Rainbow’s Red Book of Poetry

Rainbow's Red Book of Poetry
‘Do yourself a favour: buy this, curl up in your favourite chair and read it, knowing you will come away refreshed.’Life is a complex thing. As social beings, we live side by side, sometimes in not-so-harmonious circumstances. This book celebrates love and tackling the challenges we face as humans. Control is not always ours. Keep learning. Keep growing. Be yourself. Do your best. Life is complicated, yet very simple.’These poems are layered and more formal — with an air of William Blake or even Christina Rosetti — but without pretension or anachronism. They still have the Lawson touch.”Lily Lawson has this way of making me weep. And dance. And understand myself a little better. And understand others, perhaps, a little better too.’ $0.99 on Kindle.
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A Taste of What’s to Come

A Taste of What's to Come
Timeless in their relevance to people and the world we live and love in. . . . Lily’s realistic, but positive worldview shines.’Time stands still sometimes I wish it would, in the moments of joy, in the laughter, in the sharing, in the hugs. yet it moves on, endless, unceasingI try to capture the memories, and hold onto them forever.’All in all: a well-deserved 5 stars! My only criticism? I could happily read more poems by Lily!”Lily Lawson …. brings us a selection of accessible and relatable poems. …. A Taste of What’s to Come? A taste of meaning here and now. Thank you Lily Lawson.”A wonderful collection of creative and truthful poems. So relatable!’ $0.99 on Kindle.
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Best Evidence: Poems by Mark S. Osaki

Best Evidence: Poems by Mark S. Osaki

Evocative, deceptively straightforward and wry poetry that delivers a shock to the system. $2.99 on Kindle.
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Late Life

Late Life

Cooper Madison Series Book #3

Cleveland, Ohio. 2007.

Cooper Madison, now fully recovered from Tommy John surgery, has rediscovered his passion for baseball and is once again regarded as the best pitcher in the game. His fastball has developed what experts refer to as having “late life”, making him more dominant against opposing hitters than at any point in his career.

Coop’s love for girlfriend Cara Knox has never been stronger, but an unexpected tragedy threatens to rip them apart just as his baseball career is getting back on track. Torn between accomplishing his goals on the mound and being there for Cara, Coop soon realizes that every decision in life has consequences, especially when choosing between the two things he loves most.

Perhaps nobody can relate more to Coop’s dilemma more than Cara’s oldest brother, Detective Jason Knox. In the wake of making national headlines as the cop who helped solve the Edgewater Park Killer case, the veteran detective is forced to make a choice of his own when a grizzly discovery halfway across the country jeopardizes to reveal that the EPK saga is anything but solved. $9.99 on Kindle.
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A Dress the Color of the Moon

A Dress the Color of the Moon

Prudence Aldrich is a sex addict. Five weeks ago, she checked into the Serenity Hills rehab center to prevent that addiction from ruining every important relationship in her life. Now Prue must face the trail of destruction she left behind, including mending the broken bond with her teenage son, finalizing the divorce from her husband, Nick, and using a newly learned set of skills to ward off her insatiable cravings for male attention—a compulsion that puts her friendship with lifelong pal Lily to the test. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Shadows Amongst the Threads

Shadows Amongst the Threads
Shadows Amongst the Threads is a poetic compilation of verse that feeds upon our most basic of instincts like few work before it. Using every sinew of the negative emotions and impulses our minds feed on, it explores the horror of the minds in a way that both makes us recoil but also entices us back for more of the same. Whether faced with the terror of the unknown that lurks in the shadows, the known that stands before us or the threats that we conjure up in our own imaginations, J.A. Santana takes us right into the heart of the action, at times teetering on the edge of sanity as we explore the most basic feelings and urges our consciences allow. Free on Kindle.
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A PERILOUS JOURNEY To An Uncertain Future

Four boys, on a quest to find a better life, encounter the best and the worst of humanity. People on both sides of the border want to rob them, kill them, or force them into the drug trade. With their wits and the kindness of strangers, the boys weave their way to an uncertain future. $2.99 on Kindle.
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Free: The Madness of Grief

The Madness of Grief
London 1969. While men are walking on the moon, a series of dramatic events threaten to have lasting repercussions for 16-year-old Jane and the people she loves. Kirkus Reviews’ Best Books of the Year – “A rollicking good read… combines a deep understanding of emotion, of the need to live and to grow, with an unfailing control of language.” PW’s BookLife Prize 2021

Free on Kindle.
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The things we passed by and the things we realized

The things we passed by and the things we realized

This book is a collection of 10 short stories. Honest, funny, tender, and heartwarming. A series of stories that take you back to another time and place filled with wide-eyed wonderment. The stories reveal different aspects of life, introducing you to characters that will take you inside their hearts and souls to help you learn a little something about yourself. Some will make you laugh, others will make you cry, but they will all help you see the world again through the eyes of a child.

The full-page illustrations invite the reader into a world of big-hearted imagination. The author effortlessly weaves tales that are simple on the surface but hold deep meaning beneath. As you read, you can’t help but put yourself in the characters’ shoes and wonder how you would react in these situations. Each reader will be able to connect with them in their own way; stories that are personal yet timeless offering a new perspective on life. $7.99 on Kindle.
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Coyote’s Road Trip

Coyote's Road Trip
“Unlike so many action-oriented dystopian stories, this is a somewhat surreal, moody, and introspective tale, with an easy flow to it that’s much like . . . well . . . taking a long drive.” —S. Lynn Helton.

Coyote Jim, the shape-shifting spirit of a desert valley in Nevada is forced out of his home by climate change. He robs a store and takes off in his pickup truck, looking for “the mountain in the air” described to him by a ghost. A blend of magical realism, travelogue, and post-climate change dystopia, this book has a 4.41 average rating on Goodreads from readers who describe it as “wonderful,” “original and interesting,” and “a tale told vividly.” $0.99 on Kindle.
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The Quiet Houses: Fall of the Narcs

The Quiet Houses: Fall of the Narcs


Fall of the Narcs

DEA Agent Jeff Moore was portrayed by actor Bradley Cooper in Clint Eastwood’s movie, The Mule.

Jeff’s New York Times interview regarding his arrest of the world’s oldest and most successful cartel mule, Leo Sharp, became the basis for this film.

Inspired by real events, Jeff has now written the narrative crime thriller, The Quiet Houses.

Jeff transitioned to law enforcement after finding himself unemployed from his comfortable suburban job as a graphic artist. In 2003, Jeff spent a year undercover as a street junky visiting violent drug houses throughout Kansas City, Missouri alongside his informant, Tamera Mack, a boisterous, street-wise African American woman.

His life-changing and unbelievable journey with Tammy through a sea of lost souls, dangerous men and corrupt cops gives the reader a story that is difficult to put down.

Almost two decades later, Jeff is currently a DEA Special Agent in Detroit, Michigan.

The Quiet Houses Review from Stephen Murphy

“A must read for all

true crime fans”

— Stephen Murphy,

Retired DEA agent,

Advisor – Netflix Narcos,

Author – Manhunters: How We Took Down Pablo Escobar

co-written with Javier F. Peña.
$9.99 on Kindle.
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A vibrant, superbly written tale. It’s a fast-paced, tightly knit, family drama with a female protagonist at the heart who, despite painful adolescence memories and present financial and personal hardship, has the courage and tenacity to confront her life’s challenges head on. $0.99 on Kindle.
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The Truth of Who You Are

The Truth of Who Your Are
When his family is plunged into poverty during the Great Depression, Ben Taylor takes a job with the US Civilian Conservation Corps developing the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. A tragic accident puts him in a dilemma: does he let someone else take the fall for what he did so he can keep his position? $0.99 on Kindle.
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America High

America High

In America High a murder shatters the students, divides the community, and challenges everyone. Jocks obsess over the football games, loner outcasts create lives for themselves, and pretty girls fight against an unstoppable foe…check out this literary thriller by genre novelist Dalton Lewis, author of American Starfleet Independence. $2.99 on Kindle.
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CODE NAME: THE FOX – Operation Yucatan Cartel

CODE NAME: THE FOX - Operation Yucatan Cartel
Hatred is a tough monster to kill, as Harold soon discovers the moment he realizes that his war against the cartels is morphing into a never-ending vigilante mission.

There is a lot to be said about the devastation that the cartels bring into human existence. But Harold Brandon, drug-lord-turned-minister-turned-contractor-turned-vigilante, is not about to sit idly by and let them continue.

They need to be stopped.

This brings him to the Yucatan peninsula in southern Mexico, where he sets his eyes on a blood-thirsty Don and his equally murderous wife.

The ruthless couple has had a tight, lethal hold on the region, inflicting unspeakable horrors to locals and to those who stand in their way.

Now with a team of equally competent men, Harold seeks to bring hellfire on these vicious rulers and finally end their reign of terror.

But, with all the odds stacked against one man and his team, will they even survive long enough to see the light of day?

Find out for yourself in “Operation Yucatan Cartel: Harold Brandon’s War Against the Cartels”, the third installment to the bestselling “Code Name: The Fox” series by prolific author Dr. Hal Bradley, DD!

If you’re looking for a roller coaster of blood, betrayal, and vengeance, then get ready to meet your next favorite book!
$2.99 on Kindle.
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CODE NAME: THE FOX – Operation Durango Cartel

CODE NAME: THE FOX - Operation Durango Cartel
Two years since the rape and murder of Harold Brandon’s beloved wife, Shelly, he strikes his scythe of vengeance upon one man and his entire cartel.

“Hey gringo, are you lost?”

“No. Not lost. Looking for someone.”

“Who are you looking for?”

“I’m looking for a dead man.”


Shelly was raped and murdered by the Sonora Cartel two years ago. And since then, Harold has been juggling his sorrow and rage amid a standing contract on his life set at one million dollars.

When a grieving former drug-lord-turned-minister-turned-contractor is also being hunted like prey, he adapts.

Harold was forced to hide in the shadows and isolate himself from friends and family. He was also driven to undergo plastic surgery twice.

Heartbroken, seething, unrecognizable, and with unlimited government resources at his disposal, Harold now has the upper hand and plots to find Enrique, the Sonora Cartel’s #2 man, with every intention of killing him — slowly and in true cartel fashion.

Just like how they killed his wife.

Will Harold succeed?

Find out for yourself in “Operation Durango Cartel: Harold Brandon’s War Against the Cartels”, the second installment to the bestselling “Code Name: The Fox” series by prolific author Dr. Hal Bradley, DD!

If you’re looking for a roller coaster of blood, betrayal, and vengeance, then get ready to meet your next favorite book!
$2.99 on Kindle.
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CODE NAME: The FOX – Operation Tucson Cartel

CODE NAME: The FOX - Operation Tucson Cartel
Making things right was drug-lord-turned-contractor/minister Harold Brandon’s new purpose. But he soon finds out that changing sides comes at a steep price.

Harold’s Harley roars across asphalt and dirt toward a meeting with DOJ agents and a few informants.

It’s been eight years since he decided to do the right thing and take on the cartel he once served, and five since he became one of the Department of Justice’s most prized undercover operatives.

While he’s good at what he does, Harold still teeters between love and hate for his job — for each assignment draws him closer to the life he now despises.

And yet, even when every mission feels like his last, Harold can’t bring himself to turn his back on his double life. May it be for adventure or simply for retaliation, he doesn’t quite know.

What he is sure of, however, is that he has a yearning to make things right.

But, as soon as Harold starts a new mission, sinister forces connive against him and seek to teach him a lesson.

How they were going to go about it, however, remains to be seen.

Find out for yourself in “Operation Tucson Cartel: Harold Brandon’s War Against the Cartels,” the first installment to the bestselling “Code Name: The Fox” series by prolific author Dr. Hal Bradley, DD!

If you’re looking for a roller coaster of blood, betrayal, and vengeance, then get ready to meet your next favorite book! $2.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Polk, Harper & Who

Polk, Harper & Who

A police visit and then a dinner party threaten to unravel all that Adam and Eva hold dear… A tender, thorny, frequently hilarious contemporary story of complicated friendships and family relationships, and ultimately of the triumph of imperfect London love within imperfect London lives. “Beautifully encapsulates what love is.” -Kirkus Reviews Free on Kindle.
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