Free: Asian Adventures A-Z

Can you name the Asian cities, food, holidays, and others from A-Z?

Join us for a fun adventure as we journey through Asia from A-Z. Each page highlights the traditions and cultures of Asia’s beautiful countries while also teaching your little ones the alphabet!

A is for Asia, the continent. A is for Agra, the city of the Taj Mahal. A is also for beautiful áo dài dresses worn by Vietnamese women.

B is for Bangkok. B is for Bhutan. B is also for bibimbap, rice served in hot stone bowls in Korea.

C is for Cambodia. C is for China. C is also for saucy and spicy chow mein.

Traveling through cities and capitals, you will learn about a variety of foods, traditions, fashions, and cultures across the continent. Free on Kindle.

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Free: Ten Little Sandpipers

Ten Little Sandpipers
These birdies love playing on the beach. But how will they know when it’s time to go home?

Ten little sandpipers run in and out of the waves. Every day they wake up bright and chirpy, eager to see the sun sparkling on the sea. And whenever the surf retreats, they rush back in for a snack! Free on Kindle.

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Free: Goldy the Puppy Goes to Puppy School

Goldy the Puppy Goes to Puppy School
Bright sunny days, playing with friends at the park, tasty treats. These are some of every puppy’s favorite things. Armed with a treat bag and a bunch of new doggie friends to meet, brother and sister head to the park. This time they have brought Goldy and they are ready to get down to work. Could she be in for a big surprise? Free on Kindle.

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Free: Shadow Songs

Shadow Songs
Guided by firefly light, Flora searches for the source of a mysterious melody coming from a nearby forest. But deep in the woods, things might not be what they seem. Is that bear playing the banjo? Or that frog, is it jamming on drums? Join Flora as she uncovers the secrets of the Shadow Songs! Free on Kindle

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Free: The Day I Discovered a Dinosaur Bone?!

The Day I Discovered a Dinosaur Bone?!
Have you ever discovered a dinosaur bone? Three brothers, Owen, Finn and Dez really want to find a dinosaur bone. After searching everywhere, Finn finally finds a fossil! Is it a Tyrannosaurus rex, a hadrosaur or is it something just as old? Let’s find out! Free on Kindle.

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The Potomos and The Papyrus

The Potomos and The Papyrus

This fully illustrated delightful story takes place in an alternate world populated by anthropomorphic hippopotamuses called potomoses during the human equivalent time frame of the 1930s. It is the story of a family of very excellent and interesting potomoses who live in Belgravia, in the centre of London, and whose adventures take them to Egypt and back in search of the lost treasure of King Tutanpotomos. This is the first of a planned series of adventures which will follow the Potomos family generation to generation from the 1930s to the present time. There are 22 full colour illustrations! $2.69 on Kindle.

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Peanut and Potato Save the Planet Project!

Peanut and Potato Save the Planet Project!
These absolutely lovable characters have very different personalities. Peanut, is an outgoing ‘Big Thinker’ with a ton of ideas that go a little over the top. Potato on the other hand is a planner, over-thinker and pessimist.

They are best friends and help each other through life events and world problems. Peanut always has big solutions for Potato. Potato is always ready to receive the ideas and open to Peanut’s antics. Together they create solutions!

This book offers children a creative way to think about important issues through two different lenses. I am hoping that it will inspire and get the imagination working for children to come up with their own solutions. $5.99 on Kindle.

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Magnificent Milly’s Magically Mindful Day!

Magnificent Milly's Magically Mindful Day!

Mindfulness is something we can all benefit from. The younger we are when we learn about mindful living the better. Meet Milly. Milly doesn’t have school today. She decides she wants to go out and play. She sees the world in a brand new way. Written in verse, this colorful and fun children’s book has an important lesson about happiness and life. This is the first in the “Big Ideas For Little People” series. $1.99 on Kindle.

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Luthen from Yugenhale

Luthen from Yugenhale
Words are powerful- what are your words? Words have energy and power to help, heal or harm. Little Luthen had no idea that words could transform his reality. On this journey with Luthen from Yugenhale you will learn empathy, kindness and self-love. $2.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Cool Kids

Cool Kids
Like most kids, Michael and his friends are so excited for their first day at a new school. However, Michael soon finds out that it’s not as easy as he thinks. The football team is filled with bullies, and to join, he has to become one of them. Finally, he begins to wonder: Was it all worth it? Free on Kindle.

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The Magic Christmas Tree

The search by a young child for the real meaning of Christmas. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Free: The Frights of Fiji

The Frights of Fiji
A girl is abducted to Fiji, where she must defeat magical beasts in order to return home. Will she succeed? Free on Kindle.

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Free: Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

You and your children will love this rendition of Beauty and the Beast with beautiful illustrations for coloring in. This soft rhyming book written by a British author makes for the perfect bedtime story. Follow the story as Belle rescues her father and uncovers the mystery of the forgotten castle. This fairy tale is sure to delight and reignite nostalgia. Keep an eye out for the Audiobook coming soon! Free on Kindle.

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Free: Cameron You’re a Big Mouse Now

A heart-warming story about a sassy little mouse who wants to do things without their adults.

“My Cameron, look at you. You sweet little mouse.

You have brought nothing but joy to my heart and this house.

But now you’re seven and have grown as tall as can be.

Yes Cameron, my love, you’re a big mouse now you see.”

A tale as old as time, for early readers and those a bit older, all about not growing up too soon!

Join Cameron on their little birthday-adventure as they try to be independent from their mum, encounter challenges, and discover what it means to be just a little bit older. Free on Kindle.

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Boo’s Shoes – A Rabbit And Fox Story: Learn To Tie Shoelaces

Boo's Shoes - A Rabbit And Fox Story: Learn To Tie Shoelaces
No Laces! That’s what Boo, the bunny, always says. He doesn’t want to learn to tie them. He has plenty of shoes for every occasion and none of them have laces or strings. So, what’s the point of learning to tie? His friend, Farah Fox, convinces him that it’s a skill he can use…and one that might make him happier, too.

This book is meant to be a parent-child activity. Youngsters can read Boo’s story and their parents can help with the how-to-tie instruction pages. A fun shoelace-themed “I Did It” badge is included at the back of the book to give in celebration of conquering this difficult task.

Exercises in manual dexterity build self-esteem in children. Knowing how to tie shoe-strings, scarves and more into a bow is a useful and rewarding skill. $2.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Shine On, My Bright Little Star

Shine On, My Bright Little Star

Magical! Captivating! Mesmerizing!

“Each tiny baby is born with a gift. Whether their gift is great or small, it matters not at all. Each tiny baby is a star.” Free on Kindle.

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Blossom Flower and the Enchanted Garden

Blossom Flower and the Enchanted Garden
Holiday Special Delight! A great gift for children!
Ages: 2-12
Grades 1st – 4th – (Colorful Illustrations)

Enjoyable read from start to finish.

For all the plants and flowers who live in the Enchanted Garden, every day is full of beauty and wonder. Growing up in this magical garden, young Blossom Flower never has time to get bored! When a hole appears in the ground one day, the residents of the Enchanted Garden are all curious to see who or what it will bring. $2.99 on Kindle.

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Free: A Dreidel of Wonders

A Dreidel of Wonders: A whimsical Hanukkah story with a twist for kids Ages 3-8
“A Dreidel of Wonders” is a magical bedtime story for Hanukkah, which pays homage to some of the most well-known and beloved holiday songs. It allows young readers to create a special connection between the hero Maccabees and the abilities and strengths found in every one of them, using the empowering techniques from the NLP toolbox. Free on Kindle.

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