Free: Alium (A Mental Health Driven Apocalyptic Thriller)

Alium ( A Mental Health Driven Apocalyptic Thriller )
A science-fiction psychological thriller with aspects of horror, romance, erotica, mental health, trauma, action, gore and dystopia.

We have lost our love of one another, humanity that is, we have forgot how to feel compassion with meaning.

We have spent two thousand years screaming at one another yet never achieving anything, now in 2020 this has finally rolled over into becoming an issue, more suffering than ever, more poverty and more lost humanity around every corner.

Another human-like planet 150 years ahead of our planet have made the same mistakes if not worse, warring over petty reasons until it became warring over who had more blood, then resources, then nothing, then realisation.

Realisation that they have destroyed their planet and ruined any chance of the huge overpopulation from being productive or living a normal life as it once was before all of the wars. They collectively decide to send scouts ahead to planet earth, they look the same as humans, act the same but are mixing with society, slowly breathing into every aspect of our lives.

Follow a young police officer from the county of Somerset in the United Kingdom as he stumbles across one of these humans from the dying planet, she does not share their beliefs and has lost everything to them before. With each passing strange event she reveals more to the officer until his mind is expanded with blue shimmering light beyond imagination.

What follows is planet earth pulling together to try and stop the incoming darkness from taking everything that we never deserved in the first place, all whilst the main characters run from their mental health at the same time. Constantly looking over their shoulders to see the claws of destruction trying to drag them back, growing for one another with each passing breath, falling into the abyss of love with each passing act of destruction.

As time goes on there is more attraction to the planet.
As time goes on he will find the true nature of a humanity developed ahead of ours.
As time goes on he will find her blue eyes can light up a whole room and see straight through his naive brain.
As time goes on they will build up their lives upon support that collapses frequently.

Run with them both as they traverse enemies beyond war-driven.
Cry with them as they both tinker with mind driven powers beyond their control.
Choke with them as they explore flashbacks through the blue shimmering light.
Feel for them as they fight for a normal life whilst fighting for life itself.
Watch this police officer become one of them.. one of the Alium as the earth spirals into dystopia.

A unique and powerful journey through mental health, deception and twists that will make you shiver. Free on Kindle.

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