Falling for the Grumpy Millionaire Sheriff: A Next Door – Age Gap Lovers Romance


I notice his piercing blue eyes. Then his uniform. Then his physique.
He says his name is Owen Jackson and he’s the new Sheriff.
I think I need to have my legs wrapped around him tonight for sure.
Just then, I pull up to my condo, I notice new neighbors.
Im installing my new doorbell camera, having multiple glasses of wine since I cant have the new sheriff and off to bed I go.
Thud, thump in the middle of the night.
A scream shatters the air around me.
I call Owen who gave me his number today.
My god was someone just murdered next door?

She says she’s 25. She looks way younger.
Sweet body, and a sassy attitude to boot.
I cant let Courtney take my attention away from this case.
We have a maniac on the loose and she’s not safe.
But every time I look at her I know exactly what I want to do to her.
I want to make sure the next morning neither of us can walk straight.
I could really fall for her hard $3.99 on Kindle.
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