The Claims Adjuster

the-claims-adjusterDoug Nevin is a killer. There’s no other way to describe him. But, why he kills and who he kills is what sets him apart from the all other assassins. He’s doing us all a favor with each person he kills because he helps control the rise of healthcare cost on the United States. Don’t believe me? Follow him for a day and tell me if you blame him for what he does.

Available now through July 4th for only .99!

Face Value: Collected Stories

Face-ValueThis tender and haunting short story collection contains extraordinary tales of love, loss, and the secrets that bind family members together. In Face Value: Collected Stories, Margulies explores the search for true love and the themes of compassion, regret, loneliness, and loyalty to family. Written with brilliant touches of humor and magical realism, these award-winning stories will claim a place in the hearts of readers everywhere.

Winner: Editor’s Choice Award – 20th Annual San Diego State Writers’ Conference
Finalist: 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Awards – Short Story/Fiction

One Dollar Anti-poetry Book

one-dollar-anti-poetry-book“One Dollar Anti-poetry Book” is a very short read that introduces readers to an alternative or non-traditional vision of poetry. This is a collection of three short poems translated from Bengali by the author himself.

The poems are taken from the collection named “Shabdoprokriyakoron” aka Word-Conjuring which is a book of power poetry. The intention of this genre of writing is to shock and shake the readers and make them step out of their comfort zone.

The Copper Witch

The-Copper-WitchAmbitious and beautiful, Adela Tilden never planned to remain a minor nobleman’s daughter on a failing barony. When she catches the eye of the crown prince, Edward, it seems a dream come true. But has she reached too high? Caught up in a world of politics and intrigue, it seems Adela has found all of the excitement she has ever wanted, along with more danger than she might have bargained for.