The Trouble with Belonging

Kehuan, a lonely boy carving his way in a foreign city, and Niki, a carefree little girl roaming the streets, meet by chance and form an instant connection. The unusual friendship transforms both their lives, but can it withstand a catastrophe…and growing up? $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Ward

Tango Primary Five and the Angel of Death have been condemned to the city-prison of Sacramento, CA. A Roman-inspired death cult, cannibal Vikings, and a paranoid mafia syndicate vie for dominance. To escape, all must unite, or one must win. Free on Kindle.

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Masters of Horror Essentials: Mary Shelley Frankstein

Masters of Horror Essentials: Mary Shelley Frankstein: Everything you need to know about the "Modern Prometheus" in about one hour

Frankenstein is a novel that is considered both one of the first science fiction novels and a timeless classic of the horror genre. It has terrified and entertained readers for decades. It is more than just a story about the creation of a monster.

Mary Shelley gave readers not only a novel that has inspired great minds to create monsters of their own, but also opened up an endless debate regarding who the real monster is. Inspiring many different television series, films, adaptations, books, Halloween costumes, and tales told in the dark, Frankenstein has become synonymous with the word ‘monster’ for most people. Contrary to depictions in popular culture, there is no assistant named Igor, there is no mad cry of “It’s alive!” and the monster is more than just a bumbling brute. To understand how we got to where we are today in terms of monster and science fiction content, it is helpful to go back to one of the classics.

Discover who Frankestein’s monster was, why Victor Frankenstein pursued the reanimation of the dead, and how a group aboard a ship on an Arctic expedition cross paths with Frankenstein and uncover the mysteries surrounding the power to create life and why the blind pursuit of such things is more dangerous than we could ever imagine. This novel that offers readers a cautionary tale, brings to life a creature that otherwise would never have existed, and presents themes that remain as relevant today as they were in 1818. Frankenstein is a novel that makes us explore what we define as true evil, what makes a being human, and provides a reminder that our actions have consequences, whether we are able and willing to face them or not. Discover everything you need to know about Frankenstein, the modern Prometheus, in about an hour, so you can get on your way to becoming a true master of horror. $3.99 on Kindle.

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After confessing to a series of bizarre murders, a young woman galvanizes her ailing cousin into confronting a forgotten tragedy. And that’s only the prologue of author Marc Burgio’s debut novel.

Spanning four decades, Falling is a sweeping yet intimate epic of love and revenge, exploring the nature of innocence, loss and the mystery of life itself, comprising a multi-genre odyssey of Neo-Noir, Dark Humor, Mystery/Suspense, LGBTQ Romance, Epistolary, Coming of Age, and Horror/Sci-fi genres.

Falling will leave you breathless. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Dreams abandoned, out of work and uninspired, guitar prodigy Joe Harper is a sensitive, struggling character, rapidly approaching his mid-30s and haunted by a history of failure. With a promising future in music long forgotten, Joe is resigned to a life of virtual seclusion, listless among his beloved redwood trees. But when he receives word from his long lost love, October, informing him of her upcoming art exhibit, Joe is awash with memories of the past and must ultimately decide if cowardice is reversible. Given a second chance, in more ways than one, can he recover the self-respect he lost long ago? $1.99 on Kindle.

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The Gift of Stories

The Gift of Stories
Reading is wonderful, but how many times have you failed to finish a novel or lost interest because you’re too busy or exhausted to remember all the details?

So many of us spend all our time doing things for other people and totally miss the simple things that we love and make us happy, like reading. Modern life is busy and difficult, but we need to make some time for ourselves – we deserve it.

The Gift of Stories is the answer. One story a day for 28 days, you’ll experience mystery, suspense, love, fear, and laughter. Get ready for a journey of rediscovery.

Everyone deserves a life filled with wonderful stories. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Written: A Story of Love, Secrets, Betrayal and Honour

Written: A Story of Love, Secrets, Betrayal and Honour
What if your entire existence was based on someone else’s story, someone else’s dreams, someone else’s expectations ….someone else’s lies? A heartbreaking story that will leave you gripped about courage and finding freedom through adversity.

An intricate plan laced around forty years of secrets. A family desperate to preserve their honor, but will Eleanor find her own golden truth? Free on Kindle.

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Free: The Green House

The Green House

The green house is more than a greenhouse. 7 flowers, 7 colors, 7 meanings, and one 37-year-old secret—the green house is the keeper of it all. Its creator, Girard Remington, is a fragile elderly man whose life was shattered by a tragedy nearly four decades ago. And when tragedy strikes again—this time to his beloved wife—he struggles to cope. Free on Kindle.

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Random Lucidity

Random Lucidity
Silver Medal Winner – 2015 eLit Book Awards

“A remarkable narrative with no wasted chapters.” – Portland Book Review

“Adair’s characters are engaging – with the malicious and gorgeously depicted Rita being particularly memorable.” – Literary Fiction Book Review

“It’s impossible to read Adair’s work and not scrutinize our own dreams and aspirations to answer the singular question: What would we attempt to do if we knew we couldn’t fail?” – Barbara Devlin, bestselling Author of the Brethren of the Coast series

“If you only read one book this year, this is the one you should choose.” – Elizabeth Horton Newton, Author of View from the Sixth Floor

“Random Lucidity” is unlike any other book I’ve ever read, and that’s a wonderful thing.” – Mark Fine, Author of The Zebra Affaire

“It is difficult to put into words just how much I enjoyed Random Lucidity and, days after finishing it, I found myself missing the main characters and their stories.” – Kathyrn Hodgson, Author of No Damage

“I will say this, as much as I loved this story, I really want to read “Johnson Rambling: A Novel”. Those sections of the novel were intense, shocking, and had me in a vice grip.” – Jennifer Powell, Author of Stolen

“Adair has skilfully crafted a story that expertly weaves around an ‘inner’ story. It’s not confusing but endearing, both plots equally intriguing and quickly get under your skin.” – Jackie Parry, Author, Of Foreign Build

A struggling literary agent believes he hits it big when he discovers a mentally challenged man scribbling a world-class murder mystery into ragged notebooks in the park. Ignoring all of the red flags about this man and his all-too-real story, Reggie risks all he has to bring that story to the masses, not the least of which is his relationship with the stunning Meghan James.

Random Lucidity, a suspenseful literary thriller set in modern day America… $0.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Lili (Inspirational Suspense)

Lili: A novel of Love, Suspense and Redemption of the True Kind
A beautiful, razor-sharp story of love and spiritual conflict set against the raw and vibrant human landscape of Jaffa.

Adon, an ascetic en route to make the last payment on a cheap apartment, comes upon a violent crime about to take place. Acting on impulse and with no other moral choice, he gives all of his money to a pimp to save the life of a prostitute, Lili. Instead of gratitude, Lili attacks Adon about his motives, and eventually, Shuki, the pimp and drugged-out gangster, enters unwelcome into Adon’s life…

“Lili is an ambitious, sweeping book, especially moving at the end…Shlomo Kalo is, obviously, a writer of talent, vision and significant accomplishment.” Daniel Menaker, HarperCollins, US. Free on Kindle.

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The Pitcher

A boy with a golden arm, but no money for lessons. A mother who wants to give her son his dream before she dies. A broken down World Series pitcher who cannot go on after the death of his wife. These are the elements of The Pitcher. A story of a man at the end of his dream and a boy whose dream is to make his high school baseball team. In the tradition of The Natural and The Field of Dreams, this is a mythic story about how a man and a boy meet in the crossroads of their life and find a way to go on. You will laugh and you will cry as The Pitcher and Ricky prepare for the ultimate try out of life. $2.99 on Kindle.
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The Belief in Angels

the-belief-in-angelsJules Finn and Szaja Trautman know that sorrow can sink deeply—so deeply it can drown the soul.

Growing up in her parents’ crazy hippie household on a tiny island off the coast of Boston, Jules’s imaginative sense of humor is the weapon she wields as a defense against the chaos of her family’s household. Somewhere between routine discipline with horsewhips, gun-waving gambling debt collectors, and LSD-laced breakfast cereal adventures, tragedy strikes with the death of her younger brother.

Jules’s story alternates with that of her grandfather, Szaja, an orthodox Jew who survives the murderous Ukranian pogroms of the 1920s, the Majdanek death camp, and the torpedoing of the Mefkura, a ship carrying refugees to Palestine. Unable to deal with the horrors he endures at the camp, Szaja develops a dissociative disorder and takes on the persona of a dead soldier from a burial ditch, using that man’s thoughts to devise a plan to escape to America.

While Szaja’s and Jules’s sorrows are different on the surface, adversity requires them both to find the will to live despite the suffering in their lives—and both encounter, in their darkest moments, what could be explained as serendipity or divine intervention. For Jules and Szaja, these experiences offer the hope the need in order to come to the rescue of their own fractured lives.

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