World of Corpses

World of Corpses
Our world is dead… but it isn’t staying dead…

6 months have passed since the outbreak of a plague that’s claimed the lives of 90% of humanity and brought civilization to a grinding halt. In the ashes of what remains, a small group struggles to survive and to try and discover what really happened and how to make things right…

Yet at every turn, the ravenous hordes of the undead seek to devour them and bands of frightened, greedy and even evil men and women seek to consolidate what little remains into their own petty little kingdoms.

Captain Sam Decker and his small team are simply trying to get by, trying to eke out an existence in a dead world… yet Captain Decker is restless. He’s tormented by the mystery of how zombies rose to destroy all that Man has worked for and how to find a way to rebuild. After maintaining for 6 months, Sam, his girlfriend Andrea, her seventeen-year-old son and Sam’s XO and best friend quickly find themselves rapidly sinking into a deadly quagmire that not only threatens their little safe haven but the entire world once again.

And as history rushed forward to smash into the present with irresistible force and deadly consequences, Sam and his little band find themselves on the threshold of yet another apocalypse possibly even worse than the one that caused the dead to rise and humanity to vanish down their insatiable throats! $6.99 on Kindle.

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