Mommy Can We Have a Jellyfish?

Mommy Can We Have a Jellyfish?
From the Bridget Jones of modern parenting comes another collection of hilarious essays about the craziness that is a day in the life of a working mom.

Cringe along with Romi Brenner as she takes you with her through the mortification of public meltdowns, the triumphs of the tender moments and an insider’s glimpse into the things that most other people don’t really do at the office! $0.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Black is Not a Color

Black is Not a Color
Midwest Book Review calls Black is Not a Color “A compelling, entertaining, and deftly crafted read from first page to last.”

Caregiving for an aging parent is hard, especially when you’re trying to run your own life. But what if the parent you’re looking after is someone who wasn’t part of your life as a child? Free on Kindle.

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Free: Online Dating

Online Dating
This book goes into and expands upon the exact lessons and principles that I have used over the years to refine the online dating process and really become a master at each component of it: from setting up a profile, to sending messages and even on that first date. It’s all in these pages! Free on Kindle.

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Saving Grace – A Story of Adoption

Saving Grace - A Story of Adoption
It started with a piece of paper—-a birth certificate, sent to the author’s parents long after her birth. There is much history in that piece of paper. For she was born to an unwed mother in the generation prior to Roe v. Wade, on a warm day in August—a small, painful beginning in which she had been an unwilling participant, yet one that would shape her destiny. She is adopted into a loving home with another child that would become her beloved brother. She finds herself pregnant; she’s a teen and a college student, abandoned at the news. The options are obvious, but there is only one decision she could make: to give her child up to a family praying for one, and walking away. Saving Grace is more than a story of adoption. It’s a deep look into family—at hope and faith and why we end our days surrounded by souls that may not bear our name or share our blood, but who are our true family. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Turning Tantrums Into Triumphs

Turning Tantrums Into Triumphs
Discover how today’s brain research can help parents stop toddlers temper tantrums.
By following the step-by-step instructions, parents can make terrible twos terrific.
Give your child the gift of emotional self control now!

“I’ll never view a toddler’s tantrum in the same way after reading this book … the knowledge I gained from this book I certainly feel better equipped to handle tantrums in the best way without causing more problems that I resolve.” – M. Hartwell

“Her concept of “CRAFT” was also amazing as it provided an easy way for me to remember how to respond in those trying situations. This will definitely be my go-to resource book for a few years to come.” – Aneres

“Love how the book distilled scientific information into every day language” – U. Nguyen

Free on Kindle.

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A Child Psychologist’s Guide to What to Expect the First Year

A Child Psychologist's Guide to What to Expect the First Year
A Child Psychologist’s Guide to What to Expect the First Year is the must-have book for any new mother. If you are a mother, a mother-to-be, or thinking about becoming a mother then you must read this book. Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and get ready to learn the real deal on motherhood—the stuff none of the other parenting books tell you. You might be surprised to learn that after natural childbirth, your vagina will look like Mike Tyson went nine rounds on it or that breastfeeding on the toilet cures constipation.

A Child Psychologist’s Guide to What to Expect the First Year is not another prescriptive, how-to guide on parenting. Dr. Harrison is a child psychologist who exposes her faults unapologetically in an account that is both hilarious and heartbreaking. She shows the extremes of motherhood and how seemingly contradictory emotions can co-exist. Each chapter tackles a specific parenting topic ranging from dealing with infant sleep problems to dispelling some of the common myths associated with autism. She marries her education with the practical experience of being a mother to encourage other first time mothers to do what feels right for them in any given parenting situation and to let go of the guilt associated with their choices. $2.99 on Kindle.

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Life Long Lessons from Father to Son

A guide on how to manage the different relationship issues that a young male may encounter. $2.99 on Kindle.
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Miss Lynn (A Memoir)

My life as the son of unpredictable Miss Lynn was an extraordinary journey. She epitomized self-centered narcissism. In both her business and personal life her aim was to control, manipulate and, if need be, eliminate. Despite the many lovers in her life, her extensive network of “friends” and business acquaintances, and large Italian family, only two people were at her bedside when Miss Lynn died: my wife and I, the recipients of her wrath during our 34 year marriage.

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