Waking Up To Toxic People: A Self-Reflection Workbook With Writing Prompts to Help You Recognize the Harmful Humans in Your Life

If you’re an adult survivor of toxic or narcissistic family abuse, you may have difficulty recognizing unhealthy, harmful, or dangerous people. Waking Up To Toxic People (Book One in the Guided Journals for Adult Survivors series) reviews 16 primary traits common to toxic people to help you make more self-loving relationship choices today. Includes targeted education and writing prompts to assist with self-exploration and emotional self-care. A daily Self-Awareness Log with Feelings List is provided for ongoing self-reflection and insight. The Guided Journals for Adult Survivors series was created to help those who have experienced toxic family abuse, narcissistic abuse, partner abuse, or any other type of interpersonal abuse gain awareness regarding dysfunctional relationship dynamics that may be affecting their mental and emotional health and the overall quality of their life today. Each journal serves as a self-reflection workbook that includes educational material, guided explorations with self-reflection exercises and writing prompts, and topic-compatible Self-Awareness Logs to encourage continued emotional processing, self-exploration, and ongoing insight. $0.99 on Kindle.
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