Built for This: A Guide to Tackling New Dads’ Top 16 Concerns About Pregnancy, Childbirth & Becoming a Father

Built for This: A Guide to Tackling New Dads' Top 16 Concerns About Pregnancy, Childbirth & Becoming a Father

“We’re Pregnant!” can either be the most exciting or the most terrifying words in the English language. For many
men, they end up being both. Are you a new or expecting dad whose top priority is being the best father you can be, but
you’re not really certain what that looks like?

Do you wonder what will happen during delivery and how you can prepare ahead of time? Are you asking yourself how you’re
going to pay the hospital bills and provide for your growing family? You may even be concerned that you don’t really “feel” like a father yet and worry you won’t be able to bond with or care for your newborn because you’ve never been “good with babies.” Perhaps you’re dreading the lack of sex and wondering when you’ll get back to being intimate with your partner.And, how about the loss of “freedom”, the chaos of having kids in the house, or the seemingly impossible task of balancing the demands of work with being there for your family?These thoughts are valid, and they’re more common among new dads than you might realize.

After all, you’re entering unknown territory, and fatherhood is a major change that will affect your life forever. Even though you’re probably excited about becoming a dad, you’ll inevitably have doubts and anxieties—all first-time parents do!No dad is totally prepared when he has his first child, but this book, Built for This, will help you overcome those fears and worries. Zach is enthusiastic about fatherhood while helping you understand and tackle your fears, answering your hardest questions, and equipping you with the clear thinking, skill, and confidence you need to be an awesome father.Unlike so many of the other books written for new dads, he skips the condescending ‘bro talk’ and draws on his real-world experience as a father of four to relate man-to-man.

Inside, you’ll discover: The first thing you’re going to struggle with when your newborn arrives… and how to prepare for it

How to slash your medical costs by 50% or more… and maybe even make money from your health insurance. What it costs to raise a kid from birth through high school

How to support your partner during labor — help her alleviate the pain of giving birthHow to prepare in advance for delivery day… even if you know you can’t be presentWhy caring for a baby takes more than instinct… and how you can do it wellWays to stay connected and intimate with your partner before and after the baby arrivesThe science behind how dads bond with their newbornsHow to balance work and fatherhood so you can be there for your kid while still providing for your
family Why babies don’t fix struggling relationships… and tips for what does (hint: this will make you a better father too) …And much more.You may feel like you’re out of your depth now, but by following Zach’s advice, you’re taking a step in the right
direction.By the time your baby arrives, you’ll have the knowledge and skill that you need to embrace the most important role of your life with joy and confidence. Being a good dad is a $0.99 on Kindle.
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