Free: The Late Great Thor McHugh

The Late Great Thor McHugh
If Thor McHugh is to be believed, Bigfoot exists.  Dr. McHugh, a professor of cryptozoological studies at the Pacific Northwest Consortium of Colleges, Institute for Anthropological Studies, and a self-styled professional Bigfoot “researcher” (“hunter implies sport,” McHugh is quick to point out) alleges to have killed the mythical creature on September 6, 2014 and now has presented the photo evidence for the first time to the media.  Previously, rough documentary footage of a film called “Thor McHugh Tracks, Befriends…And then Kills a Bigfoot” was the only evidence that McHugh could present to support his fantastic claim. Free on Kindle.

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A Familiar Problem

A Familiar Problem by Sharon Karaa
Natalia Stokes is a loner, a demon loner with some strange ideas about life and, well, death. Banished from Hell for being a trouble maker, would you believe, Natalia is condemned to walk the earth with no one to communicate with. You’d think that wouldn’t bother her but even loners get lonely.

Everything changes when a chance meeting brings her to Lauren, a witch in trouble, and she sticks around long enough to help her in the guise of her familiar. The problem is, she then realises she doesn’t want to leave. She quickly learns, however, that life doesn’t always go as planned and she is forced to make a decision that will affect her for the rest of her…let’s call it existence. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: 90 Things That Irritate The Sh** Out Of Me…Or At least Make Me Frown

Things That Irritate Me
What is this book about? Well, it’s about irritations. And sex. Race. Shopping carts. Izod shirts with skinny leather ties. Let’s not forget men, women, bad boys, stuck up girls of color, weaves, 545 Stooges in Congress, not having enough toilet paper and flat toothpaste tubes. It’s a book that you will talk about with your friends while hiding it from your priest. It is a piece of literature that will make you laugh a lot, piss you off a little, and make you think in between. Free on Kindle.

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Free: 50 Every Day Ways To Cheer You Up

This little book is filled with lots of spice to lighten your mood and make you smile :-). Whether you’re young or old, serious or light-hearted, sometimes all you need is to see your life from a fun perspective. Find some new ways to cheer up…free on Kindle.

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Off the Reservation

This uproarious comic novel explores modern presidential politics and asks whether honesty can find a place within it. When Congressman Evan Gorgoni of Indiana, fed up with Washington, retires from Congress, he does so with such stunning honesty that he is drafted to run for president. If he’s going to do it, he’s going to do it as no one has done it before. “Off the Reservation” is just $0.99 on Kindle.
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Rock’s Dogs (Mudflat Magic Series)

Ready for a supernatural comic romp with undependable magic and dogs? Rock Decko, the smash wizard in Seattle’s Mudflat neighborhood, acquires a variety of dogs who come and go with his everchanging girlfriends. When he is dodging a girlfriend or the police or a bill collector, he leaves the dog with his neighbor, Claire.

This book contains 12 stories about the characters in the Eppie Award winning series Mudflat Magic. $2.99 on Kindle.
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The Cautionary Tale of Butch Black

“The Cautionary Tale of Butch Black” is the story of Butch: a retail slave trapped in his own little world. His journal, known as the Black diary, is the vehicle in which we traverse his terrible Wonderland, as the super-evil-mega-corporation (World-Mart) tries to bring him to his knees. Now, Butch and his delusional, animal sidekick, Ratticus, must uncover the dark truth about their employer without being terminated in the process. Can they survival the zombified coworkers, the murderous crows, and the demons below? Not if World-Mart has anything to say about it. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Priceless Proverbs

Priceless Proverbs Book 2 continues where book one left off – with over one hundred additional kid quotes and illustrations. It is the result of hundreds of interviews with young children ages three to twelve, who were presented with the first half of a famous saying or proverb and then asked to finish it themselves.

Their diverse, candid, and totally uncensored answers may surprise you, but when combined with their crayon illustrations… are almost guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.

So take a few minutes, sit back, and get a quick glimpse into the amazing and intricate minds of some of the most delightful and fascinating children around. Enjoy! Free on Kindle.
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The Yoga Sutras: A Tale of Sex, Lies and Spiritual Enlightenment

the yoga sutras

Dave has problems and yoga is just the latest. His wife communicates with him via Post-it notes, his six-year-old daughter torments him and tells him he’s a loser and his yoga teacher appears to be a physical incarnation of the Hindu Goddess of Creation and Destruction. Dave’s blood thickens with cold whenever she comes close, and that’s doing his cholesterol level no good at all. As he tries to escape his earthly bondage, a new and terrifying world of gods, goddesses, angels, demons and witches opens up before him. Can Dave find wisdom, save his marriage, learn to do yoga without falling over, and discover the secret of happiness before everything goes too far? $0.99 on Kindle.

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Triple Dog Dare

triple dog dare

Celebrated children’s book author Bianca Jameson is about to discover that her lavish lifestyle is coming to an abrupt end. Her fiancé, the gorgeous Lars Lundgren, has drained her bank accounts as well as her self-esteem. All she has left is her precious pup Lo-Lou, the star of her books.  But when the kennel club which gifted Lo-Lou to her wants him back, Bianca must team up with an enemy and a former love interest in order to save her world. The chase is on and the lies are piling up. Will three adorable dogs be able to sort it all out? $0.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Conversation Starters and Icebreakers

conversation starters

Nothing to talk about over the holidays? Be prepared this year. What Do You Think? Conversation Starters and Icebreakers is a collection of 100 fun questions of ethical dilemmas and awkward predicaments perfect for the holidays or any social occasion to keep the conversation fun and entertaining. Free on Kindle.

Advance Man

advance-manAdvance Man is a political adventure. Set in the hard-fought early days of the 2008 Democratic primary season, it is a look behind the scenes at the most secretive, yet most public part of American presidential politics—the Advance team that creates and controls the media image of a presidential candidate, as well as everything that happens within a quarter-mile radius.


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Reservoir Cats

reservoir-catsMeet Squirt, a Somali cat who believes that having a pedigree means that he is just a bit better than the rest! He is conceited, irreverent and opinionated but also the most loyal friend anyone could wish for.

Squirt brings you his unique view of the world with diary extracts, acute observations and some interesting (if somewhat strange) ideas.

Reservoir Cats is a romp of a read for animal lovers!

Lost In Spain: A Collection of Humorous Essays


This new book by one of the internet’s funniest people is guaranteed to make you laugh until it hurts.

“Never, has a book made me laugh from start to finish. Scott’s mind is like an amusement park!”

“Scott is a cross between Hunter Thompson and Dennis Miller…”

Scott Oglesby moved to Spain to start over. When he discovered he was still the same person, now six thousand miles from home, the result was dysfunction, delusion, chaos and this brilliant, hilarious book.

“Lost in Spain” is a collection of humorous essays centered around one very awkward American. With irreverent imagination, larger than life characters and shocking heart, this book will make you cry tears of laughter all while questioning everything you thought you knew about people.

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Conversations with the Golf God

conversations-with-the-golf-godIs there really a golf God? Golfers have asked the question for generations. This book proves beyond a shadow of a doubt the golf god is real. He appeared to Shanks and ordered Shanks to write the golf gods story and also to tell golfers it is ok to play golf on Sunday.

In fear of the golf god giving him the yips Shanks wrote the Golf Gods story – the real history of golf – why the golf god hires dead bookies – what golf terms really mean, and many other tips that are normally ignored by main stream golfers.

The golf god wants to help golfers although what he considers help at times is suspect. I will give you a tip – the golf god is really not a very nice fellow.

My Big Greek Family

my-big-greek-familyA heart-warming, humorous, family saga set in London where Greek traditions are challenged as three sisters embark on a journey of self-discovery in the quest for happiness and love. 

As the family descend to celebrate Georgina’s thirtieth birthday she finds it a struggle to wear the cloak of I’m-doing-just-fine. The time has come for Georgina to make some serious changes, if she is to lead the life she wants to lead as opposed to the life she is expected to lead. An encounter with Jake O’Sullivan finds her ready to take a chance on romance, but will she stumble at the first obstacle? 

Georgina is not the only sibling in the Andreou household having to take stock of her life; Katherina is forced to face a secret she has kept buried for many years as feelings emerge for a new colleague, despite her resolve to make a go of a relationship with a suitor introduced by the family. Meanwhile, Sophia, the youngest of the sisters, and the most rebellious, discovers a new spiritual direction in her life. 

A last-minute holiday to Greece challenges the sisters’ bond as secrets unravel and hidden emotions finally surface on the veranda of their holiday retreat … 

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The Yoga Sutras

the-yoga-sutrasDave hates yoga, but his wife Marlene sends him to classes to sort out his ‘issues.’ It’s not surprising he has ‘issues’ when Marlene communicates with him via Post-it notes, his six-year-old daughter tells him he’s a loser and his yoga teacher appears to be a physical incarnation of the Hindu Goddess of Creation and Destruction.

Dave seeks knowledge in a book, and not just any book. The two-thousand year old Yoga Sutras is the Bible of yoga, but the more Dave reads, the less he understands. But if Dave doesn’t like the version of reality he’s been given, can he choose a different one?

And in so doing, might he accidentally discover the secret of happiness?

Yo Mamma! Yo Mamma! The Best 150 Yo Mamma Jokes on the Planet

yo-mammaThe best Yo Momma jokes ever! Laugh yourself to the floor with these incredibly funny and humorous jokes. Became the center of attention in parties and get-togethers with these jokes.