Seeking the Mountain Man

Seeking the Mountain Man
He’s never leaving this town. She can’t stay. One night could change everything.

There are a lot of hot, single guys in this town. And not so many women.

It’s the perfect place to launch my matchmaking business.

But when I go undercover as a delivery person, I don’t expect one of those hunky bachelors to set his sights on me.

And when he does, he’s impossible to resist.

Staying in Blackbear Bluff isn’t in the plans, but plans change.

Seeking the Mountain Man is an undercover love age gap romance featuring an ex-military hero. It’s designed to be read in only one hour. If you like short, steamy instalove novellas, you’ll love the entire Bachelors of Blackbear Bluff series! $0.99 on Kindle.
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My Silver Fox Wears Pink: A Love at First Sight Billionaire Age Gap Romance

My Silver Fox Wears Pink: A Love at First Sight Billionaire Age Gap Romance
I came for a girl’s trip, and I’m leaving with my heart tangled up with a silver fox.
A 10K run for cancer awareness, no problem. But a handsome, older, billionaire grump has my head screaming DANGER, DANGER.
I can’t say out loud what the rest of my body is telling me.
Let’s just say I need to change my lace panties.
The flock of pink ladies in tutus run right over me as I stop in my tracks, watching that stud bark orders for directions, “This way, ladies.”
No, no, no. I didn’t listen to the neon red lights in my brain.
I catch a glimpse of some humanness as he sponsors this 10K.
Before I know it, we’re between the sheets, under the stars, and everywhere else.
He’s filling more than just my time, and I’m hooked.
When I discover someone from his past reappears and wants to cause me trouble, will he step up and defend me?
If he does the right thing, I may leave here with race medals AND the love of my life. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Nanny For My Daddy’s Best Friend: An Enemies to Lovers Age Gap Romance

Nanny For My Daddy's Best Friend: An Enemies to Lovers Age Gap Romance
Speeding away from my wedding, my car breaks down on the highway. And who comes to my rescue… Liam. My one night stand and father of my three-year-old son. With nowhere else to go, he offers a haven for me and my son by hiring me as his nanny. With my secret in such close proximity, it’s only a matter of time before he realizes that my son also carries his DNA. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Forbidden Billionaire Boss

Forbidden Billionaire Boos

An awkward situation. check.
A grumpy bosshole. check.
Was the awkward situation with the bosshole? Embarrassingly, yes.
But that was years ago.
Now, as a recent college graduate, I find myself in an interview for my very first job, only to discover that the harsh stranger from the past is now my new boss.
Free on Kindle.
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Protecting His Brat

Protecting His Brat
This brat needs to be taught a lesson, and I’ll be the one to discipline her…

Since retiring from the special forces, I’ve set up a team of elite personal security guards.
But I wasn’t expecting the daughter of my first client to be such a brat.
Adrianna thinks she can play me, but she needs to be taught a lesson.
I’ll be the one to take her over my knee.
She needs to learn that the only game I’m playing is for keeps.

Protecting His Brat is an OTT age-gap romance featuring an older military hero and a young innocent curvy girl.

If you love over-the-top heroes who will do anything to protect the women they love, then this series is for you!
No cliffhangers, and always with a happily ever after. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Tempting the Billionaire: Brother’s best friend-Age Gap Romance (The Hartford Brothers Book 1)

Tempting the Billionaire: Brother's best friend-Age Gap Romance (The Hartford Brothers Book 1)

He’s my brother’s best friend and all I’ve ever wanted is a taste. For my eighteenth birthday, I wished for a birthday kiss from Stirling Hartford, my older brother’s best friend. Unfortunately, he only ever saw me as his friend’s annoying little sister. He broke my heart that night, whether he knew or not. Years later and my heart’s broken again, and there’s no one else to turn to except him. She’s my best friend’s little sister, and I wish things were different. I don’t care how tempting Audrey Davenport is, she’s still my overprotective best friend’s sister. I made a promise to him years ago I would never cross the line with her. It was easy to make that promise then when we were teens, but now she’s all grown up and I’m finding it hard to understand why I ever agreed to such a thing. Especially after the night she crawls into my bed……Tempting me. Free on Kindle.
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Free: Enticing Ella

Enticing Ella
After a night of passion with Prince, Ella disappears. Now that he has claimed her, Prince will stop at nothing to find Ella and make her his bride. Can he save her from her evil stepmother in time? Find out in this sweet, spicy, modern version of Cinderella, complete with a ball, one evil stepmother, a fairy godmother of sorts, and Ella’s adorable little dog, Cujo.

As with all of my books, this contains high heat, instalove, no cheating, and (of course!) a HEA. My books are always a steamy read with HEA guaranteed. Enjoy! Free on Kindle.
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Daddy’s Obsession

Daddy's Obsession

“Protect my daughter.”

Not what I expected from an old friend.
But when I locked eyes with her, there was no turning back.

Raquel was special.
A magnetic sensual beauty.
And the strength of a lioness.

The loss of my wife left my little girl and I empty.
Now Raquel is proof that even a monster can escape his own darkness.

But someone’s after her.
He’s a feared predator,
But I’m his worst f*cking nightmare.
$0.99 on Kindle.
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Christmas with the Older Man

Christmas with the Older Man

I was the good girl.
Now I’m breaking all the rules
For an older man
Who’s my ex’s uncle!

Older, sophisticated and sexy as hell,
He’s also my new boss.
Being the good girl left me unsatisfied.
For once I’m going after what I want,
Even if he’s forbidden. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Unwrapping Their Christmas Present: An Age Gap Reverse Harem Romance (The Why Choose Haremland)

Unwrapping Their Christmas Present: An Age Gap Reverse Harem Romance (The Why Choose Haremland)
I needed to tear my eyes away from Jake Jacobs… immediately. One glance at the hot older lawyer and I knew I was in trouble. Jake unwrapped me like his little Christmas present. Even though I was his new employee that he absolutely shouldn’t have claimed… But he wasn’t the only one that broke the rules at his law firm. Jake’s associates Zachary and Thomas also made my body tingle in ways that it never had before. Jake’s fancy dates made me forget that I had my own bills to pay. Zachary distracted me with his gorgeous eyes. And don’t even get me started on Thomas. His sense of humor almost eased my stress about the shitstorm I was in. Just when I thought I could get myself out of the mess, the media found out about the three men in my bed. But the secret that I’d discovered literally made my world spin… I didn’t know which forbidden boss was the daddy, but I was sure as hell about to bear the consequences of my actions. $0.99 on Kindle.
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A Very Naughty Christmas: An Age Gap Holiday Romance Collection

A Very Naughty Christmas: An Age Gap Holiday Romance Collection
‘Tis the season for naughty, forbidden secrets, seductions, and happily ever afters. Fall in love this holiday season.Three brand new sizzling hot age gap romances, specially written to keep you warm this holiday season. (Yes, we are talking about the heat between the sheets!)

Book 1: Christmas with My Best Friend’s Dad
After two years in Paris studying music, Grace is back in Malibu, CA for Christmas, but she never forgot the last holiday she spent in California having an almost-one-night-stand with her best friend’s father, Jasper Hayes, enigmatic billionaire. Grace was ready to give Jasper her everything, until circumstance ripped it all to shreds. Now, back and hoping to move forward, Grace finds herself faced with a morally ambiguous proposal from none other than Jasper himself. For $25,000, Grace will pose as the perfect girlfriend for his company’s annual Christmas gala in NYC. It will only be one three-day weekend of elegant pirates, dinners, and Christmas finery, but nothing is ever so simple. With everything falling apart, only a Christmas miracle can repair the wounded relationships.

Book 2: Knocked Up on Christmas Eve
Hope didn’t know what to think when she booked herself into a hotel on December 23rd. Her best friend was in love with her father. Her father had paid her best friend to pose as his trophy girlfriend. Feeling confused and betrayed, Hope walked herself into the hotel bar and found herself waking up in a room that wasn’t hers. Instead, it belonged to Felix Jacobson, notorious billionaire executive and playboy (and a family friend). Two Years Later, it’s their daughter, Clara’s, first real Christmas, but Hope doesn’t know how to give Clara the one gift she deserves: her father.

Book 3: Her Secret Santa
They told Inez she shouldn’t major in creative writing. They told her not to move to Los Angeles to try her hand at screenwriting, but when did Inez ever listen? How could she do anything but follow her heart right into the house of famous actor, Cole Crawford? She’s trying not to drown in her student debt, and the gig Cole offers also means living in his Spanish-style mansion for free. With his sister, Natalie, recently divorced, Inez finds herself as the young nanny of Natalie’s twins, Rose and Asher. It’s time for the family to deck their mansion’s halls, but nothing about the season feels cheerful. Cole finds himself at a crossroads in his career, and the new buxom nanny he hired for his sister is only serving as a distraction. Inez is bright, beautiful, and far too appealing when she sleeps in his bed (unbeknownst to everyone else in the house). Of course, there’s no sneaking past the positive pregnancy test. If you are craving for a little naughty with your nice this Christmas, grab this unputdownable box set of three standalone holiday romances, each one naughtier than the previous one and promising your usual Sofie fix – a touch of forbidden with the perfect happily ever after. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Savio: An Age Gap Arranged Marriage Dark Mafia Billionaire Romance (Calabresi Italian Mafia Book 1)

Savio: An Age Gap Arranged Marriage Dark Mafia Billionaire Romance (Calabresi Italian Mafia Book 1)
He hated me before I even walked through the door. Savio Calabresi is a force to be reckoned with when we first meet. The Don of The Calabresi family liked things his way and didn’t want anyone to interrupt. Until I came along and shook up his world. Not only did my career cause a problem, but knowing a secret that could hurt him and his family only leaves one thing for him to do. He forced me into an arranged marriage, or I compromised the safety of my family.

$2.99 on Kindle.
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Grump’s Surprise Baby: Age Gap Billionaire Enemies to Lovers Romance

Grump’s Surprise Baby: Age Gap Billionaire Enemies to Lovers Romance
Tabloids call him a washed-up rockstar, but that grumpy Silver Fox rocked my world.
Loud music, a party boat, and a fake relationship with a billionaire playboy that I don’t like, what could go wrong?
And what’s in it for me? Exclusive access to Max “The Axe” for a career come-back story that I desperately need for my own journalism career.
I didn’t bargain for his heart of gold, love songs, and wild nights of passion.
Now I’ve fallen for him and he’s leaving town for the next gig.
I didn’t show up for his last concert so he thinks I don’t care. He is sooo wrong!
It’s six weeks later and my world has turned upside down.
Two pink lines changed everything.
My heart aches for his strong, protective arms around me and a future for our child.
Then, I heard his sweet, sexy voice on the radio singing about us.
Will he just belt out an award-winning hit or come find me and make that life come true?
$0.99 on Kindle.
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Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number: Gay Age Gap Romance Box Set

Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number: Gay Age Gap Romance Box Set
You don’t know what real love is till you’re with a real man.
I’m tired of being with boys my age.
Older men know how to satisfy all my urges.

If you love steamy gay romances, grab this complete 3-book Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number Box Set.
In this collection you will find:

The New Bad Boy In Town
Dear Professor
My Protector
$0.99 on Kindle.
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Easy Surrender: An Age-Gap BBW/Military Romance (SEAL Team Romeo)

Easy Surrender: An Age-Gap BBW/Military Romance (SEAL Team Romeo)
This Navy SEAL is ready to wave his white flag of surrender and accept his fate when it comes to his curvy girl.

Beckett “Slate” Jennings

My first mission as a SEAL was almost my last. Saving Dr. Jane Nayler in Yemen almost destroyed me. Somehow, I survived and buried that pain deep. Imagine my surprise when Jane’s daughter shows up on my doorstep. After three years, my neatly ordered world collapses around me. Constance is everything I never knew I needed—beautiful, curvy, and sweet. When she looks at me like I’m her hero, I know there’s nothing I won’t do for her. Even if it means turning to face the past.

Constance Nayler

I’ve heard so much about Slate from my mom, I feel like I know him. When she goes missing overseas, I run right to him. If anyone can help me, the SEAL who saved her once before can. She forgot to tell me that he’s gorgeous…and bossy as can be. Every time he looks at me, I feel him in my soul. When he touches me, I go up in flames. But time doesn’t heal all wounds. It hasn’t healed him. Sometimes, it takes something even stronger. Lucky for him, my spine was forged from steel. He might be the hero, but this is one battle I plan to win. When this possessive Navy SEAL meets the younger curvy girl meant for him, he’ll surrender more than his heart to claim her. Get ready to fall hard, fast, and forever for Slate and Constance in this sweet and extra steamy short romance! $2.99 on Kindle.
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Daddy’s Billionaire Author: Age Gap Instalove Romance

Daddy’s Billionaire Author: Age Gap Instalove Romance
Darien was almost the same age as Dad, but he was gorgeous, sexy, and helped me explore my sensual side for the first time. He was just as powerful and direct as his characters, and it felt incredible to let him take control. But also like his characters, the only way we’d have a future together was if his book was finally written… $0.99 on Kindle.
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My Beastly Boss: A Surprise Pregnancy Age Gap Romance (Forbidden Temptations)

My Beastly Boss: A Surprise Pregnancy Age Gap Romance (Forbidden Temptations)
The world believes that I’m dating a star quarterback. But the truth is… I’m using that lie to hide another secret. That big secret has a name… Isaac Shepherd. Manager of the NFL team and one of my father’s closest friends. Let me just say that we tried. We tried really hard to ignore the fire that was brewing between us. Isaac is intense. A workaholic, and extremely accomplished. He’s also the master orchestrator of my fake dating life with his player, Devin. It was all fun and games until there was a new addition to this entire mess. Literally… a new addition. Isaac got me pregnant, and I want to find out how he’s going to figure our way out of this one! $0.99 on Kindle.
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Just Pretending: An Age Gap Enemies to Lovers Romance (Alpha Billionaire)

Just Pretending: An Age Gap Enemies to Lovers Romance (Alpha Billionaire)
Marry him… or end up broke. It was an obvious choice for me. Marry me… or lose an entire lifetime’s work. The choice was pretty obvious for him too. Never in a million years did I think that I’d be flying to Vegas. Not to get drunk. Not for a bachelorette party. But to get fake married to the man every woman on the planet wants. He’s hot, he’s smart, he’s… everything except for my real husband. 365 days. That’s how long I need to keep my hands and feelings in check. It’s the agreement. It’s in our goddamn contract. But I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t break the rules. If I didn’t complicate an already complicated situation. In other words… I’m pregnant. He doesn’t know it yet. Just like he doesn’t know that I broke the 365 days of “no love” agreement a long, long time ago. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Leave Me Breathless

Leave Me Breathless
She barely looks at me, but the blood begins pulsing in my veins. She turns me on by simply passing by. So many women are throwing themselves into my arms, but I don’t even look at them. For some unexplained reason, I want the only girl I’ll never have. Gabrielle Marcos. My student. A girl I have to coach. To see everyday but never touch. A girl who scared me to death and then saved my life after waking me up from the nightmare I was living in.A girl who made me feel alive again…But what do they say: the strongest passion burns the most? Yeah, now I’m sure about that.”Leave Me Breathless” is a forbidden high school age-gap romance between a coach and his student. It is extremely HOT with no cliffhanger and a HAPPILY EVER AFTER GUARANTEED! Free on Kindle.
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The Ultimate Protector Pack

The Ultimate Protector Pack

Older men with a fierce need to protect… check
Sassy, curvy women that have a soft spot for said heroes… double check.

Ten of the hottest happily ever after’s around… triple check.

If you love a man that’s rough around the edges, but protects his woman at all cost, you’ll love The Ultimate Protector Pack.

These men spit in the face of danger, care for secret babies while throwing axes, and love their women like no-one else can.

You won’t want to miss these reader favorites all in one place:

Bear: Alaskan Mountain Men
Dylan: Men of Diesel Mountain
Max: Wildwood County
Mountain Man CEO
Cole: Wildwood County
Yule: Hot, Hungry Men of Christmas Past
Gavin: Men of Diesel Mountain
Kevin: Wildwood County
Carter: Wildwood County
Mason: Alaskan Mountain Men

$4.99 on Kindle.
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Obsessed: A Dark Age-Gap Romance

Obsessed: A Dark Age Gap Romance
I’m obsessed, and she’s twenty-four years younger than me.
Everyone thinks my wife’s death was an accident. I know they’re wrong.
I need answers, but at the end of the day, none of it matters. Because without her, I’m nothing. There would never be another woman for me.
Or so I thought…until I saw Meera.

Her resemblance to my dead wife is uncanny, and her demons call to mine. Still, I know I’m not good for her. She’s too young, and I’m busy chasing a ghost.
But I can’t stay away.
She’s irresistible. Her hold on me is effortless—dark and dangerous.
Love almost destroyed me once. Now I must decide if I’m willing to give it a second chance to finish the job. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Faithful

He’s the hot, say-it-like-it-is cowboy, and he won’t stop until he gets the woman he wants.
I’m not going to get involved with the smooth-talking cowboy.
I’ve been hurt before. I’ve been used and cheated on. And I’ve lost my faith in men.
But Austin Yates is doing his best to change my mind. Free on Kindle
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