Free: The Monster That Ate Our Keys

Free: The Monster That Ate Our Keys

What happens to all the things that gets lost around the house? Monsters eat them! When dad was running late for work, and I had to get to school, a strange orange monster thought it would be a great time to eat our car keys. Free on Kindle.

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The Seven Wonders of My World (Children’s Book)

The Seven Wonders of My World
Ittai was a very special boy, but he was miserable. He felt weak and frightened, especially around kids in the neighborhood and at school. The kids teased him and called him “nerd” and “four-eyes”, and other insulting names. When Ittai couldn’t take it anymore he
just refused to go to school. Lucky for him he met Miss Ann and Mr. Gel.  After their magical meeting, his life changed.

Do you, also, sometimes feel weak and miserable, and forget how special and strong you really are ? Do you also want to meet your very own Ann and Gel? If so, come and join Ittai on his magical journey. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Billy the Researcher

silly billy

The story is about the rain and the sun and the way that they impact each other during winter time. The story is about little Billy who is a sweet little boy that was looking forward anxiously to play out in the little puddle near by his house. But something strange happened when he came back from the kindergarten. Do you want to know what happened?



Escape from Egypt: Bible Stories for Kids and Parents

escape-from-egyptAfter years of slavery in Egypt, the Hebrew people cry out to God to save them. And God knows the right man for the job.

Moses grows up a prince in Pharaoh’s palace, but after killing an Egyptian he flees to Midian to escape Pharaoh’s wrath. God hasn’t finished with Moses. After forty years in the wilderness learning God’s ways, Moses returns to Egypt to fulfill God’s promise and free His people!

Escape from Egypt includes Adventure Scrolls packed with fascinating archaeological, historical and cultural discoveries to help you teach your children more about the Bible. Fun for parents too. Because bible stories aren’t just for kids!