindle.
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Free: Mommy Thinks I’m Yummy

Mommy Thinks I'm Yummy

Mommy Thinks I’m Yummy?

When I was young, still in daycare,
my mom would joke and give me a scare.
She’d ask for a bite because I was sweet,
she thought it was funny to nibble my feet.
Even my tushy, but I said she could not,
I need it to sit, I need it quite a lot.
So, I decided I’d make things very clear,
I wrote a book about it – it’s right here! Free on Kindle.
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Free: A Little Mouse and Pearl

A Little Mouse and Pearl
Little Mouse and Pearl is a beautiful story of a little girl who seeks the attention of relatives. Unexpectedly she meets a little mouse. A small animal that lives in their house becomes a great companion. Every page has a colorful scene to explore and discuss. Free on Kindle.
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STONE SOUPSTONE SOUP: Folk Tales, and Fairy Tales
After sleeping all winter, the Bear awoke.
He was so starved; his belly made a croak.
The Bear yawned and stretched, up he stood.
“Oh no,” he thought, “I must find some food!” Free on Kindle.
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Maddie O’Brien’s Wild Turkeys

Maddie O'Brien's Wild TurkeysAfter days of rain and storms, Maddie O’Brien is restless to venture out into the forest. Little did she know that while walking with her beloved grandfather, they would come upon a nest of eleven turkey eggs protected by their dying mother. Maddie and Otis can’t save the brave wild turkey hen, but they are determined to come out and raise her feisty poults.

Times are hard for the O’Brien family and as Thanksgiving looms ever nearer, it seems certain that Maddie’s beloved turkeys are destined for the roaster and the holiday dinner table. How can Maddie O’Brien save her turkeys and still help her family pay its bills?

That is the challenge…and you’ll discover how love, bravery and the spirit of Maddie’s wild turkeys prove to be a blessing for the O’Brien family and their entire Northern Arizona town.

You will also learn something about the noble wild turkey that Benjamin Franklin once believed courageous enough to replace the bald eagle as America’s greatest symbol of freedom. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Brianna and the Behavior Chart

Brianna and the Behavior Chart
his relatable early reader picture book is ideal for children with short attention spans and active imaginations.

Brianna’s teacher has a classroom behavior chart, and her clothespin is slipping down the rows. Can she make up for her mistakes fast enough to stay out of trouble?

Brianna and the Behavior Chart has bright, textured illustrations that seem to pop off the page. It’s a light-hearted take on a common school experience; a perfect read for any child who struggles with anxiety, feels invisible, or has difficulty staying focused. Free on Kindle.
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Free: Harriet Hall and the Miracle Cure

Harriet Hall and the Miracle Cure
1940. An animal-loving kid displaced by the war. An unlikely ally among the trees. A heart-stopping secret threatening to poison her life. If you like bold young heroines, action-packed journeys, and fun Canuck tidbits, then you’ll love Sonia Garrett’s thrilling story. Free on Kindle.
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Free: What Happened to Stephan?

Free: What Happened to Stephan?
An exciting adventure filled with mystery and wondering for Stephan to discover what happened to him.

Three friends are involved in this mysterious incident. They have a role in everything that happens to him.

This story sheds light on the issue of bullying among friends in a neighborhood or school and presents different views to each of the characters through events of excitement, mystery and sense of humor. Free on Kindle.

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Free: Be Brave, Little Puffy: Promoting Positive Body-Image and Self-Esteem

Free: Be Brave, Little Puffy: Promoting Positive Body-Image and Self-Esteem
This is a beautiful story about a special fish, who discovers, that what he didn’t like in his body and considered a disadvantage, is actually a great asset.

Puffy’s story demonstrates how we can make new friends and keep them. The book improves self-image and confidence in children and shows that there is something good even in what seems to be bad.

The story is an opportunity to get to know the wonderful life under water. It has been richly illustrated by the author with her beautiful, original and captivating paintings. Free on Kindle.

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Lucy’s Web: 6 short stories about staying safe online

Lucy’s Web: 6 short stories about staying safe online

Lucy’s Web is a book of short stories following 11 year old Lucy as she learns to use the Internet to keep in touch with her friends and have fun. Lucy’s dream is to become a famous video blogger and earn a trillion pounds a year, but she has a long way to go! Lucy’s Dad says that he hopes her stories will help your children to spot some of the common pitfalls that they might encounter while using the Internet and learn a little bit about how to keep themselves safe online. Lucy says that’s great, very noble and all that but she really hopes that her readers enjoy the stories and have fun along the way. This special first edition contains a bonus story from the next book in the series “Steve’s Web”, in which Lucy’s friend Steve, inspired by Lucy, decides to share his own online adventures. $3.99 on Kindle.

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Free: The Extraordinarily Ordinary Life of Cassandra Jones Episode 1

The Extraordinarily Ordinary Life of Cassandra Jones Episode 1
What’s special about Cassandra? Absolutely nothing. She’s as ordinary as any other fifth grader. And yet her ordinary life is riddled with hilarious and sometimes heart-breaking mishaps as she guides herself through the world of pre-teens on the brink of adulthood.

Cassandra Jones is the new girl at school. She’s been uprooted from her beloved state of Texas and relocated to the hillbilly Ozarks of Springdale, Arkansas. She wonders if she will like her teacher or if she will have any friends. She can only hope school won’t be harder than it was back home.

She doesn’t expect to have two close friends, and even worse, two friends that don’t like each other. As she tries to make a spot for herself, will she keep her friendships intact? Free on Kindle.

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The Seven Wonders of My World (Children’s Book)

The Seven Wonders of My World
Ittai was a very special boy, but he was miserable. He felt weak and frightened, especially around kids in the neighborhood and at school. The kids teased him and called him “nerd” and “four-eyes”, and other insulting names. When Ittai couldn’t take it anymore he
just refused to go to school. Lucky for him he met Miss Ann and Mr. Gel.  After their magical meeting, his life changed.

Do you, also, sometimes feel weak and miserable, and forget how special and strong you really are ? Do you also want to meet your very own Ann and Gel? If so, come and join Ittai on his magical journey. $0.99 on Kindle.

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