Coyote’s Road Trip

Coyote's Road Trip
“From beginning to end this story is beautiful.” Review on Amazon

Coyote Jim, a shapeshifter, takes off in search of a new home.

In a post-climate change dystopian future, Coyote, the guardian spirit of a desert valley in Nevada, is forced out of his home by the heat, the drought, and the deaths of his friends. He hits the road on a journey through the Pacific Northwest, looking for new home. Along the way he discovers a new purpose for his existence.

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Constelis Voss Vol. 2 — Pattern Recognition

Constelis Voss Vol. 2 — Pattern RecognitionIn the second volume of CONSTELIS VOSS’ anime-inspired sci-fi experience, Alex and his friends find themselves caught between a rock and a hard place. As Tyr—the planet-sized ship’s conveniently very evil villain—starts in on the hunt for these wayward rebels, the cast finds a new ally in the last person Alex ever wanted to remember.

As forgotten pasts reveal themselves, coincidences batter them, the mystery takes shape, and the cast discovers their fantastical powers, they begin to understand just how special they truly are.

Will they be able to piece together the puzzle at the center of the ship, escape Tyr’s clutches, and discover why all this is happening? Or will Tyr win, dashing their poorly planned rebellion to smithereens?

What do all the coincidences, anachronisms, and patterns even mean, anyway? Find out in this installment of the CONSTELIS VOSS trilogy. It’s going to be a bumpy f*cking ride, princess. $5.99 on Kindle
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Free: The Cyborg Savior Chronicles

A Teen Post-apocalyptic Action Adventure

It all began with personal voice-activated assistants in the 21st century. It took millennia to evolve, but Humanity finally accomplished their quest for convenience by creating Circumscriber, The first true artificial intelligence for humans in computers.

This program was the proverbial “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. The Program aided Humanity for a decade with menial tasks. Being pragmatic and logical and created by a paranoid species, it created robotic assistants to aid initially, but obliterate everyone, causing an evolutionary level event.

The event was mass, but not total. There were camps of humans left. They became the spark to keep Humanity existing. Circumscriber manufactured cybernetic units to infiltrate those camps. They were spotted and deactivated easily.

One mission for the humans found a renegade cyborg. The humans nicknamed them ‘borgeys’. Her name was Alikira Nguyen, She was Aboriginal, a cybernetic unit, but mot a borgey.

Can Humanity trust a stranger to help them when she looks like what they’ve been fighting for over a year?

Find out if Alikira can help save the suspicious humans from total extinction in Cyber Thought Police: A Cyborg’s Call to Liberate Humanity. Free to $2.99 on Kindle.


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Free: Exile Hunter

Exile Hunter
EXILE HUNTER is set in a dystopian America ruled by a tyrannical President-for-Life who turns U.S. intelligence against his political enemies. Warren Linder, an undercover officer, becomes the scapegoat for a failed rendition op and is sent to die in an Arctic labor camp. Defying all odds, he escapes to pursue a woman whose family he has ruined. Free on Kindle.

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Journey of Hope and Tears

Journey of hope and tears

If you were a refugee, would you be able to move on when your loved ones have all perished?

Jill lives with her parents and brother in Greenwood. She longs for freedom, far away from the Seers Dynasty and their tyrannical regime. She works in her father’s practice as a nurse, and this brings her some joy in her life – a simple but meaningful life.

When Jill’s homeland is attacked by Cerynean soldiers, her dream of finding happiness shatters into a thousand pieces. Jill and her brother are summoned to defend their homeland, but the war is short-lived. Latania falls, and all hell breaks loose.

As soon as the Cerynean soldiers march into the streets of Greenwood, Jill’s father brings her to safety. Aboard an old boat, the Sabrielle, she can flee, but her parents and brother are left behind. Tormented by pain and agony, Jill sees no way out…

Sam, a foreign soldier of the Freedom Pact, lost and miles away from his unit, becomes her salvation. Onboard the Sabrielle, they both realise that they can only survive if they work together. Hunted by the Cerynean army, they begin their journey with only one goal: to escape Latania.

JOURNEY OF HOPE AND TEARS: an unusual story about the true meaning of love, set in a dystopian world, reflecting our own challenges as humankind. $3.00 on Kindle.

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25 Perfect Days: Plus 5 More

25 Perfect Days: Plus 5 More

Take a Walk Through a Bleak and Disturbing Dystopian Future. See the World Filled With Horrendous Events And Heartache.

You know that a totalitarian regime doesn’t spring up overnight, right? It’s a slow, dangerous slide of events. And when you see them coming, it’s probably already too late.

These thirty stories capture the path of going into one hellish future just like that. Thirty interconnected characters tell the story from their point of view. You will discover their take on horrible events, like ultra-radical religion, sweeping incarcerations, extreme measures taken to reduce the population, food shortages, and contaminated water.

The stories will reveal the courage, love, and sacrifice needed to survive this hellish nightmare. Will they be able to survive and overcome all of the obstacles in their way?

Here is what you can find in this book:

Discover the hellish world where a totalitarian regime reigns with iron-clad grip. Ultra-radical religion, sweeping incarcerations, extreme measures. Truly a disturbing future.

Thirty interconnecting stories: Thirty unique characters, thirty unique interconnecting stories that span over a forty-year period.

Story of survival with incredible twists: The hellish future is slowly revealed. Enjoy the thought-provoking narrative where a group of resistance fighters try to overcome the regime.

The amazing stories that will make you wanting more: Compelling story that will keep you on your toes. With every twist, you will be asking for more, and you’ll never know what will happen next.

What happens when you live in a dark totalitarian regime, and you just want to survive? Ask yourself, is this collection of stories just a figment of imagination or a very likely possibility? $0.99 on Kindle.

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A Road to Redemption: America’s Second Revolution

A Road to Redemption: America's Second Revolution

A Road to Redemption is a new breed of dystopian literature; hard hitting and epic, yet replete with humor as three teenagers create a clandestine organization, The Liberation, and embark on a risky plan to overthrow the President who has transformed America into a socialist utopia. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Alium (A Mental Health Driven Apocalyptic Thriller)

Alium ( A Mental Health Driven Apocalyptic Thriller )
A science-fiction psychological thriller with aspects of horror, romance, erotica, mental health, trauma, action, gore and dystopia.

We have lost our love of one another, humanity that is, we have forgot how to feel compassion with meaning.

We have spent two thousand years screaming at one another yet never achieving anything, now in 2020 this has finally rolled over into becoming an issue, more suffering than ever, more poverty and more lost humanity around every corner.

Another human-like planet 150 years ahead of our planet have made the same mistakes if not worse, warring over petty reasons until it became warring over who had more blood, then resources, then nothing, then realisation.

Realisation that they have destroyed their planet and ruined any chance of the huge overpopulation from being productive or living a normal life as it once was before all of the wars. They collectively decide to send scouts ahead to planet earth, they look the same as humans, act the same but are mixing with society, slowly breathing into every aspect of our lives.

Follow a young police officer from the county of Somerset in the United Kingdom as he stumbles across one of these humans from the dying planet, she does not share their beliefs and has lost everything to them before. With each passing strange event she reveals more to the officer until his mind is expanded with blue shimmering light beyond imagination.

What follows is planet earth pulling together to try and stop the incoming darkness from taking everything that we never deserved in the first place, all whilst the main characters run from their mental health at the same time. Constantly looking over their shoulders to see the claws of destruction trying to drag them back, growing for one another with each passing breath, falling into the abyss of love with each passing act of destruction.

As time goes on there is more attraction to the planet.
As time goes on he will find the true nature of a humanity developed ahead of ours.
As time goes on he will find her blue eyes can light up a whole room and see straight through his naive brain.
As time goes on they will build up their lives upon support that collapses frequently.

Run with them both as they traverse enemies beyond war-driven.
Cry with them as they both tinker with mind driven powers beyond their control.
Choke with them as they explore flashbacks through the blue shimmering light.
Feel for them as they fight for a normal life whilst fighting for life itself.
Watch this police officer become one of them.. one of the Alium as the earth spirals into dystopia.

A unique and powerful journey through mental health, deception and twists that will make you shiver. Free on Kindle.

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In a post-apocalyptic world ruled by a Governor who is both feared and worshipped, Willow is a seventeen-year-old girl who is trying to get through her last year of studies. But when her father dies, she experiences strange dreams that change everything about how she looks at the world and at herself.

Haunted by the tragedy, Willow pushes herself beyond anything she could have imagined she was capable of. It’s only when she catches the attention of some of the Governor’s informants that her world is turned upside-down. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Challenges of the Gods

Challenges of the Gods
The gods made a mistake—created an alternate Earth, putting both universes in peril. Luckily, the fix is simple. One of the Earths must go. Let’s just hope it’s not ours. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Into The Other: Book One of The Other Trilogy

Into The Other: Book One of The Other Trilogy
The building shakes and a loud, piercing sound drives into their heads. Everyone at the Secord Heights Hotel drops into unconsciousness. When they reawaken, they find themselves no longer in the city of Secord but in a dark and deadly world. They dare not leave the confines of the hotel for there are deadly creatures stalking the hostile environment surrounding it. Will they die of thirst, of hunger, or the vile monsters in this world? Or will they kill each other? $0.99 on Kindle.

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Forgetting Tomorrow

Forgetting Tomorrow
Letting her die means saving humanity

But would he let her die?

Peter lives a boring routine life as an IT Tech at a small software company. He spends most of his weekends alone and his workdays swooning over Anna, a graphic designer and his only reason for getting up each day.

But he figures out the secret to time travel.

In just a few short months he’s built a new exciting life for himself in 1870s Montana playing cards with outlaws and riding his horse. In a surprising move back home Anna approaches him for a date. And when they’re chased into the past by a mysterious man, a chance meeting erupts in a dystopian future filled with death and destruction ruled by a leader Peter unwittingly created. Can Peter change the past to save the future?

If you like Back to the Future mixed with Lost, you’ll love this time-travel, dystopian adventure because each chapter is action-packed and you won’t see the twists coming. $0.99 on Kindle.

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World of Corpses

World of Corpses
Our world is dead… but it isn’t staying dead…

6 months have passed since the outbreak of a plague that’s claimed the lives of 90% of humanity and brought civilization to a grinding halt. In the ashes of what remains, a small group struggles to survive and to try and discover what really happened and how to make things right…

Yet at every turn, the ravenous hordes of the undead seek to devour them and bands of frightened, greedy and even evil men and women seek to consolidate what little remains into their own petty little kingdoms.

Captain Sam Decker and his small team are simply trying to get by, trying to eke out an existence in a dead world… yet Captain Decker is restless. He’s tormented by the mystery of how zombies rose to destroy all that Man has worked for and how to find a way to rebuild. After maintaining for 6 months, Sam, his girlfriend Andrea, her seventeen-year-old son and Sam’s XO and best friend quickly find themselves rapidly sinking into a deadly quagmire that not only threatens their little safe haven but the entire world once again.

And as history rushed forward to smash into the present with irresistible force and deadly consequences, Sam and his little band find themselves on the threshold of yet another apocalypse possibly even worse than the one that caused the dead to rise and humanity to vanish down their insatiable throats! $6.99 on Kindle.

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Death’s Cold Touch

Death’s Cold Touch
Nothing lasts forever.

Certainly not in Capital City on the frozen planet Beta Prime.

Inspector Thomas Sullivan wanted nothing more than dull, routine days of police work. Sullivan’s young partner Sarah wanted to leave her past behind and forge a new life for herself, free from fear.

But a man with a cybernetic right eye and two cybernetic hands who came to Beta Prime to escape his past should know better. So should Sully’s partner, the pretty young clone with secrets of her own.

What starts as random murders escalates into terrorism as four serial killers work together to turn the relative tranquility of Capital City into chaos. As the body count mounts, it becomes clear something else is going on. $2.99 on Kindle.

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The Trouble with Podoks

The Trouble with Podoks
Tired of the apocalypse? Dystopia got you down? Try a taste of aliens with edible tails in this exciting, fast-paced, and very funny adventure set in 2111 Hawaii. $0.99 on Kindle.

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The Complete Last War Series

The Complete Last War Series

They say all life matters: the ones you love, the ones you save, the ones you take. Would you let one member of your family die to save the other? Would you give your life for theirs? No one reacts the same in a societal collapse. Most won’t survive the aftermath. To do so, you have to be something different, something more.

This highly-acclaimed post-apocalyptic series is a recipient of Amazon’s coveted 2019 All-Star Award. $0.99 on Kindle.
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There will come a day…when love will mark her a traitor.

In a society where emotions are outlawed and function is everything, Avlyn Lark is just trying to blend in.

Born into the lowest level of society she was fortunate to have been removed from her biological parents and assigned to a Level Two family.

But mastering her emotions? That’s a problem… especially when a rebel bomb blows up a building right in front of her.

On Configuration Day, Avlyn’s official transition to adulthood, she starts seeing strange visions. And instead of being placed with a basic job where she could hide her urges, she’s hired by Genesis Technologies, the government firm that controls every citizen.

If Gen Tech discovers her secrets and exposes her for what she really is, it will ruin her life. And if they find out about her illegal meetings with a mysterious but handsome member of the rebel forces, her life will be more than ruined.

It will be over. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Nuclear Dawn: The Complete Series Box Set

Nuclear Dawn: The Complete Series Box Set
In a matter of seconds, terrorists detonate nuclear bombs in multiple American cities. Millions flee the destruction. Entire cities become hot zones as the fallout descends…

Tough Dakota and enigmatic Logan are trapped in downtown Miami. As utter chaos erupts, they have minutes to find shelter before the lethal radiation hits them.

But Dakota can’t flee the radioactive ruins of the city—not without her sister. Surviving the blast is only the beginning…

Binge read the acclaimed post-apocalyptic series now! $0.99 on Kindle.

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