Free: Winds from the Past

Larriane arrived in the panhandle of Florida with hope, a new job, and a new identity. Alone in the world, she was welcomed by the Clere’s Restaurant clan. Like the winds from the hurricane that came barreling down on her sanctuary, she should’ve known she couldn’t run away from her past. All Clere’s Restaurant stories are stand-alone. Grab your copy today. Free on Kindle.
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In A New York Minute

In A New York Minute

Dive into “In A New York Minute” a gripping tale of ingenuity, duty, and the unwavering human spirit. This electrifying novel by Robert Aliano takes readers on the open road with Dennis Nicoli, a lone motorcyclist who unwittingly embarks on a journey far more treacherous than his tranquil ride through the Blue Ridge Mountains could ever imply.

A seemingly ordinary refuel at a backroad relic hub abruptly shifts gears when Nicoli is entangled in a clandestine plot that threatens to shatter the very heartbeat of New York City. As the plot unfolds, Nicoli finds himself inexplicably linked to a complex network spread deeper and wider than the roots of the Appalachian forests he loves.

Robert Aliano masterfully weaves a narrative that rumbles with the roars of black ops helicopters and stealthy motorcycles against the soft silhouette of the Smokies. “In A New York Minute” is an intricate blend of shadowy adversaries, cryptic alliances, and the relentless pursuit of justice. Nicoli must navigate his way through high-stakes espionage while grappling with the bonds of friendship and the fracturing safety of the revelations that ensnare him.

The days are ticking, and as Christmas Eve looms ever closer, Nicoli’s race against time becomes a desperate bid to shield the pulsing streets of Manhattan from an unseen threat, risking life and legacy to thwart a catastrophe that could grip the nation.

This is a story of carving through the veil of secrecy in a city that never sleeps, where every decision has the power to echo for eternity in a New York minute. $7.99 on Kindle.
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The Nine

The Nine


After former Chicago Cop Tom Mankowski found out the truth behind his birth, he discovered others with the same secret.

Some want to live out their lives in hiding.

Some are fighting to make the world better.

And some are trying to destroy all life on Earth.

Tom, and the friends he made during the blockbuster bestseller THE LIST, have reunited to take down this dangerous government experiment, one engineered historical figure at a time… even if it sets them on a crash course with the worst villains mankind has even known.

THE NINE by JA Konrath
Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it… $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Twelve Days of Fruitcake

Twelve Days of Fruitcake
A delightful Christmas story that begins when an old woman gives a special fruitcake to her friend. The friend, in turn, gives it to someone else. For twelve days the fruitcake exchanges hands, improving the life of everyone who receives it. Charming, heartwarming, and magical. Free on Kindle.
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Santa Clay

Santa Clay
Meg Mott, lover of all things Christmas, scrapes together a meager heap of gifts for her family. Although they are grieving the loss of their Christmas-crazed parents, Meg and her sisters (named for Christmas spices) enlist friends and an unlikely Santa to provide Christmas for a needy family, but can they pull off a magical Christmas just a few days before the big day? Add in some romance, a nosy neighbor whos determined to spoil everything, and gifts from beyond the grave, and Santa Clay may be your new favorite holiday novella. If you’re looking for some sweet, upbeat Christmas cheer with a strong female character, Santa Clay is for you! Be sure to read best-selling author Deb Graham’s other books. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Lies, Lust, and Larceny: How to Retire for Free in Scandinavia

Identical Twin sisters, Lilah and Laylah Larceny take off for Norway to trick the Norwegian police into arresting them so they can retire for free in a posh Norwegian prison. Things don’t turn out quite the way they expected though and there are a lot of twists and turns to keep the reader entertained. $1.99 on Kindle.
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Free: On Distant Shores

On Distant Shores
When Rory O’Flynn unexpectedly inherits a ten-acre property in Ireland, he has no idea what awaits in unearthing the deadly secrets of his ancestors’ long-buried past. A fast-moving historical epic of love, lust, ambition, and revenge served cold… Free on Kindle.
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Free: Surprise-Pregnancy Romance Box Set

Surprise-Pregnancy Romance Box Set
This collection of steamy novels all contain the surprise/accidental pregnancy theme.

BOOK 1: Knocked up My Brother’s Bride
BOOK 2: Pregnant by Daddy-Dom
BOOK 3: Pregnant for Daddy’s Enemy
Free on Kindle.
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Free: Mr. Right is a Myth

Mr. Right is a Myth
This heartfelt follow-up to Sexual Awakening follows its ambitious diarist to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, where her hopes and dreams for the future are further tested by a string of social hiccups.

Cassie Economos has rules. If a new boyfriend can’t wait two months to have sex with her, he’s not the guy for her. If he refuses to wear a condom, he’s not the guy for her. And if dating him would mean maintaining a long-distance relationship, he’s… well, you get the picture.

She’s got her life planned out, and she knows better than to try to make things work with someone who can’t agree on the basics, like where to live and whether to have kids. But Cassie isn’t perfect, and the more disappointing situationships she finds herself in, the more she wonders if there’s even such a thing as a “Mr. Right.”

But Cassie doesn’t have time to worry too much about that. Her four years at U of I are passing quickly, which means it’s time for her to chart her final course: toward Chicago, the city of her dreams.

Readers are in for a rollicking ride through college life in the ’90s here, as Cassie and her friends wade through continental relationship shifts.
Free on Kindle.
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Inspired by true events. Family secrets, surprise revelations, lies and betrayal, estrangement and infidelity; this is one family’s journey in the aftermath of a loved one’s suicide. Truth, love and hope prevail as they heal and find a new normal. $4.99 on Kindle.
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Free: All These Days

All These Days
All These Days finds humor, resilience, and unconditional love that can only be unearthed in trying times as it tells the story of an American family.

Jera McKay is resourceful and wildly independent. Her roll-with-the-punches personality allowed her to accept responsibility for her aging mother, Evelyn. But with her mother’s new terminal diagnosis, those hits become unbearable.

Jera never thought her mom would live forever, but now she has to accept they are racing against time as she watches Evelyn slip away from her.

Can Jera discover a deeper strength within herself? Can she shut out the opinions of her brother and see the beauty in shared moments that may never be lived again? Free on Kindle.
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I’m Sleeping With Your Husband

I'm Sleeping With Your Husband

She got the text no married woman wants to get. She’ll do anything to hold on to her marriage but has no idea what she’s in for. $3.99 on Kindle.
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Downtown Olongapo in the Philippines during the days of Subic Bay Naval Base, battle group just arrived, the last years of the Ferdinand Marcos presidency. The town is hot, dusty, sprawling with bars, girls, sailors–and undercover cops. When Frank Salvos arrives in town to join a battle group, he’s already under suspicion of guerilla connections–through coincidence and bad luck. His problems with mistaken identity continue after the carrier deploys from Subic into the South China Sea and crashes into a Soviet submarine, forcing the ship to return to Subic Bay and more trouble. A story from Olongapo as host to the US Navy in the Marcos Senior years, Frank on the run through nightclubs and into the back streets. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: The Cannabis Preacher: Sermon Two

The Cannabis Preacher : Sermon Two

The biggest grow op in the world is broken, and one man spent a fortune to own all of the pieces. How do you resurrect it? Is it even possible?

Tadeo Ivers has an idea. He forces Rafael to make it happen—or else. Failure will not be accepted.

Rafael fears there’s no way to breathe life into the company, no matter how hard he tries.

Every step of the way reveals another obstacle instead of the success he needs. No one is more surprised than Rafael, when, amidst all of his efforts, he finds love in the most unusual place right when he wants to give up.

Connor Beauregard is far from anyone’s mind, but he never stops wheeling and dealing to get back the company he still calls his own.

Rafael’s efforts, his new love, his strange boss, and his former friend collide in a heart-pounding moment, and someone will not see the next day. Free on Kindle.
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The Beacon Hill Affair

The Beacon Hill Affair

Beacon Hill is one of Boston’s exclusive inner-city residential neighborhoods, with rows of crowded city townhouses, private city homes and city mansions lined along narrow city streets. For Edward, life on Beacon Hill was simple and routine, aside from needing a financial opportunity to save his ever-loving skin. With every passing day he came closer to financial doom, until a mysterious woman from out of town enters into his life with claims of having information to a buried treasure chest, buried in a secret grave somewhere in an old colonial graveyard in downtown Boston, and with the promise of riches for whoever finds it.

Needing his help to locate the graveyard and the grave containing the treasure chest, she was willing to share the treasure with him. With only a few clues leading to where this old downtown Boston colonial graveyard and treasure chest could be, together they try solving the mystery to the secret buried treasure. Their journey begins on Beacon Hill and takes them into downtown Boston and to the national historic sites of “The Boston Freedom Trail.”

The Freedom Trail holds the secret to a buried treasure chest buried in 1775 during The American Revolutionary War, buried to hide it from the British and from George Washington’s Continental Army.

Together while solving the clues to the mystery of the buried treasure chest, the buzz of romance was in the air. But when things get complicated, he finds out she was hiding a secret. The romance that just began now begins to fall apart. Her only chance to prove she is sincere was to move to Beacon Hill. But the secret past tells a crafty tale and no one can change the past.

$0.99 on Kindle.
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The eMusketeers

The eMusketeers

The eMusketeers is a series of short stories and cautionary tales that are connected through quasi-human characters who represent four functions of technology.

The eMusketeers are the record keeper, the algorithm, social media, and multimedia – Bill, Al, Sam, and Mike. They track everything, respond to requests, create not-so-private journals, and are always listening and watching. No bits and bytes.

Has technology brought boundless opportunities, vast conveniences, and incredible prosperity, or has it enabled injustices, abuses, and absurdities? The answers are unique, individual, and diverse and are left to the reader to decide. $9.99 on Kindle.
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Greasy Joe’s & Other Stories

Greasy Joe's & Other Stories
Those were her last words ‘wish me luck!’
What happened to Jessie the day she left Greasy Joe’s?
Twelve dark or darkly funny contemporary short stories.
Spend time with each, very individual character as they narrate their story.
Discover their jealousies, loves, delusions, dreams, crimes and acts of kindness.
Greasy Joe’s.
Not Like Back Then.
Curriculum Vitae
Number Thirty-Four, The Ivy House
What They Don’t Know
Henry The Eighth
I Didn’t See Anything
Green Eye’s
Jimmy and The Ferret
In My Dreams
Strangers On A Train $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: The Sand Between Us: Hidden In The Heart – Book 1

The Sand Between Us: Hidden In The Heart - Book 1

Country music superstar Clayton Meyers and entrepreneur Kate Meyers, may seem like they have everything they ever wanted: fame, riches, and the lifestyle to match. From the outside, they do. Their life in Nashville looks like paradise. But in reality, their relationship has gone cold. Like ships passing in the night, they now live like strangers, questioning whether the other cares anymore. With both Clayton and Kate passionately pursuing busy careers, the years of striving individually have left them successful, but divided. What once was a marriage of romance, passion, and dedication is now anything but. Which forces Clayton to wonder, “Dear God, how’d we get here? How’d this get so broken? Is there hope?” Is it possible to rediscover the journey they once were on, a path now hidden beneath the sands of time? Will there be enough desire for either to rekindle a smoldering ember back into a flame? Or has their relationship run its course? The struggle brings Kate to secretly seek a divorce, but she has one caveat. He must feel what she has felt and know what he’s losing, before she leaves him. Then, out of the blue, a long lost friend unexpectedly shows up with a proposition, giving Clayton and Kate both the opportunity to visit an exotic getaway destination. Will it simply bring some much needed R and R, maybe add potential to serve Kate’s caveat, or will it be something incredibly different? The Sand Between Us is the first installment of an inspirational romance series, centered on faith, hope, and relationships, which tells the gripping love story of a romance that has slipped away. What will a couple do—or not do—to adjust their sails in order to find their way home again? Free on Kindle.
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Fallen Foe

Fallen Foe
Arsène Corbin does not intend to marry for love. His fiancée has always been a means to an end, a woman he wants to conquer. But when she dies suddenly in an accident, Arsène’s grand plan unravels.

Still reeling from his fiancée’s death, he meets Winnifred Ashcroft, a struggling actress who lands a coveted role in a play at his theater…and knows things about his late fiancée no one else does. The only problem? They can’t stand each other.

Backstage at Arsène’s theater, Winnie begins to let down her guard around the tempestuous billionaire. She appreciates his wit and quirky affection for astronomy. And Arsène, jaded as he is, respects Winnie’s headstrong personality.

Tragedy and betrayal bring them together, but will their painful pasts hold them back—or fuel their desire? $4.99 on Kindle.
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My Day As Regan Forrester

My Day As Regan Forrester

A Midwestern mom wakes up on the dangerous end of a body-swap bargain she never agreed to . . .

Stuck in a rut as wife, teacher, and mom, Beth Barony makes a birthday wish for more excitement in her life—and wakes up as film star Regan Forrester, known for her rebellious smolder and empty head. What could be more fun than playing Hollywood princess for a day?

But Regan’s life is anything but glamorous. While Beth scrambles to protect Regan’s shaky career and crumbling relationships, Regan wins over Beth’s husband, students, kids, and friends—and won’t give them back. And as Beth tries to find answers about the spell that switched them, she learns why Regan ditched her perfect young body: someone is trying to kill her.

If Beth doesn’t save them both—soon—neither woman will have a life to go back to.

Filled with comedy, suspense, and page-turning twists, My Day As Regan Forrester is a modern Prince and the Pauper perfect for fans of The Seven Day Switch, Switchcraft, and Freaky Friday. $0.99 on Kindle.
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At Rope’s End

At Rope's End
Sonny Dankovic loves his job as a superintendent of an apartment building. He likes the tenants, and they trust him to be there for them—no matter what. Then why does he want to commit suicide? Sonny has this secret which leads him to believe he’d be better off dead. So he makes detailed plans on how to accomplish his objective. But just as soon as he starts his latest attempt, one of the tenants has an emergency, and Sonny comes to their rescue. In the nick of time, the trigger isn’t pulled; his wrists aren’t slashed; or he doesn’t drown himself. He is at his rope’s end. What is keeping him alive? Divine intervention? Fate? Karma? Or something else? $3.99 on Kindle.
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Free: The Excelsior Appointment

The Excelsior Appointment

Cameron Cunningham is flying high. Young, bold and ambitious, the rising star of Sydney’s advertising industry is one deal away from landing the biggest promotion of his career. But, for the man so used to having it all go his way, life is about to get a whole lot harder.

Burdened by family and threatened by failure, the weight of expectation looms large. Petty rivalries and fractured relationships jeopardize the best-laid plans, as jealousy, spite, addiction and violence threaten to push things out of control. Can Cameron rise above or will it all come crashing down?
Free on Kindle.
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Free: Between the Causeways

Between the Causeways

This sweet, Southern cozy mystery is a must read for pet lovers. It’s Hallmark meets Reese Witherspoon meets Marley & Me… and for a very limited time its FREE to welcome a new audience “Between the Causeways.”

“This charming canine tale offers a feel-good escape from the weight of fraught headlines.” -Kirkus Reviews

“Celebrates the best of small-town southern life marking milestones with freshly baked cakes, embracing second chances, and sticking together in times of strife…a quick and entertaining read inspired by a true story.” -The Booklife Prize

Free on Kindle.
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The Julia Street Series

The Julia Street Series brings this small place to life in a big way. Perhaps you were lucky enough to grow up in such a place, where neighbors supported each other, where children roamed freely and there was a sense of community. You will find everyday trials and tribulations common to many and a vivid portrayal of a time long ago. There is a lot of truth within the people depicted. The Julia Street Series details the African American experience in the 20th Century.

$0.99 each on Kindle.

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Free: Urban Marriage 8: Atlanta Girl Explores Internet Dating Jungle

Urban Marriage 8: Atlanta Girl Explores Internet Dating JungleA single young Atlanta woman takes the plunge into Internet dating with the help of her friends in this contemporary Christian women’s fiction novel.

Aubrey, social worker in Atlanta, decides to find the “perfect Christian guy” through Internet dating. She gets help from her single friends –Sherri (gay), Charlee (black), and Marla (Jewish). Charlee offers step-by-step instructions written from past Internet dating trials. Sherri helps as Aubrey’s dating coach. And Marla gives sage advice from her extensive dating experience.
Aubrey’s friends kid her about the rarity of being a virgin at 24. But they want her to succeed and help Aubrey comb through thousands of choices.

For a deeper look at the book see the LostinRomanceBooks review and the GagaOverBooks review.

Free on Kindle.
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