All Hallows at Eyre Hall

all-hallows-at-eyre-hallJane Eyre Rochester built Eyre Hall after her marriage to Edward Rochester. Twenty-two years have passed and while Jane is coping with the imminent death of her bedridden husband, Richard Mason has returned from Jamaica to disclose more secrets and ruin her happiness once again. Jane will be drawn into a complex conspiracy threatening everything she holds dear. What is she prepared to do to safeguard her family and preserve her own stability?

Hello Love by Karen McQuestion

Hello Love by Karen McquestionTwo strangers find a second chance at happiness and love when an extraordinary dog comes into their lives.  Read more.

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Forgetting Tabitha the Story of an Orphan Train Rider

forgetting-tabitha-the-story-of-an-orphan-riderThe Five Points District of New York City was no place for an orphan girl. Gangs, brothels, gambling halls, and corruption were prevalent everywhere in the slums. For Tabitha Salt, learning to steal and run from the law were becoming a way of life until she learned about the orphan trains. Boarding the trains meant leaving the only life she knew, vulnerable and afraid she makes a decision that will alter her life’s course forever.

Best Friends, Fantasy Lovers

best-friends-fantasy-loversFriendship has never been so tempting…

Tommy and Capri have different backgrounds, goals, and motivations.

He’s an Irish guitarist in a new band with dreams of being a rock star, and not one serious bone in his body outside of playing music.

She’s an American valedictorian, who takes her responsibilities seriously, and dreams of being at the top of her profession.

Despite Tommy and Capri’s initial attraction to each other, both know a relationship is doomed from the start. In lieu of romance, they become best friends who share everything, including their ambition to succeed, their desire to make each other laugh, even their hidden secrets and darkest fantasies. When they begin to act out their fantasies with each other, non-platonic feelings start to creep in, and they must decide whether their friendship can survive what neither of them wants–being in love.

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All My Love, Detrick

all-my-love-detrickDetrick was born with every quality that would ensure his destiny as a leader of Adolph Hitler’s coveted Aryan race. But on his 7th birthday, an unexpected event changed the course of his destiny forever. As the Nazis rose to power, Detrick was swept into a life filled with secrets, enemies, betrayals, friendships, and most of all everlasting love.

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Better Than Ever, Again

better-than-ever-againA sailing adventure romance in Tahiti. Imagine commiting a crime and not knowing it. Can Ben survive the crew he has joined? Will his plan bring him the riches he’s counting on? Will the love of a beautiful Tahitian girl be his after the ship hits the fan?

Land of Deep Waters

land-of-deep-watersLand of Deep Waters -Honduras, land of deep waters, a country torn apart by civil unrest, violence and poverty: Is it possible to go back? Thirty years after being banned from Honduras as a young nun, Joan, now married with two grown sons, finds herself haunted by memories of her four years there. She is determined to return, but how, and if so what will she find? 

Patricia Robertson’s novel, Land of Deep Waters will help you appreciate the challenges faced by missionaries who give up their own country in order to walk with others in third world countries. It will also lead you through the deep waters where conversion takes place. 

Through extensive interviews with others who lived in Honduras in the mid-1970’s, research on the Internet and her own encounters with life in a third world country, Patricia Robertson is able to recreate the experience for her readers. She currently resides in Jackson, Michigan, with her husband, where she continues to seek out ways to care for the least among us and be true to her beliefs. 

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Short Scares for Before Prayers

short-scares-for-before-prayersIf you read what’s within these pages, I can guarantee you’ll be saying your prayers before bed. 

‘Short Scares for Before Prayers’ showcases college student Michael T. Guidry’s ability to induce fear and spine-chilling stories in a matter of minutes. This collection of horrific short tales contains nearly thirty well-crafted and terrifying situations that are sure to keep your eyes wide open as you read them- and while you try to sleep after. 

This anthology contains a guardian angel that isn’t so innocent or imaginary, extreme weight loss techniques, recurring nightmares, terrifying valentines, an all-too revealing palm reading, a deathbed confession that guarantees something far worse than death itself, and much, much more. 

The length of the stories inside range from a few simple sentences to six pages long, each designed with the intent to terrify and disturb. Turn to any page you wish, and it doesn’t matter if you’re tucked in- nothing will save you from the monstrosities in this book.

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The Ways of Mud and Bone

the-ways-of-mud-and-boneIn the summer of 1918, as the Great War rages in Europe, nineteen-year-old Meryl Goodson’s 
small-town life is shattered when her cousin Nora’s fiancé is killed in France.

The tragedy causes a rift in the community between those for the war and those against it. As local tensions rise, Meryl begins her service with an overseas relief unit. Caught up in her own brutal day-to-day struggle in war-weary France, she is unaware of how far matters have deteriorated at home. The truth leaves her broken and grieving. Is the world she once knew gone forever? Or can the friendships she’s made help Meryl find the strength to begin again? 

A bit like LITTLE WOMEN meets ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT, THE WAYS OF MUD AND BONE is a uniquely American book about the war to end all wars.

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homeThis book is a collection of poems and stories in tribute to my father, who was a poet, artist, and author.

Edited and translated with great care, it brings into focus all the longing we have for an ideal place, the home of our childhood. The idea for it came to me during the mourning period for his passing.

Intended for Harm

intended-for-harmA powerful family saga like no other …

At the height of the Vietnam War in 1971, Jake Abrams is desperate to leave his oppressive home in Colorado and begin a new life in college in LA, but his dreams are waylaid when he meets Leah, an antiwar protester who pushes him into marriage and family. Jake tries to juggle school, his job, and raising four children, but Leah turns to drugs and drinking, and finally runs off with her rock band, leaving Jake reeling.

When he falls for Rachel and marries her, his children rebel. And when Joseph, their love child is born, Jake makes the same fatal mistake his own father did–he shows favoritism to this divinely gifted boy who has the power of healing. After Rachel dies in childbirth, bringing Ben into the world, Jake turns his back on God and buried himself in denial. His children are wild weeds, and as they grow, the older sons’ resentment of Joseph’s gifts fester until they can take it no longer. 

The family hides a dark secret of murder, which Joey threatens to spill out of righteous indignation and fear of God, and the only way to stop him is to kill him. The intend harm for him, but God has other plans for Joseph, and in a divinely orchestrated twist, years later Joseph confronts his brothers, who do not recognize him. True to the Bible story this is patterned after, Joseph is reunited with his estranged brothers, and Jake finally welcomes his long-lost son back into his arms, which brings closure and healing to his hurting family.

Written in a contemporary flash-fiction style, Intended for Harm covers forty years, each chapter a year, with a theme from a hit song for that year. Each scene is a fifteen-minute snapshot of the Abrams family, a “photo album” of Jake’s life of wandering “through the wilderness” and coming home to faith at the end of his life. Anyone familiar with the Bible will recognize many similarities to the famous story of Jacob and his son Joseph. At the heart of this family saga is an exploration of fathers and sons, of loyalty and betrayal. And mostly, how we often intend harm to others because of wounds we carry in our souls, often without our knowing.

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The Ways of Mud and Bone

the-ways-of-mud-and-boneAmerican sisters Meryl and Claire witness their world change forever when their cousin’s sweetheart is killed in the Great War. Now the small hamlet of Swann River is choosing sides.

The sisters help the only way the can–joining a relief unit bound for France. When illness forces Claire to stay behind, Meryl must suffer the privations and dangers of war-torn Europe on her own. She longs for home.

But as roiling pro and anti war tensions test loyalties and destroy lifelong friendships, will there still be a town to return to?

The Reading Lessons

the-reading-lessonsMississippi 1920: Nine year old servant, Hadley Crump, finds himself drawn into a secret world when he is invited to join wealthy Lucinda Browning’s dirty book club. No one suspects that the bi-racial son of the cook is anything more to Lucinda than a charitable obligation, but behind closed doors, O! she doth teach the torches to burn bright.

What begins as a breathless investigation into the more juicy parts of literature quickly becomes a consuming and life-long habit for two people who would not otherwise be left alone together. As lynchings erupt across the South and the serving staff is slowly cut to make way for new mechanical household conveniences, Hadley begins to understand how dangerous and precarious his situation is. 

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The Return of the Six-Gunner

the-return-of-the-six-gunnerFloyd Hamby’s bearded face was contorted with an old rage against anything that got in his way or caused him any trouble. And now he stood at the door of the restaurant accusing Cole Decker of stealing one of his horses.

“Ain’t no call to talk that way, Floyd,” Sheriff Felix Peabody said. “He thought the horse belonged to a dead man who tried to kill him.”

“Why are you tryin’ to protect him, Peabody?” Floyd Hamby asked suspiciously.
The small old sheriff looked surprised. “I ain’t tryin’ to protect him, Floyd. I’m tryin’ to protect you.”

Floyd Hamby scowled. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Christ, Floyd, he’s already killed Crane and Tip Adams, and either one of them could shoot rings around you.”

Warning: Reading a Van Holt western may make you want to get on a horse and hunt some bad guys down in the Old West. Of course, the easiest and most enjoyable way to do it is vicariously – by reading another Van Holt western.

Van Holt writes westerns the way they were meant to be written.

Apart From Love

apart-from-loveBen is called back home, and faces his father, from whom he has been estranged for ten years, and his new wife, Anita. He finds himself attracted to her, and missing his mother, who has been diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s. He is embroiled in a guilt and blame game and must find a path to forgiveness.

Ben finds his father’s old tape recorder, and every evening he and Anita find a few moments to record their most intimate thoughts, without knowing that their secrets are being captured, and then written down in a book, by his father.

A Favorite Son

a-favorite-sonThis is a gripping story of greed, betrayal, and regret. In it, Yankle describes the plot, in which his mother Becky (modeled on the biblical figure of Rebecca) conceives the idea to cheat both Esav, her other son, and her husband Isaac who is lying on his deathbed.

Yankle knows that when she tells him, “On me your sin, my son,” it is not love for him that drives her, but the need to protect her own future.

Finding Her Feet

finding-her-feetFinding Her Feet by Jams N. Roses is the tragic story of a child who causes the death of her twin sister, and spends her life learning how to cope with the guilt.

Amanda goes through hell and back, and the rest of her family don’t do much better themselves.
Let the drama begin…

Rise to Power

rise-to-powerDuring his last days David reflects on his life. For the first time ever he feels an urge to tell his own version, which is different than the official version written by the court historians. This is his opportunity to tell it all candidly.

Rise to Power is the first volume of the trilogy The David Chronicles.

Apart From Love

apart-from-loveApart From Love is the story of a family torn apart by the separation of parents, the infidelity of the father, and the secrets surrounding the mental health of the mother. Ben comes back to his childhood home where he must face all of these issues, as well as his father’s new wife, to whom he is attracted.

Six-Gun Man

six-gun-manWhat some reviewers have to say about Van Holt’s writing:

“Step aside Louis L’Amour, another great Western writer is here…” –Heather

“I had a feeling that Van Holt…might actually be the successor to Zane Gray, a master Western storysmith, whose novels set the style of a generation.” –Stern0

“Van Holt is King of the Spaghetti Western…” –Rarebird1


That’s what Dan Hanton was, among other things. A drifter and a loner who preferred wild lonesome country and remote, almost deserted towns like Ramada where there weren’t too many innocent bystanders getting in the line of fire if old enemies from the past showed up looking for him. Old enemies like the Moody and Fink boys, outlaws who had nothing to fear from a crooked sheriff who never came to Ramada. They had nothing to fear from anyone except each other – and Dan Hanton.

Nora banged on Lafe Moody’s door and then pushed it open. Lafe and Tobe Moody stood at the window looking across the street toward the Mexican restaurant. When Lafe turned, Nora was shocked to see that he was smiling, not at her but at the savage fun the Fink brothers were having with the terrified Mexican girls.
“Those animals are over there raping those poor girls,” Nora said. “Aren’t you going to stop them?”
“That’s the job of their menfolks,” Lafe said.
“Their menfolks are dead, murdered by those Finks!”
“Probably,” Lafe said indifferently.
Tobe was looking out the window. “It looks like those Mexican girls have nothin’ to worry about. Dan Hanton has decided to come to their rescue.”

WARNING: Reading a Van Holt western may make you want to get on a horse and hunt some bad guys down in the Old West. Of course, the easiest and most enjoyable way to do it is vicariously – by reading another Van Holt western.
Van Holt writes westerns the way they were meant to be written.

The Six-Gunner

the-six-gunnerWhat some reviewers have to say about Van Holt’s writing:
“Step aside Louis L’Amour, another great Western writer is here…” –Heather
“I had a feeling that Van Holt…might actually be the successor to Zane Gray, a master Western storysmith, whose novels set the style of a generation.” –Stern0

“Van Holt is King of the Spaghetti Western…” –Rarebird1


The three seedy outlaws followed Decker’s trail through the rocky, cactus-spiked hills to a lone cottonwood on the rim of a steep-sided ravine. They found a note on the trunk of the cottonwood.
“You claim you can read a little, Lick,” Snot Wagner said to his brother. “See what it says.”
Lick Wagner rode close enough to reach the note from the saddle. He grinned as he read it. “It says, ‘Foller me, boys. I went thataway.’ There’s a arrow on it that was pointin’ straight toward that ravine before I got it down.”
Snot Wagner snorted as he wiped his nose. “He must think we’re stupid. He never went that way and we ain’t goin’ that way neither.”
A man on a dark horse appeared from nowhere, riding straight toward the mounted outlaws and firing his gun into the air. The wild-eyed outlaw horses swung toward the rim of the ravine and went straight down the steep side at a run. The horses somehow managed to keep from piling up on the rocks at the bottom and their riders somehow managed to stay in the saddle and got the horses stopped after a good deal of confusion and cussing.
Then they looked up and saw Cole Decker sitting his horse on the rim, casually reloading his gun.
“Son of a bitch!” Snot Wagner cried and clawed out his gun.

Warning: Reading a Van Holt western may make you want to get on a horse and hunt some bad guys down in the Old West. Of course, the easiest and most enjoyable way to do it is vicariously–by reading another Van Holt western.

Van Holt writes westerns the way they were meant to be written.

The Secrets of Casanova

the-secrets-of-casanovaLoosely based on the life of Jacques Casanova, The Secrets of Casanova is a rich, lush novel of love, sex, family, ambition, intrigue, and adventure. Set in Paris of 1755, Casanova’s luck is fading and his past is shoving up against his present with potentially disastrous consequences. What price must he pay to uncover a treasure of inestimable value? What hearts must he break along the way? Casanova’s will and destiny collide again and again in this riveting historical fiction that brings to light a man of great passion and not a few secrets.

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To Tell a Tale or Two

to-tell-a-tale-or-twoA collection of ten short stories about love, betrayal, family sagas and ghosts. Ideal for fans of women’s fiction, these ten short tales will inspire and surprise you.

Take Off Your Mask

take-off-your-mask5 short stories about people who hide their real thoughts, feelings, dreams, desires and fears. Why do they do that? Will they keep on doing it, or will they chose to reveal who they really are? And if they do, what will be the price to pay?
This anthology will take less than 1 hour to read…but will stay with you for much longer.

Forbidden Mind

forbidden-mindA thrilling, dark, and deeply romantic read about a secret school where paranormals can be safe from normals, where their powers can be wielded without consequence–and where they are held captive and rented out as spies to the rich. Can Sam and Drake uncover the lies and conspiracies? Can they discover a path to freedom? Can they find a way to get out alive? Find out–get “Forbidden Mind” FREE wherever ebooks are sold!