Free: Naughty & Nice: Holiday Treats

Naughty & Nice: Holiday Treats
Just for the holiday’s, five romance novels to scorch your e-reader!


Sold to the Berserkers
Royally Bad
Her Marine Daddy
Her Dueling Daddies
Beauty and the Lumberjacks Free on Kindle.
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A Polar Bear for Christmas

A Polar Bear for Christmas
Running from the Elf King was a bad idea.
But nothing will put me in a marriage this Christmas with the man who kidnapped me last year.
If I hadn’t been saved by the polar bear shifter, I’d probably be dead by now.
And with Jared coming after me, this Christmas is going to be one hell of a rollercoaster.
$0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: A Very Mafia Christmas

A Very Mafia Christmas

“Marry me.”
“What?” My gaze widens, “What did you say?”
“Marry me,” His lips curl, “not for real, of course…”

A firecracker of a doctor takes on a big bad Mafia lawyer, in this standalone holiday Christmas romance which will leave you asking for more! 1-Click NOW Free on Kindle.
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New Year’s Affair

New Year's Affair
New Year? New you. Nope… screw resolutions.
I’ve got too much of the past to make up for to look toward the future.
This New Year’s Eve is all about proving myself.
But I won’t be able to do it alone.
I need her.
The sexy, hardcore musician who knows everyone.
This beauty has the power to bring in the crowds to make my event a hit.
I’m not using her. Not exactly.
She’s a punk temptress on stage, but offstage?
She might be the kind of girl you take home to Mom and Dad.
But not my parents.
Some say my greatest ancestors invented the wheel.
Try living up to that.
But this New Year’s Eve my event will rival the ball drop in the Big Apple.
My family legacy won’t end with me.
And the pretty musician who has me wanting to rip off her neon fishnets?
She’s in for a wild ride.
It’s time for a New Year’s Affair. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Christmas with the Older Man

Christmas with the Older Man

I was the good girl.
Now I’m breaking all the rules
For an older man
Who’s my ex’s uncle!

Older, sophisticated and sexy as hell,
He’s also my new boss.
Being the good girl left me unsatisfied.
For once I’m going after what I want,
Even if he’s forbidden. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Bad Boy Bachelor Christmas

Bad Boy Bachelor Christmas
The Grinch ain’t got nothing on me.
The only good and green thing about Christmas is the money it rakes in.
I’m not interested in carols, candies, or dealing with extra-Christmassy type people.
Until I hire one. A hot college student joins my design team.
She makes up for her annoying jovial spirit with her sexy curves.
And her willingness to give herself to me.
If only that was enough.
When it comes to business, she hasn’t got a clue.
Or does she?
Clients love her and the Christmas spirit is practically a pillar of her personality.
Luckily, that spirit doesn’t keep her off the naughty list.
She knows how to be bad for me, and it’s so good.
What I didn’t expect was for her to help heal parts of me that have been broken for a long time. Maybe Christmas won’t be so bad this year.
Maybe profit margins and growth don’t matter half as much as getting the girl.
Maybe it’s time to give up my bad boy bachelor status?
Or maybe not… $0.99 on Kindle.
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The Most Wonderful Lie Of The Year: A hilarious holiday romcom to curl up with!

The Most Wonderful Lie Of The Year: A hilarious holiday romcom to curl up with!
One lonely musician, two rival cousins, leads to three nights of festive fun! When the handsome vice principal of Christmas High School stops to listen to Sorina perform on the street, she expects him to leave a tip, not accuse her of being a fake. Dougal Fletcher is on to her scam–pretending to play while the amp does the work, and it’s not appreciated in Christmas, the most Christmassy town on Earth! (Bethlehem excluded.)However, more offensive than Dougal’s accusation is his returning moments later to ask Sorina to be his date for the evening…his fake date, to be precise. For Sorina it’s a no, until Dougal confesses that he’s in love with local weather girl, Gayle Martinez, and can’t bear the thought of showing up at Merry and Bright—the hottest Christmas party in town–alone when he knows Gayle will be there with a date. And, according to Dougal, the only difference between faking the violin and faking to be his date is that the second gig pays better. With nothing to look forward to but a quiet Christmas away from family, Sorina agrees to be Dougal’s date, a decision which sets her on a Christmastime adventure involving a castle, lavish parties, a four-hundred-year-old violin, and Andre Fletcher, a brooding security director responsible for protecting the violin. . .and stealing her heart. Christmas magic is in the air making anything seem possible, even finding true love. But can Sorina count on Andre when she needs him most? Curl up with this wildly funny page-turner about Christmas, the joys of the season, and the things that matter most. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Holly’s Joy: A Novella

Holly's Joy: A Novella

Billionaire oil heiress Holly Harper is determined not to let anything steal her joy during her favorite time of the year. She reminisces about her joyless Christmases of the past while on her way to her parent’s annual Christmas party, but ends up in a place she never expects, and it will forever change the way she looks at everything in her life.
$0.99 on Kindle.
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The Twelve Days of Snowball

The Twelve Days of Snowball
Opposites really do attract when the man in charge of construction of a new hotel wing butts heads with the manager of the hotel who is trying to keep her guests happy over the holidays. Meanwhile Snowball, the resident kitty and matchmaker, can see these two need her romantic help. In this heartwarming holiday romcom, one gold ring will do purrfectly…
$1.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Bear Creek Christmas

Bear Creek Christmas
Focused on his new teaching job, romance is the last thing on Levi’s gift list. When Knox, a local bear shifter, shows interest, Levi risks his heart for a chance at love. Join them for a warm and furry holiday romance with a guaranteed HEA! (Contains steamy M/M content.) Free on Kindle.
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Free: His Christmas Wish (Mountain Rescue Romance Book 1)

His Christmas Wish (Mountain Rescue Romance Book 1)
Carly Bishop doesn’t want to come home for Christmas. Hood Hamlet is filled with nothing but heartbreaking reminders of the fiancé and brother she lost six years ago. But her family needs her, so Carly must dig deep to unearth her Christmas spirit so she can give her niece and nephew the best holiday ever. Mountain rescuer Jake Porter believes he could have saved his two friends that fateful day and kept the Bishop family from experiencing such a heart-wrenching loss. He hopes helping Carly rediscover the magic of Christmas will allow him to finally move forward with his life, but he’s not certain anything can relieve the guilt that’s kept him stuck all these years. As Jake and Carly spend more time together, attraction grows, but toe-curling mistletoe kisses aside, his late best friend would never think Jake is good enough for his little sister. But maybe he can open her heart to something else she’s given up on…love. Free on Kindle.
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Holiday Corral Romance

Come for the romance, stay for the holidays.

Three stand-alone holiday romances to warm your heart and soul.

$0.99 each on Kindle.

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A Very Naughty Christmas: An Age Gap Holiday Romance Collection

A Very Naughty Christmas: An Age Gap Holiday Romance Collection
‘Tis the season for naughty, forbidden secrets, seductions, and happily ever afters. Fall in love this holiday season.Three brand new sizzling hot age gap romances, specially written to keep you warm this holiday season. (Yes, we are talking about the heat between the sheets!)

Book 1: Christmas with My Best Friend’s Dad
After two years in Paris studying music, Grace is back in Malibu, CA for Christmas, but she never forgot the last holiday she spent in California having an almost-one-night-stand with her best friend’s father, Jasper Hayes, enigmatic billionaire. Grace was ready to give Jasper her everything, until circumstance ripped it all to shreds. Now, back and hoping to move forward, Grace finds herself faced with a morally ambiguous proposal from none other than Jasper himself. For $25,000, Grace will pose as the perfect girlfriend for his company’s annual Christmas gala in NYC. It will only be one three-day weekend of elegant pirates, dinners, and Christmas finery, but nothing is ever so simple. With everything falling apart, only a Christmas miracle can repair the wounded relationships.

Book 2: Knocked Up on Christmas Eve
Hope didn’t know what to think when she booked herself into a hotel on December 23rd. Her best friend was in love with her father. Her father had paid her best friend to pose as his trophy girlfriend. Feeling confused and betrayed, Hope walked herself into the hotel bar and found herself waking up in a room that wasn’t hers. Instead, it belonged to Felix Jacobson, notorious billionaire executive and playboy (and a family friend). Two Years Later, it’s their daughter, Clara’s, first real Christmas, but Hope doesn’t know how to give Clara the one gift she deserves: her father.

Book 3: Her Secret Santa
They told Inez she shouldn’t major in creative writing. They told her not to move to Los Angeles to try her hand at screenwriting, but when did Inez ever listen? How could she do anything but follow her heart right into the house of famous actor, Cole Crawford? She’s trying not to drown in her student debt, and the gig Cole offers also means living in his Spanish-style mansion for free. With his sister, Natalie, recently divorced, Inez finds herself as the young nanny of Natalie’s twins, Rose and Asher. It’s time for the family to deck their mansion’s halls, but nothing about the season feels cheerful. Cole finds himself at a crossroads in his career, and the new buxom nanny he hired for his sister is only serving as a distraction. Inez is bright, beautiful, and far too appealing when she sleeps in his bed (unbeknownst to everyone else in the house). Of course, there’s no sneaking past the positive pregnancy test. If you are craving for a little naughty with your nice this Christmas, grab this unputdownable box set of three standalone holiday romances, each one naughtier than the previous one and promising your usual Sofie fix – a touch of forbidden with the perfect happily ever after. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Mistletoe

Do you believe in fate?

Flying to New York during the holidays, Elizabeth Richardson’s focus is on two things, the Soulful Heart benefit and sightseeing. That is until she’s face-to-face with the stormy-eyed man who compels her against her better judgment, making her want to throw caution to the wind. She does the only thing she knows, expresses her dislike, and runs away.

The moment Elizabeth enters the room, her beauty captures Chris Bennett, stealing his heart. When he runs into her again at the charity, he takes advantage of the tradition of the mistletoe. Elizabeth melts into him, confirming her attraction. What he doesn’t expect is for Elizabeth to leave him hanging without exchanging numbers, thinking he’s lost her forever.

Free on Kindle.
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Christmas with the Duke: A Secret Royal Romance

Christmas with the Duke: A Secret Royal Romance

Who knew one of the most eligible (and attractive) members of the royal family has been posing as a groundskeeper in a sleepy English village?

Living in New York has made Trina hate the holidays. Everything is just so picture-perfect; ice skating at Rockefellar Center, Christmas tree lighting, Macy’s over the top decor, and the music. Good lord the music! It’s everywhere and there is literally nothing anyone can do to escape it. It’s enough to make a perpetually singleton like Trina leave the city entirely!

This year that’s exactly what she’s going to do… leave the city entirely. Well, for the holiday season at least.

Luckily, she found the perfect place to escape. A place where she won’t be reminded every two seconds that another year has passed, and she’s right where she’s always been… alone.

Trina is running off to England to stay with a long lost aunt. They’ll be tucked away in her tiny cottage where they can eat all of the Christmas treats they want, and not be bothered with anything from the outside world.

That is… until the attractive but shy groundskeeper (secretly the Duke) catches her eye. $0.99 on Kindle.
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The Christmas at Gramercy Collection

The Christmas at Gramercy Collection
Relax. Put your fuzzy-stockinged feet up. Sip your hot cocoa.
And enjoy three sweet romances guaranteed to get you in the Christmas spirit!
The Christmas at Gramercy Collection is finally here.

The Best Friend’s Brother’s Christmas Secret: At the request of her best friend, New York artist Everly has returned to Gramercy. Everly’s long-time crush, Graham, now runs the biggest shopping establishment in town, and to her merry delight, the attraction between them is mutual. It’s everything she thought she always wanted…until a call comes in that sends her rushing back to New York.

The Boss’s Christmas Sweater: Will Aubrey be forced to walk away from the only job she’s ever wanted over a stupid sweater? Or can Griffin’s softened heart convince her to stay and give love a chance?

The Billionaire’s Christmas Fling: Andy didn’t plan on being Cora’s leading man, but when the casting call brings in less than stellar actors, he’s put on the spot and now he’s learning lines and spending all his free time with Cora. Will they find themselves going off script and falling in love?

Fall in love with tender kisses under twinkling lights in the charming town of Gramercy today! $0.99 on Kindle.
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Christmas Punch

Christmas Punch
There’s one thing standing in the way of Liz’s dream of opening a café this Christmas: a grinchy bureaucrat named Nathan Holly. He’s determined to deny her liquor license, but when a freak storm strands him in town without a place to stay, the residents band together to convince him he’s wrong about the café – and the woman who runs it. $2.99 on Kindle.
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The Parkers’ Handsome Holiday

A holiday book bundle. Cuddle up to the fire and enjoy the heat. Lots of second chance romance to spice up the cold winter nights.

Featuring: My Holiday Reunion, Baited Christmas, Take a Chance On Me, One Winter Night, One Shot at Love, Jaded Christmas, Change My Mind and best seller Bad Boy Bachelor Claus. $0.99 on Kindle.
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The Christmas Bride

The Christmas Bride

She’s ruled by her emotions. He’s determined to prove his feelings are real. Is snow-covered Vermont a perfect place for a second chance at forever?

$3.99 on Kindle.
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Billionaire Grumpy Grinch: Enemies to Lovers Brother’s Best Friend Holiday Romance

Billionaire Grumpy Grinch: Enemies to Lovers Brother’s Best Friend Holiday Romance
It’s snowing outside, but inside, the heat between this grumpy billionaire and me is smoking HOT.
We’re trapped in a blizzard with only each other for the holidays.
He is such an entitled prick. A real-life grinch in the flesh.
But, watching his strong arms cut wood, build a fire, and become my protector changes everything.
His grinch heart is growing and my one Christmas wish is a future with him.
$2.99 on Kindle.
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Dashing Mr. Snow

“Maybe we can be a little naughty. You want to be naughty for me, right?”

The last thing I expected to get for Christmas was being dumped by my boyfriend—after all, I’m always on Santa’s good list.

But walking in on my naked boss and seeing his candy cane was an even BIGGER holiday surprise—one that has me headed straight for a lump of coal this year. Alex Snow, the billionaire CEO of Snow Communications and the only living heir to his family’s fortune, has a reputation for being intimidating.

Not in the “I’m an arrogant bosshole” kind of way, but more of a “I value my privacy above all else” kind of way. So imagine his delight when I stumble into what I think is his home office with a contract in hand just as he emerges from the shower. Only… it isn’t his office. It’s his bedroom, and the low-slung towel hanging off his hips slides down his muscular thighs, landing in a perfect pile at his ankles. There’s nothing like falling to your hands and knees in raging embarrassment after making direct eye contact to gather up the papers you dropped.

What I thought would certainly end my career at his company has suddenly catapulted us into an unlikely friendship. One that has me spilling all my secrets one drunken night when we end up stuck in an elevator. But the moment he pulls me into his arms at a mistletoe kissing contest, he awakens something in me I didn’t know was there, something I want to explore more. He pushes my limits, making demands of my body that have me begging to stay on the naughty list. But when he comes home with me for the holidays as just a friend, lines start to blur, confusion takes over, and my ex shows back up in my life, telling me all the things I’ve wanted to hear him say for so long. Suddenly, my heart and my head are in an all-out war. One that has me questioning if my broken heart still pines for my ex, if this is just a game of forbidden lust, or if I’m already in love with my boss, the Dashing Mr. Snow. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: A Royal Holiday Hope

A Royal Holiday Hope

Meet Alexander, the royal brother living a lie…will his royal secret tear them apart, or bring them closer together? Don’t miss this short and sweet holiday romance!

Free on Kindle.
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Thankful for Us: A Secret Pregnancy Holiday Romance (Heart of Hope)

Thankful for Us: A Secret Pregnancy Holiday Romance (Heart of Hope)
When I say that he broke my heart, what I really mean is that he did something I wouldn’t do to my worst enemy. I hate Sam Wheatly. I hate him for leaving me, and now for trying to come back into my life. Yes, he left me for another woman. A woman he thought was pregnant with his baby. He didn’t just leave me. He also decided to marry that liar. Well, his life is ruined . . . and I won’t let him do the same to mine. Being born into a wealthy family doesn’t give him the green light to come and go as he pleases. I’ve built a new life for myself since our breakup. I cannot allow him to waltz back into my reality and screw everything up . . . especially as my competitor in business. Holiday season is the best time to show Sam that I’ve moved on. And I’ll prove to myself that I don’t love him anymore. I don’t . . . right? $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Santa Comes to Snowside

Santa Comes to Snowside
Sadie McCluskey loved the holidays until she lost her parents in a car accident at sixteen, then her ex-husband left her a week before Christmas. She’s content spending the holidays alone until Hank Dabrowski walks into her life. Can Hank convince her he’s the Christmas gift she needs with some help from the matchmaking Santa and Mrs. Claus? Free on Kindle.
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A Heart For Christmas

A Heart For Christmas
Dr Caleb Hunter is a broken man. An esteemed cardiologist, he has saved many lives.

Except the one that meant the world to him. Unable to forgive himself over his wife’s death, Caleb buries himself in his work and leaves the raising of his two young children to his long-term nanny. But when a family emergency arises, Caleb is left facing a busy holiday schedule without a nanny and urgently seeks a replacement.

Kara Savell had everything. A steady job. A large solitaire diamond from her highschool sweetheart. And the decor picked for her new home. All she had to do was tie the knot, have children and live her happily ever after. Until she saw her fiancé in the arms of another woman.

Heartbroken and humiliated, Kara heads to New York City to figure out Plan B for her life. Still nursing her wounds, she suddenly finds herself working for a brooding doctor who also happens to be the biggest Grinch she’s ever met. Can Kara bring much-needed joy into the Hunter household? $0.99 on Kindle.
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