Vegan: Ice Cream Vegan Recipes for Vegetarians and Raw Vegans that are Delicious and Soul Satisfying

Vegan: Ice Cream Vegan Recipes for Vegetarians and Raw Vegans that are Delicious and Soul Satisfying
This book is for anyone who wants to go vegan but is afraid of living life without one of life’s great pleasures – ICE CREAM. Let this book open your mind to the possibilities of Vegan Ice Cream recipes. It has a list of vegan recipes that include vegan sorbet and slush recipes, vegan fruit ice cream recipes, vegan sundae recipes etc. $4.99 on Kindle.

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Best Holiday Dishes for the Vegans in Your Life

Best Holiday Dishes for the Vegans in Your Life

Amanda Leeber’s festive holiday cookbook shows you how to incorporate nutrition-rich and delicious meals using plant-based, whole food ingredients that are better for you and still worthy of your holiday table.

This easy to follow cookbook is meat and dairy-free. It includes gluten-free, paleo and freezer-friendly recipes so you can prepare these delicious meals in advance to save you time and reduce your stress during the holidays.

This cookbook was designed especially for home cooks who will be ready to open their kitchens to vegan recipes, healthier favorites, and guests with multiple dietary restrictions.

Best Holiday Dishes for the Vegans in Your Life includes:
• Menu plans for the 7 most popular holidays in the U.S.
• Accessible meals that are good for your health and the environment, including burgers, pastas, stew, mushroom wellington, steak and potatoes, stuffed bell peppers, frittata, flatbread, cake, pie, cookies, chocolates, truffles, and even a show-stopping pear tart.
• An entire chapter on how to make your pantry vegan friendly with the most commonly used food staples.
• Beginner’s resources: great resources for new vegans and the vegan-curious, including the top ten kitchen tools, where to start with the top health and nutrition documentaries and reference books, and the absolute best nutrition website everyone should know about!
• A bonus, free preview of the Simple Staples Vegan Cookbook coming soon, including bonus recipes for butter, egg substitutes, Parmesan cheese, and a great nut butter hack.

This cookbook will empower you to take control back of your health and immune system with these vegan-friendly dishes to share with the ones you love and enjoy fearless entertaining and stress-free holiday parties that can include everyone. $4.49 on Kindle.

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Free: 50 Slow Cooker Recipes

free vegan recipies

As a cook, and a busy mother I know what it is like to want to cook healthy meals for your family and friends without taking up too much precious time or with ingredients that are hard to
find. I decided to explore how I could help my Vegan friends find fast and healthy ways to prepare meals and the answer lies in the slow cooker! Vegans will find a selection of breakfast cereals, soups and stews, main dishes and desserts – all made in one pot! Free on Kindle.

What Should Vegans Eat?

what should vegans eat

Too often in today’s society we take the easy way out and listen to what commercials and magazines force feed us without learning the real truth. Instead, we should educate ourselves with the correct knowledge and resources. Veganism is probably one of the most misunderstood concepts in dieting. This book sets out to educate readers. You will learn that many ideas about it are wrong, and that going to vegan diet is a highly healthy way of living, and can be easy as well. Learn more